Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Don't Mess With Sir Tom Jones!

This morning's paper was kinda entertaining. Flip to MyPaper page A4 Home Section and you'll see a big headline Fan To File Suite Against Tom Jones. Click Here to go to MyPaper (31 March 2010)

Well apparently some Indonesian lawyer by the name of Hotman Paris Hutapea (who happens to be the aussie drug chick Schepelle Corby's legal team) was really pissed off at the fact that Tom Jones had to stop his concert last Friday at the Resort World Singapore (RWS) after singing two songs cos he's sick with laryngitis and he couldn't continue singing. Yes, it's a party pooper indeed and in fact, I told my friend that I'm glad I didn't go buy tickets cos otherwise I'll be upset. But thing is, the concert's been rescheduled and RWS isn't ripping the concert goers off with just a 2-song soiree and if I bought ticket and was disappointed, I would be fine if they make the effort to reschedule it so soon!
Well, this lawyer dude with a weird name  (What kind of name is "Hotman"? Sorry, but I did a double take and burst out in a roaring laughter after seeing the name) was not pleased when Sir Jones and the event management company decided to reschedule the concert to 1 April and Hotman would like to sue the pants off RWS and poor old grandpa Jones for falling sick and not being able to sing. The papers said he's filing a civil lawsuit of $2.8 million of punitive damages cos he bought the tickets and willingly flew all the way to Singapore from Indonesia to see the concert...Boohoohoo...poor HotArseman cos nobody forced him to come but he decided to come and 69-year-old Tom Jones fell sick and the concert had to be rescheduled! Now HotArseman's still not happy that the event organizer rescheduled and even offered a refund for those who can't make it on 1 April. Seriously? Filing a civil lawsuit of $2.8million punitive damage against Tom Jones and RWS? Are you kidding me??? And HotArseman actually told the newspaper that he's doing this to teach Tom Jones and RWS "a lesson".... What lesson?...ohhh very classy and very nice of you HotArseman! That totally shows how nice a person he is.......I guess I do learn a lesson of how wonderful a person HotArseman is indeed! How dare he sues my favorite hot grandpa!!! I love Tom Jones! And HotArseman calls himself a fan??? Where's the love for the old man who got ill? What big joke! I'm disgusted!
And being the curious person that I am (okay, nosy yes), I wonder how this HotArseman look and I went to Facebook and type in his name...and bam....

Hotman indeed!!!! *barf* I think I'd better refrain myself from calling him names like fucktard, twat, wanker, loser, fuckwit or the likes cos ohhh maybe he's gonna sue me now for expressing my opinion of what I think of him....

Candle light!

I've recently made a great discovery of some really awesome ambience light one lazy weekend afternoon at the Home Fix Store (obviously I was there cos BB needed to get some paint). It's the kickass Philips LED Candle Lights! Taa-daaa!

Now much as I've always loved candles, I'm also very aware of the fact that candles actually reduces the air quality in your room with its smoke (especially when you put it off), not to mention it being a potential fire hazard and you can't really light a candle and go to sleep in peace without worrying that it might catch something and burn the whole house down. And because I have a cat, I worry if Mr Bond would go play with it and get his tail burnt or something. Now, say goodbye to fire hazard worry and hello Philips LED Candle Lights!!!

They're awesome cos they're rechargeable and they give a very real candle light effects and the light in there is actually programmed to flicker to mimick the real candle! It sets the room with a romantic and soothing ambience that's great for some good old luuuurving! *wink* It comes in a box set of 3 candles with white frosted glass and a 3-pod charger and the cool thing is that you turn the candles on and off by just tilting it to the side with one swift movement! And you can also buy more candles cos they sell it individually too. It's really cool and BB was nice enough to get me my own set...muahahaha! We saw in the instruction booklet that there're other colors like pink and blue but it's nowhere to be seen in Singapore yet.....but then again, I quite like the white ones cos they look the most versatile. And last night, I fell asleep with it till the morning and it really does save the hassle of getting out of bed to put the candles off and have the room smell a bit burnt from the smoke.....Now if only Philips makes some candle lights with scent or aromatherapy! I'm waiting!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to tell if your man is a closet gay

The other day, Uncle Josh was reading my post on 10 Men You Don't Want To Meet and he said I left out one very important one and that's the Closet Gay! Oh but of course!!! How can I miss that out when I've dated one myself!!!! I dunno if it's my subconscious trying to block out that scary memory but yes, I've dated a closet gay! Well, last check, he still hasn't come out of the closet but along with a bunch of my gay pals who've met him, we're damn sure he's gay as hell but hasn't come out yet. But yes, Closet Gays are the ones you wouldn't wanna meet or date cos it's gonna go nowhere!

You see, you bond soooo well with him, you think he's the one cos you can finally find someone who'll go shopping with you! You tell yourself he's maybe just a wee bit effeminate but well, is he gay??? Or is he straight? Hmmm that you can never really tell can you? And what can you do if he keeps insisting he's straight right? Until perhaps he pulls the plug one day without any real reason or worse, you get a shocking "bedroom malfunction" here's some signs that the effeminate guy you're dating might be in fact, gay....

Signs that your man might be gay:
  • He's kinda effemniate in his behaviour...yeah think excessive hand gestures etc......thing is, not ALL effeminate men are gay...but if he's got girly demeanour, it obviously increases the chances....a uni mate of mine (HL would know who I'm talking about..LOL) has got really girly demeanour but he's married with kids now....or is it that he still hasn't come out? hmm...but well, the closet gay I dated used to be a dancer....sigh....
  • He enjoys going shopping with you.....and I don't mean just ACCOMPANYING you to see, most straight men will just oblige and they'll stand next to you (if you're lucky) waiting for you to browse...or if your man's like my dad, he'll probably stand outside of the shop looking impatient with a grumpy face...BUT if your man actually examines and chooses clothes (with the exception of lingerie that is) and shoes together with you, enjoying it (more than you at times), giving critics and advice, then yes, he might be gay....
  • He has more shoes than you do....the closet gay I dated has more shoes than I do! In fact, he's got soooo many pairs that his room is full of shoe boxes....
  • He's got a hell lot of skincare products...yes, with the advent of metrosexual men, many men these days don't use the same bar of soap they wash their armpits with to wash their face and many have the sense to slap on some basic moisturizer every now and then....but if your man has a full range of skincare ie. cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen, exfoliator, face mask, special treatment etc etc and they're not forced upon him by you? Then the red flag for his sexuality is raised for sure....most straight men can't deal with anything more then 3 steps without whinging and complaining....
  • He has a lot of different man see, men are kinda functional, they're not like women who'll match their bags according to their outfit...most men wouldn't have more than 3 bags. One sling, one backpack and one laptop bag....
  • He's got a thing for tight tee shirt....yeah, the one I dated did...whereas straight men tend to be a bit hesitant about a tee shirt that's too fitting...BB refused to wear a beefy Uniqlo tee in the most flattering shade despite me swooning over his macho pecs underneath...he calls it the "gay shirt"....
  • He actually does check out other men....and I don't mean the kind of normal looking when you're curious to see who enters the room but the type that actually suss out the person...I didn't notice my closet gay ex checking men out while we're *cringe*...but when we hung out as friends after, I saw him checking out guys with lingering stares....I should have known, but what can I do when he kept saying that he's straight??
  • He actually gushes at stuff you find "kawaii" and cute....not I don't mean cute puppies and all cos there're straight animal lovers who melt at the sight of a kawaii pooch...but I mean things like plush toys and what know, those silly little things that only girls like...
  • He enjoys gossip! You see, we all love gossips, the more scandalous the better....for girls, we'll talk and talk and bitch and bitch about it to no end....a straight man would probably just listen to it, then comment, say a thing or two and then forget about it. Like recently, I was bitching about this fugly and gross couple with toe fetish (click here to see their blog)...Ah Meow and I were frantically looking at their puke-inducing entries while all my gay friends were checking every single post out to the point of cyberstalking. Then when I told BB, he simply wasn't that impressed. He only showed disgust at the toe sucking bit and didn't even ask for the blog site address....same goes for Ah Meow's straight bf....they're not that keen really...
  • He experiments with his, I don't mean styling it slightly differently but really changing styles....Mr Closet Gay had really weird hair....and he thinks it's nice....and despite everyone telling him that he's got weird hair (a girl friend even said " come you have bangs?! Men having bangs???" once), he still insisted on keeping it...cos straight men would be too conscious if a bunch of people criticise about his hair....straight guys would change it...and they don't change their hairstyle that much really
  • He's not the most touchy feely with you....cos he prefers alternative flesh of the non-fairer sex......
  • You two have "bedroom malfunctions" and he doesn't really dig sex (with you obviously)....erm...that's kinda obvious...especially if the malfunction keeps happening "in the process" of coital activities...
So here you have it......but of course...these are just a guide and don't go freak out if one day your boyfriend decides to be real nice and take you go shopping....haha....

