Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Glazed Look

My hair's dull....not just the style but the texture. Style wise, I can only have it long mainly because my hair texture is so soft and fine that it's permanently flat and it doesn't support any style at all. Years back, I used to have short style that's above the chin. Yeah, those cool crop or bob that's funky but it's a nightmare because it's only funky in the right weather that's NOT humid. So epic failure cos I can style it all nice in the morning with hair clay and the moment I walk out into the sun, it all goes flat thanks to the stupid humidity. How I managed to keep to the short style for about 2 to 3 years I'm not quite sure but I know that I don't have the patience anymore. 

Then I tried perming. Again, epic failure because it's so fine and soft it didn't take in the perm well. Even digital perm. Yes, even that. And to get nice curls, I have to apply curling lotion, twist hair into section and dry it with a hair diffuser, otherwise, you don't even see much of a curl there. So again, I gave up. 

Another reason why I keep to having it long beyond the shoulder is that, it's been tried and tested that the every time I chopped of my hair in the past, shit happens. It's like bad fengshui or something but every time I chopped off my lock into something short, it would be followed by a series of shitty events and it happened every time. So with that combination of reasons, I surrendered and I'm sticking to having it beyond shoulder length.

With long hair, you need to have it in good condition with a nice glossy sheen cos otherwise, it's gonna look matted and shitty and I've since been obsessed with glossy shiny hair and products that give your hair a nice shiny gleam. A couple of weeks ago, I tried this pretty nice product by Frederic Fekkai and it's the Fekkai Salon Glaze. 

It's a once or twice a week treatment that promises your hair a glossy shine and you use it after conditioning your hair. Yes, it's an extra step but it's totally worth it because it gives your a hair a very nice shine after. Only thing is, you'll need to use it a couple of times before it gets super glossy cos it gets better with each use. I suggest using it 2 or 3 times a week first, then twice a week and then you can do a once a week maintenance. You hair gets quite smooth as well and a lot manageable with less frizz too. So that's a bonus. My only complain? It feels a wee bit heavy on my hair but then, I have way too fine hair so even normal conditioner would be heavy for me but I figure it would work fine for most people. It's my weekly ritual now...only that I sometimes wonder why the hell I bother cos I wear my hair up most of the time because of the heat (I get heat rash around my neck if it gets too sweaty)...mehhh....I would like to have nice swooshy hair down but well, too bad my body isn't built to withstand heat so hair up is definitely the way to go for me. But for all of you out there who can stand wearing your hair down in this insane heat, the Salon Glaze would be your hair's new bff for sure! It's available at Sephora at $40. Not too bad right? 

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lonely Island

This is for a "Haha Monday" to beat the blues.....Have you seen/heard/watched The Lonely Island? If not, please do cos they're super funny and I actually think Justin Timberlake is really quite a funny guy, definitely more than just a boring pop singer for sure...totally redeemed himself...

And this Mother Lover clip has got Susan Sarandon and she's such a good sport!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Notable Quotable

