Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes, I'm very bilingual!

Couple of days ago, I was doing my news monitoring duty and I was scanning through the Chinese papers and my COO walked past and said "Wow, I didn't know you can read Chinese! So amazing you!" I smiled but at the back of my head I was thinking "What so amazing? For god's sake, I've never gotten anything less than an A for my Chinese and I got an A for my Specialised Writing in Chinese in Uni and I've been translating ad and press releases copies at work forever!"....I don't get it. I dunno why so many people think that I can't read or speak Chinese. Okay fine, my spoken Mandarin isn't the best in town but I dare say my written Chinese definitely worth its salt and I'm good enough to publish! I was told that I look like someone whose Chinese suck and when I was in Uni, I remember a uni mate saw that I got an A for Specialised Writing in Chinese and said "Oh I'm so gonna take it cos if Miss B can get an A, it's probably very easy!"....WTF! I'm offended!

Anyway, thing is, I do notice there're quite a number of local Chinese who take pride in being lousy in both spoken and written Chinese. Like it's something cool cos it means that they're not "ching chong" or "cheena" becos it's perceived more cool to be English-speaking. OGT agrees that yes there're a lot of them out there and in fact, some of her friends are super proud of not being effective with Chinese cos being lousy in Mandarin and Chinese means they're under the "Ang Moh Pai" (English gang) and thus it means they're cooler and every Chinese speaking individual is beneath them.

I simply don't understand why being not fluent in Chinese is something to be proud of. It's simply shallow cos I think it's way cooler that I'm effectively bilingual and that both my English and Chinese language ability is just as good. And being fluent in Chinese doesn't make me "ching chong" and what's wrong with being "ching chong" anyway? In fact, I totally embrace my Chinese heritage and I still read Chinese books and magazines. And in retrospect, I'm grateful for my strict Chinese class training cos now, I'm more marketable becos I'm able to write and speak Chinese effectively. So there you have it, I'm very very proud of the fact that my Chinese is excellent and if that makes me "ching chong", then be it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pore Vacuum

Stricken with a couple of zits on my nose and looking like Rudolf, I panicked and needed to do a proper clean up for all the clogged pores before it gets worse.... I've bought a tube of Sana Hot Gommage which is a warming hot gel that helps unclogged pores and suck out impurities and it's only about $18. And like most Sana products, this one is awesome too!
You squeeze a bit of the grey black cream and smear it on your nose or wherever (it says to be used on your nose area but I use it on my forehead and chin too), then you wet your hand and rub it all over the cream and it simply heats up the skin! Then you rise it off. It's great and the cream's got grainy feel to exfoliate. And done. Thing is, it really helps clean out the pores cos I was squeezing the clogged pores just before using this and then after I used it, the little dirt and white head popped out a lot more easier. So this is gonna be a new favorite of mine! Remember to moisturize well after though cos it's a wee bit drying but then it's worth getting the dirt out! I'm gonna use it once a week from now on!

Monday, June 28, 2010

New Read!

Ohhh meet Michi! She's fabulous! The famous Aussie fashion blogger (check out her blog here) has finally come out with a book and it's gorgeous! I've been long following her blog for awhile now and when I saw this beautiful fabric-covered book from here, I grabbed it without thinking twice and later I knew it's an awesome choice when Ah Meow was laughing and giggling as she read it.

Michi girl is super witty and she talks of fashion, beauty, weather and all things in between in a very humorous way that fashionably cynical and irreverent . I simply love her sense of humor and she's got me in stitches all the time.... And the book is full of lovely water color/crayon/color pencil paintings iconic to her blog and how I love turning the pages! It's my current muse for sure! And it's one of those books you keep randomly flipping....Michi Girl is love!

Oh by the way, I'm on leave today on a Monday! It's awesome!!!!! Some people love to take leave on Friday but I'm all for taking leave on Monday cos Friday's always a bit of a semi-serious work day so it's a bit more worth it to take Monday cos it's a day everyone dreads...haha...And I'm looking forward to facial at Bliss Spa later at 2pm and after that, lash appointment to fix the lashes! Today is a pampering day! Woot! 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zit Zapper

Boohoohoo! Woe is me cos I got a couple of zits from the work stress! A couple on the forehead, then one big, deeply buried one on the tip of my nose that makes me look like Christmas has come early and Rudolf is in the house :(

But the good thing is, I've discovered that the Ettusais Homme Medicated Acne Clear Spots is quite an awesome zit zapper! I was simply using BB's Acne Clear Spots and I realized it works better than the lady's version. The beauty consultant did mention that it's a stronger version for guys but I think I like this more cos it's more effective. Okay, of course the zit doesn't miraculously disappear the next day but it definitely looks less angry and red before it goes away in a couple of days. Thumbs up! Meanwhile, I'll just have to wait for the zits to go away...feel so ugly now :( So sad....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Awwwww so sweet!

I have no choice but to post this super cute and super kawaii clip of a mommy cat adopting a baby bunny!!! A nice warm fuzzy youtube to end the week! Have a great weekend people!

Red Flags

I was playing Aunt Agony to a girl friend of mine and she's having some trouble with her new "date". She said "date" and not boyfriend cos they're supposed to be dating each other exclusively but they're not at a stage where they'd introduce each other to as "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" to their friends and now she's in a bit of a dilemma cos the guy seems to be showing a bit of early warning signs that he might still be keeping his options open cos he's been getting very frequent emails from his "new friends" who are all female. Thing is, they met online and my friend's kinda worried that he might still be chatting with other girls despite that he's already taken his profile off the dating yeah, my friend's kinda disturbed and she asked if it's a "red flag" situation. I said...possibly but I guess it's a bit too early to judge cos she'll probably have to wait and observe it a bit more to see how it all pans out...But it got us talking about some of the early red flags warnings for people who're not that serious about you in the early stage of dating ...and let me give you some of the warning signs which are definitely red flags in my book....

