Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitty Cat Needs A Loving Home

Uncle Josh has recently become the victim of some landlord feud and the company he works in gotta move out and be relocated. Not a big deal for him to pack up and go cos it's really about finding a new place and then going through the trouble and trauma of packing, moving and unpacking BUT the big big problem now is that their official office cat can't move with them!!!! Poor little cutey Jason (it's a girl cat though) is gonna be homeless soon and I'm appealing for people to adopt her!!!! She's super cute...see....

Awwwww....what a cutey pie....

Jason's a cross-breed Burmese estimated to be about 4 to 5 years old by the vet but we dunno her exact age (She's once a stray who turned up at Josh's office and the office folks adopted her). She's just chubby enough to be super cute. She's a bit shy and cautious of strangers but once she warms up to you, she's super affectionate and would come play with you and ask for affection and "sayang" time! Quite playful and Uncle Josh mentioned she loves Burp! treats too! And according to Josh, she's got "the cutest meow and I can't quite describe it" (verbatim from Josh)

The peeps in Uncle Josh's office are desperately trying to find a owner for Jason cos otherwise, she'll have to be sent to the SPCA where they might just put her down :( And I can't take her cos Mr Bond doesn't agree with other cats (we tried once and it was a disaster)....Ah Meow's thinking of taking her BUT there's the logistic problem cos Jason needs to be adopted by mid May and Ah Meow's place is under renovation and can only take in a new cat in July :(....

So please, if you're interested, do leave a comment and I'll contact you on how to view her etc! So pass the message around! I hope Jason will find a home soon!

Weird Cab for the Cuties

Lunch was a bit of an adventure. Princess, Ah Meow and I took a cab to Bukit Merah cos Princess would like to visit Ah Meow's fortune-teller who's just across the Redhill MRT Station and we hopped on the weirdest cab of all. It's a yellow top black cab that looks like it's a plastic garden within cos the driver decorated his entire cab, dashboard and all, with plastic flowers, little trinkets, advertisement for the red cab and lots of other nonsense..... but no, it's not the cute cool type but the scary psychotic one that looks like this!!

Check out the fully decked plastic flowers and stuff....there's a bee from The Bee's Story next to the rear mirror and ton's of flowers and magazines and stuff hung at the back of the two front seats

See, the advertisement he put up to advertise for cab rental...

And the free books and magazines rack!

The weirdest thing is that he kept giving us stuff! First thing he said when we got into the cab was "The books and magazines are free and feel free to take it". Then he started giving us brochures of random products and a weirdo vcd of some unknown taiwanese singer (see below). He's constantly whipping out random items like a stemcord bank leaflet and stuff and handing it to us and no, it's not even those pyramid selling stuff cos it's random...and at one point, he whipped up a long plastic ruler and asked Princess if we've got any use for a plastic ruler and we nicely refused.

The weirdo random vcd that he passed us, Ah Meow took it out of curiosity cos we wanna check out what it is

When we reached our destination, me and Ah Meow fled first and walked off and Princess was paying for the cab. Then Princess came out and said the cabbie shoved a plastic flower-decorated tin to collect the exact amount Princess gave him and next, cabbie wanted to give Princess money and Princess freaked out and said "No thanks" and ran....

It's really funny cos we couldn't stop giggling and I think the cabbie's a bit off but he's quite a nice guy nonetheless...He seems like a nice guy really....weeeeird.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beauty Wish List

Ohhh I want to try the new Bliss Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream! I've been using the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instand Energizing Mask and it's remained as one of my favorite pick-me-up mask for my skin cos it really gives my skin a radiant glow and you only need to leave it on for 5 minutes and now with it in the cream formula, I'm itching to get my little paws on them but I've got soooo many beauty products at home I feel bad buying new cream when the old ones aren't even a quarter finished....okay, maybe I'll get this in about 2 weeks' time or something....I'm dying to go to the Bliss Spa too but then I'm not sure if the one in Singapore is as good as the original one in the Big Apple cos the NYC one was awe-fucking-some...the triple oxygen face treatment is legendary and they have a "Back-cial" where they do use their awesome face product on your back to give it a "facial"...Maybe when I'm feeling generous enough to indulge in myself and give myself a treat I'll go for a massage and facial....not cheap though....the oxygen face treatment at $185 bucks! And a massage's at $130 bucks and if they don't measure up to the one in NYC, I'm gonna be really upset...we'll see....but here's the spa menu if you wanna check it out...their waxing service is quite reasonable though and that I'll definitely go for!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Shopping

