Monday, May 31, 2010

Why I don't like chi-chi Charity Gala

The other day, I was talking about charity work and donation after being so affected by The China Bear Rescue and the topic of charity work came about while talking to my lovely Scott about helping and donating money to The China Bear Rescue. Then, I was reminded of how I used to organize charity gala dinner in my previous job for  a local children foundation (I won't mention the name)....and it's one of those chi-chi high society charity held in 5-star hotel and yeah, the type where socialites came in their most expensive gown, their towering Choos and Louboutins, their most sparkly blings with cements of face paint makeup and possibly enough hairspray to create another Ozone hole.....yes, those super glamorous charity dinner and auction that you read all about on society magazines....but you know what? Much as I applaud charity work and totally support it (I GIRO part of my pay to Club Rainbow and SPCA), I absolutely HATE chi-chi charity gala events cos I think they're bloody disgusting!

Why? First of all, if you think about it, why do you need a bloody charity gala to raise fund? We're talking about the top echelon of society whose monthly income can probably support a small starving village for a week and can't they just donate without the whole song and dance gala shebang? Holding a bloody gala takes a hell lot of money and I remembered gasping when I was ordered to buy a candle lebra for the VIP table and it's meant for a single use and guess how much the freaking thing cost? It cost a whopping $3,000--an average monthly pay of an average executive (if you're a well-paid one that is)!! WTF? And not to mention the thousands of dollars put into whipping out all those outlandish and expensive gourmet like the ever-so-cruel foie gras and bottles of vintage vin rose ! Why can't we just put those money directly into charity?

Well, some said oh that's an investment to raise more fund during the night of auction and whatnots...but seriously, can't you just appeal to the rich and ask them to donate without all this circus act? Seriously, if you attend one of these events, you'll see the same old familiar society cam whores who furiously pose for the camera and you know what? Sales reps of the society magazines told me these tai-tais relish at seeing themselves on the glossy pages and would buy the magazines in bulk to give it to their friends to show off. Okay, I'm side-tracking a bit but the point is, they get all these media coverage and praises for their chi-chi charity gala and their effort in doing charity...but what about those ordinary folks who actually put in effort and money without so much as to tell the whole world about it?

My dearie friend Scott often spends weekend morning cooking food for old folks and another friend of mine delivers rice to the old people living in 1-room HDB flats, and I volunteer for SPCA and Cat Welfare society and we don't go around bragging about it nor did anyone throw them a big glamorous party to make them do their voluntary work, so why must the rich peeps throw a charity gala just so they'll donate some money for the needy? Can't they just do it on their own accord? Or is it that they need all these events so they can show off their $25,000 dollar Valentino gown? (yes, someone wore a $25K gown during one of the event)...It really shits me cos it's almost like an insult to those who do REAL charity work, those who get down and dirty, who roll up their sleeves to do the real if you think about it that way, what glory is there in the bloody chi-chi charity gala? And did I mention tax relief? (they can file for tax relief with charity work...cheaper than paying the full taxes)....

What really horrified me when I was organizing the children charity gala was something that I observed. To thank the sponsors and donors, the children charity organizer I was working with then got about 40 underprivileged kids who are also the beneficiaries to go around the dinner table to present the guests with handmade tokens....nice gesture yes, except that once they presented the tokens, they're rushed home, without dinner, while the guest fed on foie gras and lobster platter....there wasn't so much as a cheap happy meal for the children....they simply brought them to the high class shiny 5-star hotel and then sent them back home....and you call that children charity....I suggested hosting the kids but guess what? Organizers said it's more important to sell the sad....

I was ranting to Uncle Josh about how the rich aren't that genuinely charitable...and he said well that's the reason why they're rich to begin with....I dunno...maybe....but really, I have more respect for those who're doing real charity work in the background...yes, the unsung those people, I take my hat off and I aspire to be more like them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

PJ Surprise and other updates!

BB's a sweetheart! The other night, I walked out of the shower and saw BB laid my PJs on the bed and I thought aww sweet...

Okay, not exactly PJ cos it's just tank top and knickers

Then I looked closer and there's a little white box on top of the tank top....I thought why did he put the old Pandora box on it (cos he only got me a bead a couple of days ago)...and I went closer to find this!

Awwww it's a new bead! This time it's a silver with one a dangling heart! This really was a surprise! A very sweet one! Thank you BB! He's starting to really fill up my Pandora bracelet!

Anyway, I've been feeling really cranky...I think it's PMS....I hate it....cos whenever I get so irritable and cranky, I KNOW I'm feeling annoyed and irritable but then there doesn't seem to have a remedy for it and it's such a drag!!! Cos every little small things just set me off and I seem to be getting it worse this time and I wonder why....Any remedy to calm PMS irritability? I can't stand myself now...grrr....bloody hormones....

Oh yeah, today I bought this not very useful callous and dead skin remover for the feet...It's called Ped Egg and well, it kinda sucked!

I got it from Cold Storage and they have this TV advertorial going on and on about how it's soooo good and so gentle that it wouldn't even burst a balloon blah I bought one and try out cos I do have rough skin on my feet...and booo, it's not even that great and it's $22.90. It's not super expensive but I kinda feel cheated...and I used to have this dead skin remover I bought from the Takashimaya Shoe Department that was soooooo bloody good and it's like $26 bucks but I have no idea where I tossed it...I went back wanting to buy another one but I don't see them selling it anymore :( And now I don't think I'll use much of this Ped Egg thing...maybe it'll make a good cheese grater....gross I know....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Beauty Novelties

Yes, I'm still very Chinese Jew cos I haven't spent on unnecessary stuff BUT the other day, while I was at the Japanese pharmacy at Liang Court, I face roller that I've always wanted to try was back in stock and it promises to do wonder with it's electric charges and germanium and other metal bits that are supposedly finely meshed into the roller to stimulate firming and good skin. And at $32, it's okay I guess...cheaper than botox no? And I don't wanna botox myself any time soon, so I bought it.

Yup here you go, the -e-Charging Face has supposedly got fine metal like platinum and germanium (dunno what that is really) incorporated into the roller and some negative ion thing which is good. You simply roll it with an upward movement and you can wash and rinse the roller after. I've been using it (well...irregularly) at night and roller for about 5 minutes...does it work? Erm...I's too soon to tell but since I've already got it, I might as well use it nightly....I used to have a jade face roller but I haven't used that for awhile (erm...actually it's cos I dunno where I've tossed it) I'll try this instead! At least it feels nice when I roll it across my face....