Miss B's Red Flag Warning Signs:
  • You're supposed to be dating each other exclusively but still the person doesn't introduce you as "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" to his or her friends or describe what you two have as a "relationship". Okay granted that it's a bit awkward in the initial stage and sometimes it takes a while for the "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" labeling to set in but if it's say 3 months into your "exclusive dating" arrangement and you're still being referred to as "friend" in public or when the word "relationship" is avoided, then red flag!!
  • If he or she is constantly entertaining an influx of "new friends" of the opposite sex (or same depending on your sexual orientation) via text, phone, msn, email etc....It might mean that he/she is sort of telling you it's exclusive but then he/she might not have closed other options and is possibly flirting with others too
  • You guys don't plan your time together and are still randomly meeting and you still go through the "I wonder if he's free this weekend" thing.....or if he/she isn't making plan with you in mind or doesn't quite inform you of his/her's worse when you THINK that you're gonna spend time with him/her but turns out that other plans without you have been made...If you're in a real committed relationship, you plan your time together
  • If you're constantly excluded in his/her outings or get together or party....of course you can't expect to be invited all the time cos there're times when you want private catch up with friends, but if you're always excluded in big groups of get-togethers where people bring their partners along, it's not a good sign!
  • Now you've been staying over at each others' places for some time now but he/she STILL makes you bring all your belongings back each time after you stay the night....warning! Cos I would imagine your partner to make some space for you to chuck your stuff and sometimes
  • He/She isn't very comfortable holding hands or being physically close to you in public...not asking you to make out or snog your lips out till someone shouts "Get a room" but if the person's not comfy with holding your hands in public, it's a warning sign...
  • They withhold information when it comes to going out with the opposite sex (or same, depending on your sexual orientation again)...they wouldn't say a word unless you ask or is kinda dicey when it comes to tell you who the person is. And that happens rather often.....for most of my couple friends, they agree that if they're going out with the opposite sex, they would inform their partners prior to it as a sign of respect and to reassure that it's nothing. 
  • If the person doesn't want you to meet his/her friends, well, warning too......or when he/she wanna keep everything low key cos why so secretive? Very dodgy!
It's about all I can think of right now...some I've experienced myself and some my friend did....but the bottomline is, if you want commitment and the other party's not ready to give, walk off cos life's too short for compromise...yes, I've heard the whole "Oh but I'm not ready now but I might slowly get ready"....well, when they say they're not ready, BELIEVE them and pull back unless you're ready to plunge into a pool of uncertainty to play the waiting game! And I can tell you it's not a fun game you want to get yourself into!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop Don't Panic...

Oh doesn't this Keep Calm and Carry On poster look familiar? Yes, it's the second time I posted this up but it can't be more apt now. The last time I posted it up was in February where I was rushing through major project at work and now, it's the same case again...only it's so much worse this time...

Yesterday, I had the Looooooooooongest meeting of my entire working life...the mother of all marathon meetings and I was stuck in the meeting room working on the same shit from 930am to 9pm. Yes it's a whopping 11.5 hours!! And I never wanted to be shot so much in my life! I was even praying for some arsonist to set fire to the building so we can all leave but no such luck. Scientists say long meetings shorten your life span! And I must have lost at least 5 years of my life yesterday. And things aren't even that completed yet...let's hope there's no fuck-up today....cos it's D-Day...and just as you think that it'll all end today, Noooo, no bloody way cos there's no happy ending to this week cos on Friday, I'll have to work till probably 2am because there's some party/event that I need to cover and it starts from midnight....this is the ultimate FML week in its full glory....BUT, I'm taking a day off on Monday for a breather....I'll book myself a facial, go see my chiropractor to fix my wonky shoulders and neck, and go touch up and fix my scraggly eyelashes....I can't wait...actually I haven't even booked the facial, let's hope there's a slot for me....

And I didn't sleep well last night because the moment I closed my eyes, I saw the bloody meeting room and mentally went through the whole meeting, bits and pieces of it....and it's really tragic....and I feel as if I haven't really slept today now cos the brain didn't switch off....and speaking of shutting down the brain, what do you do to shut your mind? You know some people go home and vegetate in front of the tv, some go for a run etc? I have a couple of things I do...

  • Do a DIY manicure and see, you're so focus on shaping and filing and then painting the nails that you don't really think of other stuff...and if you go a step further and paint french manicure, you gotta be soooo focus not to smudge cos surgical precision almost required and once the paint is on, you take care not to botch it with knocking into things...all you can think of now is nails...perfect...
  • Read magazine....magazine of choice would be trashy's PERFECT cos reading the misfortune or misadventures of Hollywood stars is always therapeutic...okay you might say oh dead but they're human too and what about privacy issue? Darling, if you earn $20million a movie, I WANT your privacy! And if they want privacy, go be a yeah, get lost in the world of celebrities and live through their vicarious lives are great ways to forget work....
  • Obsessively surf the net for specific I'll spend hours surfing on topic of interest like surfing or youtube latest music mtv helps forget work
  • Swim...ideally it's to swim cos it's totally healthy but I'm too yeah, that would be ideal but it rarely happens
  • Cook...oh cooking is therapeutic cos you need to focus and you don't really think of other don't want your fingers chopped off instead of the onion so you focus....well but it rarely happens these days cos I hate washing up
  • Color my hair...DIY of course cos you'll be so busy fussing with the ammonia scented dye and spreading it to make sure you don't botch  it...then you'll have to wash, rinse, condition, dry etc...and then you either muse or bitch about what great/shit color you've got and by the time you finish, you'll be so tired you just go to bed
  • Squeeze blackheads and clear pores....yes, it's insanely therapeutic....
  • Tweeze it eyebrow or need precision and focus...your mind can't think of other stuff like work or you'll have wonky eyebrows...
Hmmm...that's about all I can think of....I wonder what I should be doing tonight....I think tweezing hair might be a good idea....hahahaha....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

My skin has got a new's Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil!

Now, my skin is so damn dry that it's starting to look scaly and these days, even when I furiously rub body lotion or body butter in, the skin is still somewhat dry after awhile and the other day BB pointed out "Oh, how come your skin's so dry?" and it got me all paranoid....well, it runs in the family cos my dad has ridiculously dry skin too. And since moisturizer's not really working too well, I just whipped out the body oil instead and the other time, I bought the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil but I haven't got down to using it until now...and I love skin's loving it too cos the next day, the skin doesn't look that dry and if I use a normal body moisturizer, I'll still get the very dry and scaly look the next this thing is dope! I got the one with Rosehip fragrance cos the original one has got a very strong chocolate smell that doesn't quite agree with me (its body lotion's fine though)...and it's not greasy at all cos it's a dry oil that gets absorbed very quickly so you don't have to worry about the oily feeling cos there's none, just smooth velvety skin! So 2 thumbs up! I'm gonna religiously apply it every night....(I'll try at least...cos I'm so lazy)....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's in the bag???

Don't you sometimes wonder what people carry in their bags? I certain do cos I'm such a curious person and I always think what you carry kinda tell something about you. Yes no maybe? Anyway, I'm a bit bored and uninspired and I took out all the stuff in my bag and took a snapshot of's what in Miss B's beloved Mulberry Alexa!