What do you do when you're so uninspired at work that you wanna scream out loud? You shop of course! And I love shopping on blogshops cos they're everywhere, aplenty and as easy as clicking your mouse and typing down what you want and your email address...then I love the anticipation of waiting for the mail to come in cos it gives me something to look forward to....not to mention they're also much cheaper cos there's no shop rental and overheads costs. Perfect! Here're some of my favorite local blog shops:

Pret-a-Partay Very nice edgy designs

Gipsy Scarlet They make really nice dresses and they fit me to a tee. I bought 4 dresses from them and I'm waiting for them to launch new far there's only 3 collections though

FashionPod Great variety and frequent updates of new styles and stocks

Blackhairpins Funky designs but the update is quite slow though

TheDayLabel Nice designs and stuff but they're mostly casual. I think they're coming up with their own manufactured pieces soon

Fashion Lodge Cute casual outfits that's unique and not as commonplace as some other blogshops...I love!

If you know any cool nice blog shops. SHARE!!

Touristy B

Tuesday is the new Sunday. Which is bad cos the fun is over and I'm back to work tomorrow. I did the whole touristy routine over the looong weekend cos BB's sister's in town and we're bringing her everywhere in Singapore.

Day 1 (Sunday): Mount Faber and Sentosa. We wanted to take the cable car to Sentosa but guess what? The cable car was under renovation so there's NO CABLE CAR!!! It's been down since last September and won't be up in the next couple of months apparently....and we stupidly went up...but it's okay, we went to the Jewel Box for lunch where they charged exorbitant tourist prices. The food was okay though...better than what I expected but 22 bucks for fried hokkien mee was rape....

Posey posey while waiting for my expensive ripped off lunch....

Gail liked her's Chinese chicken and lotus soup...
Hungry koi fishes trying to eat Gail's fingers....they're well fed
BB's new hat....

Then Sentosa's okay. Hot is the word but I have to bitch about the bad condition of the Underwater World. It sucks!!! The tanks are too small for the fishes! To begin with, I'm not a big fan of zoo and aquariums cos I don't believe in keeping the fish and animals captive and then Sentosa has really tiny tanks and the dolphin lagoon was painful cos it's sooooo damn small for the pink dolphins!!! The underwater world has this sting ray and mantle ray tank where you can pat and touch the rays but then I see some of them in dire condition with the edges of their wings infected....and the tank is so small that it actually feels like you're in a sea food restaurant instead. It's one of the worst aquariums I've been too, even the lousy one at Siam Paragon in Bangkok is better.....I feel quite sad to see the fishes like that....sigh...The best aquarium I've been to is the one in Kenting, South's phenomenal...this is how tall the tank is. It's 4 storey high....

 Now this is world class aquarium

Day 2 (Monday): Ducktour and Night Safari....Do you know I had a short stint at Ducktours after I graduated? I worked there for about 3 months before I joined a mass resignation cos the asshole boss was a prick...I didn't even get to go on the Duck and years later, I hopped on one and it wasn't half as bad....Our tour is Filipino but he's actually quite funny and likeable...

Gail next to the duck...small Gail, big duck with lashes....

Night Safari's always good as usual...but again, I'm quite ambivalent about having the animals all locked up but I enjoyed the tram ride in the pitch dark forest though...very pictures though cos it's too dark....

Day 3: The horrifyingly hot Botanical Garden...I freaked out when BB said he wanted to go there for lunch and's bloody mid day Singaporean tropical sun!!!! But off we went and I got all hot and sweaty and I thought I was gonna pass out...I don't think I'll ever go back during mid way...had lunch at Cafe Verde and how I wish the temperature would drop by 7 degrees or something...then it would be perfect. Honestly, the Botanical Garden is really nice....but the heat renders it quite impossible for me cos my body doesn't take heat well and I over heat and normally get either heat stroke or heat exhaustion...but despite the heat, it's okay...I had to be a wet blanket and cut the walk short cos I was really feeling faint

Walking through dangling stuff...we look like we're dancing...

Horsing around doing macho muscle man pose in front of the waterfall...BB was behind it taking's quite a nice waterfall..albeit a small one

The Evolution Garden....quite cool's educational and it charts the development of planet earth and its plants, dating back to 4,500 million years ago...this I admit is really cool and worth the heat...

Weird looking trees in the Evo Garden but when we went down to touch it, it feels fake...

Tomorrow's back to work..the fun is over...bwahhhh.....and Gail and BB are going shopping!!!! Argh...they're going without me...woe is me!!! My favorite item on the itinerary is without me! I wonder if BB does it on purpose....