Monday, March 29, 2010

A crab-by weekend

It's sadly Monday and I started mine waking up at 630am to get to work at 730am....bwahh...what a way to start the week but thank god it's a loooong weekend with Good Friday around the corner!
Anyway, weekend was good despite the fact that I was very hormonal and grumpy and the highlight of the weekend was the Hokkaido Crab Dinner at Chikuyo-teh at Takashimaya Level 5. We didn't intend to go Chikuyo-teh cos our original plan was Akashi at Paragon but BB didn't want to wait for half an hour for our table and off to Chikuyo-teh we went. And there was no queue and it was seats and tables aplenty. Why? Cos the food there is so overpriced! I ordered some sashimi and tempura set and it's $35 bucks and it's not exactly THAT fantastic. They're charging hotel prices similar to Keyaki at Pan Pacific Hotel (Which is fantastic by the way)! It's not crappy but definitely not worth the $35 bucks cos there were only 2 Ebi Tempura which is kinda stingy! It would have cost about $25 bucks for the same stuff at other Jap restaurants...and this is my over-priced but otherwise decent set...

Then BB wanted to have crab and they serve Hokkaido crabs and we ordered a combination of Snow Crab, King Crab and Hairy Crab at $50 bucks. It's yummy though....they just steamed it and it's got Japanese vinegar and ginger to go with it.

It's really good though I'm a bit scared of the hairy crab cos it's kinda scary looking...the hair ewwww...BB said the funny thing about Hairy Crab is that they can get "crabs" (aka pubic lice) cos they're hairy...okay, bad joke but we were watching some BBC Knowledge on tv and they were talking about, not the one we eat...but the one that grows in the nether regions and the ones you don't want in your pubs...... Anyway, I dunno if it's over-priced cos I dunno what's the market rate like though...but this is awesome....Ohhh I suddenly have an idea!! I think I'm gonna bring BB to the Singapura Restaurant to eat Teo Chew cold crab with special chilli! Cos I think the cold crab's better than this one! Woot!

Ohhh and I had a really nice surprise from my sister Becks...

The box came crushed but the inside is awesome!!!

I've got face mask, some skin cleaning spongy thing which I dunno how to use, my favorite Japanese strawberry milk candy and a Hello Kitty candy with a cute case! Thanks Becks! Muacks!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Aujourd'hui, le vendredi!!!

It's Friday again! Weekend's here! La vie en rose! Not too sure what's in store for the weekend other than workout and some quality BB time. But I realize as I get older, I get the past, I would go out, even if it's just to walk around but these days, I'm afraid of the crowds and I get really grumpy and aggro when I'm in very crowded places (BB would attest to this :p)....I think it's sign of erm...old age....but anyway, I picked up two fun trinklets from my favorite good old Topshop yesterday....cute stuff...all with pearl accent cos I love pearls and it's supposedly good fengshui for me (Fengshui master said I lack "water" element and pearl is from the sea...don't you dare laugh at me cos I swear by fengshui!)... a naught fun flirty edge to the boring granny-like pearl necklace...and it's only $19!

I wear mine with a bunch of bangles....I'm so into pearls these days...faux pearl though...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm showing off here. I received a gorgeous bouquet of purple roses last night from BB *scrrrream* and it's super gorgeous! And I've never received so much flowers in my entire life!

Pretty purple roses and pink carnations! It's got all my favorite colors!

Jazzing out my room...the peonies in the back are erm...fake...from Ikea.....

In fact, I can count with one hand and less than 5 fingers the number of times I got flowers before I met BB...pathetic I know. I remember receiving my very first bouquet (it was white lillies). I was still in uni when my then-bf rocked up to surprise me with a bunch of flowers after my yoga class....(yeah that was the happy times before he turned psychotic and mildly violent...scary)...but after that one time, I've never received anything! For years! Not from him again nor subsequent ex-es! And I would just see my friends or colleagues get bunches of pretty bouquents and I would get all green-eyed.

I waited...and waited...and waited...and still, no flowers! Then, the defense mechanism kicked in and I started to denounce flowers....100% sour grapes from concentrate but I just started saying how it's stupid to send and receive flowers cos the flowers die, that it's money wasted, that you're better off buying something that last blah blah blah....and I hate it even more when one Valentine's Day, every single girl in my department received a gorgeous bouquet from their beaus while mine did nothing......not that I believe in Valentine's Day cos it's silly but imagine all the colleagues around you (mind you, it's a very small office) were gushing and comparing bouquets and I had to pretend to be hard at work while they cast the "oh you poor pet!" look at me! Sigh....

But then things have changed and 2 months ago, I walked out of the shower to be greeted by a bunch of pretty red roses. I hung them upside down to dry them cos I wanted to preserve it for posterity cos it's been probably 5 years since I last got flowers and I want to be reminded of the fact that wow, I actually got flowers!! Then a couple of weeks past and one night, BB walked in with a big pretty bunch of Lillies completed with a brand new vase for me to put the flowers in! Wahhhh! The karma cheque must be cashing in now cos last night, these gorgeous purple roses!!!