Ta daaaaa....
From left to right around my Alexa
  • Blue cosmetic pouch (will show you what's in there next...)
  • Turquoise and Metallic Purple purses from Agnes B...I'm not a big fan of big wallets so these two are my wallets....the blue is is all the cash and the purple one all the they don't look like wallets so I think it's less likely to get stolen if someone is to pickpocket me
  • Ettusais Lip Balm....It's not in the cosmetic pouch cos I need it ALL THE TIME....
  • Ayura hand cream....I need to use it more often really....
  • My Blackberry...would die without it...feel sorry for BB cos his blackberry got stolen today at the Japanese restaurant....
  • A metallic purple pen....
  • Rilakkuma key chain with BB's place
  • Gap baby blue and white polka dot EasyLink card holder...courtesy of Jojo
  • Moleskin notebook
  • Nasal spray...sinus
  • blue and one purple...I bloody developed a reaction to general anesthesia after my sinus operation and I now have asthama...fml....One problem solved and another one created...
  • Kitusitanyanko Furry Key Pouch.....keys to my own home
  • Hello Kitty strappy access's great cos the hello kitty head is so big that fishing it out of my bag is easy
  • Drugs...haha...the medicine pouch is aptly named "Dope"...inside I've got Synflex (for migraine), Panadol, Neurofen, Xanax and a tiny bottle of axe oil (very granny yes but I love axe oil)...
And here's what in my cosmetic pouch

  • Oil blotter
  • Shu Uemura Lipstick (limited edition)
  • 2 Ettusais Melty Rouge lipsticks
  • Majorlica Majorca lip gloss
  • Chanel Rouge Allure
  • Za concealer
  • Majorlica Majorca touch up powder
  • Sage Citrine roll on perfume (very nice!)
Not the most exciting I know....But when I see magazines doing spreads of what's in people's bag, the voyeur in me just get glued to the pages and see what they're's just interesting to me...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Me want!

I have one item on my lust list...yes, only ONE now cos I'm a Chinese Jew and it's not bad considering I used to have tons on my lust list...but I think I'm probably gonna buy this...

Hello Lancome Tresor In Love! I've always loved the original Tresor and I remember my grandma gave me a small miniature one when I was in my teens and I used to use it. I just need 2 or 3 drops cos the original Tresor is quite a strong perfume...and when Lancome updated its classic and launched Tresor In Love awhile ago, I've been avoiding it like the plague cos I somehow knew I would want it and yesterday, I relented and took a spritz test and immediately fell in love with it. It's a fresher rendition of the classic but equally romantic and feminine. With elegant top accords of nectarine, bergamot, peach and sour pear, it captures beauty in a sweet and innocent unity. I especially love its middle note of Turkish rose and soft jasmine on a base of cedar wood, creating an intense aroma that allures the senses.  It's love at first sniff! BUT I shall resist and not get it since I'm on a Chinese Jew Regime...let's see how long I can hold this off!

I love you but I'm not in love with you?

I think we've probably heard it more than a dozen times especially on TV or Hollywood films and I bet some of you out there have even used it on someone, but when people say "I love you but I'm not in love with you", it really puzzles me...and mind you, I've been at the receiving end of this statement years ago and I got all broken hearted but then even till now, I still don't quite get how is it possible that you love someone but you're not in love with the does that work? Cos for me, if I'm not in love with the person, I simply don't love the person period.

I've asked a few friends who have used this phrase on someone and after mulling on what they said, it occurs to me that perhaps they're using the word LOVE too loosely. Like a friend of mine fell madly in love with this girl some months back, he told her "I love you" at month #2, was swearing to everyone that she's the one but at month #6, he suddenly told me that somehow it didn't feel the same etc, yeah the usual... and before I knew it, he said he broke up with her saying he loved her but he simply wasn't in love with her. Sad. Then another couple friends of mine, after being together for 2 years and married for 3, they decided to part ways because they're not in love anymore though they love each other. I said how does that work? They said they "love" each other and care for each other deeply and obviously have feelings for each other but they just didn't feel "in love" anymore and after many quarrels, they decided that they're not great as married couple. Then another girlfriend who THOUGHT she loved this guy, then 1 year down the road, she met someone new at work, sparks flew and she split up with her boyfriend cos she and the boyfriend never quite had that kind of sparks she has with the current beau, and that she loved her boyfriend but isn't in love anymore....

I know what? It seems to me that people who use the phrase have got a very warped idea of love and I think they've watched too much Hollywood romantic movies to expect that warm fuzzy "just fell madly in love" feeling to last forever. Once things taper and the honeymoon period wanes, they feel that they're not in love anymore cos that exciting thrill of new love is gone. That definitely sounds more like the case to me for sure.

A very wise friend J once told me that she thinks the "honeymoon" period you have with your partner isn't a real relationship because it's honeymoon and everything is real and exciting. The real relationship only sets in after all the excitement goes off and deeper love and companionship set in and that a lot of people mistook that first blush of love with its heady warm fuzz as real relationship. Oh well said, she makes a lot of sense and she's much younger than I am!

Then I remember when my ex told me he loved me but he wasn't in love with me, I was so heartbroken that my father flew over here to spend some time with me. When I told him that my ex said the feelings have changed, my father said "Well, look, he's just immature because you cannot based everything on feelings. Feelings can't be there all the time. You know when your mom and I got married, I couldn't stand her and there were so many days I woke up without the so-called feelings but did I dump her? No, why? Because marriage is a promise and you stick through it. And after I ride through the bad patch, I've come to really appreciate the marriage, so this whole feeling thing can't be a good gauge and you can't always act on feelings. If one day I wake up and I FEEL depressed and I wanna slash my wrist, do I do it? You don't cos you know you can't just act on feelings and impulse and if people can think that way on simple things, I think they need to learn to think that way on relationship too."

Oh how I love my dad....he said what he said and made everything better cos at that point, I knew he was right and if I hadn't broken up with my ex at that point, he would one day tell me the same thing later anyway cos it's a matter of time...

So thing is, I don't believe that you can truly LOVE someone but not be in love with the person. Otherwise, you're just using the term "love" too loosely and it ain't could be affection or care and concern but it's not love...yes, you can love someone and not be in love with them when it comes to non-romantic love, like I love my sister but I'm obviously not in love with her...but when it comes to romantic love, I don't think that works.....and the whole "I love you but I'm not in love with you" thing is just a way to sweeten the break up deal and alleviate the guilt.....So yeah, I'm not the "I love you but I'm not in love with you" person, I'm the "I love you and I'm in love with you" girl.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I saw this in some proverbs book..but seriously? Gardening? I've definitely not heard of this Chinese proverb!

How about my version....

To be happy for an hour, go for a shopping spree;
To be happy for a year, save some money and quit your job;
To be happy for life, win the million-dollar lottery.

I think my version trumps gardening for sure! What would be your version?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dragon Boat Day!

NEA is probably gonna get fucked because of the flood today...according to HL, the last time Orchard Road flooded so badly was in 1960s and there're many angry people saying that we've got a 3rd world drainage system and OGT had a mini panic attack from the flood cos she's afraid of being trapped in the building without food and couldn't go home.....thing is, there're always torrential rain but I don't understand how come this morning's rain created so much havoc...nonetheless, here're some picture....

Ohhhh time to bring out my leopard prints wellies but I missed the flood cos I wasn't in town...but the most amazing picture is below...scroll down...









LOL!!! Great Photoshop and you know what? Today is the dragon boat public holiday in Hong Kong! How apt!

BP spill coffee

Haha...I found this really good and funny parody that is soooo apt for the whole BP oil spill's hilarious and pretty much quite spot on and accurate to the actual event....was hoping that the main guy in the room would say something like "I want my life back!" or something....