Oh then, I was having a bad sinus episode that day and my nose was running and alas!!! NO TISSUE PAPER!!! And BB bought a box of tissue for me....but it's not any normal's lotioned tissue paper...yup, it's got lotion added in it to soften it up so it's super gentle to the nose and it's great for those with runny nose or flu...

Ohhhh nice girlie pink packaging! I like and okay, it really IS super duper soft. It's so silky soft that it's actually nice to touch and stroke it as you hold it! But when I saw the price, I was horrified!!! It's bloody $8.90 for ONE box!!! It's rape! I dunno if it's because it's imported from Japan or what but I wonder how much other lotioned tissue costs...thing is, you don't even find it in UK and US yes, but I don't recall how much those are...but this is exorbitant...also because they're sooooo soft, they're super fragile and sometimes it breaks when you pull it out of the box so I don't think I'll buy it again (or let BB buy it ) cos it's totally against the law of Project Chinese Jew! Unless I have a real bad flu perhaps....but well, it's not worth it....very nice to have but buy it when you get your bonus or something...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The China Bear Rescue

Last night, I was watching tv with BB and they're showing a documentary on Moon Bear Rescue in China by the Animals Asia Foundation. It's heart wrenching and I didn't expect myself to be so affected to the point I was tearing at I watched how the bear was exploited and abused for their bile. I've long heard about the horror of bear farming and how the big Moon Bears are kept in tiny cages which render them immobile and the bloodcurdlingly painful catheter that is permenantly inserted into their abdomen for bile extraction.

Yes, those I've heard but I've never really had the gut to actually watch the documentary but last night, I did and I went to bed with a very heavy heart and a major hatred for all the bear farms....Some of the shots were so disturbing that I had to look away cos I honestly felt stab in my heart when I saw the state of the Moon Bears. Many of the bears have been painfully declawed and with their teeth saw off. Then it's the depressing common sight of the abdomen catheter and a swollen belly from the painful infection. Not to mention the self-inflicted injury from self-harm out of frustration. And of course, what you don't see, that is, the emotional abuse, is something I can only imagine. My heart sank.  It has once again, reinforced my believe that the human race is a major disgrace and is the worst living things on Earth for all the violence and abuse we not only do to each other but to's disgusting and honestly, a lot of people are worse than beasts....

Ciro in his farm cage. Moon bears can spend as long as 25 years in cages like this. Imagine yourself or your loved ones in that cage....

A latex catheter runs from the bear's gall bladder to the top of his thigh.

A metal jacket secures a latex catheter and bile collection bag in place for milking.

Steel catheters varying in length from 5-7.5cm are implanted in the abdomen.

Steel catheters that were removed from our rescued bears. Some were rusting away.

The new "humane" free-drip technique involves a permanently open wound.

The "Fake-free drip" technique sees a Perspex catheter hidden in a gall bladder.

A typical "modern" bear bile farm in China; farmers claim the industry is "humane". Yeah right, I'd like to see how if they'll still say it's humane if I stick them and their whole family in. The farms also breed bears and cubs are kept in tiny cages too :(

Anyway, I'm writing about it so that perhaps you would go check out their sight and gain some kind of awareness in this human-inflicted atrocity and hopefully, it would move you enough to help them. I'm gonna donate some money to them cos they're still very short of fund and I guess when I get my bonus, I'll give some (a larger chunk) to them as well... So check out Animals Asia Foundation and learn more about the horrible terror of bear farming...and I hope you'll help too. You can sponsor a bear on a monthly basis at only $45 USD and for $55USD, you can sponsor a bear with special needs (they're usually disabled due to traps and other injuries) HERE for more info...I'm thinking of sponsoring a bear now really....

I've always dreamt of working in foundation like least it'll be something that I believe in and that makes a real and immediate difference....I dunno.....maybe one day....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beanie babies...

Awwww....kawaii desu! I found these series of super duper mega cute beans on's an ad in Japan by Mameshiba ( might be the squeezy bean toy that got recalled...not sure..)! They have strange trivial and super mega cute cartoon to go with're some stuff I learned...

  • The kangaroo's pouch is supposedly very stinky (ewww...)
  • The flamingo's milk is red in color
  • Hippo's sweat is pink (omg...)
  • The lemurs in Madagascar have 2 tongues
  • Cows produce 100 liters of saliva everyday
  • A Koala's appendix is about 2 meters long (erm....really?)
Haha...super cool? Check them out...but I'll show you a super cute edemame bean here...

Check out the rest of the beans...they're super kawaii!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Skincare SWAT Team

A girl friend has recently bought all the basic skincare I've "prescribed" and recommended her and she's been religiously using and now she asked if there's any special "booster" to give her skin an extra oomph...yes of course, here I am, doing a post on special care items that you use once or twice a week for that little extra help. So here's Miss B's Skincare SWAT Team....

1. Cure Natural Aqua Gel -- Instead of the traditional grainy scrub, I use this for exfoliation. Massage this watery gel onto clean dry face in circular motion and slowly there'll be granular lumps of dead skin coming off. Essential steps before loading on more good stuff cos it clears off the dead skin to improve absorption of the skincare you apply later. I use this 3 times a week and you can find it at Watsons. It lasts quite a while too. And BB apparently use it on his elbows and other dry patches and he said it's not bad for the body too

2. Cle de Peau Beaute Face Massage Cream -- I first tried this many years back at the Cle de Peau Beaute Facial (by invitation only after purchases) and then I got one home for massage my face when I don't feel lazy. You use it on clean and exfoliated face to give yourself a mini facial massage. My friend said why not use a normal cream for it? NOoooo because normal cream's not rich enough and the cream gets absorbed by the face and if you continue massaging, you're creasing the skin too much and dragging it will cause for face massage, stick to massage cream. This helps improve blood circulation to give you a rosy healthy glow....but then I'm so bloody lazy I can't remember when was the last time I use it. It's best if you use it every week or every fortnight

3. Kose Sekeisho White Mask -- Not white at all cos the mask is black. This thick black peel-off mask is great for sucking out all the impurities and a friend said his blackheads actually got pulled out by it too. It's great for cleansing the face and oily skin will definitely benefit from it too. The nice thing about this mask is the cooling sensation that comes with it and it leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. It's kinda hard to peel it off so the trick is to apply a little thicker on the edges so it's easier to pick the dried mask off its edge

4. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Face Mask -- Quite a mouthful but it's got tons of benefits! This is my all time favorite mask!!! The pink gel turns into foam when you smooth it over your face and you only need to leave it on for 5 minutes and not any more cos it's designed to be a quick fix. It helps to brighten up the skin with a good dose of oxygen and vitamin C and I swear that it works...last time I tried it on Jem's hand while we were at Sephora and his hand looked visibly more radiant and hydrated after just a mere 5 minutes. The Scotty darling said gotta see if the radiance go away soon and so we observe and Jem's hand was still rosy and hydrated hours after!