I'm one lucky girl indeed! Only that I really need to learn how to graciously receive the flowers with gratitude cos I'm so not used to getting flowers that I feel overwhelmed every time I get a bouquet. I would naturally be over the moon with surprise but I would also feel indebted and feel the need to return a favor. I asked BB last night how do I make him feel really really appreciated for bringing me flowers and he said I just need to say "Thank you, I really appreciate it!"......that's it?? Really? I guess he just doesn't understand how big a deal it is for me to receive how I wish I know what little things to bring are a lot harder to surprise with little things and I know that BB said a camera lens makes a really good "man gift" but erm...I kinda can't exactly afford it on a regular basis with the montly peanuts that get giro-ed into my bank account from work.......massage works but what else???? Cooking him a meal seems pathetic cos he cooks for me too....ideas anyone???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random stuff of the day.....

It's mid-week Wednesday and how drab, boring and uninspiring.....2 days before the weekends beckon but I just found out next week is a loooong weekend cos of Good Friday! Woot! We saw some hot foreign talent coming in just now to sign some employment contract....cute guy but so hairy that he looks more like our primates cousins than homosapien....and because it's such a tiny office here, someone "accidentally" saw his monthly pay and it's a 2-digit sum!....though not a high 2-digit, it's enough to make us feel shit cos we're on the other end of the spectrum....booo...

Anyway, here're some random boring updates of this mid-week Wednesday....

Wearing: My limited edition Fifi Lapin pin!
Woot....Fifi's been recovering from a bad fall lately...poor bunny...Fifi's coming up with a book soon and I can't wait to get my little hands on love Fifi! A little bunny told me it's coming out in September I think....

Takeing: Chitosam Trim
I got it last night from Watsons and it promises to break down and remove fat naturally....I've never tried it before but yesterday I was in a state of panic paranoia cos I couldn't make it to the gym due to work and last Saturday, I skipped gym cos I was too tired and now I feel bad....feel bad canceling with my personal trainer last minute and I feel even worse cos I didn't work my body...and I'm horrified of growing fat...thus, the Chitosan Trim....I mean I didn't make it to the gym, I could at least pop something to stop the blubber growing no? But I'll update on whether this shit works....Ohhh notice the cool "take away cup" coffee/tea mug? Love it! Christmas present from my boss

Using: Gorgeous Uni Style Fit Pen
Oh then the other day, while at Kinokuniya with BB, I bought the Uni Style Fit Pen! It lets you mix and match the colors of the ink (up to 5 different ones and it comes in a 3-color version too)'s got different cute casing and I got this one with little hearts...there's some polka dots one too...and I've got a combination of blue, brown, orange, pink and purple...super nice...I'm a stationary junkie...

Clutching: Silly Hello Kitty Charm
And here's my putting to use the seemingly useless Hello Kitty charm I bought in Hong Kong last now holds my office pass and keys and it's so huge that I can easily fish it out of my bag

Carrying: Mulberry Daria
Speaking of bag, here's hand bag du jour....the Mulberry Daria (by now you should know I'm a big big big Mulberry fan)....Alexa's resting at home....and poor Daria's stuck in the bottom drawer of the work desk desk is tiny....

Ohhhh I'm looking forward to finding "interesting" mail in my mailbox too....they're coming up.....muahahaha.....should be all in by Friday...woot!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Super Kawaii

Saw this on Duke Orange's owner's Facebook and it's cuteness galore!
Kitty cat playing with a baby! But I only wonder how come the baby didn't get any kitty scratches...hmmm...I wonder if Mr Bond would know how to play with baby...I have a feeling he'll be good with kids....he's so gentle...probably get bullied...haha...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Makeup 101

I got a request for my makeup routine after putting up my skincare routine up. Thing is, my makeup routine isn't that fantastic but then here it is nonetheless. I don't spend so much time, effort and money on makeup cos I invest in good skincare but for makeup, I usually settle for the more affordable stuff you can get from Watsons....And I don't tend to wear a lot of make up too.

Step 1: Za Skin Beauty Fluid Foundation. This foundations brightens up skin and contains SPF 19 PA++ which is pretty high for a foundation. I can totally use it as a sunblock in this case. It's also got lots of moisture essense and it's good for my dry skin. It's not thick but gives a decent coverage and is super lightweight and blends pretty well too. I used to use the one from Chanel which costs so much more but this one actually does a much much better job at a fraction of the price!

Step 2: Ettusais Tinted Eye Essence. This is a two-in-one makeup and skincare rolled into one. It's a skincare that provides concealer coverage for eyebags and dark rings. You can actually skip day eyecream if you have not too dry eye area but for me, I still use an eyecream before this. I apply this AFTER applying the fluid foundation. For liquid concealer or any concealer for that matter, you use it AFTER fluid foundation but if you use a powder, use the concealor BEFORE. Two way cake? No problem, use it BEFORE but when you go over the eye with your two way cake sponge, you dab lightly and don't spread and smudge cos otherwise the concealer's gonna be all gone....this one gives pretty good undereye coverage....

Step 3: Za Concealor. You should be able to tell by now that I'm a Za fan and yes I am indeed one. Oh I'm an Ettusais fan too. Anyway, the Za concealer works pretty well too. Okay, Cle de Peau Beaute makes the best concealer that cost an arm and a leg but if you know how to work the Za concealer, it's just as good! The trick to applying this concealer to any blemish (or dark circles if you want to stick to using one concealer for both dark rings and blemish...yes this one works too) is such: dab the concealer to your undereye and blemish with your finger, do not blend yet. Just deposit the concealer there n pat a bit. Then wait for awhile, like 10 seconds for the concealer to dry up a bit, THEN after that blend by patting heavier....the trick is to WAIT! Cos if you just apply and blend immediately, you tend to end up smudging the concealer away and you'll end up using more and having more problem covering it. Waiting for it to dry up a bit allows the moisture in the concealer to go off and thus thickening up for easier blending and better coverage....and if you use a dry powder, you use it to set after...

Step 4: Ettusais Daytime Defense Powder. I use a liquid foundation, so I need a powder to set the foundation and I LOVE the Ettusais Daytime Defense Powder. It's the successor of the Day Protect Powder (which happened to be my last Ettusais product I launch before I quit as the Ettusais brand person...yes Ettusais was my baby and that's why I have a soft spot for it and tend to buy up everything!). The Daytime Defense Powder is a super fine face powder that actually gives a very light coverage. You can use it on its own as a foundation but I use it as a loose powder since I need one. Its got skin-loving ingredient and is a skincare too. It glides on smoothly on skin to minimise pores and even out skin tone while keeping shine at bay and combat zits as well...

Step 5: Sana CG Powder. I dust this one lightly as a finishing touch to give the face a natural glow. It's the best glow powder I've found cos the ones I've tried in the past are either too glittery or had no effects at all, or they grease up my face but this one is perfect. Just the right amount of glitter to create a subtle glow to give you flawless glowing skin...perfection!

Step 6: Ettusais Eyebrow Pencil. I fill in and darken the brow with's frames your face and prevents you from looking like a freak. I use the Yellow/Brown color cos you always go a tone lighter...just go lighter, never darker...unless you wanna look real fierce and scary

Step 7: Either Benefit Posie Tint or Ettusais Cheek Color PK3. Blusher is good. Especially for me cos I'm fair by natural and can never bloody get a tan. And blusher brightens the face. If I have more time, I use Benefit Posie Tint. It's a barbie pink liquid blush that blends to give a very natural flush. If you use a liquid foundation, apply after foundation and BEFORE loose powder, if you use two way cake (wet), use it AFTER or it'll get wiped off. But don't apply over loose powder or it'll cake. When I have no time, I just use the Ettusais Cheek Color....very easy to apply cos the sponge is just at the bottom. 10 seconds is all you need.