Oh and if you don't understand the Kevin Costner's why...

Skincare routine du jour

As a beauty junkie, my skincare routine changes on a regular basis cos I need to suss out new good products! And since the last time I did a post on my night routine (click here to read the last one), I've since changed some of the items and here are my latest list:

1. Za CleanseMax Makeup Remover
It's cheap and good and removes make up in a jiffy. All you need to do is to apply the gel all over your face, massage well, see the makeup melt and then wipe it off with tissue paper. Super good and did I mention that it's super affordable? I think about 11 bucks or something. It's really quite good. I love it. You actually don't need to rinse your face or double-cleanse...but I do though...haha

2. Ettusais Pore Care Wash
This is quite a favorite and it's super foamy and really cleanses well. A little goes a long way and a bottle lasts forever too. 

3. SKII Treatment Essence
Ahhhh the much acclaimed miracle water....I'm not a regular user but I use it on and off to give skin a boost. I find that stopping it after a while gives a better effect and I alternate this with Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant times I actually feel that the Aesop one works better but like I said, the trick is to not let your skin get too accustomed to the skin product and switch...SKII is good for sure though some people with sensitive skin gets seriously bad breakout from it. I know a person who tried it and got her face all inflamed and she went to the dermatologist to find out that she's not the only one...too bad for her cos it works for mom swears by it too...only drawback is that it stinks...but if u tell me I'll be super beautiful if I smear baby poo on my face, I would do it too...okay, maybe not that extreme but you get the drift...

4. Hakubi C Gel
My latest whitening/spot lightening tool....found this by accident cos I was only intending to buy the Hakubi C tablet but I bought the pack that came with the Hakubi C Gel and well, this one really works, my freckles got lighter very soon after and I feel that my skin got a good glow too! Watery texture that dries up real quickly on your skin without any stickiness. But it's not a moisturizing gel though so you'll still need your regular skincare

5. Hado Labo Hyaluronic Face Lotion
New kid on the block on my skin care list. This one I'm using because I've bought it, it does leave skin soft and supple and it's quickly absorbed into the skin without any greasy feel...I purely add this step cos I have dry skin...but not sure if it really improves the overall water content...but since I got it, use it

6. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
A little goes a long way indeed and I still haven't finished the bottle I bought. Everyone raves about this but I don't think it's got much effect on me nor did I feel my skin improving tremendously. But it can't be that bad either, so yeah, just use it and finish it. Don't waste...But I'm not sure if I'll buy it again. Maybe but definitely not so soon.

7. Himalayan Under Eye Cream
Okay, this eye cream works! And it's cheap! And it's now my favorite eye cream! My dark circles (my main problem) are visibly lighter and it's got a good texture...I've written about it in previous post. Click Here to read

8. Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Cream
I love the texture and scent of this refreshing cream! It's got a very light texture and it absorbs so very well that it leaves almost no traces whatsoever and yes, your skin is more radiant and even toned. Great for dull and tired skin and those with oily and combination skin. But for dry skin, it might be a wee bit too light. But it's a great cream! Click Here to read my previous post 

9. BioEssence Face Lifting Cream
Okay, I've NEVER been a BioEssence fan at all cos I just never like the brand at all. But then a friend insisted that I try their face lifting cream, claiming that it's bloody damn good etc. Fine, I'll give it a shot, and well, it's not that bad. You see, the Triple Oxygen cream is a bit light for my dry skin, so I use this as the last step of my skincare regime cos I have dry skin. I'm worried about skin sagging so this one is probably a good solution for now before I switch to more heavy duty firming product in the future (or botox for that matter!!). I really slather it on for my neck too and it's got a pretty good texture. Absorbs readily by the skin and not oily at all. I made BB use it and he's been using it for about 3 weeks and you  know what? I just told him the other night that his pores seem to have gotten smaller and his skin tone more even. It's true. So it gotta be good cos it's the only skincare that BB has been consistently using, so yup, I don't hate the brand anymore. I kinda like it...oh and it smells like Christmas Pudding too, according to BB...quite a nice comforting smell if you ask me!

So here you go...until the next time I change routine again! If you know any good stuff, TELL ME Please!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To ask or not to ask?

I'm ruled by the dark clouds over my head now and the last couple of weeks. Yes, bad mood swings that haven't surfaced for awhile, at least since last October.....and I'm in a rather gloomy mood so much that it'll make Eeyore appear happy...and thing is, I hate this feeling...who doesn't right? But I hate it even more when I need to ask for things...can  be anything, it can be attention, some form of care and concern, reassurance, things you want, things you want someone to do or anything in general.

I've always had a major problem asking for things because I always think that when you ask for things, it's not genuine...I'm not saying people should read minds but then for instance, if you ask for reassurance, how reassuring is that? Asked-for reassurance isn't at all reassuring is it? Or if you asked for attention or other stuff, they're simply not given to you by free will, so what's the point? And it's a shitty situation cos when I tell someone about the situation and the person gives me what I want, I wouldn't want it anymore cos I'll just think that it's not sincere and the person's just doing it out of obligation, so what's the point? I don't think it's a matter of pride cos some things in life shouldn't be asked for and sometimes me asking for things would make me feel so damn low that it entirely puts me off what I want in the end, especially when the other person reluctantly gives in or feels so pressured that it almost make you feel like you're violating his/her human rights. Complex I know...but then again, I'm almost 100% sure that I'm not the only one....

Some happy pills now would be lovely...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Truth and nothing but the truth?

This is kind of a part 2 of my previous post Cheating? Yes? No? Maybe? cos previously I rant about the boundary that defines what would you consider cheating? A lie? A kiss? Emotional involvement? Or must it include pure sexual penetration to be categorized as cheating?....anyway I've concluded that just because there's no penetration doesn't mean it's not cheating and lying (about other women etc, not your simple "honey you don't look fat in this" kind of white lie) is just like cheating too (cos you think about it, if you cheat, you lie)...And 100% of the girls whom I talked to agree with me....So the conclusion is, men and women have very different definition of what cheating is and men usually think that cheating must involve penetration whereas women consider emotional involvement and lying as cheating.

Now come the next topic. If your boyfriend/girlfriend had a drunken one-night-stand that is a big mistake, would you rather know it? Or do you think ignorance is really bliss? In another words, would you rather your partner lie or withhold information and you happily carry on the relationship not knowing that he/she cheated or would you rather know it, get upset/hurt/angry and then decide whether you'd like to forgive and work on salvaging the damage? This is of course assuming that you're not dumping your partner and want to salvage the relationship....

BB said he would rather lie about it to save the relationship...OGT said the big picture is more important and if it's a genuine mistake, a lie is better....Ah Meow said she wants truth but then can't decide if she wants to know or not and later said she wants to know. Princess said lie. C-lee said she definitely wants to know cos they'll always say it's a mistake cos (verbatim) "He's not gonna bloody say oh yeahhh I waaaaaant herrr!" and C-lee said if he's done it once he would do it again and she doesn't believe it's just gonna be a one-off thing...