Anyway, I need to beef up my whitening regime cos of the excessive UV rays exposure...can't be good!!!! Okay, now going to sleep....zzzzzz...good night world....

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff

It's pay day! So I picked up a couple of stuff from River Island before my workout on Saturday. I wasn't intending to buy anything I swear but then I only bought a sling bag and a pair of shoes and I don't think I'm gonna buy anymore things anyway. I must admit it's a little bit on the impulsive side but well, at least I didn't buy a "proper bag" (read: luxury, designer bag). So I guess it's fine cos it's fun pieces.
It's a cute sling bag. Small too cos I haven't got any tiny bag that can hold all my basic stuff that I wouldn't mind trashing around. My Alexa's a bit too precious for that. And this is great cos BB's sister Gail is in town and we did a lot of walking and sweating and being pleather means I won't have to worry if I'm sweating all over the strap...gross I know...but then at $99, it's really quite overprice come to think of it...damn the bloody exchange rate...sigh...
Ohhh how cute is this pair of flats? Very Dorothy from Wizard of Oz....I love the little bow but again, it's a bit of a rip off at $73 considering it's just canvas....I hope it won't blister my feet though or I'll be really pissed off!

Very tired now from Sentosa today...will update more on the touristy bits tomorrow or Tuesday...hahaha...I'm on leave tomorrow and Tuesday! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Body Language 101

Oh I found this really cool Body Language decoder post online and it tells you how to read a man's body language. Very very interesting. Click here to check it out. And it's really quite true on all the different things mentioned. It tells you how to spot someone who's potentially lying too! Very important to learn, girls! Cos I remember once upon a time when I was still stuck with Mr Asshole and I found a very long strand of hair which wasn't mine in his bed and he said it's the maid's hair and he got all defensive. I was trying to read his body language and he was obviously lying cos at that point, he wrapped himself in bed with blanket and his arms folded and he was avoiding eye contact while pretending to be upset that I was mistrusting him etc. Thing is, when someone's lying, they tend to put up a "barrier" through his/her body language and the example of Mr Asshole is such classic one (the blanket, the folded arms, the zero eye contact) that exhibited all the signs of him telling a lie.

On the positive note, the post also tells you how to spot tons of nice affirmative body language too! Like how if a guy tuck a stray hair off your face in public means he's genuinely affectionate and cares for you etc. So do read up and soak up the positive body language too! I've bookmarked it! I'm one lucky girl to be spotting a lot of positive body language these days! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lash Extension Version 2.0?

Okay, I've changed my last extension! I was intending to get it done on Saturday but I couldn't book a slot with my previous lash place and Sunday's closed and Monday and Tuesday I would be busy with BB's sister. So I jumped ship and went to try a different lash place that my friend recommended (thanks Joce! :) and I had a more "natural looking" lash extension done. First reaction. NOT used to it cos I've been so used to having thick barbie doll plastic fantastic lashes and now it looks all natural and it looks as if I just have mascara on cos my natural lashes are long to begin with. My lashes look like this now:
 Here's the new extension. Looks very soft and fluttery 

The extension is single-strand extension with a single, individual lash attached to my natural lashes instead of bunches of them attached to one lash like the one I was used to before. And this is soft and individual and I can brush through it (I thought it looked like spiders initially and had a shock when I look into the mirror). Previously, mine was done all interwoven into a thick singular strip to give a very thick dramatic look and it used to look like this:
The old extension, looking really thick and dark and totally barbie doll like!

Such big difference right?! Like I said, my initial reaction was "Oh no, I haven't got real lash extension" and I kinda missed my thick barbie doll lashes. Then after looking at the mirror for 3947347349439 times, and after having my makeup removed (and strangely still look fine), I'm actually starting to like the new "natural" look cos it looks like my real lashes and now instead of looking plastic fantastic, I look like I have mascara permanently painted on. I still can't decide which one I prefer more to be honest but let's see how this new set of extension holds up cos they look so much more flimsy than their predecessor! And men being men, BB said he actually couldn't tell the difference and if I hadn't told him I had my lashes done, he wouldn't be able to tell. Lousy!!! Such major difference as seen above and he said there's no difference! Well, at least that kinda confirms he's straight and hasn't got a single "gay bone" in him...but right now, I'm still trying to decide which set of lash extension I prefer! I'll update on how this new one holds! Hope they don't fall off that easily.....

Friday, April 23, 2010


Tres chic! I like! Perfect to go with my 2.55! But painting the Chanel double Cs onto my right finger nails is defnitely gonna be a challenge...I think I'll stick to plain black instead....but this is cute!

