Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

I'm glad 2009 is ending cos it's been a relatively crappy year, though not the worst I've had. It's just been less than stellar with some rather low bits I'd rather not live through. But here are some of the most memorable things for 2009:

Most shocking/memorable things for 2009:
  • Left my hell hole of an ex-company in Feb with a big bang. After getting fucked so many times by the fat permanently-pregnant bitch and insanely imbecile boss, I played dirty, got my boss into shit, manipulated my way to not needing to serve notice and STILL got paid 2 months' pay. Then after I left, I fucked one particular department one more time cos I heard they said shit about me (I'm Blair Waldorf!)...finally...the dog days are over
  • Death of Michael Jackson....I remember having tears in my eyes that morning when my colleague told me about it. It was sheer shock and I just started tearing when I youtubed his 1984 live performance of Billie Jean...He's a big part of my childhood and it feels as if a big part of my childhood has been taken away with his death
  • Run in with Typhoon water for 4 days! No water to even flush the toilet, let alone shower! Running around dirty floor with no shoes was bad cos I'm immensely horrified of not wearing shoes and walking around filthy and slimy me the creeps...
  • Found out that some guy I'm romantically linked to overseas was screwing lots of other chicks and being a manwhore. Ouch
  • Found out that the very hot and promising guy I was dating lied to me about dating me alone while he was out dating up a storm. Ouch again...
  • Crisis with my sister...long story. Those who know just know
  • My mom for once kind of opened up and admitted that she has a part to play in me having childhood issues and grew up fucked up
  • Got a very very surprised confession from a totally unexpected source
  • Attracted to a girl madly for the first time, in the sexual, amorous way (Elly Jackson from La Roux)
  • Have the first REAL birthday surprise in my life and the nicest Christmas gift I've ever received in my life. Thanks OGT! xx
  • Living alone again now that my sister has moved back to Hong Kong for a bit
  • Got 26 sand fly bites on my leg in the deserted carpark behind the office block. Happened about 3 weeks or so ago while I was waiting for my boss to give me a lift home. The bites are STILL itching till's unbelievable and my legs are simply disfigured
  • Got off track with my vegetarian regime for a 5 long months cos of the moron I was dating...
  • Smoked with my dad together for the first time, sharing lighter no less
  • Got eyelash extension despite swearing that I wouldn't do it again 3 years ago
  • Had a meltdown in October, days of crying while laying down on the floor
  • Had my coming-of-age Omega watch stolen by the maid and I got it back by playing mind games with her...(she stole my necklace too and I got it back, but I let her keep the Versace perfume which she also stole)
  • Had my belly button ring removed for good
  • Started blogging again
That's about it really....I'm really quite boring...which brings me to the point whereby I don't think counting down to the new year is such a big deal...I used to think that it's cool but now, maybe I'm jaded but seriously, it's just yet another come people don't count down to the next month or the next week or something? Doesn't really make it's as if the next year gonna be soooo damn important...Maybe it's just an excuse to booze and be complaint as long as I get my holiday...

But anyway, Happy New Year if you're reading this! I'll be making my own dinner and spending tonight with Mr Bond with my favorite PJ pants aka the Happy Pants!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ban Foie Gras! Stop Force Feeding! Eat Abalone!

Okay, look...some colleague of mine who's a regular reader of my blog gave me a challenge to blog about anything related to a topic he gave me. I said okay, bring it on! And he said please blog about "Bao Yu" (Chinese for Abalone). So okay, I shall blog about abalone! So Mr John Ang, this post is FOR YOU!

(Background info before I proceed: I'm 95% vegetarian. I used to be 100% but then about a year and a half ago, due to my vigorous fitness training, I was adviced to eat a bit of animal protein now and then to maintain muscle mass. So every week, I'll allow myself one meal of seafood and sometimes I skip that totally too)

When it comes to culinary guilty indulgence, I absolutely hate it when I hear people pigging out on foie gras for the simple reason that it's bloody cruel. There's this skanky blogger (OGT knows who she is!) who forever talks about how she loves foie gras and how she doesn't give a fuck about how cruel it is cos all she cares about is to eat it cos it tastes good. Now, that is despicable. Yes, there's of course free will to what one eats but to me, gushing so damn openly and shamelessly about it is tantamount to condoning animal cruelty and violence and that's something to be frown upon. If you like it, eat it and keep your pie hole shut. Cruelty and violence aren't something to be celebrated. It's one thing to not know about the cruelty behind foie gras and  innocently enjoy it but it's totally inhumane if you know and have seen how it's done but STILL go for it. SHAME ON YOU!

Please help me! I'm in mom and entire family's force fed to death and now it's my turn :(

So someone asked me what my culinary guilty pleasure is and what's good to replace foie gras with. Those know me would immediately tell you that my answer is WHITE TRUFFLE!!! Oh yeah...I often said that I was a truffle pig in my previous life that got shot down cos I ate up all the truffle. Then someone said, but white truffle's seasonal! So what to replace foie gras that can be enjoyed year round? And guess what? I say Abalone aka Bao Yu!

Why? Because:
  • It does not involve stuffing a poor goose with a tube and force feeding it to the point that the liver's diseased and enlarged and the poor bird can't even move and very often end up with lacerated oral cavity (hello? foie gras is essentially diseased liver...if you make pig stomach soup and you cut open the pig stomach and see a tumor, would you still cook and eat it? yeah..ditto with foie gras...and yes, my mom and grandma once cut open a pig stomach to find a stinky can verify with my mom if you don't believe)
  • Abalone is under the shell fish category and it doesn't have five senses so I don't think it feels much doesn't have a brain or nervous
  • Abalone is less unhealthy than foie gras which is essentially heart attack and cruelty on a plate
  • There're sooo many more ways to enjoy can braised it (for the huge ones), make porridge with it (yum), you can slice it and cook it with mushroom and veggies etc etc...foie gras is mostly just pan seared and pate...*yawn*
  • Eating abalone means you won't have to feel guilty about some poor goose was tortured to death for your culinary enjoyment...
  • By replacing foie gras with abalone, you play a part in stopping the demand for force-feeding and animal cruelty!
So have a heart! Ban Foie Gras! Stop Force Feeding! Eat Abalone instead! And speaking of which, here's the most kick-ass and biggest, baddest giant abalone I've ever's for my dad's 60th birthday celebration gala dinner in Hong's the size of my entire palm and everyone got one! My parents actually bought the abalones and had the restaurant prepared it and it took weeks to properly prepare it and I heard my mom had to go down to the restaurant every now and then prior to the dinner to "inspect" that it's properly done...cos my mom makes the best abalone!

See how BIG it is! It tasted divine too! We ate it like a steak, with fork and knife! Mama Mia!

So now...I need to go...I need to make Uncle John buy me kick-ass abalone lunch!

Silky Smooth Hair Anyone?

My favorite hair oil is now available in town!!!! Oh my precious! And I don't have to ask my Japanese friend or whoever to help me buy it cos now they sell it in Singapore! I was introduced to it when I went to Japan during my uni years and my Japanese friend's grandmother told me about the wonders it does! I'm sooo thrilled when I saw it yesterday that I snapped a bottle and now I feel compelled to write about it. So here's my secret weapon to great hair...(back then in Uni, I changed my hair color almost every month and my hair still remained super silky and smooth despite the chemicals and bleaches!)

The Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Oil! It's an old school Japanese hair oil as you can see from the packaging but this stuff IS THE BEST! It even beats professional hair treatment from hair salon trust me! To begin with, the Japanese, especially the geisha, have long used camellia oil as a nourishing hair treat and this hair oil is 100% pure oil made from cold pressing the seed pod of the Tsubaki tree (Tsubaki=Camellia in Japanese). It apparently takes the seeds from one full camellia tree to make 60ml of the oil! And this magic oil is packed with olein acid and glycerides that really nourish the hair and if you have really dry ends, this does magic really! And there're so many ways you can use's how:
  • As a serum--You really just need 1 or 2 drops. No joke cos anymore you run the risk of it getting all sticky cos a very very little goes a very long way. If you have short hair, one drop. Medium length, two drops. Long, try with two drops first and if not enough, add one more drop. Simply massage the oil onto towel-dried hair starting from the ends (NEVER starts from the roots cos it gets too oily)...then slowly work to the rest of the hair...after that, style as hair gets real soft and light after
  • As a hot oil treatment -- Now this is the salon worthy bit that gives all the professional products a run for their money. On dry hair, slowly massage the oil in and saturate the doesn't have to be excessive but you just need to coat the strands...usually for me, I use half a bottle...(well, you do it once in a while)...and then you wrap a hot towel around your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. For me, I actually leave it on for half a day on a lazy sunday wearing a shower cap to trap the would have to shampoo TWICE to get rid of the oil. I have very limp and fine hair so I dust a bit of baby powder over it before I wash my hair to soak up the excess's a miracle worker
  • As a quicky treatment-- This isn't the full-on hot oil treatment I just mentioned but a quicky one. Just apply on the dry bits of your hair before you shampoo...only on the dry bits and you don't need to use as much as above. Just 4 to 5 drops would do. Then leave it for awhile and shampoo...(I normally apply first thing when I got home and then do other stuff and shower later) hair gets silky smooth
  • Scalp treatment-- This I've never tried but grandma Miyagi told me that if you get dry scalp from winter and your scalp gets dry and flakey with dandruff, you can massage the oil onto your scalp. Doesn't have to be a lot...leave on, then rinse off
So there you have it....don't say I never share good stuff with you! Oh, grandma Miyagi also said you can apply direct on skin too...or put some in your bath...but I really use it strictly for my hair...GOING.TO.STOCK.UP!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resident Artist -- Mr Squirrel-san

Remember I mentioned that there're lots of squirrels around my club house of an office? These couple of days, they've been super active and running around in groups and gangs cos the jackfruits on the trees are all ripe and ready to eat!