Step 8: Majolica Majorca Majolook Luminoustic Eye Shadow in BK 788. I normally don't wear eye make up cos I don't have time to apply anyway. But once in a while when I want to, I tend to use this one cos it's a very soft natural shimmering color that blends really well to create depth and warm eyes.......but you can use the colors individually and the texture's smooth and glides on easily....I use it like erm...once a month? Can't be bothered really...lash extension minimises the need for makeup...haha...oh you don't see me using eyeliner these days too cos of the extension but if you want a good eyeliner, try the Bobbie Brown gel liner in a's waterproof and very smudge proof...perfect for the humid weather's very easy to apply too

Step 9: Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge Lipstick. I hardly wear lipstick cos at work, I sip water very often, like every 15 minutes or something, so the lippie would be gone and thus there's no point wearing no? But then when I go out, I will put some on every now and then and recently I discover the wonderful Ettusais Melty Touch Rouge Lipstick! It's got a sheer glossy color that wears and feels more like a lip balm and lipstick, so it's insanely comfy to wear. Other lipsticks usually give you a waxy feeling but this one feels very very comfy and it's super moisturizing too. I can totally wear it like a lip balm cos it's got jojoba oil to nourish your puckers. I got it in both Pink and Orange (coral more like it, Orange sounds scary)....another lipstick I like is the Chanel Rouge Allure in Naive....very natural color and just the right bit of color and shine...not to mention the sleek posh packaging...

So here you go...the basic...I have tons and tons of makeup and skincare stuff but these are the bare essentials....Ah Meow said I should take a snap shot of all my beauty supplies....hmm...maybe I's massive....the perfume alone's crazy enough...I'm such a beauty product junkie I admit.......

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ferosh Gaga & Miss B (the other Miss B)

OMG...this is Ferosh! It's so funny too, especially the bit when the prison wardens said "Told you she doesn't have a dick"...hahaha.......great editing too.....LOVE LOVE LOVE....The Pussy Wagon's so funny!

How I wish I'm one of the extras in there!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Singaporeans are paupers. Says Temesak Review

Shocking...shocking indeed....the other day, while on our way to buy 4D (which I didn't win...argh), Ah Meow shared that she read this interesting review by the Temesak Review on Singapore's economy. And the findings are shocking and discouraging! It says that our economy has the highest GDP (PPP) per capita in Asia at $49,288 according to a World Bank report, but our people do not enjoy a quality of life which commensurate with it. The 3-Part article sums up following (I cut & pasted the most salient points):

  • Singapore has a GDP (PPP) per capita higher than Switzerland, but our wages are way below the Swiss. Zurich and Geneva have wage indices (gross) of 119.8 and 107.5 respectively. In contrast, Singapore has a wage index of only 31.3, comparable with Moscow (30.9), Tallinn (28.7) and Johannesburg (26.7). In the Asia-Pacific region, it is exceeded by Tokyo (83.0), Sydney (74.1), Auckland (44.1), Hong Kong (42.3), Taipei (35.5) and Seoul (32.3)
  • Singaporeans have a low purchasing power of only 39.9, comparable to Kuala Lumpur (39.5), Warsaw (34.0) and Bogota (33.7). Other countries in the Asia-Pacific region which are ahead of us are Tokyo (82.2), Auckland (68.9), Taipei (58.9), Hong Kong (58.1) and Seoul (57.4). In other words, though the cost of living is higher in Tokyo, the average Japanese has a domestic purchasing power more than twice that of an average Singaporean. Though Malaysia is still a developing country and has a GDP (PPP) per capita of only $14,215, less than 3 times of ours, the ordinary Malaysian citizen has about the same domestic purchasing power as the Singaporean.
  • Instead of moving towards the government's goal of having the Swiss' standard of living, Singapore's economy is becoming like that of Russia
Now you can read the full report below:
Part One: Singapore has the lowest wages and domestic purchasing power among the Asian Tigers
Part Two: Moving towards a Russian standard of living and way of life
Part Three: Why Singaporeans are paupers in a first world economy

Oh view of the grim economic view of us veering towards Russia instead of the much-coveted Swiss Standard of Living...maybe I should drown the money sorrow by drinking lots of Vodka...very Russian eh?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Extension Addiction

I'm officially addicted to lash extension. It makes a big difference. Your eyes look bigger, dark rings less obvious, skin tone strangely more even, overall look more alert..Ohhh all the wonders!.....And I've got lovely Wendy to thank for the wonderful lash place she recommended! Now I dunno how I can live without it and I wonder if it'll be bad in the long run. The lash lady said it's okay as long as you don't inflict trauma to the lashes (READ: yank the whole thing out), then you can just keep doing it. She said some of her clients have them on for 5 years without a break and it's still fine....let's see how long I'll keep doing it for. Some of my friends are super keen on trying but are apprehensive cos they think they'll not get used to it. PJ did hers but she removed hers about a month later cos she said she couldn't stand not rubbing her eyes but for vainity's sake, I shall not rub mine and not rubbing your eyes is good for you anyway. But in case you'd like to get your lashes done, here're Miss B's tips to maintaining it and keeping them fresh for as long as possible....