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off next week cos BB's sister is in town and we're gonna go out and play! And I'll get to play with my new toy BB got me earlier...the Canon S90! Thanks bb! Have always wanted it and was in my lust list in March Monthly Muse (or was it Feb? Can't rememeber)...woohoooo...It's semi-professional in a small package.

Woot! Oh I had a cheap thrill buy 2 days ago and I bought the new L'Oreal Elseve Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Daily Treatment cos I'm taking a break from my Japanese hair care products. Actually this isn't new cos it's been around in US and UK (with the name Elvive Full Restore 5) for awhile but it just made it to our sunny shore. I bought it not because I was dying to try it or heard good stuff about it but I was just bored and I opened a bottle and sniffed and I like the smell cos it's the nicest smelling of the L'Oreal Elseve range in my opinion. Yes, I'm THAT superficial but you mean you want a shampoo that smells bad? I remember I bought a shampoo some time back in Ibiza and I can't remember what brand it was but I bought it cos I lost my shampoo and that shampoo smelled off. Not stinky but the fragrance didn't agree with me and it lingered in my head the whole day and I was popping panadol the whole day cos my hair gave me a headache cos of the smell. So yes, my shampoo MUST smell nice.

Okay, back to the new L'Oreal Elseve....I've used it for 2 days and well, I must say I do like it cos it does make my hair less dry. It supposedly treats all 5 damaged problems (hair loss, split ends, courseness, dullness and I can't remember the other one) and it seems to work okay. Like all Elseve, the shampoo lathers well so a little goes a long way and a hair stylist told me that you should never use too much shampoo, especially with one that lathers cos the foaming agent tends to be drying. And I tend to use more shampoo to "balance" off the amount of conditioner I use since I tend to use more conditioner and I HATE that the two bottles are of unequal amount...okay, it's almost OCD of me but you need only a dollop of shampoo. It cleanses well without being too slimy and the daily hair treatment's good too cos it doesn't overcoats the hair like many brands do. So the hair's still light and not too heavy after. The only complaint I have is...well, a superficial one. The daily treatment doesn't smell the same as the shampoo and I prefer the smell of the shampoo though...ahhh whatever, but I think I'm gonna buy the leave-in serum or something cos this one seems quite's worth too!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Apple (or a couple) A day Keeps the Fat Bitch Away....

I'm back to my Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Detox. The last time I did it, it was years ago and it worked. This time, it's promising again cos I'm like about 5 days into it and I feel more energetic. I'm taking it cos I'm 1) A bit of a health freak 2) Afraid of becoming a fat bitch cos I have fat genes at home, my mom's waist-line swelled up to 32 from 23 (reverse the number) after she popped me out but then everyone in the maternal family is massive 3) Trying to feel more energetic cos I feel tired all the time from waking up early. Well, the last time I was on the ACV Detox, I lost quite a bit of weight, so it must be good stuff and I bought the Bragg's Health Book on ACV's benefit and I'm kinda convinced that I ought to be taking it daily despite the funny smell for my "Anti Fat Bitch Regime"...some say it smells like stinky feet but then the good trumps the bad and I simply need to promote its wonders! So here you go: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!  And here's why:
  • It's a natural detox to rid the body of toxins
  • May help with joint pain and stiffness. No stiffness=karma sutra woot!
  • Helps get rid of water retention. no water retention=looks skinnier=no fat face and puffy eyes=pretty
  • Been used for centuries as a natural remedy for heartburn
  • Improves bowel irregularity and constipation. Shit more=flush out toxin=better skin and health
  • Help breakdown fats, so your body can use them instead of store them. So it's Anti Fat Bitch (Should I acronym it as AFB??)
  • Acts as a natural appetite suppressant. No appetite=no snacking=no binging=no fat bitch
  • Helps speed up your metabolic rate. High metabolic=skinny bitch. Low metabolic=fat bitch.
  • May help lower blood glucose levels
  • Helps restore alkaline acid balance of the body. Acidic body environment breeds diseases and it's good to have an alkaline body pH cos it lowers the likelihood of cancer. Things that up the acidic level includes meat so going vege helps!
  • Home remedy for dandruff and acne, taken externally though I wouldn't do it cos otherwise I'll smell like I've just shower myself with stinky feet water....
Convinced? I take it 3 times a day now...or at least twice really. I either pop 2 tablespoon of it into my morning fruit juice (fresh please) or honey water. But when I'm at work, I sometimes just stir it into cold water and gulp it down as water can use it to flavor your salad too. Zero fat. Oh but then you MUST buy the non-filtered, organic raw ACV cos the filtered ones have got all the good stuff in it taken out so it's rubbish. Bragg's my trusted brand. Oh someone just asked what's the stuff in ACV that's so damn good, I was like erm....gimme a second....I googled, I's what's in ACV
  • Potassium – helps to prevent brittle teeth, hair loss and runny noses.
  • Pectin – helps to regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Malic Acid – gives ACV the properties of being anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal.
  • Calcium – helps create strong bones and teeth.
  • Ash – gives ACV its alkaline property which aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels for a healthy alkaline state.
  • Acetic Acid – It appears that this acid slows the digestion of starch which can help to lower the rise in glucose that commonly occurs after meals.
Wow...I didn't know it's that good either....sounds like miracle drink....just put up with the stinky feet smell, it's worth it!! I swear by it now! Let's see how long I'll go with ACV!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sound Track of the Day