Introducing Mr Squirrel-san....can you spot him? He's just in between the two jackfruirts!

And Squirrel-san is no ordinary squirrel cos he's an installation artist who works on jackfruits. His artistic talenst run in the family and they're a family of jackfruit sculptors and by far he's been the most outstanding artist among his family and let me debut his work! Ta...daaaa....

See! It's sooo artistic no?

You can almost carved a piece of jewellery out of it and make it as a pendent from this shape...hmm...come to think of it, it actually reminds me of Ashley Isham's latest jewellery collection with Lee Hwa...that infinity symbol thing....yes? no? maybe?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a Barbie Girl!

I'm a Barbie, not with the infamous melon-worthy 38D fake boobs and 23 inch waist obviously! But I've gone to the scratchy side and got my lash extension done...full-on Barbie girl lashes...It looks real nice on photos but when I opened my eyes when the lashes are done, I had a shock cos it was way too full-on and I asked the lash lady to trim it down a bit for me...But see! How lush and flashy! And insanely scratchy, especially now they're just about 4 hours old! That's the price to pay for being vain really...these babies are gorgeous but for the next 2 days or so, it's gonna be rather uncomfortable cos the inner corners of the eyes feel really scratchy!!!!!! And really, let's hope that it does go away. It's driving me nuts and I'm coping by thinking of a faraway land. Not to mention the extra cautions needed while I wash my face and remove make up but then it's all worth it....not all but mostly in the name of vanity and here's why Eyelash Extension is totally plastic fantastic:
  • I can actually look half decent even without make-up! With these babies, I can totally go out sans make-up cos somehow the dark circles aren't obvious! woohooo
  • If I have to wake up next to someone, I look half decent, as opposed to erm...half human...
  • I can save about 6 minutes everyday getting ready to go work cos I don't have to apply mascara now
  • Ohhh I save money on mascara......(whatever...I know you're thinking but I spent money on the lashes...whatever... )
  • I cannot continue my horrible habit of rubbing my eye excessively (*horror*) at night and in the morning...totally helps in delaying botoxing wrinkles
  • I look better in photos.....vain yes, vain indeed
Haha...let's see how long I can tolerate this cos 3 years ago, I did lash extension too but then after a month an a half, I got real irritated from the scratchy feeling and I ripped them all off...we'll see how long I'll last this time...

The Guilty Pleasure Playlist

What's that? It's the music playlist that doesn't necessarily exhibit good taste in music and they're songs chosen purely cos they're catchy. The type the nose-in-the-air critic like I would coin "trashy" but secretly listen to the closet of course (you'll probably never find that in their iPod too) here, I've got my guilty pleasure list...
  • Tick Tock -- Keisha (super trashy MTV but come on, it's catchy, I do my push-ups to this)
  • American Boy -- Estelle ft Kanye West (okay, not exactly trashy but it's got Kanye, so it's officially trashy)
  • Begging You -- Madcon (ohhhh I soooo love this, I vaguely remember doing a pole dance sequence while in pole class...haha)
  • Good Girl Go Bad -- Starship Cobra ft Leighton Meester (woot! Blair Waldorf singing!)
  • Miss Independent -- Ne-yo
  • Meet Me Halfway -- Black Eyed Peas (I think the MTV is hilarious...and Fergie is delicious in there)
  • Womanizer -- Britney Spears (come on, no trash list would be complete with good old Brit Brit..but come's got the whole club dancing...I still love it)
  • Sexy Back -- Justin Timberlake (come on, Brit Brit needs company and it is a trash song anyway... but a catchy...actually, it's cos I can't think of another to make it whatever...)
There you've got it and that's all I can think of (not a lot but I seldom listen to trash...*nose in the air*)...geez...this is almost like a bit of a confession....hey at least I didn't list down downright disgusting stuff like Hotel Room Service by Pit that's real trash...

PS. I think I've just thought of another song to bump Sexy Back off. It's Wind Up by Cat Deluna...haha, the song I secretly love to gyrate to when nobody's watching! 

It is a BIG DEAL!

Yes I've got a BIG DEAL! A big great bag deal that it! My friend is selling off a Gucci Spring Summer 09 Exotic Color big canvas tote straight from the runway! (He won it from his company D&D and it's not his style, in case you wonder why he's selling)

The splash of bright colors is such a refreshing change from the overly preppy and stuffy (read: Boring) Gucci canvas collection and it's all sold out in Singapore. It's a roomy man size tote which you can count on to carry all your stuff like laptop, gym gear, shoes, towel and what not! I can also see a stylish uber chick using it as a chic overnight carry-all for dirty weekends hee hee! It's a shame I'm broke and have two Mulberry bags on waiting list (oh woe is me indeed!) cos otherwise I would have bought it. It's retailing at about $1123 USD (about $1600 SGD) and my friend's willing to let go at $1K SGD (about $660USD) and it's still negotiable. It's 100% genuine! Anyone interested? Ping me! 

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pretty Please!

Here are my latest Beauty Muse and one of them is definitely going to be part of the all time favorite!
  • Woods of Windsor True Rose Soap -- I haven't used a soap bar for way too long and I miss the squeaky clean feeling you get from one. This rosy one smells seriously divine and the whole bathroom smells heavenly when you shower! It's not too drying as well and it leaves your skin with a very nice scent!
  • Muji Seaweed Shampoo & Conditioner -- It's not in the picture cos I can't find a nice picutre of them. But again, they smell divine with a very wonderful lavender aroma and yes, I'm very smell driven! But the shampoo's really nice, leaves hair soft and the conditioner's not too heavy. So if you combine the True Rose Soap and these duo, your bathroom smells absolutely fantastic!
  • Decleor Neroli Comforting Concentrate -- Now THIS is the one that'll be my all time favorite and I see myself using it all the time. It's a marvelous face oil from Decleor Aromaessence range and it's for all skin type. It's a face oil that you use after toning and before you slather on other serum and cream. And the best part, you just need 2 drops every time! It's great for dry skin like mine and it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly too. You wake up to super soft smooth skin the next day. Perfection!
  • Ettusais limited edition Eye Gloss in Pink -- It's so pretty and glossy without feeling greasy. The pink color goes around the lid as highlight and the dark purple gives a very nice smokey look that's glossy and sparkly. Super nice!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A not very Feliz Navidad!

My Christmas eve was good but Christmas day was crap! Here's what went wrong:
  • My BB has some Bluetooth problem with my Macbook, they refuse to mate
  • My one-week-old monthly disposable contact lens split while I was wearing it...I don't even know how that happened. $45 wasted
  • My motherfucking collection of 26 sand-fly bites has gotten a hell lot worse and each bite, after some crazy scratching, is about the size of 10-cent coin. I look so "measles-ed" in the worst Ebola way possible...I caught some woman staring at me like I'm a leper but I don't blame her. I'd very much want to take a snap shot and put it up but I figure let's not go around scaring people...everyone who saw it looked horrified...I literally saw the sheer grossed-out horror in their face as if there were maggots crawling out of each bite...let's hope it won't get to that sorry I have the scarring to worry about! How the hell am I gonna marry myself off now???!!!
  • Had a shocking discovery of something rather's technically not a horrid thing cos the present that came along with it is literally the nicest present I've ever received in my whole life...just that now there's some very tricky mental work...cryptic I know...
  • My fuse box at home went nuts and there was a major blackout that I couldn't fix. At 2AM in the morning and I hadn't showered at that point! Had to call in a 24-hr electrician to fix the shit. Turned out that a light wire blew and that cost me $180...argh...
So there....a rather "eventful" Christmas day I had and a insanely itchy one thanks to the sand-fly legs are marred and disfigured...I'm told to sue my company...but anyway, I must say that the electrician guy last night was genuinely nice and good (Credit goes to OGT for finding the number for me). I literally woke him up from his sleep and he actually offered to talk me through how to fix it but obviously I failed. When he got here, he got the job done quickly and he's pretty pro! Nice fatherly dude who didn't overcharge me! My colleague told me she paid $400 for a mid-night electrician stint and this guy only charged me $180. I took a snap shot of him hard at work....
Mr Ng the electrician at work to fix the light socket. He's super nice but he strangely sweat like a pig though it wasn't hot. Notice the sweat patches on his shirt? The darker patches...