5. Sana Soy Bean Face Mask (sheet mask) -- Cheap and good!!! It's one of my favorite affordable range of skin care. This hydrating mask keeps skin super hydrated and soft but it tends to be a bit drippy cos they're generous with the essence. I use this once in a while cos I'm lazy and a 5-minute quicky with Bliss trumps a long one cos you gotta leave this on for about 15 minutes. But to make this works real well, I slap on some Ettusais Version Up before laying on the mask cos Version Up prepares skin to absorb better

6. Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Eye Mask -- It compliments the face mask and it comes with mask pads and you leave it for about 10 minutes to brighten up and moisturize the delicate eye area. You'll look brighter and more alert!

7. Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Treatment -- The BEST lip balm ever. It's not really a special treat cos I use it every night. In the day I use the Ettusais Lip Essence but at night, I nourish the lips with this super lip balm...very steep price but it's worth your dough (It's retailing at about 100 bucks here but you can get it at about $70 SGD in Hong Kong, so get friends to buy for you!)....this one dramatically improves your lips. Your lips get really soft and the lines on your lips really disappear...your lips pink up and plump up too...I swear by this!!!

So here you go....if I find more fabulous stuff, I'll update!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chairman Meow's Financial Revolution Manifesto

You should know by now that I've embarked on Project Chinese Jew (PCJ)and my great leader of this life-changing project is none other than Ah Meow aka Chairman Meow. My dear OGT said she's the best Chinese Jew and she seemed like she wanted to contend for the position of the Chinese Jew custodian but then nah, Ah Meow trumped her cos Ah Meow is definitely a hell lot PCJ than OGT. OGT buys stuff from Bottega and has set her an on a Rolex Submariner at the end of the year and nope, that's totally Ah Meow is now crowned the ultimate PCJ leader, the great Chairman Meow!

PCJ is cool! PCJ is hot! PCJ is the new black! And PCJ is all the rage! And if you wanna be in the "IN crowd", join the PCJ regime! I've done myself proud today as I managed to go into Watsons wanting to buy tons of stuff, even picking up items in both my hands and then I put them back on the shelf and walked out with NOTHING! Yes, I bought NOTHING, ZILCH! And then I got even more PCJ and took the bus and to suit the PCJ theme, it was a non-air-coned 93! How PCJ is that? (Okay, the only thing PCJ about the bus is that it's bloody hot...almost holocaust like...I dunno why there's still non-aircon buses in Singapore...serious!)

See, if I, the hopeless obsessive compulsive shopaholic, can do PCJ, so can you! But before you join me in my plight to escape poverty and have some savings in the bank for rainy days, you must read the Financial Revolution Manifesto by Chairman Meow...I've kinda summarized her mottos and teachings....

Duke Orange as Chairman Meow...this isn't Ah Meow though...

Chairman Meow's Financial Revolution Manifesto:
  • Do not spend on unnecessary stuff. Just because something is cute doesn't mean you have to buy it if there's no use for it....Chairman Meow's favorite phrase in Chinese is “生不带来,死不带去” bring with you to death what you bring to earth when you're born (ie. nothing)....
  • Ask for discount or if there's a special promotion. It's just asking and sometimes you get good deals from just's also okay and not considered slutty to flirt with hawker center uncles or taxi drivers to get better deal/discount...Chairman Meow says "Just ask cos you never know!"
  • Just because something is cheap doesn't mean you have to buy it. Buy only what you need....bye bye Hello Kitty...sob sob....
  • When it comes to things you need to use/buy on a regular basis, here's the motto: Cheap must buy, free must grab!....stock it up if it's cheap, you save money that if the toiletries/sanitary pads in China Town are cheaper, go there and buy in bulk instead of going to other more expensive places....get a friend to offer to drive you home on cab fare (can't expect you to carry bags and bags of shampoos and Kotex to take bus...our Chairman Meow's very kind that way)
  • Every drop counts, every penny makes a even if something is just 20 cents cheaper, it is something! In Chairman Meow's own word (verbatim): "This is your hard earned money, you work with idiots everyday to earn this money so even 20 cents is major!"...well said! Long live Chairman Meow!
  • Take public transport like buses and trains...Taxi=Class enemy= Bad
  • It's cool to cut coupons for discount in supermarket or fastfood join...remember, every drop's your hard earned money!
  • When it comes to cultural stuff like good book (chick lit and rubbish books not counted) and good film (again, no rubbish please), it's okay to spend BUT spend when there's a the Kinokuniya 20% off or Borders Sales etc....
  • If you see something you're dying to buy. RESIST, my fellow commrade! and wait for at least 48 hours. You don't need to buy it on the spot. If you don't want it after 48 hours, good, if not, you consult Chairman Meow for Chairman Meow's approval or blessing for your purchase before buying it...Chairman Meow knows what's best for you!
Yup, here's the gist! Ohh if you have got Chairman Meow-ish mottos, let me know!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BB's Back!

BB is finally back from his business trip! He was away for 2 weeks and I'm so happy that he's finally back cos it felt like forever! I didn't want to blog or tweet about it while he was away cos I'm afraid of jinxing, I dunno...but then I always have the crazy fear that something would go wrong because things are so great between us. Right now even when I write and blog about it, I'm afraid of jinxing it. And I would go into paranoid mode like OMG what if the plane crashes (I have the fear of plane crash all the time!), or what if he runs off with some hot flight stewardess, or what if he turns gay overnight (though highly unlikely)? You get the drift...the whole insecure and paranoid thing?

A silly label BB made for me (bobo...damn now you know my pet name) after he bought a label me, it's so precious despite it's just a silly label...I keep it close...awww...(my friend Shawn would be thinking "this is so unlike Miss B, barf")

Anyway, thing is, I've never thought I would actually feel the separation anxiety so much. Before he left for his trip 2 weeks ago, I actually thought I would do fine and I was even looking forward to having the whole bed to myself so I can sleep like a star fish but then when he left, I felt totally something's missing and he apparently felt the same way. In fact, the first night that I was alone, instead of relishing sleeping diagonally like a star fish in bed, I could not even sleep...and mind you, I'm someone who under normal circumstance, would NEVER be able to sleep properly with a person next to me....