I initially said I want the truth to BB but actually, I'm now undecided...cos I can't make up my mind where my stand is. Cos having been cheated on so many times, I know how shitty the heart break feels, it literally feels like your heart being ripped out and the pain stays with you for months and it haunts you. You go through hell and it's something I wouldn't wish on my enemy. So yes, a part of me would prefer to have my heart intact if it really is a genuine mistake. BUT, there's this part of me who thinks that not knowing it feels as if I get conned into living a lie...only that it's one that I have no knowledge about...imagine finding out one day after having lived most of your life thinking that it's a clean record when it's in fact stained? So I really dunno...I'm seriously sitting on the fence on this one....What you don't know won't kill you but it might very well come back to bite you in the back on

I remember one incident many years back. It wasn't about me but it was about this couple I know who's also friends of my then-boyfriend. They're this pair of super staunch catholic who have been saving their virginity for marriage. The lady is a super gorgeous girl and the guy is cute and really very very decent and they were about to get married soon and on his stag night, he apparently went MIA and all the boys couldn't find him. The next day the guy called my ex to tell him that he left the pub with a china girl and they went to a hotel and had sex. He did it 5 times that night with her. My ex told me and we were both shell shocked cos if you know him, you would think he is the last person on earth who would cheat. And he didn't even use a condom! And that sordid affair happened another 2 times before he finally cut it off entirely. I was told that I couldn't breathe a word to the fiancee cos it would mean the relationship is over and it was "just a mistake".

I simply felt so sorry for the fiancee. Of course I never said a thing but I wouldn't want to be in her position too. They did get marry but I think she never found out about the sordid affair. Well, he said it's an honest mistake but I don't think so cos if it happened once, I could still call it a mistake but it happened another 2 times? That's out of the question. I dunno if they're still happily married cos I'm no longer in contact with them (so they're not reading my blog, don't worry), but if they are, I can't help but feel that their marriage is a sham cos they saved their virginity for 7 years (!!!Yes no joke!) for marriage but he had an affair and made the entire marriage and relationship a farce......I would rather be faced with a major heartbreak than live a life of lies...worse when there are other people who knew and she's in the dark....what would you choose? Truth or ignorance? How important is the truth really? What say you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday bribe

Haha...I got dragged to go Funan Center today by BB and we were just there yesterday but BB forgot to buy some cable that he needed, so off we went to Funan yet again....but then today I got bribe cos yesterday I wanted to get a Rilakkuma key chain from the Stationery Superstore at Funan (ohhh I super love that place!!!! If you love cute stationery, you'll love that place! Do check it out!) but being on the Chinese Jew regime still, I didn't and today BB said ok ok I'll buy you the bear thing (rilakkuma key chain) if you go with here it is...

Super cute! I have always loved Rilakkuma cos it somehow reminds me of Mr Bond even though it's a bear. If you have seen the cartoon strip of Rilakkuma, I can tell you Mr Bond has the same kind of postures as Rilakkuma...and I love Rilakkuma cos in Japanese it means "relax bear" (rilak=japanese way of saying "relax" and kuma in Japanese means bear)....Rilakkuma's created to San-X to remind super busy executive to chill and take it easy....I love the concept and in the cartoon strip, he's always seen chilling somewhere and taking a nap with his sidekicks....I've got quite a bit of its notepads at work and even plastic folders...super cute....Oh no.....weekend is ending in approximately 12 I hate it!!!! I'm already getting the Sunday blues....

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ohhhh I've got my little hands on some Ayura products!!!!! Well, they used to be in Singapore and they're by the Shiseido group and I used to LOVE it and when they pulled out of Singapore, I needed prozac cos they have so many lovely products! Their skincare is great but I love their body products even more! So when a friend came back from Japan, I ordered 2 items: Spirit of Ayura Aroma Hand (handcream) and Spirit of Ayura Perfume but then the perfume is out of stock...though I currently still have one that is finishing fast at home...

The one I managed to get hold of...divine....

The one that's out of stock and my current bottle is finishing....I love this!....I'll get it when I go to Japan...hopefully in September/October..

I love the Spirit of Ayura range cos it's got this super nice signature Ayura scent that is so very unique and refreshing and you simply don't smell it anywhere else unlike many other perfume brands out there....It combines the Occidental aromatic herb with the Oriental fragrances such as "sumi", "green tea" and "Dianthus superbus" (erm...dunno what it that...superbus? whatever, it smells nice)....and it's also a very therapeutic scent and I had the incense last time too. And the hand cream is lovely, it's got the same scent and is non greasy and absorbs very quickly! I'm loving mine! 

And I had this leftover product from my stash last time called the Arising's not a shower gel but a nice powdery cologne with a very unique citrus scent that you pat around your neck to awake the senses...think it's been discontinued...quite a shame really....and even a bigger shame that the brand didn't take off here....Nonetheless, check it out Here And if you're in Japan, be sure to try it!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Song of the Day

I've always loved this Japanese song but yesterday Ah Meow sent me again...ohhh love it all over again...I kinda knew it existed before Lost In Translation cos I first heard in my friend Ken's place in Osaka when I was there in 1999 ( long ago) but I didn't know it's a very old song. Ah Meow said it's like 30 years's lovely...and a perfect song for a Friday...chill and relax....

It's called Kaze Wo Astumete and the lyric translation is something like this

As I was walking down a towering alley
In the outskirts of the city
I saw beyond the blotched fog
A streetcar still sluggish from sleep
Crossing over the sea

That's why I want to gather the wind (under my wings)
Gather the wind (under my wings)
And run across the blue sky.

As I passed through a beautiful sunrise
I saw beyond the empty-looking breakwater
A city with its day-colored sails up
Moored in the port

When I was killing time one morning
At an empty coffee shop
I saw through the cracked glass
The rustling of the high-rises' silken clothes
Brushing on the sidewalk

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cheating? Yes? No? Maybe?

Okay, I'm a laggard but I'm just in the middle of Season 2 of Dexter and Season 2 has got this super irritating Brit bitch named Lila who tried to steal Dexter from his girlfriend and last night, while watching the episode where they both ran away on a road trip without Dexter's girlfriend's knowledge, me and BB discussed whether that is considered cheating when they ran off, slept in the same bed, cuddled up but didn't have sex....but let me give you the proper scenario...