He's really good and I highly recommend him to anyone who need mid-night electric quick fix! You can reach him at 67443847! He takes about 40 minutes to reach your place. He chatted with me a bit and thought Mr Bond was a rabbit (???????) But he didn't really see Mr Bond well cos he was hiding under the table...Anyway, I'm $180 poorer but the genuine niceness of Mr Ng the Electrician made me feel okay forking out the time to fix my sand-fly bites...Will have to go to the doctor to get a jab I think :( Not a very Feliz Navidad indeed!!! 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Bender

My Christmas Eve was fun. Jem's back in Singapore for Christmas and this year, I didn't cook Christmas dinner and we opted to eat out. At The Ship!! The old school western food place that's been around since the 80s! (And unfortunately the only outlet left) Love the old school deco and ambiance and you know what? The food is actually pretty decent! The Christmas service sucks though cos we were rushed through our courses and we literally saw plates disappearing at the corner of our eyes cos they cleared it so fast and the next course appearing out of nowhere in a's a photo of Jerry, Jem and Scott! (Me and Dan on the other side)

Ohhh Little Jerry all grown up and handsome!! Woot! The middle one getting older...wahahhaha I love you Jem! And Scotty too!
We had our four-course Christmas special in less than an hour (it was actually more than that but we purposely ate very slowly) and off we went to continue our annual Christmas bender at MUSTAFA!!! And at Mustafa, you can find everything! And I found this really fabulously fake but very realistically looking CCTV! It's obviously fake but it's supposed to make your neighbor thinks that you've got a security team! And the amazing bit is that, you pop in the batteries and there's a little red light to make it look super real and it's so high-tech it's got a motion sensor so it'll move when it detects someone in front! And it's all for $4.50! Dan ordered me last night to mention on my blog that HE FOUND IT! Okay, thanks Dan! And I'm gonna give it to my dad when I get back to HK for Chinese New Year!

The box!! It says "Realistically Looking"...I actually dreamt of being in a mall and stealing things cos I think all the cctvs are fake...

The actual Fake cctv! Not bad....

Isn't this the coolest thing??? The last time I went there drunk in the middle of the night with Huileng, I bought an electronic cockroach toy that you can smack and it'll go slower! It's amazing the kind of stuff you'll find there! I love Mustafa!

Ohhh I bought lots of snacks!
Love that old school snack! And I have no idea why the boys find the apple tea very funny....they laughed at it...*roll eye*

So yeah....a great Christmas Eve indeed and my evil twin and I got seriously sore feet cos we wore crappy shoes...hahaha...if only there's 24-hour foot reflexology service at Mustafa!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Date Anatomy: Smells like teen spirit!

Date Anatomy:

Subject: 25-year-old (a whopping 6 years my junior), white Caucasian male, about 1.78 metre, okay looking but not terribly good-looking, average body time though a bit short on the neck, brown hair, grey eyes, okay skin, no zit spotted, BO-free, with full-crown of hair, Ivy League education, t-shrit & jeans, sans perfume (and thus, no future...Coco Chanel did say that "A woman (or man) who doesn't wear perfume has no future), employed, able to write basic Chinese
Date: 22 December 2009 night
Venue: Somewhere in Orchard
- Behaved his age or younger (or as OGT would aptly put it, behaved like his US shoe size)
- Somewhat pompous probably due to prestigious Ivy League education
- Typical American (read: doesn't know a lot of stuff outside of US)
- Unexposed to a lot of stuff...he doesn't know what Glastonbury Music Festival is...
- Narrow-minded with elitist mentality. He thinks uneducated people who didn't really go to college should not be allowed to breed...(Let's hope his folks have degree!)
- Thinks a lack of education or college degree means no future....oh really? Try telling that to Bill Gate?
- Think he's somewhat superior to a lot thanks to his Ivy League education
- Lack of financial prowess...He asked me to buy him drinks
- Lack social grace...after he foot the dinner bill, we were walking out of the restaurant and I had YET to thank him (I normally thank my date at the END of the date) and he said to me "You're welcome"...prompting me to quickly acknowledge his kindness in buying me dinner
- Unable to provide engaging answer...or simply unable to engage...I asked him if he could date 3 celebrities or Hollywood actresses, who would they be, he only managed to name one, which happens to be Angelina Jolie and then he said he doesn't know much about Hollywood
- Annoying white supremacy attitude...I said I'm not a fan of Hollywood flick and generally prefer foreign films like French movies etc...he said "Isn't Hollywood foreign to you?"....hmmm...then when I said Wes Anderson's latest animation The Fantastic Mr Fox, he said "I bet you'd check all the items in 'Stuff White People Like'!"....right...erm nice...
- Strange nose twitches that's spastic
Verdict: FAILED
I'll never date or go on date with a younger guy again.....I've never dated or gone out with anyone more than a year younger than I am and I'll keep it as that. This is an exception as the Ivy League education sounded promising though it's downright disappointing. I expected a hell lot more substance which was sorely lacking. I guess what cheesed me off most was the elitist mentality of his oh-so-sparkling Ivy League education which makes him vaguely think that anyone without so much of a degree shouldn't be allowed to breed. So that's Ivy League? If going to college makes him that narrow-minded, then I would rather my kids never go to one. Overall, it's just plain's like going out with a very annoying young brother...the American part really doesn't help either..NEXT!!!! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

B is for Blackberry Bold!

Team Blackberry vs Team iPhone...I think it's kinda clear which team I'm in from the image I put up.

Last Sunday, after Missy F aka OGT told me that the new Blackberry (BB) Bold is available at the Singtel Comms Center, I literally dashed out of my house to go get it.

A year ago, I would have wanted an iPhone but looking at how this little island of durian eaters has been flooded by 3948739479374897937 iPhones, I'm put off by it, despite being an Apple fan when it comes to choices of computer and music player.

Once upon a time, maybe about a year and a half ago, iPhone was as precious to many as the ring is to Gollum. My friend's boyfriend then brought one in from the US before it hit our shores and there was this waiter from some restaurant who offered him $1200 to buy it off him, despite the fact that some of the phone's functions didn't work. Fast forward it to a year and a half later, the iPhone is painfully ubiquitous. Everyone's got one and everyone wants one. I'll be a billionaire if I get a dollar everytime I see someone with an iPhone! You see young school kids carrying one, the 20-somethings talking on one and neighborhood curly hair old uncle with long pinky nails figuring out how to use one. iPhone's popularity's phenomenally whorish and that really put me off and I can't deal with it.

It's purely a case of "It's not you, it's me" cos when something gets too hyped up, I get turned off. So I don't care if the iPhone has got better applications, I just can't deal with something that's not that exclusive anymore. It's a bit like dating a guy who's slept with half the female population of the planet. So there, I'm absolutely happy with my BB Bold! And my BB Bold rocks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Protect Your Wood!

Look what I've found! Brilliant!!!!

You're Fired!

I'm not picking up the phone. I'm nervous. I'm probably gonna fire my design agency. I can't stand the rubbish work they've been churning out. I bitch about their lousy work. I pass their work around the office to be laughed at. I bash them to whoever would listen. BUT much as I can't stand them, when it comes to crunch time to fire them, I'd very much leave that to the "Firing Squat" veteran aka Mr Donald Trump (who apparently wants to patent the phrase "You're fired!")

I go soft when it comes to the point where I have to be the REAL bitch. Not that I'm incapable of being a bitch cos my friends would tell you I'm a mega mama of all bitches when I need to be one. But it's really much easier to be a real bitch with a Captial B to someone you don't really know or when the working relationship has soured to the point where things are not cordial anymore. And despite the crappy design they gave me, all things are still very civil with my agency.

The bloody account servicing person annoys the hell out of me cos he claims that the ugly, colorful, elementary-school-project-like design layout is what's in my brief which actually says "Clean design with lots of white space, sleek and modern, think Apple"....SERIOUSLY?? Nonetheless, I bit my tongue to stop a tirade of sarcasm and restrain myself from verbally attack them cos well, let's do this the grown up way shall we? And grown ups keep things civil and civil is BAD when you need to fire someone...

Truth be told, I do think they deserve to be fired and of course, firing them was the first thing that came to my evil little mind when they first submitted the artwork which was an epic failure. But now that my boss has really given the order to actually trash them, well, I'd be happier if I wouldn't be the one executing it...wish me luck...Now focus and delivery the blow....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar Rocks!!!!!