The funny thing is both of BB and I used to be people who enjoy solitude and for me, in the past, when a then-boyfriend left for overseas trip, I felt a strange sense of relief which I couldn't explain and I totally enjoy the time alone and when the guy came back, I felt maladjusted. Is there such a thing as "reunion anxiety" if there's separation anxiety? But with BB, it's just different. We both said that his home-coming (yes, a bit dramatic despite that it's just been 2 weeks) felt like Christmas to both of us and we were both excited and thrilled as if it's some kind of festivity...yeah, that Christmas, New Year's Eve and CNY feeling that make you feel so excited cos you know good stuff (holiday and food) is ahead? That's how I felt...

Whatever happened to the time where I'm totally chilled and even happy that my partner is away?? I've changed I friend Shawn (aka the "Aunty Magnet" lol) kept telling me that I've changed into a totally different person cos he told me before BB, I wasn't the kind who would wanna settle down with a guy or feel totally devoted to a boyfriend and I was always cynical about men (what to do? too many crash and burn episodes)...but since BB, he said I've changed into a completely opposite person....sickeningly in love.....not that I'm getting married now but I finally feel happy and settled in a proper relationship and I'm happy and thrilled to stick with BB for the long haul.

In fact, it's the first time in my whole life that I feel this way cos I've never felt this safe, settled and stable before....I guess it's a good thing and you know what? I'm trying to further break down the inner cynic and pessimist by actually blogging about it....cos I'm always afraid of jinxing something good cos you know how the moment you blog about it, something shit would happen? Like you'll break up, or he'd cheat or he'd fall out of love? That's always been something that deters me from talking much about BB cos I know I have lots to lose...but then maybe it's time to let go of the fear and move forward and feel okay to talk about it and be fearless for once! Now, that's a bloody big step for me....cos the last time I did something like that (by listing "in a relationship on Facebook), I crashed and burnt 2 weeks I'm really trying now...and I'm keeping my fingers crossed
!! :)

Anyway, BB got me a little something! A Pandora bead to add to my collection on my Pandora bracelet! Woot!

I love it! It's silver and gold combo and it's got a little gold heart in the middle! first gold accented Pandora bead! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Overheard in the train....

It's Friday and time for some funny stuff! Ah Meow told me the most hilarious thing yesterday morning. It was one of those priceless moment scenarios.....Her friend was on the way to work in the crowded train during the morning peak hour last week and below was a REAL conversation between a mother and her 4-year-old boy....

Boy: Mom, I wanna pee pee...

Mom: You gotta wait, we haven't reached our station yet

Boy: But mom I wanna pee pee now!!!

Mom: We're not there yet, you need to wait!

Boy: But I wanna pee pee now, I wanna pee pee in your mouth!

Mom: How can you be so rude to your mom and say you wanna pee pee in my mouth?!

Boy: But how come you let dad pee pee in your mouth then? 

*Dead embarrassing silence*

After that, mom looked flushed and embarrassed and went off the train at the next station! And some lady said "Aiyoh...they're so careless!!!" LOL!!!

The Moral of the Story: Always lock the bedroom door if you have kids!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet, magnetic relief!

Just as I thought I'm gonna die from liver failure from overdosing on painkiller thanks to the stiff, tight and sore shoulders induced migraine, I chanced upon a great alternative cure!!!! Magner Ferrite Magnet Plaster to the rescue!!!! It sounds radical and dodgy but these little magnets REALLY WORK! I randomly picked it up some time ago while I was at Watsons (about $7 bucks) cos I thought it was cool but I never thought that it would work...I tossed it aside, totally forgot about it until my stiff neck and shoulders are killing me over and over and the other night, I was sick and tired of popping muscle relaxant and Synflex and I thought I'd just give the dodgy plaster a try and viola! The pain actually DID go away! I didn't believe it cos I thought it might just be a fluke and that the pain was about to be alleviated anyway. But then last night, I had such major pain, now on the other side of the shoulder, and I took 3 of these plasters and slapped them on my shoulder and neck and I woke up this morning good as gold. I couldn't believe it! I have no idea how this works cos it's a bit hard to believe such a tiny piece of magnet can do much but then it really seems to be working! I'm gonna stock up on it but then apparently it can be re-used and you just gotta peel off the little magnet and stick it on plaster tape. Oh and you can actually leave this on overnight for up to 3 days cos it's water proof and you can shower in it too. I've recommended my work colleague crazy Joyce to try it and this morning she told me it works for her too! So it's really not just my imagination. It's excellent! Two thumbs up and my poor liver's really thanking these little lifesavers now!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


True to her Chinese Jew regime, Ah Meow, also currently known as Chairman Meow of the Financial Revolution, sent me a link the day before to tell me of a bloody good deal! Ah Meow knows I go to Bliss Spa and she sent me this link to purchase Bliss Spa facial voucher at half the price of only $60!!!! And it's for Bliss' Best of Skintention facial which is normally going for $125. But since I'm on a strict Chinese Jew regime, I passed, though very painfully....but it's such an awesome site! This new great deal site is called Beeconomic. They have great deals often and they don't only offer facial and girly stuff but they have F&B vouchers and others like yoga class special etc. Right now they're pimping food voucher from Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro...for $25 you get $50 worth of value...not bad!

That's the one Chairman Meow sent me! She bought one

Why so cheap? Cos economy of scale! They use the power of mass purchase to bring good cheap deals so we get it at a much cheaper rate! The savings are quite major cos it's normally a big cut of 50% or's totally worth it! So do check it out! Ohhh I love the cute bee illustration too....just sidetracking but I'm a sucker for cute looking stuff...I'm gonna log on often for good deal now!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chitosan Trim Update

Now it's been more than a month since that I started taking the Chitosan Trim thing and here's the update on whether it works or not....hmm...I THINK it does work despite the fact that my clothes don't feel looser or anything like that. Thing is, I don't take it with every damn meal cos I only take it when I eat greasy food. I'll pop 6 if the meal is very greasy and say 3 if it's moderately greasy. So it's on a "as required" basis.

It kinda works...and it's gonna be disgusting cos I'm gonna talk about bowel here you go.....I actually do see some grease in my "waste" and there's a wee bit more output than usual....sorry that I gross you out now but I'm just trying to tell you how it works...