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

--Mark Twain

Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Quick Facts About Miss B

  1. She has an alter ego named "Bambi Sparkles"...when the night falls, the universe transforms her into Bambi Sparkles the pole dancer
  2. Chloe by Chloe and Annick Goutal Petite Cheie are still her favorite perfume, but has enough bottles of perfume at home to set up a shop. Currently she's also wearing Jeanne by Lanvin, Tresor in Love by Lancome and a dab or CK One every now and then
  3. Would love to love the all time classic Chanel No.5 but she doesn't like it at all despite numerous attempts to give it a chance...it smells like being trapped in granny's closet....
  4. She still can't walk in high heels well...and thus, prefer to admire her Christian Louboutins by holding them instead of wearing them for fear of toppling over
  5. Has since started a photo blog and is taking more pictures since the kundalini of photography has once again risen in her....she's keeping her photo blog on a weekly (or so) update
  6. Has cut down on shopping
  7. Still having problem breaking her cab habit during weekday mornings
  8. Has appointed Hirudoid Gel as a girl's best friend instead of diamonds since she's resumed her pole dancing regime cos she's getting bruises all over her legs from the pole and Hirudoid Gel helps majorly
  9. Is a total Pole Dance addict and has a pole at home and a collection of stripper heels for dancing cos Pole Dancing has replaced the Powerplate as her preferred choice of workout
  10. Has stopped watching tv totally. Her tv at home hasn't been turned on for months and she's only watching Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy (her all time fave cos she's 100% like Meredith Grey)
  11. Has gotten officially asthmatic, thanks to a sinus surgery earlier. Stupid GA set off the asthma (argh)
  12. Hasn't been following her vegetarian/vegan diet too much cos she's been interspersing vegetarian meals with meat because her Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor said she needs animal fat to be healthier (mehhh)
  13. Has developed a serious addiction to Cha Soba and Asari Clam Miso soup from Sushi Tei and can never have enough of that
  14. Still hasn't given in to iPhone and is proud to be a Blackberry user
  15. Has tried gel nails and decided that she doesn't quite like it on her finger nails cos she hates having nails that are bordering on being "a bit long". Her ideal nail length is the one you get by trimming it all the way in
  16. Hasn't been very religious with applying body moisturizer despite pledging to be discipline about it
  17. Totally loves the oils from Aurora Alchemy and has amassed a collection, with the Green Tara oil being her favorite cos she's a "Child of Green Tara"
  18. Despite not being able to finish up what she hasn't read (a majorly big pile that is), she's still collecting more books and amassing more...old habits die hard
  19. Is toying the idea of yet another tattoo....TBC
  20. One of her pet peeves is being people being late or not keeping to appointment time....she's really good at being punctual, to the point that she's nazi about it
  21. Has more than 5 different sets of shampoo and condition at home and she's not sure what to do with those that she doesn't like...
  22. Favorite animal is the Beluga Whale but she has a very soft spot for cat, panda, elephant, koala, penguin...well, animals in general
  23. Loves Unicorn...
  24. Is claustrophobic...the idea of being trapped in the elevator gives her clammy hands
  25. Thinks the air conditioner, not sliced bread, is the best invention. EVER.
  26. Prefers savory over sweet...and only has cravings for sweet things very occasionally but LOVES anything potato...chips, fries, mash, wedges ....she love 'em all but she has a very very soft spot for white truffle....hmmmm...white truffle....
  27. Actually writes perfect Chinese and is pretty decent at translation, contrary to popular belief amongst her friends and colleagues
  28. Has very short attention span and gets bored way too easily
  29. Is long sighted in the left eye and short sighted in the right eye. Freaky...runs in the family apparently...her cousin's got that too
  30. Is a pill popper and loves taking health supplement. Promising bottles of better health/well-being/skin/whatever excite her

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Head Job

When my previous hairstylist left, I panicked cos yesterday I needed a hair cut with my way-to-long hair (it was way pass my boobs and looking very dated). I went hawking for a good salon recommendation and HL came to the rescue with a very very good recommendation of a Japanese hair salon at Raffles Hotel. It's Kizuki+Lim and it's the Singaporean branch of a growing Japanese company Less is More.

The cool reception area

The deco alone has won me over and the moment I walked in, I've decided to "marry" this salon (your relationship with your hair stylist is really like marriage, if it's good, you stick to him, if not, you divorce him and find another one). It's not like the usual dowdy and boring dark and dank hair salon getup. It's bright and artsy and it felt like I've walked into a modern art gallery.

Inside the salon, that's where you get your haircut
no ugly shelves in front of you with tons of hair dryer
Just clean uncluttered space

The hair wash area is facing the "glacier" wall, super nice
Oh the chair is automated and it reclines on its own

The interior is designed by Japanese interior maverick Teruhiro Yanagihara and you see a lot of glacier like structure with a pop hint of yellow. The wooden receptionist area compliments the whole look and feel for sure and the inside is spacious and you don't see a mess of worn out clutter that's common among many hair salons. I just love being there. Period. The whole setup looks like a page out of Wallpaper. Never mind the hair cut really. The salon itself rocks.

Oba is the cutest one...haha..the one between the two stripes shirt

So it's quite a bonus when the hair cut was good too. The whole team is Japanese and my hair stylist is Ryu Oba and he's this cute Kyoto native who was working in Osaka for 5 years before he came to Singapore about 2 years ago. If you're into Japanese style and would want your hair to look like the ones in Japanese hair books, then Kizuki+Lim is the right place to go. You can go check out their work on their website. I, on the other hand, is too lazy to style my hair cos I'm a wash and go girl (Jap hair requires styling for sure), so I just get a classic layered cut and lopped off probably 6 inches or more of my hair. The cut is pretty good and Oba didn't overdo the layer and it's just nice. I'm pretty happy except that I still feel that it's a tad too long for my liking and would prefer to chop off say another inch or 2. Ha, but it's okay cos now I have an excuse to go back there sooner. The next time, I'll probably do some color job as well. Oh but the only grumble I have is that the hairwash wasn't as long as I hoped it would be, but then again, my hair was way too long for a proper long hairwash, so hopefully the next time I go back, it'll be longer!