I want to be a Na'vi! I want to live in Pandora where I can go ride horses with 6 power legs and fly on the back of reptilian bird named Ikran! Planet Earth pales in comparison so make me a Na'vi NOW!

Well, if only it's real that is! But it's official, Avatar's the best movie I've watched this year in terms of overall dramatics. Coming from someone who don't normally relish mainstream Hollywood movie as much, it says a lot when I nominate Avatar as best. I thought I would crown The Inglorious Basterds to be the best movie I've watched for movie direction (well, it's a Tarantino after all) and Coco Avant Chanel for best movie screenplay, but Avatar really beat them, hands down. It's so hauntingly brilliant that after I got home from the show last night, I found myself surfing the net for Avatar information and learning the Na'vi names of all those funky creatures of Pandora! And I frantically texted and msn-ed my family in Hong Kong and ordering to go watch Avatar PRONTO! This morning when I woke up, I'm STILL thinking of the movie! (And oh, I also telling my ex-boyfriend that he actually looks a bit like the lead actor in Na'vi if I flatten his nose and paint him blue, sorry Roger, but it's really a compliment!) And of course it really does help heaps when the lead actor Sam Worthington is a hottie!

James Cameron came up with the idea and script in 1995 and could only make it all happen more than a decade later cos he was simply waiting for the computer graphic technology to be advance enough to do what he envisioned. And it's a wait worthwhile indeed.

Aside from the impressive graphics and special effects, Avatar is so emotionally charged and being someone who's a supporter of the green movement, I resonate with its underlying message of Na'vi's connection to their mother Earth Eywa, just like ours to Gaia, which has unfortunately taken a backseat to industrialization and mass destruction. I teared when the Na'vi's home tree (aka their habitat) got burnt down. I cringed when the humans attacked with ghastly violence. It's a fantasy world but yet, it flawlessly showcases human greed and selfishness while displaying a utopia world through James Cameron's vision of the Na'vi.

So yes, I'd like to be a Na'vi where they have strong connection with mother nature, where they live in harmony and respect the earth they live in, where everything works on bonding with the natural world, where they believe that everything's made of energy flow and whatever energy you have is borrowed and will have to be returned one day, where they mate for life (no more bastards behavior), and where everyone in the tribe is one and there's a strong sense of brotherhood devoid of the ubiquitous human selfishness. But unfortunately right now, I can only dream of the James Cameron make believe world... the way, there's a Pandora "encyclopaedia", click here!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm on minion's, it's MY pillow

Hi all, this is Mr Bond. My minion's kinda busy so I'm blogging on her behalf (also cos minion told me that her friend Uncle Josh would want to see more of my sexy photos)...she's busy cleaning my litter tray and changing water for anyway, here's my latest pictures...taken on minion's, no, MY pillow...1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton pillow case no less.

Sigh...minion's a bit thick....she somehow thinks that the Tempur pillow's hers but let me tell you, it's really mine.....and of all the pillows, she has to fight for the most expensive one with me aka the Tempur pillow. Minion will just forcefully stick her head on MY pillow and what's a handsome cat to do? I'll have to bite her hair so she'll bugger off MY harder minion!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've always been an anglophile but recently, I realized my anglophile status has skyrocketed as I realize everything I love at the moment is British! In fact, I wish I grew up in London and live in London! British accent is totally rad and sexy! A British accent I haven't got but I probably grew up loving everything British cos after all, I grew up in Hong Kong and I used to hold a British passport. I was really miffed when I had to renounce my British citizenship (The British High Comm made me pay $98 to renounce it...and now I heard it's $198 and they only take cash by the way). It's a shame really cos I would hold a British passport any time...sometimes parents make silly decisions.

Anyway, here're all the British stuff that I LOVE about Britain (see my very old British passport?)!

  • Well, Queen mom...politically correct to say she's cool...but actually, she IS kinda cool...come on, she's a real queen...
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus and MANY MANY more Brits comedy! I love Brits comedy more than American cos they're so much better, much funnier and more intelligent. I love good old dry British humor! Other British comedy I like: The Office (I still prefer the Brit version...Ricky Gervais is still the best), Absolutely Fabulous, French & Saunders, Peep Show, Black Adder, Coupling etc etc
  • Mr Bond...well, he's a British Shorthair British!
  • Jay Kay from of my dream
  • Alexa favorite Brit terms of style and character etc
  • Elly girl crush aka the girl I would like to date and be lesbian with
  • Glastonbury Music Festival!!!! The good thing that came out of Jimi Hendrix' death in 1970 I guess...I'm aiming to go for the 2010 concert with OGT and we wanna set up an illegal cup noodle booth to sell Nissin Cuppies at 5 quid a pop
  • Tom, I mean, SIR Tom Jones...the sexiest grandpa alive!!
  • Fifi favorite fashion bunny...she supposedly lives in London
  • TOPSHOP!!!! Self-explanatory! 
  • Margaret Thatcher...that's real girl power when all the Spice Girls were just a sperm
  • favorite bag brand for the time being. Love their understated luxury. I'm super in love with my Oak brown Bayswater and black Roxanne and I'm waiting for the Alexa to come in very anxiously
  • Wellies! Or perhaps the weather that allows wellies...sorry, if you wear wellies in Singapore despite the rain, people look at you funny. A colleague of mine got laughed at by the CEO one day when it was pouring and she was wearing wellies....the boss still ask her about her rain boots...honestly, if you think about it, Singapore needs wellies more than UK...oh and the leopard print one you see is MINE!
  • Marks & Spencer...come on, you can't talk about UK without good old M&S! Nice knickers, great complaints!
  • Rolls Royce & Bentley...okay, fine, they're not really produced in UK anymore but well, they're still British by origin and symbol of high lux...I personally prefer Bentley...RR is just kinda ostentatious but well, it's iconic. I'm lucky to have been in both :)
  • LONDON!!! Okay, I know most Brits would lament about its grey sky and cold weather but hey, I LOVE it, I LOVE London! It's just a stone throw away from so many cities in Europe and the rest of Europe is just an Easy Jet (some call it Sleazy Jet) away!

I've got a crush!

Yes, I've got a crush. On a girl. No, it isn't the kinda I-think-you're-cool-with-nice-style kinda crush like I have for Alexa Chung. I'm talking about the I-wanna-date-you kind of amorous crush. So yeah, I've got a girl crush and a real one like how I had crushes on guys. And my girl crush is Elly Jackson of La Roux.

Oh my lovely Elly Jackson!!! She's sooooo cute! That hair! That voice! That talent!


Now here's another picture...she's got red hair (thought it doesn't quite show here) cute...

I've always thought that I'm a bit bisexual but now, I'm pretty damn sure I'm quite bisexual cos I've been attracted to a couple of girls in the past though I've never had a girlfriend or a relationship with a girl. I've been straight all the time. It's not that I'm turning gay but it's more like I'm now quite sure I can see myself dating a girl.

But I can't just date any lesbian cos the girl has to fulfill some criteria. 1) She can't be a butch. I'm NOT attracted to butches. Just can't do that 2) She has to be a bit androgynous but to the boyish side 3) She's got to be somewhat cute. In a way, I'm a bit of "lipstick lesbian" 4) She has to be slim and taller than I am 5) Chemistry (it's all about that isn't it?)

When I told my friend Jason about my girl crush, he asked if I can see myself making out and erm...getting all "intimate" with Elly. I told him YES! Totally! It's kinda unusual cos normally the thought of having more than a good snog and grope with a girl doesn't quite agree with me but this time, I can totally see myself doing that.  With Elly, quite gladly!

Last couple of days, I can't stop watching Elly in her La Roux MTV for I'm Not Your Toy and she's super duper cute in that MTV! I'm watching it over and over again! And I'm also watching a hell lot of her interviews on you tube and I'm smitten! Elly claims that she's straight but then after deliberating her sexuality based on her interview behavior, Miss F (aka my lovely OGT!) and I agree that Elly screams lesbian!

I also asked if there's any Elly-ish girl I can date and the consensus is that my standard for dating a girl is too high and it's very hard to find such lesbian in Singapore. Well I'm doomed then cos I haven't got a good track record with men and the kind of girls I see myself dating aren't available on our shore! I told Jason to buy me a nun habit in hot pink and purple....

Okay, back to watching I'm Not Your Toy for the 394873579475th time now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Play list & Featured Artists of the Week

Last week I picked two songs from Jamiroquai cos well, as all of you might already know, I'm in love with Jay Kay anyway. But this week, there'll be two songs from Tegan & Sara, not because I'm in love with them but they're one of my favorite groups. Actually group isn't the right description for them cos they're a duo and guess what? They're identical twins who're both musically talented with awesome voices.