So the verdict is, I don't think you'd want to take it for weight loss per se but I would say it's more of a health supplement cos it blocks oil and get it out of your system instead of having you absorbed it all. Will I buy it again? Yes most likely cos it's handy when you're having a big meal...I feel psychologically less fat when I pop it before I pig out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Operation GI Jane

I just realized I've been working out with a personal trainer consistently for 2 years!! What an achievement! And I train 3 times a week with a trainer these days on Tues, Thurs and Sat. About 2 years ago, after watching What Happens In Vegas that starred Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, I signed up for PowerPlate personal training session cos Cameron's got such ripped body in the movie...I remember there's a scene where she was working out and doing kickboxing moves and boy, her body was smoking!!! Her arms so defined and her abs like washboard...and at that point, I thought I wasn't getting any younger and I'd better start working out so I can be anti fat bitch. And now it's been 2 years. And I remember 9 months into the regime, I was so damn serious about fitness that I was at my all time fit. I apparently do man and commando push-ups better than most men (according to my trainer and let's hope he wasn't trying to make me happy), gained about 7kg of pure muscle, had an abs so solid that I had a 4-pack....and after awhile, I got a really bad viral fever and couldn't train for 2 weeks and ever since then, I've slackened off and while talking to BB about fitness the other day, I recalled all the stuff I used to do and maybe it's time to bring back the GI Jane in me and to train again...but first, let me recall my GI Jane regime....

Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.....Okay, I don't think I'm that hard core...I can only boobs would probably disappear from that kind of erm...nope...

Miss B's GI Jane Regime
  • 3 times a week of PowerPlate workout with personal trainer at Verve Studio. I'm hopelessly lazy and if there's no personal trainer, I will I need someone to push me and whip me into shape...and Power Plate is super shortens workout time with the high frequency vibration that speed up muscle fatigue...a lot of people think the PowerPlate is all gimmick and initially I was skeptical but then once I tried it, I swear by it cos it's so much harder training on the plate cos that short one minute of push-ups or abs crunches felt so much more intense that when I just started, I couldn't do most of it. And I've seen many a grown men train and gave up or they scream in agony....after some research, I realized that the PowerPlates have been used in many countries to train professional athletes like the Chicago Bulls, and the China Olympic team members are all trained on wonder...and if you've seen how ripped Hilary Swank's body is in Million Dollar Baby, yes, it's the work of the magical PowerPlate....I'm now a bona fide PowerPlate Girl!!
  • 3 times a week of cardio swim. I swim at night when I'm not training and I swim for about 40 minutes without might not believe it but I was in the swimming team when I was younger...tried synchronized swimming but sucked at it but I was quite a swimmer who had many medals...good thing I don't look like Jocelyn Yeo
  • Daily doses of Cal-Mag supplement. I take a cal-mag tablet once in the morning and once before my workout. Not only does Cal-Mag help prevent muscle cramp by keeping your muscles hydrated (tips from my marvelous chiropractor David Cosman..he's the best!), research has shown that skinny and fit people have a much higher calcium level in them...
  • Cereal with soy milk for dinner. Oil free and high in fiber. Bran cereal is preferred cos it's lowest in calorie and it fills you milk cos dairy is bad for you cos cow's milk is meant for small calf to grow into 10 times their weight in a matter of imagine what it does to your body
  • Pastry much fat and calorie
  • Sugar more sugar drink...This is insanely important if you want to lose weight. I see some friends going on diet and eating little but downing coke. Failed!!! And no, drinking bottled juice won't work too cos there's a lot higher sugar content in the juice compared to freshly squeezed one....a friend of mine was downing Marigold orange juice while being on diet and she indulged cos well, it's nice...alas, no weight loss and why? Cos of the stupid juice! And she protest saying but but but it's orange juice and I said, but but but, have you seen how real orange juice look like? After leaving it there, it separates into the juice and the pulp, does the juice in a box look like that? there! Haha, if you're reading this, you know who you are and kudos you bought a juicer! ;) Cutting sugar helps you lose weight quick
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times a day, 2 table spoon each detox and lose weight. For more info, click here for my previous article on it
  • Fat Burner to speed up metabolic...I take it before my workout...I tried the Fancl fat burner and it seemed to work before..I'll down 6 tablets an hour before my work out
  • No eating dinner after 730pm and only light dinner. The later you eat your dinner, the more likely you'll store the excess un-used calorie as fat unless you go jogging at night to burn it off BUT, do have a small portion of protein before going to bed. When you're sleeping, your body actually goes into "starvation mode" as there's no food and having a small amount of protein enables your body to convert those protein into energy and help build muscles instead of burning them for energy. This is quite an important tip if you want to build lean muscle and reduce body fat percentage. There's liquid egg white available in health store for that purpose cos it's pure protein
  • If the food doesn't taste good, don't eat it. It's not worth the calorie...and don't over indulge...for awhile, I would pig out on sunday cos it's supposedly the "rest day" but well, "A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips".....stick to good food that's worth your while....
  • Drink tons and tons of water...I guzzle about 2 liters a day in general and little did I know that actually drinking water helps to lose weight!! This is according to the Chinese TCM doctor...there's a period where I tried to gain weight (I know, those were the days...sigh...fml now) many years back and the doctor told me drink only when I'm thirsty cos downing water actually helps you lose I gulp it down! Good for your skin why the hell not?
  • Trick your body to burn fat longer by alternating between high intensity workout, then slowing down, then high intensity from my trainer and also I read it in many fitness magazine too. So when I so my cardio swim, I would warm up with 4 laps, then I start to sprint swim for 4, then slow down for 2 laps, then fast again for 4 and then slow again for 2 laps...It's supposed to confuse your body cos it doesn't know when you'll need the extra energy and your body just continue to keep burning more for the "just in case" and it goes on for awhile after you finish your exercise too....
Okay, there you go....if you've got good tips, SHARE!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Indian Wedding & a half-failed Chinese Jew Sunday

I attended the first Hindu wedding today and it was cool despite having to wake up at 740am cos the invite card said the wedding is from 9.11am to 11.21am....When Ah Meow and I saw the invite, we both went like "wahh auspicious time" and both of us being mildly superstitious (actually quite, not mildly), we made sure we were on time cos the ceremony was supposed to start at 9.11am. Wrong...I think 9.11 am meant the back-end preparation cos we were so early we got to Ceylon Road where the temple was at 8.33am....and we were one of the first few to arrived...see we're so nice! But then the people only started streaming in about's the same as Chinese Wedding Dinner I see...I could have had an extra half hour of sleep on a Sunday morning!!! So while waiting, I took some snap shots of the cool deco with my S90 (ohhhh real good)....