Lash Extension Do's and Don'ts:
  • Avoid contact with water for the first 2 days after getting your lashes done. The lash extension lady told me that she would avoid splashing water onto her face for the first 2 days to allow the extension glue to really set in nicely. She said the glue takes about 4 hours to totally dry off so if you can't stand not splashing your face with water for 2 days, wait at least 4 hours or more....
  • You CAN splash water on your face or even stick your face in the shower but just don't rub it and once out of the shower, dab off the water with towel immediately cos water weakens the glue. But it's of course best to not excessively splash water all over them...
  • Switch to a non oil-base cleanser/make-up remover. It's okay to use oil cleanser still but if it gets to the lashes, it weakens the bond in the glue and it means your lashes won't last as long, so if you must use oil cleanser, try not to get it into the lashes
  • To wash face and remove make up, apply remover as usual and then use cotton wool or facial tissue to wipe off make up and you can use cotton buds to remove make up that's close to the lash line if you wear eyeliner. I personally feel there's no need to wear eyeliner cos the extension gives it a very dark hue...but if I wear eye shadow, I'll still use cotton bud to clean off the eye area thoroughly
  • You can definitely swim. Just wear goggles
  • If you get crusty sleepy dust stuck on your lashes, you can use toothpicks to pick it off, just make sure you don't tear it through the lashes or it'll damage the extension. If it's stubborn, apply warm damp towel to the area to soften it before removing it by gently wiping it off
  • Don't sleep with your face down on the pillow cos it'll mess up all the lashes! Erm....not to mention you'll suffocate too but I do know girls who sleep like that and actually wake up and not die...
  • Choose an extension that's suitable for you. My lash technician said if you have rounder and bigger eyes, you can get away with thicker and longer and more dramatic extension, if your eyes are smaller, opt for something less dramatic unless you're ready to slap on lots of eye make-up too. So the bigger your eyes, the more dramatic the extension can be
  • Be careful when you pull your clothes over your face when you get dressed. Ensure they don't drag the lashes out or there's no button or dangly bits to accidentlly catch the lashes cos I got mine pulled down and ripped out on the edges while trying on a tight dress...not funny cos I went to work with uneven lashes the next day....
  • There're two type of extensions: the natural and the "barbie doll". Natural ones use finer strands and is great if you want to achieve that "just applied mascara" look but then the natural looking ones don't last as long. Barbie doll lashes are more dramatic and it looks good when you photograph and they're harder and will last longer. The Barbie Doll lasts about a month and you'll probably need touching up after, depending on how careful you are with them. Sometimes they can last even longer if you maintain them well. Natural ones might require touching up after 2 to 3 weeks
  • Try not to do the extension too close to the inner edges of the eye cos those areas tend to get very scratchy with extension. Ask the technician to not get too close in or you'll have to put up with the scratchy feelings for about 2 or 3 days or longer...I got my done quite far in the first time and I went back to ask the lady to remove some on the inner edges to make the wear more comfy....
  • NEVER attempt to remove the lash extension by yourself cos you'll end up pulling all your natural lashes out unless you want to achieve the bald eyelid martian look. Go back to the technician cos they have special remover to soften the lashes for easy removal
  • If it's your first time, choose something shorter first cos you might not get used to the sudden dramatic effect. I got the full set of barbie doll lash the first time and had a bit of a shock and had to ask the lady to trim it down. But after awhile, I get used to it....
  • You don't need to wear mascara or curl it (strangely quite a few people ask me this)
So there you have's seriously addictive to me...cos like I mentioned in my old post, I look half-human instead of half-dead when I wake up in the morning and without make up saves lots of mascara and eye make up time too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breakfast surprise!

I found this cute, hand-written/drawn note in my breakfast bag!! Hidden among the bananas and yogurt! What delight! Mushy I know....but too cute.....and this morning, I had my yogurt with the "Sfork" Spoon+Fork=Sfork...oh and it's got a jagged edge you can use as a knife too...though not a sharp one for sure....Ah Meow's got one in orange and I've been thinking it's a very nifty office supply and I found one at Robinsons last's just $3.95. Good buy...mine's in pink of course....

It's mid-week wednesday only.....2 more days to go before weekend....things to do this weekend:
Eyelash touch up (hopefully...cos the inner corner's falling out)
Acupuncture on Sunday
Spring clean all vainity products
Spring clean wardrobe (to make space for BB)
Spring clean fridge (mom and sis left tons of rubbish in there, I already threw out half the contents and it's still very full)
Find auto pet feeder
Cook Japanese Curry

Right now, I need to go for early lunch to prep for lunch time seminar...gotta buy 4D too....I thought of a number yesterday while on the bus and then I looked out of the window and saw the numbers on the car plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doily hearts and lights

So pretty.....doily hearts lights!! It's definitely something I can make myself cos I just need to find the lights and then the paper doilies and then string them all together...very clever......I'm contemplating painting my room soft pink and was discussing with BB about it last night but then it seems like such a big hassle to have to shift all the stuff out of my room and if you've seen my room, you know you wouldn't wanna do it cos there's too much clutter and too much stuff to move :s

I'm very sleepy now.......managed to wake up early but I need to scotch tape my eye lids up really.....Mr Bond was meowing nonstop last night and he woke BB up like 348397934803 times and BB woke up grumpy......and it's only bloody tuesday........*yawn*.......

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Men You Don't Want To Meet

I've been the official Agony Aunt for a bunch of my friends for awhile already and man, I'm a pretty damn good one who specialises in relationship and assholes issues. Why? Cos I've got really good track record of "crash n burn" and I've met endless assholes/jerks/losers/wankers and I've met enough of them to know what they'll do or the tricks people use in the dating games and so that gives me pretty good license to dish out relationship advice....The other day, I was talking to my girl friend about her romantic misadventure with a guy who seemed to be shopping around for a girlfriend while stringing her along and it sucks to know that nice girls like my friend were treated that way and I said to her that she must meet someone decent next and adopt a no rubbish and no assholes approach and suddenly, it dawns on me that I really should write a post about the kind of men you should avoid like the plague! So here you go....

Miss B's list of 10 Men You Don't Want To Meet

1. Mr I'm-not-over-my-ex
They come disguised as someone who's over their ex-es but they're not! And he doesn't even have to be just freshly out of a relationship cos I dated a guy during my uni days who was totally not over his ex despite they've broken up for some time already. Not only did he talk constantly about her, he even used to compare me with his ex and say stuff like "Oh she (the ex) would never do this" or "Oh she loves this color of nail polish too" (I still remember this very vividly...he said it while we were in Guardian Pharmacy....the one in Ang Mo Kio).....And stupidly, I put up with him for 1.5 was the worst 1.5 year cos my self-esteem took such a bad beating after being compared to someone whom he was pining over......If you sense that he's not over his ex, leave.

2. Mr Jealous-possessive-and-bad-temper
It's normal to be jealous but extreme jealousy is bad news cos it means the guy's so insecure that he's got a bit of a psychotic edge. One guy I dated got so damn jealous when I went out for a drink with a guy friend whom I've introduced him to (to make him more comfortable...well, didn't work obviously). He made me go drinking with him the next day on an empty stomach. Naturally, being a loser drinker who once got a concussion from passing out with too much drink, I got tipsy after one drink on an empty stomach and I said I needed to go home cos I was feeling ill...jealous boy got so peeved that while driving home, he angrily jerked the car to a stop in the middle of the road on a hissy fit!!! WTF!? I got a whiplash and when I finally got home, I was puking and he pushed me to the toilet floor saying "How come you can drink with your guy friend but when you drink with me, one drink and you want to go home and now you're puking?"....WTF!!!!!!! So yes, no Mr. Jealous-and-bad-temper please!!!

3. Mr I-have-a-soft-spot-for-you-but-I-have-a-girlfriend/wife-whom-I'm-about-to-breakup-with
A mouthful I know....but yes, avoid these men cos until they really end their relationship with their girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend/others, you'll forever be waiting and no, they'll never leave the other woman cos they have a soft spot for them too. So you lose. Go find better.

4. Mr Fair Weather
Well, they only want to have a good time with you but once you start to have problems and issues, they bolt or they get nasty and don't want to talk about it and become unreasonable. They're a sweetheart as long as things are rosy, nice and dandy. But cue in problem, they ex-bf of mine was having exams and during his revision period of about a week (or was it 10 days? whatever), I fetched him dinner every night, going out of the way to some of the not-so-convenient places to buy his favorite food after work every night while patiently waited for his exam to be over so he could spend time with me. Then after his last paper, he called to say he's taking the bike to the workshop instead and won't spend any time with me. Naturally I was upset but the moment I got upset, READ: issue/problem, he got even more upset and unreasonable, saying I'm trying to ruin his day....nice...very nice....Oh...another fair weather guy was so damn devoted initially, needing to see me everyday and all but then I started having some problems at work that got me quite depressed. I told him about feeling really down and all and suddenly, he totally disappeared into thin air without so much of a proper "dumping process" long as you smile sweetly at him and not flare up or have any issues or complaint, you'll have a great well if you're a robot

5. Mr Violent
Violence=Bad. 'Nuff said...but I feel sorry that some women can't break out of abusive relationship and also, abuse doesn't have to be just can be emotional too. That Mr I'm-not-over-my-ex I mentioned earlier was emotionally abusive too...he told me in my face that "Oh I'll never do more for you than I did for my ex" blatantly hurtful....and I was young and stupid and I put up with it....and it sucked when he was filling up lucky draw form for me and put his ex's birthday on the if you put up with rubbish like that, you're letting yourself get emotionally abused....

