Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March Muse

Reading: Lolita. The great classic of Vladimir Nabokov. I'm a major laggard on this cos I should have read this fantastic book looooong ago but somehow I never got around it. I've watched the movie and all but it's only now that I started the book. Never too late for the classics I say. And omg, it's soooo good. It's gonna be one of my all time favorites for sure. Nabokov is one of my favorite authors anyway....the way he writes is just so beautiful....

Watching: Another old classic. Sophie's Choice from the 80s....It's Meryl Streep's best performance in my opinion. I watched it cos someone mentioned Natalie Portman is another Meryl Streep in the making and then I thought hey, I should see a movie that really showcases Meryl Streep's acting prowess and BAM! It's got to be Sophie's Choice where Streep played a Polish immigrants in the US who survived the concentration camp by the Nazi. Her Polish accent and German are impeccable and her acting spectacular...I love the movie. It's Meryl Streep at her finest.

Wearing: Vanessa Bruno floral dress. I love florals and this one's flowy and not structured and stiff. The pattern's subdued and not loud and too in your face. Perfect for weekend dates and if you wanna wear it to work, just throw a short black or red cardi to make it a bit preppy and pair it with nice heels. Very pretty....

Using: My purchase from the latest Bangkok Rendezvous. Boots Botanics Whitening 24 Hour Eye Concentrate and Whitening Day Fluid with SPF20. I've always loved the Botanics range and when I was in BKK, I bought a couple of Botanics stuff to try. I also got the Botanics Organic Eye Make Up Remover and Hydrating Mask but then the makeup remover is a bit too thick and oily and it smells like I was rubbing olive oil over my face. So not a big fan. But the Whitening Day Fluid and Eye Concentrate are not bad at all! They both get absorbed really quickly into the skin and the Day Fluid is very light so it makes a perfect day cream. Best that it's got an SPF of 20! I really like it! But if you have oily skin, it probably won't work too well cos yes it's light but then it's not oil free and tend to give you a bit of shine. But the eye gel is really nice though...Mr Bunny complained about his dark rings so I gave him the extra eye gel I bought, he seems to like it. So let's see if it works on him...

Drinking: I'm addicted to avocado juice!! It's not just the juice but the fruit place across my work actually make it really tasty with a bit of "Gula Melaka" (or whatever you call that) and it's super duper yum! And avocado has got all the good fats/oil in it. I'll limit myself to once a day cos it can be a wee bit fattening....but omg, it's divine!

Eating: Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal. Perfect breakfast food! It's super tasty and it's instant! Just add hot water and voila! And the best part? It's organic and very tasty. It comes in little packets of just the right amount so you won't over-eat. Great to have in the office. It's really delicious! I eat it everyday now.

Popping: Blackmore's Evening Primrose Oil. Good oil for health and you just need to take it once a day (though I take twice) to benefit from this. It helps with cholesterol level as it's got a lot of good fat in it and then your skin and hair would thank you too. And for women with PMS and period issue like mood swing and bad cramps, it'll help ease the symptoms a bit as well. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and I do feel that my skin isn't as dry and there's a significant improvement. It'll be a regular now!

Loving: Sante Nail Polish! It's non-toxic so that alone is a good enough reason for you to love it but the bonus is that it's a dream to paint this on cos it's super easy. It's not runny or streaky and I'm really surprised that it's quite dummy proof. Especially for the light shade cos usually light colors are the hardest to evenly paint on. But this one is the champion and I'm a fan of their clean beige No.1 for a very polished manicured look. I'm definitely gonna get more colors from them. It's worth its relatively high price tag of $26.

Lusting After: The Celine Mini Shopper (available on Kepris)....argh...I WANT! But I'm so broke I can't buy another bag for a loooong while...but I seriously love the Celine Mini Shopper! Can someone buy me please???


Tiffany said...

Speaking of your march muses on botanical beauty care, reminds me of your love for Ettusais makeup. i remember you fondly wrote "i swear i am not a ettusais shareholder" or something, hahah i remember ok, because i love how witty and canny your words are :) very free flow and artsy and classy at the same time.

are you still using ettusais? :)

B said...

Hey Tiffany, you're very kind :) Thanks for the compliment.

Yes, I still use Ettusais. I'm currently using the Pore Care Wash, Sparkling Face Pack, blusher and other make up items too :)

jason said...

Hey,if you are in the Meryl Streep phase -recommend Kramer vs Kramer, Out of Africa and Doubt. She now has the most Oscar nominations ever for an actor!

jolyn said...

super in love with celine too. wanted to get the bigger one when i first saw it last winter.

B said...

@Jason. Saw all of those you've suggested before but I still think Sophie's Choice is her best

@Jolyn, the Mini is the best size cos one size up is actually too big cos the sizing goes from Mini, Micro and Nano. So the Mini is actually a very good size. I really want one!!! You buy me!!!


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