First the character...
Dexter: The serial killer who kills serial killer and in Season 2, he enrolled into Narcotics Anonymous (NA) kind of to cure his addiction (but to kill people in this case)....why NA? Cos there's not Serial Killer Anonymous so he pretended that he's a junkie...
Lila: The Brit bitch who looks a bit like a shemale in some angles and with too much fillers injected into her lips that her upper lip doesn't move when she talks...oh she's also Dexter's NA sponsor and she's aware of Dexter having a girlfriend and she still tries to get fresh with kissing him on the lips to say good bye and taking off all her clothes to get into the shower in his presence

Now the scenario...
Okay, now Dexter's confused cos he's been feeling hollow and he kills for a thrill to feel alive. And Lila told him she'll help him feel again and started giving him advice on how to do it...the whole you "gotta figure out who you are and get in touch with your emotions shit"....then one day, Dexter found out that the guy who murdered his mother (right in front of him when he was 3) was alive and Lila suggested that they go find him and Dexter could face him and tell him he ruined his family and his life. So off they went on a road trip and Dexter didn't tell his girlfriend and lied that he was off for the night to do some stuff. Then Dexter and Lila had a joint room but the connecting door's open, the brit slut took off all her clothes and went into the shower while Dexter was on the phone with his gf. Dexter went out to find his mother's killer and then beat the crap out of him and he wanted to kill him. Well, he didn't in the end, went back to the hotel all upset and shattered and Brit bitch cuddled him to sleep and they were talking about stuff etc and getting very cozy....And of course Dexter didn't tell his gf he went off with the Brit Bitch....

So here's the question: Do you consider that cheating?

BB said it's wrong but it's not exactly cheating because there's no sex and Dexter left when the bitch stripped naked and that Dexter's confused and emotionally vulnerable

Princess said it's not cheating cos there's no "poke poke" (verbatim)...he said there's no sex, so it's not cheating

J said it's not cheating cos "they didn't fuck" and he is an emotional train wreck

C-lee & QQ said it's definitely cheating because he lied.

Ah Meow angrily said "OF COURSE it's cheating! Just because there's no penetration doesn't mean it's not cheating!" (ohhh well said ah meow!)

I said it is cheating! Why? Because Dexter lied to his gf, knew that the Brit Bitch has got something for him and was trying to get fresh with him (like kissing him on the lips and being all suggestive), but he still went to the road trip with her, knowing that he's in a committed relationship....not the mention Dexter lied to his gf...oh mind you, withholding information (ie. there's a girl with him on the road trip and that they were cuddling up) to me is considered lying...And yes, he's emotionally messed up and vulnerable but you can't get away with anything JUST BECAUSE you're emotionally distressed. It's not an excuse and you still have to be responsible for your action even when you're emotionally messed up.....So yes, it is cheating because lying is involved. Period.

So now it seems like the men seem to think that it's not cheating but all the woman folks I asked all consider it vs women? It seems like men think that cheating must involve sexual penetration whereas us women view cheating in a more complete sense and regard emotional cheating as cheating (might actually be worse than physically cheating).....I dunno.....So do you think it's cheating?? Hmmm......

Dog? Tiger? Panda?

First they have fake LVs and Pradas, then came fake egg, and fake char siew bao and now they have fake tiger and gotta give it to China for having the best fakes....but OMG I dunno what to say about the recent craze on Chinese pet owners dying their dog to look like other animals. This is apparently the latest craze in China and I skimmed through an article on the evening news but I didn't really look at it until HL sent me a link and the dogs look like this!

A Golden Retriever colored into looking like a tiger

OMG this is kinda convincing....chow chow cub as Pandas

Oh no...the full grown chow chow as panda....

I dunno what to say cos I admittedly think that the panda thing looks really cute BUT it's just so plain wrong!!! What's with that?? And the dye and color can't be all good for the pooches no? HL thinks that the dye is probably okay cos pet owners generally love their pets too much. Let's just hope it's that way...but's plain wrong!! I dunno which one is worse, coloring their pet pink and other weird color (like a pink poodle etc) or making their dogs to look like other animals...I wonder if the dogs get upset when they see their own reflection...hmmm....leave those dogs alone!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ocean in a bottle

Confession confession: I bought new beauty product to try when I'm supposed to not buy a single item. BUT HL told me that my contribution to the human kind is to review and share good beauty products so the rest of the people would benefit, so yeah, here I am, doing my part for the world!

You see, I saw the new Super Hyaluronic Face Lotion from Hada Labo some time ago in Watsons and I didn't go for the kill immediately cos I'm supposed to be on the Chinese Jew Regime...and I thought yeah I still have my toner...then I still resisted after seeing so many newspaper adverts on it....It's not easy okay! It's a bit like asking SATC Samantha not to have sex....but then I finally caved in cos I figure I'm just gonna add it as an extra step to my skincare cos screw it, it's just $22.90 anyway.....

The verdict? Well, it's okay and it leaves skin supple, soft and moist. It gets absorbed fast and I just pat it on without using a cotton wool. But it's not miraculous or anything but then again, it's just a moisture-rich skin lotion (or toner) which main function is to maintain the skin's moisture level. So for that, it's good but don't expect miracle cos well, it's meant only to keep your skin moisturized....I'll use it for sure but I'm not sure if I would buy it again cos it's a basic product, not like those that's meant to refine pores or smooth lines etc. So if you're looking for a good toner/lotion to pack in the moisture, this is good, but if you want miracle work, well, then you'll need a stronger product. But at least it's good value for its money.

Lemongrass House

Great product alert! I recently walked into a shop in Liang Court during my routine Japanese curry run and the little shop has always been on my blind spot but last weekend, BB and I went into the Lemongrass House to check out what they've got cos BB is into room fragrance diffuser these days and we wanted to get more for the house. Then me being the toiletry whore, I picked up a couple of aromatherapy products to try, never thinking much of it cos well, let's just say the packaging is very basic and not the most enticing but the products smell absolutely divine. BB walked out with some aroma room diffuser and a body scrub and I got a lemongrass body lotion and lavender shampoo and conditioner (I have an obsession with lavender shampoo)....

Like I said, I never thought much of the product until I tried it. It was awesome!!! Then I did a double take and went to the website (click Here) to check it out and ohhh, it's apparently hand-blended spa product from Phuket and they supposedly supply their products to various spas in the world. But seriously, their products are so good. The shampoo for one, is soooo excellent. It's sulphate and paraben free and it's not tested on animals. Most of their herbs and stuff are also organically and ethically grown too. The shampoo lathers well, smells divine and doesn't even leave my hair dry at all. And the conditioner doesn't coat the hair like most mass market conditioner but it leaves hair really silky and soft. I actually find my hair shinier (I think it's the coconut oil...but don't worry, it doesn't smell of coconut, it's coconut oil essence I think...) and it's great cos most supermarket and even salon brand coats the hair with silicone to make it shiny, great immediate result but bad for long-term hair health. So this one really gets my seal of approval. 

Then comes the Lemongrass Body smells super nice (I love the scent of lemongrass)...and the lotion has got such a nice texture! It's light and non greasy and it gets absorbed very quickly, perfect for our hot and humid weather! It's got 25% of aloe and white orchid and cucumber extract to leave your skin soft. The best thing is, it doesn't have paraben and other nasty preservatives too. Excellent! Ohhh and being green, their packaging is minimalistic and is made from recycled material...ahhhh I like!