 Tegan & Sara..Oh or is it Sara & Tegan?
A little bit more about them: Tegan & Sara are Canadian (from Calgary) indie rock/indie pop duo who have been writing music and singing since 1995. Both of them write music, sing, play the guitar and keyboard. They've got 6 albums released since 1999 but there's always been a bit of controversial surrounding the twins cos they're both lesbian and they're frustrated that people keep focusing on their sexuality than their wonderful music. I personally love their live performances more cos it kinda showcases their emotional go check them out!

This week's playlist:
  1. Where does the good go -- Tegan & Sara
  2. I'm not your toy -- La Roux  (Elly Jackson of La Roux is my girl crush but too bad she's straight)
  3. Sunny road -- Emiliana Torrini
  4. How to save a life -- The Fray
  5. Miss halfway -- Anya Maria
  6. Multiply -- Jamie Llidel
  7. Flowers in the window -- Travis (old song but have always loved it sooo much)
  8. Chasing pavements -- Adele
  9. Secret Heart -- Feist (check out the live in Paris version...much better...I made her famous by the way)
  10. Back in your head --Tegan & Sara

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The human race is a bloody disgrace!!!!

When you pick up the newspaper. Take a drink. When you read the first headline. Take a drink. When you read disturbing news. Take a drink. When you finish reading the entire newspaper. Finish the whole bottle of drink.

I HATE reading the newspaper! Yes, HATE it purely for the horrifying numbers of shitty, disturbing news there are and everyday, because of my job, I have to flip through newspaper and I think I need a bottle of tequilla and a shot glass in my office. Why? Cos it's hard to deal with the fact that the human race is simply a bloody disgrace. Look at the kind of shit we do to each other and the irony is we're supposed to have conscience! But seriously, just reading the news kinda confirms that some of us homosapiens are indeed worse than beasts. Murder, rape, prostitution, domestic violence, human smuggling, human drug mules, child labor, greed, business fraud....I lost count. The human race is the most capable in the animal kingdom and we're also the most brutal and evil.

So here are the blood-curdling, monstrous news today:
  • Woman in China put to death for forcing 22 children into prostituition, some as young as 6 years old
  • Family in China left son with H1N1 to die in canal
Last week, I heard from my colleague this:
  • Family in China sticks 26 needles into female infant's brain through the scalp. Girl survived and has grown up with mental disability and some of the needles in her brain are rusting
I know, it just happens that all the news are from China (well, they have the biggest population so naturally have news of all sorts...okay fine, they're also very brutal too) but let's not forget that we've got monsters like Josef Fritzle from Austria and erm, douchebag like Tiger Woods too. But the point is, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE HUMAN RACE? AND WHY THE HELL ARE WE SO HORRIBLE!!!!????

Maybe having the world end in 2012 might be a good more sufferings and disgraceful human behavior once and for all...Annihilation of the entire history of human perversity actually does sound appealing to me. Yes? No? Maybe?

Now, take another drink.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tigresses Congress

One girl missing to make it a 12-month calendar...but I think the other one can be a group shot with the tigresses feeding Tiger grapes as the grand finale...

I saw this on The New Paper today and it's hilarious...The Tiger Woods' Girls 2010 Calendar! It's really quite a good one I must say....But seriously, he's such a major douche that I think his wife should really just divorce him! I guess when you're a hypocrite trying to project a nice goody-two-shoes family man image, you get it real bad when your dirty shenanigans get busted! I think people in general are more forgiving when you're more true to yourself. That is, if you're a douche, then behave like one or at least don't pretend to some decent nice bloke. Not only has he been the golf champion, I think he's probably earned himself the title of "The most hated sportsman of the decade"...well done Tiger!

Psst.......I heard that Tiger might end up in jail cos he alledgedly paid for sex with a hooker and under the NY legislation, he could get into legal trouble in engaging prostitution give that Tiger a cage! Hahaha...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Girl 1: Boy 0

Well I heard Gisele Bunchen just popped a baby boy...that little brat's possibly gonna be the one of the most good-looking people to walk this Earth with a world's highest-earning super model as mom and quarter-back sports star dad...How unfair...he'll probably have a bloody trust fund, live in the Upper East Side in New York and never know what public transport is, god damn it!

Erm, it's a random picture and it does not illustrate anything except extreme cuteness. But it's mildly relevant to the topic of adoption though not exactly. (Who says I have to make sense anyway?)

Anyway, I'm not getting clucky (far from it cos kids are relatively scary with gooey mucus and saliva dangling around their cherubic but booger-filled faces) but the other day, my colleague and I were talking about kids and since both of us are not married (she might be soon but I most likely would be a nun with pink and purple habit remember?) , we're talking about whether we'll adopt a girl or a boy if we were to adopt a kid. The verdict? GIRL! And my colleague gave the best reason why which I have totally agreed and would be the sole reason for adopting a girl if I ever need to.

She said "Girl of course, cos when you're old and too senile to wipe your own ass, who's gonna wipe yours? Of course the daughter! I mean you won't ask your son to wipe your ass after you shit or bathe you right?"

Well said. Well said indeed!!!

It can't be more true! So yeah, in the unlikely event that I'll adopt a homosapien infant, it'll be a female of the specie so she'll wipe my poo-smeared ass when I'm senile...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Decluttering December

For reason only Miss F (aka OGT) knows, I'm cleaning out my bag closet and I'm horrified. There're so many bags and I already whittled the number by half from the last spring cleanout and still, there're so many (at my peak, I think I had more than 70 :s). So last night, I once again, halved the number of bags I have and I'm gonna sell off those that I don't use, or have never used for that matter. Okay, I feel horribly bad cos I shouldn't have recklessly spent my money on stuff that I hardly use or don't need (OGT, stop nagging!!! I'll really stop!).

The mess in my room before the decluttering...there're bags stuffed into bigger bags and boxes of more bags...sigh...

I have a problem. A bag problem. No, a general shopaholic problem to be honest and I need to stop. I buy when I'm sad, I buy when I'm happy, I buy when I'm bored, I buy when I have money, and I buy when I don't either. Why? Cos yes, I do like nice things but the compulsive bits come from the fact that somehow, the consumerism culture cons me into thinking that "well, if I have this and this, my life would be better" I'll whip out the plastic and assault my bank account.

Yesterday, a few swipes on the plastic later (okay, I confess, I bought something but only OGT knows what it is), I STILL feel strangely empty. It's supposed to make me feel happy, lessen the loneliness, banish the insecurity, heighten the level of inspiration and fill the empty void. But guess what? The false promises remain well, false. I still feel the same. I would think that your surroundings and belongings define who you are and well, don't we all try to search for who we are at some point? But after thinking about the whole situation last night with Mr Bond perched gingerly on my head (which by the way, set off a slew of sinus sneezes), I've come to realize that I'm just plain thick and stupid. The whole sense of self, well-being, self-worth and everything else really come from your mindset and boy, I do have a pretty lame one. Cos I actually think that buying things can really fill the emptiness within...Work harder perhaps....but you know what? I kinda blame it on consumerism...look, I know I'm thick to think that a bag would make me happy but cut me some slack will you? After all, we all slip at times...but sometimes, it does get a bit of a shock from the fast dwindling bank account to really wake you up a bit...

Which brings me to the next point. So does anyone want to buy my bags?? They're really quite nice!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Interview with Miss B by Miss B

I've always said that one of my dream jobs would be to have my own talk show where I'll interview people and ask them crazy questions. (the other dream job would be Travel Writing, free travel hello?). Well the talk show obviously didn't happen and I'm dying to do interviews but there's nobody to interview. I don't know anyone famous enough to make it interesting. So boohoo. I'll just interview myself cos I'm that uninspired for now! (it's a bit naf I admit....)

