Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ugly folks need not apply!

It's outrageous! I was reading the papers (yup, again!) and there's this article that talks about this website called the Well, as the name suggests, it's got lots of beautiful people in there. The catch is that, to join the community, you gotta put your picture on the net and be judged by your physical attractiveness. For 3 days, you'll receive votes from voters. It's essentially a "Hot or Not" thing whereby you get ousted out and rejected of membership if you don't gather enough "You're Hot!" votes.

What the hell is that?? Isn't that discrimination to its max? I don't understand why some people would happily put their own pictures and be judged by the public. What's disturbing is that in the article, the founder of the website (some moron Denmark guy named Claus Kroyer) says that there're obsessed individuals who keep trying and sending pictures after getting rejected by the website over and over again. Some boost a whopping 30 to 40 tries and the real extremists even went for plastic surgery just to get a better chance of getting into the beautiful people club. What the fuck is wrong with these people? And what the fuck is wrong with this Claus Kroyer who started this stupid club?

It's just so wrong!! How can you judge beauty by mere physical appearance? Beauty is such a complex thing that goes beyond how you look. Just look at Mother Teresa, is she drop-dead gorgeous? No. But is there beauty in what she's done for the poor kids in India? Abso-fucking-lutely YES! And what's the chance of her making to the apart from the obvious fact that she's now dead? Zero! So you tell me, Mr. Kroyer, what kind of lame message are you trying to spread???

It's sad to see how society judge everything based on superficial qualities. It's just pathetic. And to propagate this kind of values simply means that Mr. Kroyer deserves two very tight slaps on his supposedly beautiful face.

If you think hard about it, these bunch of supposedly beautiful buffoons are kinda insecure if you ask me. I mean why the hell do you need people to verify that you're beautiful if you're really secure and confident about youself? By doing it, it's just to boost your own ego and make yourself feel good by thinking that "oh yes, I made it, I'm gorgeous and I'm part of the IT group". But the thing is that, really confident and secure people don't require anymore ego boost cos they naturally feel adequate themselves. Well, not to mention the fact that there's a monthly membership fee of $10 for female and $30 for male. Seriously, why do you need to pay some Mr. Kroyer some money to verify that they're beautiful? It's such a stupid thing cos first, you put yourself up for people to openly judge you, then not feeling that you're doing yourself injustice nor loving yourself enough to feel that you don't need strangers to judge you, you happily pay some Denmark dude money every month to maintain your status as a beautiful person. Seriously, it sounds more like stupidity than beauty to me.

Well, Mr. Kroyer, perhaps your pathetic little website should more aptly named as

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