 Ohhh I think this is meant for the wedding hall..the whole couple couple thing

 Not a single ideal who these people on the mural are....

 Nor who this goddess is...

 A view out of the wedding hall's window...ahhh the Canon S90 rocks!!!

 Erm still dunno who these two love birds are...but Ah Meow pointed out that the husband is grabbing the wife's arm in a rather forceful MCP manner...oh I concur...

 Oh finally I know who they are!!! Green one on the left is Hamuna the Monkey God and the center guy with a mild pot is King Rama...Hamuna's Rama's faithful servant and he helped the king rescue the queen who got kidnapped to Sri Lanka. Hamuna "flew" from India to Sri Lanky by taking ONE big jump and successfully brought the queen home....Thus, the yoga pose Hamunasana is that of a split cos that's how Hamuna supposedly jumped to Sri Lanka...

 Haha...I couldn't get the brooch right, the flower kept flipping and I pricked my finger :S

After much waiting, ritual started and the groom had his puja with the priest first before the bride and that's before they changed into their dramatic wedding costume. Problem is, half the time we dunno what's happening and we all concur that we kinda need a performance program to know what's happening...oh there's some tree planting thing blah blah...all the while there's cool loud traditional music in the background....

 Groom's on the left but I dunno who the other guy was or why he was there....

 Ohhhh those two musicians who played nonstop...they must be tired....

 The tree planting bit....yes yes, they were going round and round the tree....

 Ohhhh finally husband and decked in their dramatic costumes and garlands...

 So that was it....both me and Ah Meow didn't stay for the food reception cos we knew the spices wouldn't agree with our lousy chili intolerant gut and we fled to Isetan Scott...why? Cos I wanted to check out FitFlop! The flip flop that's supposed to tone your lower body (ass, thighs and calves)! Yes, I'm in this muscle toning footwear see the Reebok Easy Tone is not too wearable except for the gym so I thought FitFlop would be good cos at least I can wear a lot of outfit with them...And checking out FitFlop ended up becoming buying them....very un-Chinese-Jew I know but then it's for better health and fitness so I can close one eye. And it's super duper comfy...but then I don't feel any "instability" at all....well, yes, it's supposed to be subtle but it's kinda stable...the Easytone is more "unstable" than this for sure...
Anyway, I haven't bought anything else other than grocery...ohh got the Mao's Last Dancer book (which btw is FUCKING GOOD) but it's a book and that doesn't count. Grocery is for survival so it's okay...But I saw the best fruit I've ever eaten....the Japanese perfect Honey Dew!!!! At a whopping price....yes it's meant to be expensive cos it's expensive even in Japan and the first time I had mine, I was at my Japanese friend, Kensuke's, home town and his parents threw me a sushi and sukiyaki party completed with the bloody exorbitant honey dew....but when I cut into the honey dew, the juice that trickled out was honey and for the first time in my life, I understand why it's called HONEY dew...and it was the best thing (fruit wise) I've eaten...and some time back, I went to Yoshida Japanese Restaurant at Devonshire (rip off place I know...) and I saw the Japanese honey dew on the menu and ordered one...only to be shocked when the bill came cos it was $40!!!!!! No, not the full melon, for a flipping slice! Grrrr....why must it taste sooooo good????

 Can you see how much it is??? 

I told BB that I'm gonna treat him to it when we go to Japan, hopefully in September! Meanwhile let's hope the yen get weaker!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Okay, I kinda put the Project Chinese Jew on a pause but it's not exactly a pause cos I bought something BUT, yes, BUT, it's something I actually need and Ah Meow (who's also the original Chinese Jew...actually she's Eurasian Jew technically) and BB have both approved my purchase because true to my Chinese Jew regime, there's a discount!! Woot!
I bought trainers! I got the Reebok Easytone. Now I really didn't have a single pair of trainers before this cos my nike trainer died a horrible death in the gym with the entire sole falling off....very unglam! Anyway, I was never a Reebok fan (though my very first pair of trainer was a Reebok high cut in 1986 or bought it...and now they have the re-make of that old classic available) cos it had always been Nike and Asics but then Reebok came out with Easytone! And how can I say no to a pair of trainers that will tone your ass, legs and calves??? Yup, the Easytone apparently helps tone your lower body by creating micro instability on the soles and therefore making your muscles work harder to maintain balance. The base of the shoes has got little air pods like that of a fit ball to create that tiny bit of instability that works your muscles harder.... According to Reebok, it increases toning on your butt by up to 28%, and both thighs and calves by up to 11%...and just as I'm in need of a pair of trainers so I can go running with BB at MacRitchie, I snapped up a pair! And there's a 25% off thanks to UOB credit card promotion! Woohooo!

So is it good? Well, it's snug and comfy and there really is a teeny bit of instability on the soles but it's not enough to make you fall down or something. You can feel the instability a wee bit more when you're walking up and down the slope but honestly, it's stable but it does walk a bit different. It walks fine nonetheless and I do feel that I'm flexing my calf muscle a wee bit more and that I need a wee bit extra effort to walk but it's not like a huge difference there to be frank, so I dunno how effective the toning effects are. But these are supposed to be subtle effects and I hope it works!

So for a pair of sneakers, it's not bad cos even if it doesn't work, it looks quite nice and funky. But the problem is, how the hell am I gonna wear my normal clothes with running shoes??? For the sake of getting better butt and legs, I would want to wear it all the time but then how do you wear running shoes around without looking like a dork?? And I don't think I can pull off the Lily Allen prom dress and trainers combo without looking like an IMH patient....

 Let's leave the dress and sneakers combo to Lily...I can't and wouldn't want to pull that off

Seriously? It's not even converse sneakers that would look half decent with most outfit, it's full blown running I dunno man...The only time I can think of wearing it without looking weird or like a NTU computer engineering student from China (sorry no offense, lots of them china blokes wear jeans and trainers) is when I go to the gym...oh nooo, I gotta think of how to wear sneakers with fashion now...tough one indeed!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mao's Last Dancer....ROCKS!!

Mao's Last Dancer fucks the world! I don't even know how to begin telling you how bloody good this film is and how it's dumb it never went mass market and was actually marketed under the "Art Film" category. It's the real story of ballet maestro Li Cunxin--one of the best ballet dancers of our time.

Well to begin with, there's my favorite Chinese actress Joan Chen, there's what I used to do aka ballet (excuse me, I was a ballerina and I was intending to go to the Royal Academy of Ballet), there's great dancing, there're ballet guys with tight asses and even tighter pants, and an incredible story line of silent triumph.