Their pricing is very reasonable. My cut by Oba is about $80 and their other hair services are really reasonable too, considering the location and the quality of the hair stylists. Another awesome thing is that tehy open till late at 10pm and I think the latest appointment is 8 or 830pm or something which suits me perfectly. HL said weekend is super crowded though.  I love Kizuki+Lim and I can't wait to go back!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auriga Spa @ The Capella

I was one pampered girl a couple of Sundays back cos I got treated to the Auriga Spa at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa! And it was one awesome weekend! Great company + wonderful massage=Absolute Bliss!

Auriga Spa is an international spa chain available in New York, Mexico, and Austria and their signature treatments combine energy works with the moon cycle and they're all named according to different moon phases. So you'll get treatments named New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. They also have other treatment too

It's tucked in the ground floor of the Capella Hotel and it's got a really awesome entrance cos there's this beautiful wall with metal koi fish on it. It's a piece of art really. I could stare at it the whole day. I picked the Waning Moon detox massage which is mostly a lymphatic drainage with lots of pressure point rolling, but my therapist customised the treatment for me with more kneading focus on my tight shoulder and neck.

Nice mood candles along the spa corridor in the ladies' change room

Nice vanity area with aromatherapy burner and full set of organic makeup you can use, 
completed with a Jasmine perfume no less

The spa has awesome facilities and it's good to check in there earlier so you can take your time to enjoy them. Spa staff are very attentive and they'll lead you to the change room before disappearing to let you have your own privacy. 

The Jacuzzi area with mineral water and fruits by the side
(rather dark here I know)

Rest area leading up to the Sauna

They have a really nice Jacuzzi that's warmed to a comfortable temperature which is just nice for me cos I usually find most hot tub too hot. They have the usual spa facilities of Jacuzzi and sauna room but there's this special Tropical Shower and Cool Mist that's quite different from the rest of the spa. I couldn't take the picture cos they're in dark nice chambers with beautiful dim lights. The Tropical Shower has the options of a rain shower or side jets and the water is scented with a nice aroma. Cool Mist, as its name suggests, is a mist chamber that has a nice minty scented mist that's not too cold and it's super refreshing. 

Didn't get to take pictures of the treatment room cos I kept all my stuff in the locker but the treatment rooms all have a big floor length glass window next to the greeneries. Super calming. The massage? It's pretty good and they use oil and products from The Organic Pharmacy which is superb. It was so nice I actually fell asleep. Thank god I didn't snore. 

The only funny thing was that after the massage, you get led into this resting area with reclining vibrating chairs. It's not a massage chair but it's just got this buzzing vibration and I have no idea what the vibration was for cos it's just buzzing, not strong enough to make you feel that you're being massaged but it feels as if you're sitting on a chair while your neighbors downstairs are having their ceiling drilled. So it's a bit odd if you ask me. Nonetheless, it's good if you just wanna have a little snooze after the massage while sipping tea and nibbling on dried apricots. 

Verdict? The massage itself is good, though not phenomenal or out of the world but the whole set up and experience made it really awesome. It's probably one of the best spas in Singapore! It's simply very lovely!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Things to be thankful for: green tea soba, air conditioner, a great hot shower, the scent of freshing turned good book, Egyptian cotton sheets, Mr Bond, pole dancing class, a passing fragrance in the air, Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl, family & friends, awesome nail polish, the leathery touch of  Moleskine notebook, financial ability (somewhat), pleasant surprises, a roof above my head, asari clam miso soup, gratitude from people, ice cold drink on a hot day, a nice nap, "me time" on rainy days, "me time", great holiday, a restful break, the purring sound of Mr Bond, a calming cup of tea, a wonderful breeze, a good surf in the ocean, the satisfaction of a good book, soothing solitude, kindness of a stranger, an accident discovery of a good quotes, goddess oils, a decent wardrobe, Christian Louboutins, good health, the burst of endorphins after a workout, a relaxing weekend, the toy museum, a revitalising massage, receiving snail mail, a good sleep-in on the weekends, an hour or so of solitude before bedtime, the relief of a good cry, time with great friends, good vibration of crystals, the thrill of packing for a holiday, the satisfaction of a good movie, the sight of a great piece of art, laughter, late night talks with your dearest and closest, the quenching treat of Pocari after working out, the discovery of a new lovely perfume, the fondness of nice memories, and most of all, Love of every form.