Miss B: What's with your name? It's Bertha, how scary is that? How the hell did you end up with that name?
Miss B: Yes yes, I's a love hate relationship with my name cos I grew up being the butt of all jokes. I still am you know? My lovely dad gave me the name. He apparently love the letter B and he flipped through the dictionary and saw the name "Bertha" and thought it's special cos he hasn't seen it around much. Well, dad, there's a reason why you don't see it cos people don't really name their female spawns Bertha cos it reminds people of a 7-meter tall German girl with a mustache...the type that works in a prison canteen you know? So there's a reason why you don't see it often. But yeah, I'm used to it by now...even with the very common mispronounciations. If I get a dollar every time someone mispronounces my name, I'll be a millionaire by now
Miss B: What did you want to be when you were young?
Miss B: Erm...there's once I wanted to be a teacher so I can write on the blackboard with chalk and whack all the bad students with a wooden ruler. But at some point, I wanted to be plumber I think...
Miss B: What kind of kid were you?
Miss B: Two stages: Age 0-3, according to my mom, I was every parent's nightmare. Supposedly cried non-stop, threw tantrum, hassled everyone, swallowed a light bulb and almost choked to death. Age 3 onward: relatively good kid, a bit thick, loser in school, social outcast...something like the girl at the back of the class who's eating her own hair of sort
Miss B: What's your weaknesses?
Miss B: Nice hangbags, I want a Mulberry Alexa (am on waiting list which should hopefully end by January)...Perfumes (cult please), Japanese food, being too emotional, being irrational at times, sloth, vanity, impatience, enough?
Miss B: If you're not doing communications right now, what would you be doing?
Miss B: the ideal world, I would be a features writer of sort but I've been there, done that when I just graduated, only to find that publishing in general, pays peanuts (the whole Carrie Bradshaw thing with Jimmy Choos and 947398439 shoes has got to be a hoax). But assuming money isn't an issue, I would still be a writer of sort. If not, maybe I'll be a theater actress...again, things that don't make money...I really do wonder how it would be if I live in a communist country...just wondering really cos I don't condone communism
Miss B: What's the biggest misconception about you? Do people think that you're a bit thick?
Miss B: Well, you're kinda right that people do think that I'm thick and dense as a brick cos I think somehow I do look mildly stupid. They also think that I'm floozy and flakey cos I joke a hell lot and love to laugh and take the mickey out of every damn thing. But actually, I'm a god damn serious person. My closer friends would know that. I'm serious like Margaret Thatcher with PMS and I think the whole floozy, clownish persona, according to my psychoanalytical friend, is to diffuse the fact that I can be rather intense and most people can't deal with it
Miss B: Have you got any secret talent?
Miss B: Other than the fact that I've got the amazing talent of busting my credit card limit within a short span, I actually CAN move only one eyeball at a time. I can isolate my right eyeball and move it ONLY while the left stays put. Oh, I can do voices too. I can do Bart Simpson very very very well. So well that you would actually think that I'm the voice-over
Miss B: Any pet hates?
Miss B: Hair in food, whiny people, rude people who openly belittle people around them, people holding up queue asking dumb question or insisting that the 50cent discount coupon is valid,
Miss B: Favorite things?
Miss B: My cat, my bedroom, my nice sheets, weekends, free shopping vouchers, the feeling you get while you pack your suitcase before your holiday, airport after you check-in and about to board the plane, long night flight (yes, I'm one of those who love long flight as long as it's a night flight and everything's dark), the rush I get from inspiring book, the excitement of good music, witnessing kindness (specifically whenever I see this old man in my block feeding the stray cats), the couple of hours of "ME TIME" before I go to bed where I read and write, feeling of ocean and the salt on my skin after, Fifi Lapin drawings, Beluga whales, cute cartoons where everything's happy, The Little Prince
Miss B: Craziest thing you've done?
Miss B: Other than falling in love with an asshole while in total denial, it would probably be skinny dipping after a spliff somewhere in Ibiza (which actually makes it not crazy)

Miss B: Hobbies?
Miss B: Mostly I spend my time watching my nails grow really. But  I love surfing too. I wish I live by the beach but unfortunately I live on an island where the biggest wave you can find is artificial on a fake island set on a fake beach (Wavehouse Sentosa anyone?_) so I try to plan surfing trip. I play the cello. I love going to bookstore cos I'm a geeky bookworm (only good literature please). I love to write. I recently like to workout (endorphin is good). I love good movies
Miss B: What's your favorite color?
Miss B: Are you trying to psychoanalyze me?
Miss B: What's your favorite book?
Miss B: Love in the Time of Cholera's my favorite book and my least favorite movie is Love in the Time of Cholera. 
Miss B: Music?
Miss B: You don't ask a music whore what her favorite music is. I've got too many. I was the music director for my college internet radio so my taste is diverse. From classical, to alternative, to pop, to metal...I listen to everything except death metal really. But I tend to love digging out unheard of album and artist. One of my claim to fame is that I made Feist famous...long story for another time
Miss B: What's your fashion style?
Miss B: Anything that doesn't make me look like I work in a bank. READ: I do anything except corporate look (in a way I'm kinda screwed cos I do work in a corporate environment). But in general, I like the messy chic. Nothing overtly sexy cos I have nothing sexy to show to begin with. But I like the geeky cool look or I like to dress a bit like a cute boy and I think bag is pretty important. But occasionally I do like to dress like a girl and look pretty. In general, I can be wearing shit clothes but usually the bag will be a pretty rad one 
Miss B: Do you have a signature quote?
Miss B: Yes, I always say "Men are carcinogenic" whenever I hear shit stuff about the opposite sex
Miss B: Oh wow...that's strong, but what kind of guys do you dig?
Miss B: Jay Kay from Jamiroquai really. I have a thing for broody bad boys type and that kinda explains why I'm still on the shelf perhaps
Miss B: Met any lately?
Miss B: No, none. Zero, zilch. I think I'm most likely gonna be a nun and I'll wear a pink and purple habit. So if you know any cool men, drop me an email
Miss B: Name 3 celebrities you'd like to bang
Miss B: Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, Ed Westwick & Huge Jackman
Miss B: Got any girl crush? You dig Angelina Jolie?
Miss B: I do not dig Angelina. Yes she's hot but she's not the kind I like though she's dark. I find her rather psychotic. My girl crush is probably Alexa Chung. Not crush in a amorous kind of way but I think she's the coolest girl around. Funny, witty, smart, stylish, charming.

Sorry, I know I'm boring you guys, I'll stop now cos I need to go pee....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Playlist

Miss B is listening to:

  • Bottle It Up -- Sara Bareilles
  • The Way I Am -- Ingrid Michaelson
  • Winter Song -- Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson (Yes, they're friends)
  • Wait -- Get Set Go
  • Scar -- Missy Higgins
  • Corner of the Earth -- Jamiroquai
  • I'm Not A Robot -- Marina & the Diamonds
  • Half the Man -- Jamiroquai (He got 2 songs on my list cos I LOVE LOVE LOVE him..I want to marry him, man of my dream)
  • Marching Band of Manhattan -- Death Cab for the Cutie
  • Love is Just a Game -- The Magic Numbers
Update: I've successfully booted Chuck Bass out of my system cos I've totally remembered who my first love is. It's Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Yes, HE is THE ONE. The man of my dream. I strayed a bit. But after watching his old MTV, I totally remember why I fell in love with him a decade ago and again, I've fallen for him all over again...oh my space cowboy. No, I'm NOT fickle...cos Jay Kay is THE ONE. There might be little distractions now and then, but he's THE ONE...awww...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I had a dream....

I woke up this morning wanting to burst into tears. I didn't want to wake up! I was having such an awesome dream! I dreamt that I had a whirlwind romance with Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl and we got married...and okay, out with it, it was a mildly dirrrty dream at some point....hey, at least I admit it! It was such a wooooonderful dream that I was probably grinning in my sleep drooling......and when I woke up, I wanted my immediate suicidal demise cos let's face it, it's almost impossible to find a guy who can measure up to Chuck Bass' standard.

After 3 seasons of Gossip Girl, I'm still truly, madly, deeply in love with Chuck Bass...(and I wouldn't mind dating Ed Westwick who plays him too. Anytime baby! Anytime! So I officially hate Jessica Szohr whom he's now dating! That lil' biatch!). And my undying love for him is probably gonna be impossibly detrimental to my chances of finding a good match to end my singleton status.

In fact, I saw an article on some magazine saying that there's been a recent thing called "The Edward Effect" whereby young girls are pegging their boyfriends against all the cool and super suave characters in movies and tv shows and they have impossible standards and expectation on how their guys should be. Well, it's called "The Edward Effect" and not "The Chuck Bass Effect" cos Edward Cullen from Twilight was all the rage now but seriously, I think it should be known as "The Chuck Bass Effect" least he's fictionally a human being...a freaking hot one *drooool*.