I finally breathed a sigh of relief now that one big work monkey's off my back and to get back that light-hearted spirit, I'm listening to Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band's classic Apache...woot...super love it....retro and very good...I can almost imagine Quentin Tarantino lurking around the corner....Click here to listen....Do you guys sometimes have your own imaginary "MTV" in your head while you make up your own MTV as you listen to certain music? I certainly do...

And every time I listen to Apache, it reminds me of breakdancing cos the Apache is quite a favorite amongs the breakdancers and I used to know a Bboy (short for "Breakdancing Boy") named Yoshi who's half Japanese half Singaporean and he's the most amazing Bboy I've ever seen and he used to date an old friend of mine and we used to go support him in competition when he's in town in Singapore. I haven't got any idea where he is or if he's still dancing but I know he's pretty damn famous in the Breakdance circuit....and I found a youtube video of him...check this out...I've never seen anyone spin soooo fast on his head....and I remember once we saw him at a competition at Cineleisure years ago and that boy was boucing on his fist. Yes, his fist. He made a fist and he was literally bouncing upside down on his fist (ie. the knuckles...ouch!!) and balancing while bouncing....he obviously won but when we went to the backstage to look for him, he was holding a bag of ice with his fist in it to reduce the swelling...I don't think he does this anymore....oh well, I really wonder what he's up to now....oh yeah, and he's got tons and tons of fans, screaming girls....that kinda explain why he eventually broke my friend's heart....but nonetheless, he's one amazing Bboy....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr Bond's Dirty Laundry

Hello, it's Mr Bond here. It's been awhile since I last wrote and now I'm angry cos I wet my little Ikea wooden bed. Not that I wet the bed but my stupid minion forgot to leave the kitchen door open for me to go in to my toilet (she recently shifted my kitty litter in there) and when you have to go, you have to go right? And to keep my dignity intact, of course I won't just pee on the floor! I'm a gentleman after all! So I had no choice but to pee in my least it's got the little bed sheets and whatnots to soak up the smelly pee....but the pee soaked through...bwahhh....see how the cardboard "mattress" is now soaked??? Bwahhh....You know you hit a new low when you need to pee in your own bed....hmpfff
see that urine patch? booo

And minion freaked out when she saw and she quickly dumped everything into the washing machine and the thing is, I even soiled my mouse toys....booo....but hey, at least I didn't go piss on the carpet right? It's all stupid minion's fault....and here's my dirty laundry
See my two mouse mouse toy? My pillow (left) is soaked too...and the blanket (right) too... 

Maybe minion should get me new bed....actually, minion should give me her bed....

Anyway, minion told me that Daniel my cat sitter has been a really wonderful boy. He called minion the other day and stupid minion didn't pick up the phone and turned out that Daniel wanted to ask minion's opinion on good cat food and kitty litter cos the cat he's currently cat sitting hasn't got very good litter and food and he wanted to get the kitty something better....awwww....I love Daniel cos he's such a responsible cat sitter. He's the best! For once minion made the right choice of choosing him as cat sitter cos Daniel's so responsible! When he was cat sitting me, he made sure all my wet food was meshed well so I can eat easily...stupid minion once was lazy with it and I puked cos the food was too chunky......booo....but kudos for Daniel! I love you!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ice and Fire!

What spectacular view of the Icelandic volcano in Eyjafjallajokull that's wrecked havoc to the aviation industry.....I wish I could go see it....

But the burning question is...."How the hell do you pronounce the word 'Eyjafjallajokull'???" it Eye-yaf-yallah-yoe-cool?


So niceeeeee.....Vera Wang Green Tourmaline gorgeous!!! I love green stones! Lust at first sight! I wonder how much this damn ring much do you think I can get with my left kidney?