P.S By the way, I went to the Toy Museum at 26 Seah Street yesterday. It was awesome. I had been talking about going there for the last 2 or more years and I finally made it, courtesy of Mr Bear. Some nostalgic memories were stirred up and I miss the times when things were simple, when these little toys could give us a beaming smile....the thing about growing up is that, we get more demanding and whatever happens to the little things that used to make us smile?
Anyway, I put up a new post on my photo blog, a little bit of pictures on some of the toys....didn't wanna put them all up cos it's way too many. You should go discover this little magical gem of a toy museum in person.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roasted Donald Duck

Hahaha...awesome video clip by Obama! He was earlier slammed by stupid Donald Trump aka Mr Combover about his birth certificate cos Trump was making a big fuss over whether Obama was really born  in USA. Trump claimed that Obama wasn't born in the US and he's gonna "investigate" and dig out information about Obama's birth place.

Trump was harping on the birth cert issue nonstop like a crazy psychotic Rottweiler that bit and didn't let go. Super annoying and now Obama fought back and totally skewered him and ohhhh, how I enjoy seeing Trump roasted in public. About time the pompous old douche get knocked back down a few notches! Obama rocks! The priceless bit? Trump obviously doesn't seem like he was enjoying himself and I can see he was probably fuming! Looks like Donald didn't Trump this time.

The moral of the story? You don't fuck with the US president just because you have more money.

Notable Quotable

"There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic"

--Anais Nin

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Matchbook Mag!

I have somehow gotten access to an iPad2 and I'm gonna use it to read my favorite online magazine Matchbook Magazine! Woot...I didn't get an iPad2 but the boy has got it and so he's obliged to let me read New Yorker (so much cheaper! $6USD a month as opposed to the exorbitant of about $17 per issue and it's a weekly and it'll mean $68 a month!!!) and Matchbook Magazine.

If you haven't read Matchbook Magazine, you MUST! Cos it's awesome! Click here to read. Totally love it and in the February issue, they have this cool check list of 50 classic wardrobe pieces. Good cos it reminds me of buying classics and not following trends, especially when I'm trying to not spend so much money. But then there're some items which I've replaced on their list cos I don't agree with them and have modified it to my own liking and they are...

click to see bigger image
  • Loafers.....is now Platform Heels. I can't stand loafers cos it reminds me of old men and ah bengs on motorbike. It looks okay (marginally not okay in fact) on men but on women, they look blah...I mean just stick to flats, they're more flattering. And you need Platform Heels instead cos it's for the days when you need extra height but with the comfort of a hidden sole of the platform to make the arch more tolerable and easier to walk in
  • Tall Boots....is now Nude Heels....Tall Boots are good but only in winter places. Own one pair or two but they're definitely not staple in our hot and sticky climate. But Nude Heels, on the other hand, is something every girl needs. At least a good pair and it's the shoe equivalent of the Little Black Dress in my book cos it goes with everything. When you have odd color outfit like say electric blue or shocking pink (especially this season since all the bright neon hues are back in), they'll blend in perfectly
  • Polo Shirt has to go...and I'll take Basic Tank Top instead....I hate polo shirt...I just hate it. It's like t shirt pretending to be shirt. It looks nice on guys but it always looks a bit blah on girls. I don't own one (except when I was in my teens and even then it was given to me) and don't intend to own one. They're just not really that flattering on women. The material is too stiff to be figure flattering and they always cut a bit too short and hang around the navel/belly awkwardly and simply don't blend in with the body line and therefore should be exterminated from your wardrobe
  • Stripped Pajamas....is now Spiffy Cargo Pants. Now seriously, someone has to explain to me why and how stripped pajamas made it to the list. Only Bananas in Pajamas wear stripped pajamas. You, on the other hand, are better off wearing a nice soft teddy as pajamas. Even old tattered t shirts are better options. So off the list they go and I'll say bring in the Spiffy Cargo Pants for days when you need to be smart casual with more emphasis on the casual bit. They should be well cut and not too baggy
  • Navy Wool Blazer.....is now Black Tailored Blazer. First of all, wool is not good for our weather unless you enjoy having wet armpits. So no wool please...and navy, in my book, doesn't quite go well with blazer cos it's just blah and reminds me of communist. Imagine wearing jeans with the navy blazer. It's too much blue and not enough contrast. Then navy blazer with black pants. You look like you lost your black blazer and have to use the navy one instead. Get the picture? So it'll be black.
So there you go....but speaking of list, check out Tom Ford's essential list....applies to women too....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arts Faves

Just some of my favorite art pieces....

This one by Egon Schiele....an Austrian painter and protégé of Gustav Klimt (another of my favorite)....His expressionism style has been criticised as grotesque but I love it though...would want to own one of his art pieces one of these days.