BB didn't want to watch it with me when I pointed it out to him cos he said "I don't wanna watch another Billy Elliot movie"'s NOT Billy Elliot. Billy Elliot is about a boy who wanted to dance in a culture where ballet is sissy and he made it nonetheless after some struggle. Mao's Last Dancer was about a life changing experience of being randomly picked to attend the Peking Arts Academy and therefore escaping extreme poverty. It accounts the story of ballet maestro Li Cunxin's journey into the world of ballet which later brought him into the kaleidoscopic Western world where he went to America as an exchange student. Set in the 70s to 80s, the Sino-US political back drop set the stage to portray the dwindling end of the Chinese cultural revolution with Chairman Mao's death and the beginning of China's slow opening to the rest of the world as Deng Xiao Ping took over. The film also showed Li's unfortunate run-in and struggle with the Chinese government officials when he decided to stay in the US and he was subsequently barred from returning to China. (It made major news around the world during then).

With a cast of professional dancers, it's expected that the dancing would be excellent but they've also proved to be multi-talented thespians who did a great acting job. Lead actor/dancer Chi Cao was hand-picked by the real Li Cunxin himself to play the part and it was a job well done indeed. I actually think he looked a wee bit like Hong Kong kungfu star Donny Yan! And with cinema veteran Joan Chen in it, you can't expect anything less than perfect performance. She played Li's mother to perfection, depicting the shy, pure and simple nature of a village lady with so much finesse that it's hard to believe she's the same glamour puss who acted in the movie The Last Emperor of China. And Bruce Greenwood took the role of Ben Stevenson, the American choreographer who discovered Li...Bruce mimicked Ben Stevenson's slightly effeminate and gay-ish demeanor with so much gusto that I actually found myself looking up on IMBD to see if Bruce Greenwood is actually gay.....and coming from a resident fag hag, that's a great accomplishment.

Production quality was good as it suited the theme but the only complaint I have was that the shopping mall scene where Li just went to America as it was a bit too modern didn't look old enough. But I'm nit-picking here. Aussie director Bruce Beresford did an excellent job and the juxtaposing of Li's childhood memory and his new life in the brave new world in America make great contrast. This is so far the best movie I've watched this year (yes, it's only May) and I'm definitely gonna get the dvd when it comes out. I gave it 4.8 stars out of 5!

It got me so hyped that I started looking for youtube stuff on Li Cunxin (he currently lives in Australia and has switched job to become a full-time stockbroker....I know I know..but he's a great guy). And I found this interview he did and it's such an interesting one cos he talked about his poverty-stricken childhood like how he had to eat tree bark cos there was no food and how the communist propaganda had brainwashed him so much to believe the West was horrible and China was the greatest's here and you've got to watch it....even if you're not interested in the film, it's cool to listen to what he's got to say about life in China and I've heard similar tales and fables from my grandma and dad too....Enjoy it!

Song of the day

Can't stop listening to Pixie Lott singing Mama Do acoustic.....I love Pixie! This girl can sing!

I love the acoustic version better....she's got lots of acoustic versions of her other song and she did a really great acoustic cover of Kings of Leon's Use should check that out too...Love her voice...never knew she does acoustic this well...but my favorite from her is Cry Me Out...nice and moody...

Tree Carnage!

Oh no! I hate it when they cut down the trees and the trees below my place have been butchered!! It's chainsaw massacre!

Look at how they chopped the tree??? I can understand the need to prune but then chopping it down to this is just a bit much! I could almost hear the tree crying in pain :( And it's an open area that doesn't pose much obstruction so I don't understand why they must chop it instead of prune it!!! It's unsightly and it's just plain cruel and I HATE to see that and they even chopped down all the rest of the trees to look like this and my condo area now looks horrid when in the past I used to really love all the greens and lush canopy but now it's a plain sorry sight...I suspect they chopped it all the way down cos they want to cut cost cos then you probably don't need to prune the trees for another 5 years or something...tsk tsk tsk...I hate this!!!!! It's awful!!!! It looks like Sleepy Hollow now! I will lodge a complaint to the management! Grrrr....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Herbal Helper

I've been using a new eyecream. And no, I haven't failed the Project Chinese Jew cos I bought it weeks ago. My Ettusais Eye Zone Massage which I use in the day just finished and some weeks ago, I happened to be at the pharmacy in front of a big shelf of Himalaya products and the promoter enthusiastically thrusted me a flyer for their new Under Eye Cream. And I took one look and grabbed one because it promises to:

  • Reduce dark circle by 80% in just 4 weeks
  • Reduces undereye wrinkles and fine lines by 28% in just 4 weeks
  • Brightens and smoothens eye contour
And best of all, it costs only $19.90 for the above mentioned miracle. Hope in a tube? Maybe and of course I'm hoping it's not just hope but facts...but since I need an eye cream for the day, I'm sold!

I've used it for about a bit more than two weeks now and well, the dark rings have yet to disappeared by 80% but it kinda works and I do like the texture of the cream. It's a light cream texture that gets absorbed quickly and there's no smell to it so I guess it should be suitable for sensitive skin. It's okay for the day but I find it not rich enough for me for night use so I use it before my Estee Lauder eye cream cos I sleep in freezing cold air con (the only way I can really sleep unfortunately). Thing is, I must say it's good with puffiness thus far cos I do feel the eye area a bit "tighter" than usual and not as puffy and my dark circles are a bit less obvious too!!...though it's definitely not by 80%...but thing is, how the hell do you measure the "dark-circle-ness" anyway??? These days, I'm actually wearing less concealer so I think it works and so it's worth a try!!!  But I'll have to wait for a month later before I can report back on whether it delivers the promise of banishing 80% of the dark circles...

Oh I should also update on how my natural lash extension is doing. It did fine and lasted about 3 weeks weeks (Click Here to read the old post) ! They haven't fallen off yet but some did come off which is normal and I got it redone yesterday cos I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I get paranoid when people stare at my imperfect lashes! But if I'm not so anal, I'm sure it can last for at least a month.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna stick to the natural version cos it's more comfortable to wear them and the most important thing is that, it doesn't hurt that lashes that much! When I was doing the barbie doll thick lash extension, a lot of eye lashes dropped off when I removed the extension and the lash line looked really sparse and sad..a far cry from my natural, pre-extension lashes. With the natural extension, the lashes don't really drop off, maybe one or two which is normal anyway but they definitely look a hell lot healthier and denser. So I guess, natural looking extension it will be for a loooong while now!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sayang Time!