6. Mr I'm-shopping-around-and-want-to-date-others-while-still-having-you-here
This is exactly what happened to my girl friend and happened to me too of course....the whole "I like you but I'm not sure and let's see how it goes but let's also see other people" thing is plain rubbish. If you have been dating for awhile and if you still wanna tell me that kinda stuff, well, then you obviously aren't that into me...move on, don't waste time.

7. Mr I'm-just-outta-relationship-and-don't-want-anything-serious
Okay, he just got his heart broken and is starting to date again and you're probably the first or second girl he's dating and he told you he's not really into anything serious but isn't gonna shun the idea of having a committed relationship if it goes well too. You know, the whole look-and-see approach? Well, I'm telling you, when you meet guys like that, run for the hills. Cos these men aren't ready at all for anything real. If you're after a good casual time without much commitment, then fine, but if you want a committed relationship? Next better player please! Cos they're just enjoying singlehood for now and not ready enough....

8. Mr Unsure/Unstable Career
He might not be jobless or anything extreme but it might be a case of whether he's gonna stay in the same country or take on any job that might impact the possibility of a relationship. It's true that men can't multi-task and they can only do and focus on one thing at a time. So if he focusing on making an important career decision and you're just starting to date him, well, then you gotta know that you'll never be his priority. His job is....and since you've just started dating, then chances are you won't be much of a deciding factor in his decision making....

9. Mr Lying Asshole
Well, it's really obvious but they can be so damn slick to make you fall head-over-heels in love with them....they tell you they miss you and you're the only one but actually they have a harem out there! And they'll never admit there's someone else and you never catch them red-handed or find evidence of them with someone else. He's a master of keeping all the girls out of sight of each other. They see you once every 2 weeks and once every week if you insist and look for them, otherwise, you're on rotational duty until he has gone through the rest of the girls and he finally calls you 2 months after you last met him....but they'll cleverly do just enough to keep you there in between, like texting you sweet nothings, or calling you just to say they miss you but they never pin down a proper day to have a proper date with you...everything's ad advice: Run for the hills....they're very bad news

10. Mr I'm-so-in-love-with-myself
It's another word for selfish...they can be perfect in every sense, except that they're just too self-centered and self-obsessed and they do everything THEY want and never think about whether you want it or consider your needs...some men are like that. The type that'll give you the non-creamed side of the Oreo if you twist one cheating bastard I dated is so selfish that when he picked up the laudry out of the washing machine to hang, he only took his and left mine in there....and he would not share his food with me etc. Men like that would never be able to really love you and should be destined to be alone....and you see one, you shun one....

So here you got it. Men to avoid!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I love Pink but I would love a room with lots of pink even more....I've never had a pink room and I really wonder if I'll ever get nice and dreamy I wanna be in there the whole day.....

So nice.........

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Identity

I'm a lucky girl cos my BB is a sweetheart and he would fetch me little surprises like flowers and stuff and the other day, he got me Hello Kitty candy tin and stickers! It's lovely!

It's sweet that BB knows that I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty and I really appreciate the fact that he's got me on his thoughts all the time and will bring me little things. BB said I don't have to thank him cos these are small things but really, it's the small things that matters....but I'm super proud of the fact that BB is one of those men who can tell fake Hello Kitty from real Hello Kitty!!! Especially when there're quite a bit of fake Hello Kitty knock-offs around...I went online to search for some pictures of fake Hello Kitty but I can't seem to find it......anyway, how I wish I work somewhere near a shopping mall so I can bring home something cool for BB sometimes....right here, I can only get stuff like surgical masks, syringes and bandage....hmm...not very sexy....Oh....but the Hello Kitty candy's not that great tasting though...but who cares...I love the tin...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lusty Leica

OMFG.......who do I have to screw around with to get my little hands on these??
Hermes x Leica = Wet dream.......

Day Care Center....for skin

Okay, now this is the Part Deux of Miss B's Skincare Routine du Jour.....

Step 1:
Cleanse....with Ettusais Pore Care creamy lather....Now this is the 3rd time or so that I write about this product but then Jason has just bought it yesterday and he's telling me he loves it's good stuff...

Step 2:
Estee Lauder Idealist....I didn't buy this but my mom gave it to me cos she bought it and she's allergic to it. It's supposed to help refine your skin and minimise pores and is to be used before moisturizer. Thing is, I don't think it visibly transform the skin but I do like its light velvety texture. But I doubt I'll buy it once I use it for now, I'm trying to finish it off...well, this is about the Skin Care of the moment right?

Step 3:
Sana Soy Milk Face Essence....available from Watsons and Sasa....Since I've discovered its wonderful face lotion, I've decided to try the essence and I'm using it in the morning instead since I have tons of serum to use at night. It's light and supposed to help brighten skin with its whitening property while maintaining skin's moisture balance......Not too bad cos it's got a pretty nice texture and its not sticky too

Step 4
Ettusais Eye Zone Massage Essence....this is my eye cream for the's not a cream cos it's a very light weight gel and you just need a wee bit and it spreads well. You're supposed to massage it in your eye and it helps to get rid of eye bags and dark gets absorbed really well to leave a non-sticky, non-greasy after's really good for the day but for me it's a bit too light for the night

Step 5
Sana Soy Milk Make Up Base....Yet another kick-ass product from the Sana Soy Bean range! It's a makeup base with SPF 19 PA++. So it's two-in-one, sun protection and makeup base. I don't feel that the makeup stays on longer but then it's humid Singapore I live in. Good thing is, it does keep my skin moist and it prevents the makeup from getting's good even if you just use it as a sun block

So here you go...the day routine for my skin....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goldie Oldies!!

Under the influence of Ah Meow (cos she asked me to help her get the dead singer, Danny Chan's, CD collection in Hong Kong), I somehow got into a Canto nostalgia mood earlier and suddenly thought of all the classic Canto pop songs of the early 80s that very much defined the ching-chong music choices of my childhood!! Ohhh those good old days! And the four key singers that epitomize the golden 80s era have got to be Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam and Danny Chan.

clockwise from top left: Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Danny Chan, Alan Tam
Oh dear, it's so damn telling of my age but then they're the ultimate and I've found some of their good stuff on you tube! I've chosen ONE song per artist and it's the song I remember them by....ohhhh my childhood.....I remember back then it's usually split between two camps of either you're an Alan Tam or Leslie Cheung fan and I was Team Leslie! And Leslie Cheung was my favorite then because he looked very much like my grand father (I should go do a picture-to-picture comparo) and his songs kick ass (I remember my Uncle Vincent made me dance to his songs while I visited him in Singapore and I was dancing like a psycho). And then I love Anita Mui too and I can sing most of her old songs hahahaha!! But the sad thing is....3 out of 4 of these singers are dead :( Alan Tam was the only surviving one....Danny Chan killed himself (I used to have a crush on him cos he's cute), Anita Mui died of Cervical Cancer, and Leslie Cheung killed himself......sigh....but nonetheless, here are the good songs from on to listen....