 And a sculpture named "Rape of Proserpina" by Bernini.....Bernini needs no introduction and if you don't know this famous Baroque artist, well, then you ought to go google him and know more about him....but I've always loved the story of Proserpina (or Persephone in Greek)...she's the goddess of underworld and she was kidnapped by Pluto (Hades in Greek) to live in the underworld, only to be led back up to Earth and when that happens, it heralds Spring time....

Look at the beautiful details of the sculpture! It's breathtaking! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Red Quinoa

Okay, what prompted me to write this post on my red quinoa recipe was this extremely rude colleague at work who took a look at my home cooked red quinoa pilaf and started saying...

"Yuck....what the hell is this? Looks like shit! So gross and you're eating it? It looks like germs and bacteria and it's disgusting. It's like maggots and I wouldn't even eat it and if I do, I would go into the A&E department"

And mind you, all the while as she said all the above, I was eating and enjoying the vegan red quinoa I made myself for lunch (the vegan food at work kinda sucks cos it's full of mock meat which I hate). She dissed me and said I'm eating maggots. She even took my spoon and stirred it a bit to insult it further and walked away saying she would go to the emergency room if she eats it. Seriously, what the fuck? So I thanked her for telling me that the lunch I'm eating is fucking disgusting and I'm eating gross maggots for lunch that nobody would wanna eat. Fucking bitch.

Thing is, how rude can someone be? You're so fucking ignorant to not know what quinoa is, so the least you could do is to perhaps ask what it is and shut up if you think it's gross cos I'm eating it. Didn't her momma teach her about manners and social grace? Seriously? One of my pet peeves is for people to diss the food you're eating while you're eating it. Going like "eeeeks" or "yuck"...hello? I'm still eating it do you mind shutting your pie hole? If I ever have kids in the future and they do that to other people, I'll slap their face.

Anyway, bad manners and lousy upbringing aside, apparently a lot of peeps don't know what quinoa is...so here's a bit of info...Quinoa is a very healthy grain that looks like little seeds or beads and there're 2 types, the normal quinoa which are the yellow and red ones.

The nutrient composition is very favourably compared with common cereals. Quinoa grains contain essential amino acids like lysine and good quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. And among the different types of grains, quinoa has one of the highest protein content, making it super good for vegetarians and vegans. 

Anyway, it's mostly made into salad and pilaf and I have a couple of different recipes for it. Here's the one I really love and it's a savory one that I randomly invented and it happens to be my favorite:

1 cup of quinoa 
2 cups of veggie stock
1/2 a stalk of broccoli chopped into smaller pieces
1/2 zucchini chopped into small cubes
1/2 eggplant chopped into small cubes
1/2 box of honjimeishi mushroom (no need to dice it up, just leave them individually)
1/2 a block of firm tofu chopped into small cubes
2 cloves of garlic
2 table spoons of olive oil
2 table spoons of miso paste
lots of cracked black pepper

First, cook the quinoa. Boil the 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of veggie stock. Bring the quinoa to boil and simmer it with the lid on until all the liquid is absorbed. It'll take awhile, about 15 minutes.

Then while waiting for the quinoa to cook, prep the veggies. Heat oil in a big pan and then throw in the garlic. When it's browned, throw in all the diced up veggies and tofu and stir fry it till it's softened. Be careful not to burn the broccoli. Normally, to soften the broccoli and give the veggie more flavor, I'll add in a bit of veggie stock for it to absorbed the stock for extra flavor. 

Once the veggie is ready, stir quinoa into the veggie in the big pan. Add a bit of warm water to the miso paste and stir it into the pan. Mix it well and then add in as much black pepper as you want. I normally add in a lot cos it's super yummy...if you like it to be a bit more salty, just add a bit more miso. And viola, it's ready to serve! 

This quinoa dish is to be eaten warm but then I sometimes eat it cold too. Doesn't bother me but it's best when it's warm. I have a couple more cold salad quinoa....maybe another time...

I'm mostly writing this to rant about the rude idiot at work....at least I know that there's a reason why I'm skinnier than she is and my ass isn't the size of a bathtub like hers....meeeeoooowww......grrrr.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You f@#king asked for it!

In this whole General Election craze, despite my having strong sentiments, I've refrained from talking politics cos the entire Singapore is talking about it and it's getting a bit boring...(although I would wanna say that I find it rather amusing when I read stuff those dumb bimbos who pretend to be politically aware say cos some are so stupid it's comic relief)

Thing is, my heart broke when I know that the awesome Mr Chiam See Tong and SPP didn't win and now my GRC is in the hands of the dude who "couldn't even track down a limping man in Baju Kurung swimming across to JB in a rubber duckie" ....worse is, part of my tax money IRAS deducted 3 days ago would be going to supporting Tin Pei Ling buy her Kate Spade...