Hello hello! It's Mr Bond here! Long time no write! I've been good and a couple of days ago, I had some sayang-ing from OGT aka No.3 Minion. She hasn't visited me for awhile but she's now forgiven cos she brought bribe over. She bought me cute mushroom soft toy and Fancy Feast cat food wet noms!

Eh? How come the kitty bribe pack says "Dog Toy" but nevermind, Mr Bond still takes

Wahhh...wet food nom looks lush! It's my favourite Fancy Feast Elegant Medley Wild Salmon Florentine with Garden Greens! Minion also buys me Yellow Fin Tuna Florentine with Garden Greens and I also eat lots of salmon with shrimp too....Cat food better than human food cos stupid minion always eat boring cereal with soy milk

I love the kitty wet food! It's tasty and both No.1 and No.3 minion both agreed it looks good. No.3 even took a teeny bit of it to taste but said no taste. Me say No.3 got no sense of taste on such divine cat food! So silly! My food is better than human food. Ohhh I've got a mushroom toy, me think it looks like No.3's hair and that's why No.3 bought it cos she wants to make Bond think of her all the time. Fine, Mr Bond plays with it....

Head butt the mushroom....ehhh....the mushroom looks like what No.2 Minion would

Well since No.3 brought bribe, I'll let her cuddle and hug hug cos normally, I would not allow but today, I'll let her cuddle and hug....for a night only.....hehehe...More cat food please! Next time I want furry mouse toy also! Meeeooow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Androgynous Scent-sation!

I've a new favorite fragrance! Nooo...I haven't failed the Project Chinese Jew cos I didn't succumb to temptation and buy a new perfume but I've been wearing BB's Prada Infusion D'Iris Homme Eau de Toilette. I've yet to nicked his bottle cos I'm just using the free samples that come with it. It's super nice and I love smelling it on fact it's so nice that I started wearing it cos I can't stop sniffing it and it's cool cos it's got this androgynous charm when it's on a girl! It's a nice clean fresh scent that makes you feel like you've just stepped out of a shower, freshly lotioned. I do think it's light enough for a girl to wear and in fact, I can name a hell lot of scents that's heavier than this anyway. And I very much prefer the men's fragrance from Prada cos their lady's fragrance is just way strong and rather old fashion (I've got the Prada Tendre and I gave it to my sister who prefers stronger perfume)....

This one has got a nice baby clean feel that's irresistibly charming! Top notes are mandarin orange and neroli, heart notes are Iris, Galbanum, Vertiver (I love!!) and Ceder and it mellows down to a comforting powdery notes of benzoin and frankencense. I would describe it as the nice perfume equivalent of sniffing your favourite blanket (okay, not the most attractive especially if you drool over your blankie but you know what I mean!) or smelling the warm natural sweet scent on a baby....It's great! I dunno how long I'll get to wear this cos I have a feeling that BB isn't generous when it comes to sharing perfume cos he doesn't want me to smell like him (ie. like a man)....not like I wear it all the time but haha...he'd better hide his bottle well!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to wake up in the morning?

I have a problem. I can't wake up in the morning. And no, going to sleep earlier wouldn't help cos I suspect my sleeping issue is bordering on being some sort of rare sleep disorder. For me, it's not a matter of how many hours I sleep but what time I wake up. If you let me wake up later in the day, like say 9 or 10am, I can be okay and get up even if I have only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. And if you make me wake up at 7am despite giving me say 12 hours of sleep, I simply can NOT do it without much difficulty and feeling like crap for the rest of the day that's similar to sleeping say 3 or 4 hours.

So yes, it's not about the number of hours I zzzzzz away...and the problem now is, I need to wake up at 7am to go to work and I have a hell lot of problem doing so. I've tried putting the alarm away from my bed so I need to get off the bed to switch it off, no use. I just fall back into bed. I've tried to progressively cushion the blow of early morning by setting the alarm earlier so I can snooze, but no, it fails too.

Princess said his trick to waking up is by putting eye drops in his eyes first thing in the morning. I bought a bottle of eye drop and ha, I didn't even bother cos I couldn't really move.  And now, with BB next to me when I wake up, it's so much harder cos he looks absolutely cute and snuggly and I just wanna cuddle up and sleep more! And my 1000 thread-count Frette sheets isn't helping cos it's all nice and soft and inviting.....I guys have any tricks to wake up fresh? Or am I the only freak whose sleep pattern is about what time I wake up and not the number of hours I sleep? Hmmm....

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Bat Cat

OMG! I saw this picture of a kitty cat with a Batman mask and it's the same tuxedo cat as my lovely Mr Bond! Sooooo cute....Now I want one of those mask for my Mr Bond!

Super cool!!!! Mr Bond wants this Batcat mask!

And I found a really really cute picture of a scottish fold!!!! Sooooo damn cute!! But BB doesn't think it's cute though...but he simply doesn't like cats or animals wearing human clothes..haha...

How cute is that????? Awwwww....

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Food Therapy

Well there's no shopping or whatsoever now that I've started Project Chinese Jew but I've got my "methadone" for shopping addiction to help me cope and it's Meiji Strawberry and Macha Chocolate....they're super yummy!! It's $3.50 a pop so it's okay, and I happen to be in my chocolate mood cos I'm probably PMS-ing now. So these yummies are awesome! It's got a super duper rich strawberry and green tea taste and super rich and creamy!

The strawberry one is my favourite and they come in quite a number of different flavour too. BB got the Mango one but I don't think I'm gonna like it cos mango and chocolate somehow don't go together in my fact, it's kinda gross if you asked me (but mango and shaved ice yes!). I'll stick to strawberry and macha...but one bar doesn't last that long to be disappears real quick....

Ohhh then in my attempt to be a Chinese Jew, I saw that there're some pasta at home and so I went to buy some of my favourite instant pasta sauce...the Japanese Wafu Mentaiko Pasta sauce! Yummy yum yum! I got the spicy one! Oh cheap cheap too! 5 bucks a pack!
It's got 2 servings in there though I normally eat them all up cos a single serving isn't enough. Thing is, you're supposed to use 100g of pasta per serving but I normally use a bit less so the taste is more concentrated cos I do find it slightly stingy on the amount of cod roe....and speaking of Mentaiko, the best mentaiko dish I've had so far that's really really good is from Waraku and it's their Mentaiko Udon. It's slightly creamy unlike the normal mentaiko pasta so when you eat it, it's really rich and super yummy. I had one today cos we went Central Mall for Ah Meow's birthday lunch and ohhh it was's always too little and never enough! How I love mentaiko!


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