Anita Mui
赤的疑惑 (translate: the doubt of red)

Leslie Cheung

Alan Tam
愛在深秋 (translate: Love in Autumn)

Danny Chan
偏偏喜歡你 (translate: I JUST like you)....Ah Meow loves this...and she hums to it a lot

Just an end note on something funny....during my Golden Triangle Drug tour....I overheard a conversation between a mom and her 8-year-old daughter from this other family and it's quite funny.....

Daughter: Mom mom! I got Eason Chan's songs on my mobile you like Eason Chan?
Mom: He's so-so...okay I guess
Daughter: Then what kind of singers do you like?
Mom: Well, the ones I like are dead though...
Daughter: Huh? Like who?
Mom: Like Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung and Danny Chan
Daughter: Oh, so it means if Eason Chan is dead, you'd like him more?
Mom: -_-

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


See that little German flag? That got me curious....

Last night I was horrified. I went to my blog and I saw on my traffic livefeed that there's a German flag and I was curious what the German reader was reading on my blog. I wonder if it's the movie and music reviews, beauty reviews or other rants that the person was interested in. So I thought, yeah, I'll go in and see the live feed on what the person's reading or what the person searched for that got directed to my blog cos the live feed thing shows what the person read or searched for.....and HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what the person was searching for!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK!!!!
OMFG! The sick German searched for "horny dutch grannies" and it got directed to my blog cos two days ago I put up a post about a very cool 69-year-old DJ Granny and the word "Granny" must have got captured! this is one of those sick people who look at porn that probably took advantage of old grannies with senile demantia or something...what is wrong with these people????? I told BB and he was shocked and tried to make it all sound better by saying that perhaps it's some old 60-year-old grandpa? But noooo, it can't be cos knowing men, they'll still look at nubile young 20-year-old with giant rubber's so gross.....eeeewwwww!!!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

View From Above...

Whenever I'm on a flight, I wonder what're the real reasons for "Please stow all baggage under the seat or in the overhead compartment, stow your table tray, put your seat upright and window shades up" thing during take off and landing......thing is, I know the whole drill is supposed to help you escape the cabin as quickly as possible by not creating clutter and blockage but then I'm just not too sure about the windown shades thing...why must it be up? So to find out, I asked my good old Uncle Josh on msn who used to be an SQ boy....

B: Eh you last time SQ right, ask you something. How come whenever during landing and take-off, they'll make you put the bag under the seat, then get your seat upright and then the window shades up? You know they wouldn't even let me hold on to my Alexa okay...poor bag gotta go under the seat damn it....

J: ok..basically whatever they tell you to do before take-off and landing is to make sure if the plane can get outta the aircraft as fast as possible. So the trays must be stowed, seats upright..bags stowed to clear all possible walkways. As for the window to make sure if anything can see wat's for example..if there's a fire outside your side of aircraft, they will direct u elsewhere lor..

B: Orh so meaning take-off and landing time are the most likely time to crash and lang-ga then?

J: Ah but then???
   You in the air crash and lang-ga with what?

B: But if it's mid air and mid flight and your bag is on your lap or all over the floor then you also die no? Cos walkway blocked or whatever. And can't it be mechanical fault? And anyway, most of the time air crash isn't during landing and take-off no?

J: Miss Cheung, ms cheung..mid flight you run outta the cabin to where?
if mid air..still need aircraft to land before you go out..
and from 30k ft to the ground still got time to prepare everything..
so mid flight no need to do all those..

Hahaha...I see!!!! And as you can see, I'm not that smart, totally forgetting that you have nowhere to escape mid-air...but Uncle Josh said I'm not the only moron who asked the same question....this question is often asked during SIA training...LOL...the msn conversation then continued...

J: n please lor..we ask the passengers to do all those and already so many people complain and do begrudgingly liao..can u imagine if they make people do all that throughout the entire flight?

B: Ya, I guess if it's mechanical fault mid air, you're probably gonna crash and die anyway

J: Ah like that they'd better let you keep the table tray down so you can write your last words


Monday, March 08, 2010

Granny Inspiration!

How cool is this!!!! I want a granny like this so I can go party with! DJ Granny! This is how I'd love to be when I'm 69!!!

La Skincare Routine....

A couple of my peeps been buying the skincare stuff that I've recommended lately (aka the Ettusais Pore Care Wash, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum)...and two of them asked me so what exactly is my skincare routine like....well it changes according to the products I'm using/trying...but right now...this is the Night Skincare for the you go....

Step 1:
Makeup Removal with La Roche Posay Cleansing Milk....I have lash extention so I've stopped using oil based makeup remover and it works since I don't wear water proof mascara anymore. But if you do and are looking for a cheap and good oil based makeup remover, use the one from Za (available at Watsons). It's pretty awesome and it also cleanses out clogged pores if you massage well. It's just as good as the one from Shu Uemura but at a fraction of the price

Step 2:
Cleanse with Ettusais Pore Care Wash....It's double cleansing and some people said it's not necessary but for me I do it cos I need it to feel clean but if you have sensitive skin, you can actually skip this and just rinse with water

Step 3:
Softening with Ettusais Version Up....I normally use toner and I use Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Toner but then recently I was given the Ettusais Version Up sample to try and I like it. It's a softening lotion that preps your skin by softening the outer layer (or the horny layer...yes, it's really called the horny layer) to aid better absorption of skincare you apply after. Thing is, if your skin is dehydrated, the horny layer is usually thicker and harder and because of that, things you apply don't get absorbed as easily cos the hard outer skin is a bit like a hinderance for the skincare to go in. So once you soften the skin with a softening lotion, the goodies you apply after get sucked into the skin easier and more effectively...I now skip the toner and stick to this instead and it's been working well....the only drawback is that it's a bit sticky and not as fresh as a toner...but then since I apply stuff after that, it's fine I figure

Step 4:
Moisturizing with Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant Serum....This is my magic serum! If I must choose only ONE and ONLY ONE skincare to use and nothing else. This would be IT. Cos like I've mentioned before, this is the ONLY skincare that VISIBLY improve my skin...since I have pretty okay skin, most products don't dramatically improve my skin cos it's been decent to begin with. But with this serum, not only does it moisturizes, it also helps tighten the pores and my skin texture got smoother and the pores got smaller too...the antioxidant must be working well and the texture is so very light and it gets drink up by the skin real quick to leave a clean non-greasy feel. Even men would appreciate it, knowing that they're so afraid of stuff that have the slightest tinge of sticky feel. My BB has been using it almost every night now and he doesn't complain...