But I just read this article from The Temasek Review that totally sums up my sentiments and it couldn't be better written in any more "robust" language....LOVE it...

Warning: This letter contains strong language and was intentional unedited to preserve its original flavour.

"Everyone is talking about George Yeo. A good man they say he is. He didn’t deserve this, they say now. Some are even asking if he’d replace Tin Pei Ling.
Well here’s the thing. We were shooting at the ‘ducks’. He walked into our cross-hairs, we shot him down. Nothing personal. Collateral damage. A hefty one though, from what we see now.

But really, it wasn’t our fault. We would have done the same to Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan, Dr Balakrishnan, Lim Swee Say, Goh Chock Tong or maybe even Lee Hsien Loong. Had they been part of the PAP team here.
You see, we kept to our word. To take them down. Unfortunately the majority of Singaporeans chickened out.

Shower Oil

Recently, I went to see a dermatologist with my dad cos he's been tortured by pretty nasty eczema and it's been a hellish nightmare for him. He's got super dry skin and the dermatologist said that he gotta be super careful when it comes to taking care of his skin cos maintaining enough moisture in the skin would help curb eczema quite a bit. So he was prescribed special shower gel and the dermatologist said he gotta start using a shower oil too to combat super dry skin. And it got me started on shower oil as well cos I have super dry skin like his and his eczema plagues him so much that I think I'd better start making sure that my skin doesn't get too dry since I probably has his genes...

I'm super religious when it comes to my face care ritual but when body care is concerned, I'm super random. I go through phases where I apply moisturizer religiously and then the complete opposite of not doing anythng for it. For someone with dry skin like mine, it's pretty bad but I always give in to sloth cos come on, face is a small area and rubbing moisturizer all over the body is just tiring especially when all you wanna do is just jump into bed and snore away!

So I figure a shower oil would be a good idea since it's a lot more moisturizing. I bought the Eurecin Shower Oil cos there actually isn't too many in the market here and Eurecin is a pretty decent dermatological brand and well, it is quite good! I'm a bit of a clean freak cos I love foamy shower and shower oil simply doesn't do the trick. So what I do is that I use my usual shower gel/soap and then I follow up with the shower oil. Something like the concept of shampooing and conditioning. The Eurecin one actually does foam up a wee bit so it isn't that bad and I can see myself using it alone though I really love a foamy shower. 

It does leave skin a lot softer and it leaves a layer for natural emollient film that's not sticky once you pat dry with towel. After showering, your skin feels super smooth and soft! I'm now being more diligent in applying moisturizer after shower but I guess with the shower oil, it would be less horrible to my skin if I skip moisturizer if I give in to sloth...yeah, it helps me feel less guilty for sure. But yes, shower oil is great if you have dry skin! It's definitely gonna be a main thing for me from now on.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Awesome weekend....

I had an awesome decadent weekend of tapas, italian food and Auriga Spa at The Capella that whizzed pass so quickly (and it's moan-day again...meh..).....and I must say The Capella is really nice and it felt as if I'm not in Singapore for a bit. It actually looks very very much like the Four Seasons Hotel in Bali Ubud....very similar with almost the same building design which I find it's a bit of a copy cat but then it's just awesome nonetheless.

Thing is, the plan was to grab some food at the restaurants there before spa session but then both The Knolls (western buffet) and Cassia (Chinese restaurant) are fully booked! No seats at all and we got shooed off  to the Bob's Bar like social rejects. BUT turned out that the Bob's Bar does have some pretty decent food available.

The good thing is that Bob's Bar has got open area with day beds where you can lounge around and even sleep in and it's a comfy (subjected to how much breeze there is considering the crazy heat these days) chill out area that's perfect for lazy weekends...and they have pretty good food. Must try is the Wagyu burger with truffle mayonnaise cos it's super duper yum and juicy and the Tapas Platter is superb!!!

The Gambas Pil Pil is to die for cos they use super fresh big prawns and they also have Jamon Iberico which isn't too shabby according to Mr Bear the Jamon connoisseur. The fried blue cheese and quinoa are so damn good too....I'm hungry talking about it now....

Auriga Spa rocks too! Will write more about it in another post but I really had a super awesome weekend! Why the hell are weekends so short??? And I often wonder who were the wankers who decided the 5-day work week and 2-day weekend work system??? They've got all of us screwed by having a pathetic 2-day weekend...mehhh....