Anyway, on a random note, I think a lot of cosmetics companies are being deceptive with mascara advertisements. Not like it's something new cos whenever you see the mascara ads, the model always has impossibly flawless, thick long lashes that's 100% not natural and these days, you see a disclaimer that either says "Styled with lash inserts" or that it's digitally enhanced...the question is, then what's the point of having the ad? I mean not that I wear mascara these days cos I'm a lash extension convert, but I would want to see the effect of the mascara they're advertising....I think if they stick on falsies on the model, it's really false advertising....nah...random rant....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Imedeen Update!

Okay, Botox is expensive and I'm afraid of having my face looks like a flatscreen tv without facial expression ala Nicole Kidman...So instead of Botox, I pop Imedeen...Botox can wait! For another 3 or 4 years perhaps.... And I've been taking Imedeen for about 3 weeks now and the verdict works! Here're my observations:
  • Skin got clearer and more evenly toned. I use less makeup these days
  • Small zits recover really quickly
  • Zit marks disappear real quick too! Normally, it'll take about 2 weeks for any zit marks to go away but then I had two small zit marks that went away in about 4 days....good!
  • I haven't got much fine lines so can't really comment but I think it seems to have soothed out the laugh line a bit, but then again, it might be due to my using a new that remains inconclusive
  • Skin does look more hydrated....
So far so good and it's worth its stinky rotten crab smell (I don't touch the tablet cos it'll make your fingers smell, so I pop open the blister pack on my mouth)....and looks like I'll continue with it....maybe I'll update again after another month or so....hmmm.......not bad at all...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nice to be home....

Nothing's better than the comforting scent of your lover....I love the fact that BB is there when I wake up in the middle of the night and there he is, with his warmth and comforting scent......I've always been driven by smell, evident from the insane numbers of perfume I own,  and I swear I can sniff out whether someone is compatible with me and BB's natural scent smells divine to me despite the fact that he said it's just the soap. Well it's not! And scientists can tell you that it's our primal instinct to be able to sniff out potential mates cos their scents carry their genetic clues to whether they'll be compatible to yours. I remember I once dated a guy whom I wasn't that comfy with and while in the cinema, he was talking to me in close whisper and I caught a whiff of his nose and man, I couldn't date him anymore cos he smelled bad to's like some sour baby vomit......but one man's meat is another man's poison, he dated a friend of mine and the two of them are now married with kids...I guess he must have smelled like candy to her, just like how BB smells like marshmallow to me! Now, if only I can bottle BB's scent in a little vial....hahaha...

Other smell I love: Smell of babies, freshly cut grass, the burst of flavor when you cut a citrus fruit, oven baked bread, smell of the sea, sun drenched skin with a hint of sun tan lotion, clean hair, fresh linen, smell of the rain (how come rain smells?), clean skin after a soapy sud shower.......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FullBar for Empty Gut

The day before, BB told me he bought some cereal bar thingy called FullBar at GNC, only that it's not some cereal bar but it's some diet supplement that's supposed to kill hunger pangs and fill you up and make you full. He fetched me one yesterday for me to try and just now, while rushing work through lunch and waiting for my Meatless Minestrone from Soup Spoon courtesy of my other colleague who's in some shopping mall now, I chomped down the FullBar....

The look: any cereal bar
The smell: just like cereal and like any diet looking stuff
The taste: it's like softened rice crisp and it's chewy. taste is okay if you're hungry like I was just now. it's only okay but if you're not hungry, you won't like it...
The effect: You're supposed to gulp down a glass of water after eating it so the bar will expand in your gut to help you feel full and okay, yes, I do feel a bit filled up but I'm still hungry and I'm salivating thinking of the soup that's on the way...
The verdict: Good for dieting...and is good when you're rushing out work and have no time for lunch....but at a really steep price of $5.95, you might want to think twice!!
The burning question: Why is everything tasty bad for you?????

Monday, April 12, 2010

A drop of humor, a splash of optimism

Where can I get a print of these two??...Perfect for Monday Blues.....

And to combat Monday Blues, I bought a kitty wrist rest...the black cat's called Kutusitanyanko...quite a mouthful I know but he looks like Mr Bond and that's why I have a soft spot for it...OGT calls him the "Ah Bond Doll"...haha...Kawaii plus...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clash of the Titans

What a let down....some old movies are better left untouched and un-re-maked and The Clash of The Titans is definitely one of them cos the new one didn't quite do it for me. Yes yes, the Titans shoe is one big one to fill no doubt...But still, with today's CGI and whatnots, I was expecting something better (so don't even bother making movie remake of old classics like Ben Hur and the likes get it?)....The new version lacks mysticism cos the creatures in there weren't scary and didn't invoke any sense of fear or awe that showcase the high and mighty status of the god and the slimy evil. The scary monsters and peeps like Medusa and gang weren't scary and they look normal and fail to make me feel creepy...Production wise it's fine, acting's fine, set is nice, editing is acceptable but it's just so damn why must all the gods in Olympus had these shimmering lights around know, that godly aura? It's trite! And the lines are kinda corny too...especially the scene where they're about to go into Medusa's lair where Perseus started saying "Today's the day I'm gonna stand up blah blah blah"....or whatever to that effect. Yeah, the lines after he said other than his father, he has met 4 other great men and one chick too....My hair was standing, in a bad way.....Well, 3 stars out of 5...