I know, I know, it's all tv drama and they're not real. My buddy said that even if there's someone who can measure up to Chuck, he's probably an asshole. Well, indeed. I do know someone who can measure up (and F, if you're reading this, you totally know who I'm talking about) but yes, he's quite a wanker. It's been more than 2 years since I met him and he's still a I gave up really. Real life Chuck Bass will never be available. But now, it seems like I'm doomed cos despite the fact that I know Chuck Bass is fictional, his enigmatic charm's been drilled into my head (yeah yeah, I really do like bad boys and that's probably why I'm still a singleton) and I can't get it out of my head. Sigh. Maybe I need a lobotomy...Oh chuck oh chuck.....I'm fucked....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wonder Women

The other day, I bought a pair of know the really gorgeous bootie looking heels that look fierce! Only that they hurt my feet and my tootsies are on fire after awhile. It's not seasoned yet and I'm still in the process of breaking into it and walking around the house in them. Last night I was cooking while wearing heels...haha...that got me thinking about how come all pretty shoes are super uncomfortable and the more amazing thing is, women are able to take the pain for vanity sake....and you know what? Women are got me thinking of how fabulous we are! Because:
  • We can bleed for days and don't die
  • We're able to function with horrible monthly cramp and the discomfort of erm "riding the white cotton pony"...some of us can even run marathon during such trying time
  • We can run after buses and trains in killer heels. We survived the pain and discomfort of killer heels without having our digits turn gangrene and drop off
  • We can wear a corset without suffocating to death...passing out yes, you know in the olden days...but walking around in corset is an amazing feat
  • We can give birth, have our vijayjay torn and still survive
  • We can multi-task unlike men! I can blog, surf the net, chat on msn while doing my work
  • We can wear super tight skinny jeans without getting our blood circulation cut off
  • We can shop non-stop, around the clock, try on clothes 293879384 times, carry our loot and walk 93473984 miles and not get tired
  • Many women are able to be excellent single mom, juggle a few jobs and raise wonderful children
  • We have much higher pain tolerance than men
  • We're better listeners
  • We're able to tolerate men's stupidity and not get into a mental institute..(most women I mean)
  • Men, disagree as much as you want that we're the more brilliant gender but let's put it this way, no matter how amazing and brilliant you think you are, or actually are, WE gave birth to you and you still come out from your mama's body, or vijayjay to be there!

Monday, December 07, 2009

My New Bed Buddy

Ever since my sister has moved back to Hong Kong, Mr Bond's been super sticky and requires 101% attention from me cos now his favorite "Baboo Yee" (his nick name for my sister) is not around anymore :( So now, I'm the sole supplier of tummy rub, food, tummy rub, litter clearer, tummy rub, food, tummy rub, water, tummy rub and attention. And to compensate the lack of "Baboo Yee's" attention, I now upgraded him to my bed at night and sometimes in the morning. I lost my Tempur pillow cos it's now officially his and he sleeps on it all the time. He knows he's the boss!

Mr Bond next to "HIS" (mine!) pillow in the morning....with his silly just woken up face

Some people don't understand why Mr Bond's such a big deal to me cos many think he's just a cat. Let me tell you, he's not just a cat, he's more than just a cat, and very often, better than a random human being. He's my family, especially now that I live alone. I remember there's once he was hospitalized and I needed to get off work earlier to see him and some of my coworkers and my then boss didn't seem too pleased that I go off half an hour earlier. They seemed to give me the "he's just a cat" look and till today, I despise them for it cos they were not very nice about it. I remember wanting to cry cos I was desperate to find out if he's okay. (Yes, it's during my dog prize for guessing that)

Mr Bond is more than just a cat cos he's always there when I'm home, he's always available to me, he's always there to cuddle up. When I'm happy, he's there to share the joy, when I'm sad, he's there for comfort, it doesn't matter I look like rubbish when I get home at the end of the day cos he's forever happy to see me and appreciate the fact that I'm there. He's trustworthy and more reliable than many homosapiens. So yes, he's more than just a cat. Until you've experienced the unconditional love of a pet and the loving bond you have with them, you'll never be able to understand why he's more than a cat and you have no idea what you're missing out on!

For now, he'll be the only male, albeit a furry one, who'll share my bed and 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets with me! (also fingers crossed that he's okay and his urinary tract infection hasn't recurred )

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Feline Fiesta

I love cats. I have a cat. Mr Bond is his name and he's a 7-year-old gay black British Short Hair (he is gay for sure...he loves my male friends and would lick their legs). And when I walked into the Shu Uemura counter and saw the latest limited collection by Tsumori Chisato, I know I have to buy something because it's got a little black cat in it!!! I picked the lipstick cos I'll use it the most and the casing is reusable! Once it's finished, you can buy any Shu Uemura lippy and pop it in! So here you go! It's a nice light pink that gives a pale lips look. Honestly, I do not care cos I just want the lippy with cat motif on it cos I love cat!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

December Muses

Reading: Nylon's been my favorite for a loooong while. You don't get rubbish like "My husband slept with my maid" or "How to give good blow-job" trash. Pure good articles and good photoshoots on fashion, beauty, music and culture. Also reading Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates...been wanting to read this. Good thing I didn't watch the movie

Listening: Birthday by The Sugarcubes...Bjork's old band before she went solo. Morning in Rio by Sergio Mendes...a very nice Rio carnival spin to some very classics...energetic, vibrant and light

Watching: The Fantastic Mr. Fox. LOVE LOVE LOVE this animation! It's funny, it's cool and the animation rocks!

Using: Chanel Rouge Allure in Naive...very natural color, gives your lips a hint of shade and a very nice sheen. Very comfortable to wear. I wear it like a lip balm cos it's very moisturizing too.

Wearing: Fifi Lapin Limited Edition Brooch!!!! I just ordered this yesterday and I knew I MUST have it. Now I'm waiting for it to be shipped exciting! Fifi Lapin is my alter ego! You might as well call me Fifi! Also wearing Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nile...very lovely perfume with a citrus top note that's refreshing and airy, definitely not something you smell on everyone everywhere

Loving: Alexa Chung! The ultimate inspiration, she's bubbly, charming, witty, gorgeous and with great fashion sense to boot...I love everything about her...I'm so gonna name my daughter Alexa

Eating: Meiji Poiful Jelly Bean...the best jelly bean out there really. Also eating Kanro Okinawa Salty Candy in Ume & Lemon flavor from Meidaya (sorry, can't find the image). It's super nice

Lusting: Mulberry Alexa Bag in Oak Brown Large. In a phase of my "Alexa Chung Mania", I want the Mulberry bag named after my favorite girl. Well, actually I just need an IT bag that's very practical and not too precious...Heard there's a waiting list now and the earliest that it's available is in January..bwahhh

Friday, December 04, 2009

Work place's little annoyance

Ever since I bid goodbye to the horrible shithole I used to work at in Suntec City, my dog days are over! Now I have nice decent colleagues and a nice office with fantastic scenary completed with an array of cool wide life all around. Hello squirrels! I have so much fun watching them! Yes, there're no more MAJOR work place hazards in the likes of serious office politics, insane backstabbing, blatant credit stealing and secret sabotaging of sorts. But as with every work place, no matter how perfect it is (unless you work for yourself of course...), there're still little annoyances. Not enought to kill you but they're like irritating little flies buzzing around you that won't go away. And here are some of my pet peeves:

  • colleagues who talk so loud that you can't work and concentrate cos all you can focus on is how loud the voice is
  • colleagues who pretend to be so bloody busy and whine to the whole damn world how tortured and how busy that are to the point that they don't have time to eat and are gonna get bladder stones cos they are so damn busy that they don't have time to go pee
  • colleagues who're permanently whining...extra hating if the damn bloody person's so much more well-paid than you are. Seriously, you get more money, you get more work, so zip it and work
  • colleagues who eat all your snacks and never replaces
  • colleagues who come talk to you about work while you're eating your lunch at your desk
  • colleagues who are permanently black-faced and look at you from the corners of their eyes, or totally not look at you while you're talking to them
  • colleagues who never bring tissue paper with them and forever leeches on you and take your last piece of tissue paper and you end up having greasy mouth from lunch cos you have none left to wipe yours
  • colleagues who borrow money for cab and lunch and never return. Yes, small amount (most of the time), but they all add up
  • colleagues who're tactless and have anything but good things to "Oh what's with that zit?" or "Ewww, what happened to your hair?"...darling, zit and bad hair are temporary, lack of brain and EQ isn't
  • colleagues who talk only about themselves and their favorite topic over and over and over and over again...seriously? Shut the hell up really. Not everything is about you.
  • colleauges who forever dictate where to eat for lunch, again, it's always about them
  • colleagues who invade your desk space
  • colleagues who use stuff and never put back and mess everything up
  • colleagues who form little cliques and exclude everyone else. Dearies, this isn't high school anymore
  • colleagues who ask for last-minute stuff to be done for them
  • colleagues who look like you own them your life when you ask them to do something within their jobscope
  • colleagues who perpetually snoop at your computer screen to see what you're doing
  • colleagues who borrow things (like books, pens and everything else) and don't return
So here you add on more annoying little habits in comments if you have more to add!

Btw, I've just booked my air ticket to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year and to make it even more exciting, my dad has planned a family trip to Chiang Mai for 5 days. Woot woot! Now I have something to look forward to!!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Douche

Eeeewww....I hate it when I hear news of men cheating (or finding out about being cheated for that matter...yes, like I've sad before, I've been cheated on before). Despicable. And this time, it's the golfing world's golden boy Tiger Douche, oops, sorry, I mean Tiger Woods.

He banged some cocktail waitress named Jamiee Grubbs in 2007, two months before his wife gave birth to their daughter!!! Now how despicable!!!?? Cheating is bad enough but cheating while your wife is pregnant is real damn low and pathetic! It's 100% asshole, pure evil not from concentrate!