Step 5:
Nourishes with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair....It's a new stuff that I bought cos people rave about it. So I just add it to my routine and hope that it'll make me pweeety....I haven't used it long enough to swear by it but thus far, it's okay and I shall be patient. But I do have friends who swear by here to read more about what I wrote previously

Step 6:
Eye care with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eyecream....Okay, this is because I bought the special Estee pack that comes with the Repair serum and the eyecream so I'm using it now. No complaint but no magic either. Not like my panda eyes miraculous disappear but then it's quite moisturizing and rich and that's what I need cos I have dry skin. You just need to use very little but if you have oilier skin, it might be too rich for you though....alternative for oilier skin I would recommend Fancl Restful Eye Gel or Ettusais Eye Massage Essence

So that's's my beauty non-secret....Oh, I normally use the Decleor Face Oil but then cos I'm using two serum on my face now, I skip it. But if my skin gets dry, I'll use the face oil but right now, if my skin still feels parched after all these, I'll slap on a bit of the Sana NamerakaHonpo Milk Lotion aka the soy milk here if you're interested to know more...great for people who want light moisturizer....

Okay, that's all for now....Day Routine maybe later.....

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mister MoMo Cheung

Mr Bond better not be reading this on his erm, "Blueberry" smart phone cos I'm putting up pictures of my erm....feline "brother" Momo Cheung....

Yes he's my brother...cos my mom treats him like a son and my mom would say "Oh momo, go to your big sister (ie. me)!"
He used to be more spoilt and stuck up but then as he grows older, he seems more social and would come ask me to rub his belly.....but then OGT still isn't convinced and would say "ewww" every tiem I show her a picture of momo...Trust me, momo is much better these days.....cute but still, my Mr Bond is ultimately the best cat!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Funny Youtubes....

Someone once commented saying that I have the funny and amusing collections of youtube videos and then I decided to compile some of funny stuff I've seen for you guys to watch. So here you go!

Now this one is by some crazy funny Scandanavian group in the 70s...oh the dance...the dance!!!

Okay, here's one with some models falling down on the's quite funny....ouch...sorry but I can't stop laughing.....

Remember Terry Crew? No? He's the black guy in the movie White Chicks and he's on this funny sitcom called My Wife and Kids acting as a personal trainer and his training? Wacky!

Peter Chao!!! He does the best and funniest Hongkie accent!!!! I watch him a lot! Tons of peeps probably hate him but lots love him including moi!!!

Now here's Euro trash at its best! The Austrian pop trio Gunther and The Sunshine Girls' Sun Trip MTV.....soooo bloody cheesy! It's not a spoof! I know it looks like but it's not...they're for real! Check out the last bit where he said "ohhh I'll always be topless for you!"....LOL

Ohhhh have you seen the Indian Superman??? He hangs out with Spider Woman apparently and they dance real cool!
Check out his very elaborate dance move at about 1:17 minute...I laugh every time I see it...

Here's not exactly a funny one but a super duper cool's Pankun the Chimp and his side-kick James! This super duper smart Chimp knows how to make udon...don't believe? Watch it...and be wowed...

Friday, March 05, 2010

Inspirations and Muses

Glorious Miu Miu heels.......for someone who lives in flats, I would wear these...gorgeous! So precious!

YSL SS '10 Peter Pan collar.....fresh, clean and with a hint of masculine charm


Yummy colored Paul n Joe cosmetics....I don't buy them but I ogle at them


Not Mr Bond....but some Bond-lookalike/wannabe with a cute bambi....can't be cuter

NYC street-style...what I would wear in the cold...I even got the same Alexa bag

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Feline Model

I wonder when will Mr Bond be able to do this and pose like that.....awwww so cute! Mr Bond wants to date her!

SG vs PRC?

BB once mentioned that someone he knows is super critical of the Chinese nationals in Singapore (often known as "PRCs")...well the locals indeed aren't exactly the most welcoming when it comes to PRCs cos PRCs are supposedly: 1) Rude 2)Loud 3)Uncultured 4)Unrefined 5)Money-grabbing and cunning 6)Uneducated 7) country pumpkins 8)Dirty and doing stuff like throwing used sanitary pads out of window 9) Spit everywhere, and 10)___________(insert negative adjective of choice)

BB didn't get why the locals are so anti-PRCs .....thing is BB hasn't been to China yet, so I said if he takes a trip to China, he'll: 1)experience super filthy toilets with no doors decorated by poo-smeared floor (Ah Meow went to one with used sanitary pads all over the cubicles in Ha'rbing) 2)get nudged and pushed without apologies 3)need to shout real loud just to get stuff done like ordering a few char siew baos for example (Ah Meow can attest to this too)'s just the culture in China and that's what got all the prejudice and bigotry started. Can't be blame though, considering the fact that I've personally been to a toilet cubicle which was essentially a drain without door the last time I was there with my family and I was stupid enough to use the last cubicles and I literally saw poo floated pass :S So if you ever find yourself in need to use the drain toilet, do not go to the last one!

I'm somewhat prejudiced myself and I admit I do have some preconceptions about PRCs and I do think there are indeed quite a lot of rude PRCs (but I'm not anti-PRCs cos I have a few PRC friends and they're nice)..... however, what got me thinking is that well, local Singaporeans love to wag their fingers and diss PRCs for being uncouth and uncultured but have they actually thought about whether they, the local themselves, are really that refined and cultured?

Cos while doing my daily newspaper monitoring a couple of days ago, I saw a reader wrote into My Paper (2 March 2010) expressing her disappointment in rude Singaporeans. I immediately showed Ah Meow and we both agreed that there're in fact, a hell lot of very rude Singaporeans out there! The reader said she got rudely dissed at in Holland Village Coffee Bean by a bunch of smoking teenagers who were blocking the door way as her husband nicely told them to move and then some road rage woman who didn't signal cussed "Fuck" (I'm assuming it's fuck cos she said 4-letter word...but could be c#%t...hmm) at her despite being in the wrong....

And it's TRUE! There're really a hell lot of uncouth and rude Singaporeans out there! In fact, all the rude shit I've experienced so far are mainly locals!!!! I remember some redneck (un)gentleman snatched my cab and when I said to him "Excuse me but that's my cab!" and he mumbled "Bitch" and went off....WTF????? Seriously???? And don't get me started with all those rude aunties with long pointy toe nails who would push you around the MRT just to get a seat or men, yes men!, who dash into the door without a word of thanks as I, the girl, yes, the girl (you know the gender with a vijayjay?), am holding the door open....ohh...or the people in the buses and trains that fall asleep instantly on cue the moment an old frail grandma walks in? In fact, the dashing-in door man thing and sleeping on cue on public transport trick happen very often.... my point is, Singaporeans are not the most courteous bunch....and please don't say stuff like "Oh but we're so much better compared to the mainland Chinese" cos if you do the downward comparison, you can never get better cos that's the loser way of comparing....let's face it, if Singaporeans are really so damn socially graceful, then why the hell do the government need to come up with a national courtesy campaign, completed with "Singa" the courtesy lion??? That says a lot I think....and it's really quite lame....
Good old Singa the Courtesy Lion is the pot calling the kettle black or what? I really wonder.....


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