Miss B's Observations and Notes on The Clash of The Titans

  • Oh Jake Sully's in the Titans? Oh no, hang's not Avatar but Sam Worthington's is Perseus and the same kind of role as Jake Sully....Too similar....the flying horse add to it too...the 6-legged horses in Avatar is the equivalent....
  • Hades' hair stylist should be fired cos the receding hairline bit was so badly done I can see the plastic thing around the forehead
  • If you haven't got money for botox and need a good permanent fix for youthfulness, then learn from Io. Go find some god, seduce him, then refuse him and he would 'curse' you with the inability to age and bye bye botox
  • The word "bitch" was used to described Medusa...very gentlemanly of them...come on, Medusa got raped...
  • The goddess Athena was probably a bitch cos Io said Hades wanted to hump Medusa and Medusa was calling for help from Athena while getting raped by Hades, but that Athena bitch was disgusted instead and turned Medusa into a never pray to Athena unless you want bad hair
  • Medusa looked hot in the film and had nice tits. perky and not too big
  • Poseidon is the mildest of the 3 brothers....he did nothing
  • Erm....why is there a robotic owl? BB pointed out the same robotic owl was in the original 1981 make of the movie and the robotic owl in the original has a much bigger role...but the question is, how come there was a robotic owl in the past??
  • Oh and since there's a robotic owl, I propose an easier way to kill Medusa....the solution is simple. It's a simple pair of reflective Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses...She can't see your eyes and she sees her own eyes and turns herself into stone? Neat...
  • The gods were probably bored...they basically stand or sit around their pedestals and did nothing...
  • If your father (or lao peh) were a god and he offered you an easy life, just bloody take it...cos after all, Perseus used the sword and rode the negro flying horse after all
  • If you wanna be a witch, don't be one in The Clash of the Titans cos the witches in there are the ugliest ones I've seen....try Bewitched instead
  • There's a Star Wars looking creature with blue eyes and tree like face....and he's Japanese...cos of the way he speaks English...he said "Toooo-geee-therrre" (Together) with a cyborg voice...he ought to be Japanese

Friday, April 09, 2010

Are you dating a cheater??

Well, I got a nasty blast from the past...couple of days ago, I found out that an ex of mine was cheating on me because a friend of mine knows someone whom he was cheating on about six degrees of separation...nah, make it 2 degrees! CLearly the other victim and I were comparing notes and boy, there's so much dirt from it! That guy's a total manwhore bad fish! Thing is, he wasn't just cheating on me with one person, I've concluded that he's probably whoring around, shagging the whole village and humping whatever that wears a skirt and you know what? I wasn't even surprised to find out that he was a cheater cos I think at the back of my head, I already knew cos I saw little tell tale signs but then he denied so vehemently, coming out with all sorts of excuses. I've never caught him red-handed....but then now, all those little signs made sooooo much sense! And so, I'm gonna list out all the signs that the guy you're dating might be a cheater....

Okay, to begin with, I must put in some background info. I wasn't living with him but I used to stay over his place every now and then, so these signs below apply to those who're not living together. It applies to those you're recently dating cos signs like a sudden increase in personal grooming habits as seen in those cheating bastards in a long relationship or marriage won't apply...So here you go for the ready?