Anyway, I've got more photos of the weekend here in my photo blog....

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Voting Day

"When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow"
--Anais Nin


Friday, May 06, 2011

Election Day

This post isn't about politics...nah, not much cos nothing more to talk about since it's been so "over-talked" for the last couple of weeks but I'm putting up this because my mom and aunt think that I would probably lose my job if I vote for the opposition party....so I'm putting this up so she can go and watch it to understand how the voting system works and that people who choose to vote for the opposition will not: lose their job/go to jail/get into trouble/get tracked by the PAP/get blacklisted by the government/get murdered/....so here mom!

Yo Momma!

I wish I had received the Lemongrass House Mothers' Day package earlier cos then I wouldn't have scratched my head over what to give my mom!! I would have given her Lemongrass House products but instead I bought her a pair of relatively pricey shoes which she probably wouldn't wear much because she has about 3 shoe shelves full of shoes and it was quite a pair of high heels and she self proclaimed that she's not so much into wearing heels these days. I hope the shoes wouldn't become white elephant.

The Lemongrass House Mothers' Day pack of Rose Absolute Shower Gel, Rose Absolute Body Cream and Rose Absolute Room and Pillow spray would be a much better idea to be honest cos not only is it practical. I mean everyone needs to take a shower and pamper dry skin right?

Anyway, since I've already given mom a pair of gorgeous heels, I'm keeping the Lemongrass goodies for myself! The lavender scent from Lemongrass House used to be my favorite and I was forever picking the lavender scent but this time, I've decided to try the Rose range since I love the smell of roses (my favorite perfume is a rose based one anyway) and omg, now I really can't decide if Lavender or Rose is my favorite. They do the perfect lavender as I've mentioned before cos it's a pure lavender scent that's not bastardised with other fragrance but it's not as strong and masculine as the potent French Lavender. And now, I realize they've got a very lovely Rose scent!

The Rose range has a very balanced rose aroma in my book cos it's not mixed with other scent to the point that it's got merely a hint of rose that smells cheap and nasty but it's not so rose-y that it smells almost mumsy or reminds you of your powdery grandma. What you'll get is a very luxurious rose scent cos it smells like those super high end designer fragrance body range (reminds me of YSL fragrance actually!) that costs an arm and a leg. It really smells better than I expected! And like all their other products, the shower gel is rich and gentle and it doesn't leave skin too dry.

Their body cream, as always, never fails to impress cos the texture is light and yet it's very moisturising. It's great for our weather cos it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave a sticky after feel. So it's perfect for me! Oh and if you love richer body moisturiser, you need to try their body butter! I don't have the Rose Absolute one but the last round, they've given me the lavender body butter and it was divine (read more here)! And I would imagine the Rose one to be just as good!

So if you haven't bought anything for your mom, you might want to consider picking up some goodies for her from Lemongrass House cos we women love all the pampering stuff don't we? And hey, you'd better do something nice for momma. After all, she squeezed you out of a very tiny hole in her body!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cheap Underwear

Okay, so nobody sees them except you and a privileged few but really, do you seriously want to buy cheapo underwear at some Cotton On reject sale at 5 for $10 when you clearly can afford better? You really want rubbish retail rejects that nobody wants as intimate wear that's pretty much your second skin?

I'm just ranting away cos I saw someone flaunting new al cheapo knickers (oh by the way, I hate the word "panties" I dunno why) on FB that's really going at 5 for $10 and she's super proud of it. Good buy is always excellent when it comes to shopping and I get a major thrill when I get an awesome bargain but then when it comes to cheap underwear, I cringe at the idea of it cos it's INTIMATE wear. This is especially so when it comes to knickers cos to put it bluntly, it's next to your coochie so I would really wanna put something nice over it if you can afford it. Wouldn't you?? I'm not saying just that kind of good deal sale but the 5 for $10 sale kind.....I mean we sometimes make fun of the "3 for $10" deal and use that to describe cheap and nasty stuff and 5 for $10 is just worse and it's especially bad if it's for knickers!! Just my thoughts really.

Some things you simply don't scrimp on! And knicker is definitely one of those things!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Arbeit Macht Frei Again....

Back to work....Prescription for Prozac and Xanax to follow thank you very much...398479347389 emails waiting....sanity at stake now....

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

About OBL

Okay, so now what? They killed Osama Bin Laden and it was definitely a monumental moment for all the people in America but I wonder if killing him is THE way to go. I know many want him dead but then so what that he's dead now? The lives he took can't be brought back and to me, I think it would be even better if they lock him in a super high security solitary prison for life.