What a surprise! Cos I never knew the products can be so good! I think next time I go there I might get their shower gel too! Hmmmm lavender!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

BP Boycott!!

Horrid! The oil-soaked birds from the BP oil leak saga might be put to sleep instead of getting cleaned cos German biologists were saying that their suvival rate is less than 1% and actually suggested euthanizing them instead! Click here to read the full article...

And BP CEO Tony Hayward has just made himself the common enemy #1 with his condescending remarks that showed no respect to human lives and I doubt he feels any remorse about the oil spill and the havoc it has caused...he said

"We're sorry for the massive disruption it's caused to their lives," Hayward said."There's no one who wants this thing over more than I do, I'd like my life back"
WTF? 11 people died at the oil rig and the gulf coast population's lives were wrecked and he actually said he'd like is life back!? What a twat! Not to mention he insisted that all the oil is on the surface and there's no plume despite submarine travelled 400 feet down the sea, saw the oil and came back to the surface totally black! Click here to read about more of the rubbish ridiculous shit Hayward said!

Again, another proof that the human race is a bloody disgrace....

I say BOYCOTT BP!!!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Cry Baby

When was the last time you cry? I did last night but it wasn't a bad thing cos it was more of a relief and release than the whole crazy upset crying episode. I was talking about some issue and then the pent up emotions just got released and my eyes started dehydrating. Okay, I'm rather useless cos I have very active tear ducts and I cry quite easily...sometimes at the wrong time.... Then BB being a typical man, freaked out despite my telling him it's not him and he didn't do anything wrong and I'm just talking to him about things. And he was like "oh you should stop crying" but I said no no, I need to cry it out cos it's pent up emotions.....

Sounds like a familiar girl vs boy thing! Guys just don't understand that we girls sometimes just need to's healthy for emotional well-being cos after crying, we feel relieved and we feel better. And it doesn't mean that we cry cos we're upset, depressed or in major distressed cos sometimes when I'm tired or overwhelmed, I cry too. It's a form of self-soothing...But I found the best way to explain to him why girls need to cry...I said: "Okay, you see, girls need to cry cos it's a release and we feel relieved and better after, just like how guys need to wank off sometimes to release, got it?"....yes, I think he got it!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

White Out!

I'm a pill popper and I pop supplement like I pop candy but I love it. Everyday I take a multi vitamin, a cal-mag tablet (to help hydrate my muscle and prevent cramps during exercise), some fat burner, some Apple Cider Vinegar (okay not pill) and lately I've retired Imedeen and started taking Sato Hakubi White C instead. Not that Imedeen isn't good cos it's fab but I believe in going off the product a bit after a couple of months so the skin won't be reliant on it but then to replace, I started popping Sato Hakubi White C cos I'm over my bronze tanning phase and would prefer to keep my skin fair (and wrinkle free!)....

It's probably true that they say you'll always want what you don't have. I'm born very fair, with a generous spray of freckles across my cheeks and nose bridge and when I was younger, I've always envied people with bronze healthy glowing skin but then sometimes even a long PE session would burnt my skin and I would turn red for the whole day and I would be called "The cooked lobster". So in my early 20s, I slowly go for tan (after self-tanning lotion failed cos it turned me orange and I looked ike a baked bean) to build up the base tan and slowly continue roasting in order to get that bronze sunshine barbie skin...pale white ghostly skin is just too "frozen chicken" for me...and I've even tried sun bed haha...what a horrible thing to do to my skin and yes, at one point, I was really tan...cos I used to wakeboard twice a week (and I actually enjoyed the tanning more...).....a little like the little brown chocolate cartoon character in the Cadbury chocolate cartoon tv's holiday in Ibiza with my friends....

See how tan my shoulder got? Or rather...burnt...and you know how the skin looks less tan in the sun? I look much much darker in normal lighting...ohh but I love my Ibiza wild holidays! Woot!

Anyway, those were the sun worshipping days and now that I'm older, I avoid the sun like the plague (sometimes it's really hard when I go surfing cos I would sit on my surf board the whole day waiting for a nice set of waves)....cos well, UV Rays is your skin number 1 enemy cos it wrinkles your skin, breaks down collagen, gives you sun spots, freckles, not to mention skin cancer...So I'm now into the whitening ironic right? After damaging my skin by over-tanning....and now I wanna be a frozen chicken again.....But yeah, if you have seen what the sun did to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, you would stay away from it too...she's now botoxed her face to perfection but still looks nope, I'll leave the prune back to Del Monte and not on my face......Anyhows, back the when I was thinking of stopping Imedeen and trying a new skin supplement, I thought ahhhh, I'll get Hakubi White C cos I do worry about my spray of freckles getting out of, they're cute in small amount but mine are across the face, all over....think Strawberry Shortcake on steroid kind....or the less extreme case of any ginger red head freckly kid (okay, not that bad) I bought Hakubi White C and it comes in a special set with the Hakubi C Gel....

I wasn't intending to buy the Hakubi Gel cos I've got my own whitening serum (Kose Sekeisi Whitening Serum) but the Hakubi comes in a bundle deal so why not right? Especially when my inner cheapskate says it's a good deal.... Always good to try new stuff and it's a small tube anyway. So here's the verdict. My face DOES seem more luminous and the freckles seem to have gone lighter too....Real quick!! Cos I've been only taking it for about 10 days or so....I dunno if it's the effect of the tablets or the gel but I'm using the gel everynight and taking the tablet 3 times a day...but the freckles are really visibly lighter...the gel is good in a sense that it dries up really quickly and it's got a watery texture and wouldn't even any trace of stuff after it dries. So yes, it's good....but it seems to work on the face only and not the rest of the body (I'm hoping it would cos I have about 3439493478389 mozzie bite marks I hope would lighten)...then again, I don't slap on the gel on my body so maybe that will come a bit later cos my body has a slight tan from all the surfing...but I'm looking forward to have more luminous skin cos after all, I'm only about 10 days into it! But it does seems like something I'll be taking on a regular basis for sure cos it's affordable too! Oh and it's supposedly help you feel more energized with the burst of vitamin...that I didn't feel but who cares when I get luminous skin??? Nice!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Extreme Makeover sans surgery....

If you're some criminal on the run wanted by the interpol and haven't got money to plastic surgery your face to a different person, here's your chance and all you need is wads of fake lashes and tons of makeup! Just watch the youtube clip below cos you'd be shocked as I did! Uncle Josh sent me the clip yesterday while I was catching a breather at work and I'm so mesmerised that I might change my religion to "Makeup" or "Cosmetic" the next time I fill up a form....take a's a taiwanese programme on how plain janes harness the power of makeup to transform themselves into va-va vroom hot babes! I'm totally amused....