Come on, the poor wife was carrying his child, went through months of morning sickness, got fat and stretched-marked, acquired brand new bloated sore boobs (which later would be saggy pendulums post-breastfeeding) in order to bear him an offspring. And what was he doing while his wife was 2 months away from getting her vijayjay split apart by popping a baby? Oh he's happily sticking his wiener in and out of a cocktail waitress and that bloody affair lasted 31 months! I feel sorry for his wife.....

He apologized saying "I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart" but what use does it do?

Many men cheat and they conveniently blame it on their dicks and their hormones but seriously, if you're a man and have some kind of integrity, you'll also have the conscience to know right from wrong and the will-power and character to keep your dick to yourself.

Conclusion: There's just NO EXCUSE for cheating really. And maybe Tiger should get his balls hit by a golf club by his wife with a Callyway's Big Bertha driver....that would be nice....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Of cheap thrill and a dead squirrel

I feel a wee bit uninspired and bored. What do you do when the daily routine and everyday drone make you feel stuck in a rut? For me, I go look for cheap thrill of different forms to get myself excited. It usually involves buying something small and cheap to keep myself amused for at least a couple of hours and let me have something to look forward to. Here's my cheap thrill list:
  • Watsons! Yes, I'm a fan and I even have the membership/loyalty card. I go there so often that people question if I'm a shareholder. I'll go there to get cheap toiletries and cosmetics like a new shampoo, body moisturizer or eye shadow so I'll be looking forward to trying out the new stuff when I get home or applying the new make-up the next day (makes it a wee bit easier to get up in the morning...erm maybe not actually)
  • New Weekly Magazine. Tabloid in its finest, I've surveyed many trashy tabloids in my oh-so-serious tabloid research and the Australian New Weekly is really the best. It's got the most up-to-date gossip and juicy scoops. Comes out every Thursday afternoon. I'll get lost in the glittery world of celebrity, live vicariously through their exciting lives and forgot my own boredom...for roughly an hour or two
  • Kinokuniya Book Store. Okay, fine, I'm not just about trashy tabloids. I love to read too. When it comes to books, I'm a purist and I only read good literature so no chick lit or rubbish thank you! I'll go do my "book whoring" and check out new books and buy them, despite the mountain pile of books waiting for me to read at many books, so little time!
  • Hair cut. I just cut my fringe...bored. If the cut is good, you'll be happy and the compliments from people keep you chirpy. If it's bad, it'll keep you busy while obsessing about how to style it, tie it, and rescue it to look better. No time to be bored that way
  • Online shopping. Only cheap clothes please cos you can't really try it so I wouldn't buy anything more than 50 bucks if it's online-shopping (with the exception of certain brands and size that I'm so damn sure of). I love They sell lots of dresses. New stocks come in very regularly (every few days in fact) and most frocks average about $30 a pop. Cheap thrill indeed. You order, they mail it, you wait, you get excited, you get dresses, you get amused. Mission accomplished
Well, thing is, today, I intended to get some new toiletries as cheap thrill, so as I was leaving office, I was thinking of making my dutiful pilgrim to Watsons. As I was thinking where to go and walking from my office to the bus stop, I was suddenly horrified and traumatized to see the corpse of a dead squirrel by the side of the path next to a bin. POOR THING!!!!! It was a very pitiful sight whereby the poor fellow was lying dead sideways, blood in its mouth and tongue sticking out. It made me want to cry :(

RIP my dear little squirrel :( :(

Our office is surrounded by lots of squirrels and everyday, my colleague and I would wait for them to come out and we have such a good time watching them jump around the trees, chase each other and attack the jack fruit outside our windows. We even have names for them! They're our friendly furry neighbors, our virtual pets and to see a dead body of one of our friends was depressing and mortifying to say the least. I was so shocked and affected that I have no more mood to go "cheap-thrilling" :(

Instead of going Watsons to get new stuff, all I wanted at that moment is to run home and hug my cat cos sometimes, it takes life's little misfortune to make you realize how precious what you have is. It makes me realize there's more to life than just a new bottle of shampoo cos it seems like I'm taking what I already have (which is my lovely Mr Bond) for granted. Why would I need another new muse to get excited about when I really ought to focus my energy on him?

That woke me up a bit. Yes, I get bored all the time but again, I take things for granted and forgot about the little things in life that actually mean something....So yes, no cheap thrill for me today. I don't need it for I have my little furry feline friend at home :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's okay to say NO and ways to say it nicely

Some guy asked me out on a dinner date last Sunday. We've been talking on email for at least the last 2 weeks and by that, I mean seriously loooong emails where we talked about every thing from relationship, to food to music. He even showed his vulnerability by talking about loneliness etc so there's definitely some bit of connection. The date was good and we talked quite a bit, had dinner at some dodgy Japanese place at Cuppage Plaza for 3 hours and then we hopped over to the old post office for a drink. It was nice and he's interesting. After I got home, I texted him to thank him at the end and said I had fun and he replied saying the same. BUT, yes, again, as with most things in life, there's a BUT. So there, BUT he's got no social grace!!

The next day, my colleague told me she's got some free tickets for the Asian Festival of First Film and there're quite some free tickets circulating around and knowing that he's the super artsy sort (he's some artsy lecturer after all), I texted him asking if he'd like some free tickets. And guess what? He didn't even reply me. Didn't even bother to say "Thanks, but no thanks". I wasn't even asking him out cos I only asked if he would want some tickets.

Now first thing first. I'm NOT smitten by him. Yes, I'm interested cos he's got depth and so far, he's one of the ones I can really talk to among the guys that I've gone on dates with and yes, it'd be nice to see him again. BUT, I didn't think THAT far to even picture a romantic future together, let alone the fact that I'm in a phase where I'm actually quite happy being single and at times would rather be left alone.

Nonetheless, I assumed after tons of very long emails, I do consider him as a friend and would like to keep in contact cos we have common interests. So I'm perfectly cool to just be friends cos after all, he's not exactly that physically attractive to me. Much as he's got substance, he's got crooked teeth, narrow shoulders, very small hands and he isn't that tall too. (oh well, the thing about man with small hands? It's really go figure). So it's not like I'm dying to go on dates with him.

So thing is, instead of texting me back to say that he wouldn't need the tickets or that he's not keen, he just didn't reply. And that was me being nice and offering him free movie tickets. It was a nice gesture, a kind favor. So even if he hasn't got any intention to go on dates again, he should at the very least have the courtesy and decency of an educated, good-mannered homosapien to just decline the offer.

What he's done simply displays a lack of social grace...(and perhaps a lack of testicular fortitude too?). You know what? It is perfectly OKAY to say no but there's simply no social grace in ignoring an sms that warrants a reply. Now I'm no angel myself cos I met some guy I'm totally not comfortable with for coffee the other day and when he called me the next day, I simply didn't pick up the phone but think about it, seriously, a text message is different. You ought to reply because it's not intrusive and even when the guy I'm uncomfy with texted me after the meet-up, I replied him. So let alone a nice gesture to offer free movie tickets. But if it's a phone call, it's probably a bit different cos I think it's okay to not pick up. You can't expect me to pick up the call and say "Hello, but you know what? I'm not comfortable with you and I have enough friends and I don't need anymore and I don't wanna small talk with you nor deal with you, so don't call me"? I think a more tactful way is to not pick up the phone really. But message? It's different....

So here's how to say NO nicely....

Scenario 1: My situation
You: Hey you have anything on Thursday night? Cos I have a bunch of free tickets for the Asian Festival of First Film, are you keen to get some?
Date: Hey thanks for the offer, but I already have plans so another time maybe
Date: Hey, I'm really not that keen, you should give it to someone who's really interested but thanks anyway.

SEE! No need to do the whole ignoring sms thing! You say NO while showing that you're a well-brought up sensible adult with good manners

Scenario're not keen after one date and the guy or whoever's keen and text you
Date: Hey, it was great meeting you. I had so much fun and let's do this again soon!
You: :)
Now, you see, instead of promising statement/reply like "Oh I had fun too, sure thing, see you soon". Just put a smiley face instead and if the dude asks you out again, just nicely decline by saying you're busy

Scenario 3...Date tells you that he/she really likes you
Date: Hey, I'm so glad I met you cos I really do like you. I had a fun time.
You: Hey, nice to meet you too and I'm great to have a new friend
Here, the use of the word "FRIEND" conveys the again, no need to ignore the sms

So you see, you don't have to give a bloody cold hard NO or do the chicken thing by ignoring the sms! You can say NO in a tactful manner and STILL maintaining your SOCIAL GRACE! As for my disappearing guy, well, after displaying a lack of social ettiquette and testicular fortitude, his tiny hands situation and crooked teeth do bug me big Please exit stage left thank you! NEXT! psssst....I've got another 2 more dates lined up anyway ;)


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