Just my thought really cos in all the Chinese kung fu movie, they always say stuff like "It's too easy for you if I kill you and for you to be dead" (殺了你是便宜了你). So I dunno....I'd rather he be locked up for life...and yesterday, The Daily Love sent in a timely quote which does make a lot of sense to me...here goes...

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

May Muse

Reading: An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin who's the actor. Father of the Bride Steve Martin. Someone told me he writes well and he wrote this book around arts and famous painting and I just have to give him a shot. Does he write well? Well, let's just say he's not the worse but I'm reading it for the insight into Arts the book offers....Oh the super gorgeous cover helps though! It's like a canvas...

Listening to: The Black Key. I've always loved them and I'm listening to Tighten Up. Love them! And they always have really funny MTV. Awesome band!

Wearing: D&G black lace dress. Super love this! Got it in Hong Kong and there're many ways to wear it! Pair it with a black slip dress underneath for a standard look. A nude slip for a bit of a twist. And wear it on its own with nice underwear for a wild night out.

Christian Louboutin Biana in nude. Finally a Louboutin! But this requires major training cos it's so high! It's the hardest Louboutin to walk in! My other two Louboutins are so much more manageable but I really love this one!!! Yet I have a feeling that I'm gonna fall flat on my face anytime.

CK One perfume....it's one of my favorite androgynous scent and every now and then, I love to revisit it when I'm in the mood for something light and as we inch towards the "oily face" weather and humidity, I wanted something citrus-y and breezy so I've been wearing CK One quite a bit. 

Using: Kiehl's Golden Berry Lip Gloss. Yummy color and very moisturising! What's there to not like? It's got the same texture as the legendary Kiehl's lipbalm #1 but with a gorgeous hint of color and shine.

Eating: Ho-e-sik  Creamy Cheese & Mushroom Spaghetti from Hong Kong...it's instant pasta and it's freaking awesome. Manufactured by the famous Doll company but it's only available in Hong Kong. I've been eating this quite a bit as supper while I was in Hong Kong and I intend to get my sister Becks to send me some cos it's super good to keep in the office. Easy to cook too!

Loving: Olympus Pen E-LP2! OMG! Super awesome camera! And I don't think I need another camera now. It's a mini DSLR with the power of big ass DSLR and I've got my photo blog up finally!! It'll be an ongoing thing for now...check out my new photo blog here! Well the next dream camera I want is the Canon 5D MarkII....okay, maybe a couple of new lenses for my Olympus first....

My new Macbook Pro 2011.....No need explanation right? Time to upgrade my old macbook anyway and I love Mac!

Lusting after: A Kindle....okay, I've expressed my disgust over Kindle numerous times calling it blasphemous to the literature purist cos when it comes to books, it's gotta be the good old hard copy on good old pulp! I want to flip the pages, smell the paper and feel the book! But then my sister Beck and my Mr Bear got a Kindle and I fiddled with it a bit and realized it's super cool. Mostly becos of the picture display with all the classic literature heavy weight authors and it looks so damn good....And come to think of it, I wouldn't mind loading newspaper like The New York Times and perhaps non-fictions since I tend to love to collection fiction....now they have a white version...dunno...maybe black still...or white? Black? White? Whatever but I'm still wondering if I should get it!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Miss B Takes A Photo

I've finally started the photo blog which I've been delaying and I can't be more excited. Miss B the photog is back in business after a decade-long hiatus....long over due....

Come on in....HERE Welcome to my world according to my lenses.....

The Lomography Exhibition

I was at Time Square in Causeway Bay when I saw the marvelous Lomography Exhibition!!! OMG I got so excited! Cos they have giant version of the cameras and my favorite Diana F+ looks the best!

Ohhhh the DianaF+! So gorrrgeous! I didn't get anyone to take a snapshot of me in the lens...Meh...maybe I'll go back

The Lubitel 
The Sprocket Rocket! The resting area is so cool...
 A giant Lomo film and the Fish lens camera at the back....I wish I could bring all these exhibits home...

 The floor is made up of all the different lomo shots...real shots submitted by all lomographers!

They have a small shop set up there and they have this really nice limited edition of DianaF+ from Japan but I shouldn't buy another one....mehhhh.....So gorgeous though! In fact, I'm thinking of getting an Olympus Pen E-LP2 so I'd better not spend on yet another Diana since I already have 2....sigh...I want free camera!

Don't you wish there's such cool stuff in SG??? Kinda sad SG is still lagging behind in terms of arts and cultural progress....oh well....there's so much more life in HK, maybe I'll vote for whoever's gonna make SG a more happening country...lol


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