Tell-tale Signs That Your Man Might Be A Cheating Manwhore:
  • He's got new strange gifts and items at a new soft or anything that a straight man wouldn't Mr Asshole's place, I found a sudden emergence of soft toy of the muppet "Animal". Both small miniature one and larger one. Knowing him, he'll never buy it himself and when I questioned how come he's got a new soft toy, he said his mom sent him and well I believed him....(given the fact that he was one of the miracle children that his mother popped out in her late 40s who used to be told she was infertile)....stupid me I know...
  • He's got a lot of different toiletries in the bathroom....look, most men are very very practical and they'll only have one shower gel, one shampoo, one conditioner if he's more metrosexual, one facial wash, one body lotion if he's vain with dry skin, one face moisturizer and whatever that's basic....the key word is "the lack of variety" will not find a myraid of different brands for you to choose from and with Mr Asshole, he's got quite a nice collection....with a sudden appearance of new brands....ohhh, he even has a shower know the girlie pouffy one? I should have known better
  • He doesn't pick up your call for a prolonged period of time....why? Not because he's busy in a meeting, not because he's asleep but he's with another chick....
  • He wouldn't pick up calls while you're with him....why? Booty call from another chick from the harem...
  • He block you from his facebook wall and friend list....once upon a time, Mr Asshole suddenly had some skanky girl in bikini (profile picture) wrote on his wall "Oh I'm gonna miss you so so so so much! Sending you all my love!"...that's before he was about to fly off for 2 weeks....I questioned him and he said it's just some headhunter he met up and that girl was all over him and she's a nutter....not only did he subsequently delete those remarks, he also blocked me from seeing his wall activities and friend list....too much privacy=dodgy
  • He has people sending him cards and night at Mr Asshole's place, I saw a card with hand written words "Miss you Baby X (X stands for his name)". He sneakily switched off the light with one hand while using the other hand to take the card away and tucked it somewhere. But me being as sharp as a samurai sword, I saw! I questioned him obviously, he said it's just some a very close friend overseas whom he helped and she wrote him a thank you note...she's like a sister blah blah blah....WTF? I was dumb....
  • You see strands of hair in his bed that don't belong to you....nuff said right? I once fished out a very long strand of hair in his bed but guess what? He said it's the maid's and he even convincingly threw a fit about me being suspicious and not trusting him and shit about why I'm always suspicious etc...he deserves an Oscar....I mean an Oscar statue shoved up his arse hole that is
  • Girl clothes would be quite an obvious sign but that I didn't encounter. My friend, on the other hand did...which brings me to the next point...
  • He would so very religiously make you bring all your stuff back home cos why? So that the next girl who comes in won't see it. Mr Asshole would make sure I get ALL MY BELONGINGS with me after I stay over...
  • There's more than one toothbrush and it's not in some masculine color....Mr Asshole said he bought those in a pack so they come in assorted color inclusive of girlie color and the other one is meant to be in the shower but one day after his shower, it dropped and he picked it up and put it next to the sink instead cos he didn't want to wet his feet after he dried off...cunning lies
  • The spare bathroom has got toiletries.... men=minimal......straight men would probably only leave a hand soap in the other bathroom and toilet roll...hand towel if he's meticulous....Asshole's place has a full set of shower gel, Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo in some rose scent and what not...excuse?? Oh those are my mom's when she was here to visit
  • If your intuition tells you that he's cheating....ALWAYS trust your own intuition! But I don't mean the psychotic PMS outburst...thing is, I kinda long suspected that he's a bad fish but I guess I was waiting for actual evidence...the other girl whom he was playing with/cheating on had exactly the same gut feel that he was cheating and guess what? We are both right! Never disregard a woman's intuition!
Ohhhhh one more point....If he's some banker from Standard Chartered Bank with the same family name as the world's most famous fictional vampire (the one that all the teenage girls are going gaga over...), then he IS a cheater! !00%!

Cool shop!

Ah Meow emailed me yesterday to show me a pair of super kawaii shoes she saw online and wow! The online shop is cool!!! It's ModCloth and it's a US online shop but they have loads and loads of really cute stuff! Ah Meow loved this super cute bunny shoes....Ah Meow just ordered hers and I'm can't wait for her to wear them cos I can at least look at it since it doesn't come in my size...feet too small...'s even got a cute round bunny tail...look closer

And I found the perfect coin purse for me that accurately describe my financial situation...or predicament for that matter....wanna buy me?
Actually, it's not "We're", it should be "Yes, I'm BROKE"

And I saw this cute bold block color heartshaped cuff....awwww kawaii max!
Would love this on a simple black dress or all black outfit to add a dash of's so Moschino...

And there're like 3947934793874893743 cute dresses!!! So damn many that I gave up looking cos I'm broke and would be better off not looking...see no evil, think no evil, do no evil....but I found some cute dresses....see...

Simple yellow dress that's so sweet and lovely....but I can't wear yellow according to my fengshui master

So cheery....I love this....

I love this simple coral number....looks plain? Wait for it!

ohhhh check out the sexy back!

Oh dear, I can really go on and on about how cute the dresses are...but I guess I'll just stick to window shopping for now...but go check it out....oh...but some dresses can be found in local blog shops at a cheaper price though....but it's a great shopping site to look at!


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