Now I feel less shitty when I look at Japanese/Taiwanese magazines where all the girls look meticulously perfect....ahhhh....they've got so much work done! For those who don't understand Mandarin, they basically used 3 to 4 sets of false lashes, eye glue (for the deep set double eye-lid effect), coloured contacts, tons and tons of eyeliner and eye shadow, buckets of foundation, a hell lot of concealer and lots of shimmery and shading powder to create the hot babes look! I think if they use a photo of their made up face themselves after in their passport, they can only pass through the custom if and only if they have their makeup on cos the difference is way too big and the custom officers wouldn't believe they're the same girls if they try go pass the custom minus the face paint.....The effects were incredible and I was speechless...I almost feel inspired to touch up my eyelashes and wear more makeup now since I'm feeling ugly these days...

So maybe the saying that there's no ugly women, but only lazy ones is true after all....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Last Meal

I'm comfort eating now...stuffing my face with potato wedges to combat work stress/PMS/black clouds in my head etc...and why must all the yummy delicious food be either fattening or bad for health? It's such cruel reality...then I suddenly remember my publishing friend once did a little vox pox page and went around asking people that if they're gonna be executed tomorrow, what would they want their last meal to be (assuming you can choose what you want)....what an interesting question...a cruel one indeed for me cos I love food and there're soooo many things I wanna eat!!! I can't even decide...but Ah Meow said she would like to have a major salmon sashimi feast, QQ wanna have her mom's home cooked meal of 三菜一汤 (3 different dishes and one soup), HL said whatever she feels like eating at that point (good one but then I'll feel a bit cheated if I feel like eating instant noodle cos hello, it's last meal!), OGT said I have too much free time to think of nonsense (not true..I'm busy like hell) then answered "Lucky Plaza chicken rice"....anyhow....

I can't make up my mind, but I made a list of what I'd like and I'll probably choose from there:
  • Wagyu beef fillet mignon with white truffle
  • Salmon and tuna belly sashimi feast
  • Waraku's warm mentaiko udon
  • Xiao long bao with vinegar
  • Tom yum soup (less spicy please)
  • A bloody good cheese burger with truffle fries
  • Potato mash with gravy, wedges, fries (yes I love spud)
  • Japanese curry with seaweed laden miso soup
  • Stir fried clams with chili paste
  • Cantonese double boiled soup (either old cucumber soup or watercrest soup)
  • Herbal soup with "dang gui"
  • Creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil and a touch of leek (must be puree type)
Yeah that's about what I would probably think of....very greedy I would be good if there's a spread of all of the above in small least I'll be having a very full belly and won't die as a hungry ghost....but now all of a sudden I'm seriously seriously craving for double boiled old cucumber mouth is watering....
hmmmm double boiled old cucumber soup.....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June Muses

Reading: Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin...I watched the movie some weeks ago and I was so damn moved and I bought the book the next day and I'm totally loving the stories Li told of his life as a ballet student and the communist regime he was subjected to as a's totally fascinating!

Watching: Dexter...yes, I'm a laggard...I'm finally starting to watch Dexter...first it was JC who asked me to watch it almost a year ago, then a couple more friends asked me to and a reader whom I email has also been bugging me to watch it and now I'm finally watching it and woohooo...Dexter IS GOOD! I'm at the first couple of episodes and boy....I LOVE it...I've always loved that dark twisted humor cos I have a very dark and twisted mind and I can totally relate to Dexter in the non-violent way....complex I know...And all the gruesome butchering murder scene is such sweet relief for a shit day at work...
Listening to: The Sea by Corinne Bailey Rae....Corinne's second album...waited for so long for it to come cos she was grieving for her husband's death (drug overdose...sad really). After her husband death, she said she wouldn't sing anymore but good thing she's put herself together. The album's got the same girly charm I love from the first one yet it's got some dark corners cos it's about's an awesome album with a melancholic edge, very different from her debut...Love the tracks "Closer", "Paris Night New York Morning" and "I'd do it all again"....

Using: Skin79 BB Sun Pact & L'egere Multi White BB Cream....actually, I bought the L'egere BB cream last August while I was stuck surfing in Taiwan (yes, stuck cos I was at the exact spot where the Typhoon Morakat hit!) and initially I didn't like it cos I'm totally not used to the texture of BB cream cos I think it's rather thick and at that point I was tanned so the colour was a bit pale for me...then recently a reader asked if I use BB cream and it prompted me to give the cream a try again and guess what? I actually like it now! Cos the coverage is good and natural, and it's got all the good properties of sun block, moisturizer, foundation, blah blah blah...pretty much everything in the sink and it saves lots of time in the morning cos just moisturize and whack it on, no need to apply foundation and whatnots. What's not to love? And because of my new found liking for BB Cream, I went to Watsons to get the Skin79 BB Sun Pact cos my Ettusais pearly powder has run out and I wanted to try something else....well, I LOVE the Skin79 Sun Pact!! Not only has it got a super cheery hot pink packaging, the powder is super silkly smooth and it's got excellent coverage when worn on top of BB cream to give you flawless skin! And there's a plastic lid instead of the cumbersome piece of clear plastic to separate the powder puff and the powder...very nifty...I think I'm gonna buy this again....highly recommend!!

Wearing: Thomas Sabo angel wing pendant....old item but I love this...I really would want to have the Garrard Wing pendant but no money...boooo...they don't even have an outlet in Singapore anyway

Drinking: I'm in a bit of a slimming craze and an ex-colleague asked me to try the TG Slimming Drink....It's available only in Unity Pharmacy and it's apparently approved by Ministry of Health in Japan as a slimming health drink. It promises to help rid of the stubborn fat around your mid section and lower body. I dunno if it works cos I've only had it for about a week plus but I've already stocked up on it to give it more time...will update on progress...hope in a bottle! Click here to read more...

Berocca....oh it does help me feel more alert and less tired. So I'm popping one tablet every morning for that burst of energy...

Loving: Jessica Michibata...My favourite Japanese model, my current muse and Jenson Button's ex-girlfriend (their break-up was announced on 28 May)....I love her! She's gorgeous and down-to-earth and you can tell she's a really sweet and nice person. She does quite a bit of charity too, so shame on Jenson Button who broke up with her to focus on his career (I hate men like that cos it means they're not good enough to juggle both. Losers)...I hope Jessica M finds a better man soon and Jenson can bloody eat his McLaren heart out....

Lusting after: The same old Tiffany key necklace I lusted after in February...I've always loved girly classic items like key and locket and hearts etc....but now I'm under the "Project Chinese Jew" regime, so this will have to remain as a lust item until further notice...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Theme Song of the Day

I can't stop listening to Travie McCoy's "I wanna be a billionaire"...cos I've got so much work to do and under so much stress that I hope I'd win the lottery so I can throw in my resignation letter completed in 10 different languages to my boss including one that says "Hello boss, lim peh mai chor liao!" hahahahaha.....

I wanna be a fucking all of the things I've never had....
I wanna be on cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.......

Ohhhhh how I love the song and the lyrics.....very nice.....such a happy song...great to listen to while I'm slaving away in the office.....makes me less grumpy...haha....


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