Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hong Kong Omnomnom Vol. 2

This is a belated food post but I'm about to tell you about the best Japanese restaurant I've been to. Yes, not just in Hong Kong, but the best Japanese restaurant outside of Japan that I've been to and trust me, I've been to many supposedly good ones but Oedo Japanese Restaurant at North Point, Hong Kong (aka my childhood's "hood") rocks the world.

In the somewhat sleepy suburban shopping mall basement in North Point is this amazing hidden gem that serves up high-end, top quality, authentic Japanese haute cuisine. Mind you, Oedo isn't any fly-by-night restaurant as they have over 15 years of history under their belt. While most restaurants in Hong Kong struggle to survive and often experience pretty high turnover where they can simply disappear and close down the next day, Oedo has a constant stream of die hard fans who can never get enough of their amazing food. First time customers often come back for more gastronomical orgasm after their first visit and that's a fact.

The entire sushi bar was booked out by my clan the night I was there so we'll get the freshest sashimi while getting a visual treat of seeing the chefs whip up some sashimi magic with their super sharp sashimi knives which have apparently sent a couple of stubborn rookie chefs to the Emergency Room with missing flesh on their fingers.

First up, the booze of course. Top grade sake is aplenty these days but Oedo has a special personal "Sake Fountain" with a frozen chore to keep your poison chilly. Three of these babies lined our sushi bar and to refill, simply push the oh-so-pretty sake cup up its glass nozzle to dispense. How clever!

Now food. Honestly, I don't even know where to start because it was too amazing! I noticed a big slab of premium Tuna Toro laying at the sushi chef display bar fridge and I knew I'm in for a good treat. Oedo serves the freshest sashimi and they have a good variety including the rare but very tasty "Needle Fish" that looks translucent (didn't manage to take a picture of it though).

With the super succulent tuna toro in focus (right), it's clear we only have eyes for the best stuff. Freshly cut sashimi on the left includes top shell, abalone and other fishes. 

The amazing marble beef sushi on the left and Oedo Tuna Toro Roll on the right

Then came their signature dish -- the f@#king amazing Oedo Roll, which has Tuna Toro tartar wrapped with crispy nori seaweed sheet and some seasoning. It's my all time favourite!  But before you order, each piece cost about $80HKD (about $13 SGD), so go easy on that and savour every morsel of it. I was lucky enough to have quite a few that night.

Next up is their marbled beef sushi that is lightly seared by a hand torch. Only premium grade beef that's perfectly marbled made it here and you have the option to have it raw or lightly torched. I picked the torched option and it's so damn tender and juicy it simply melts in your mouth! Again, it doesn't grow on tree, so go easy on the ordering (not sure how much cos my generous cousin just ordered up a feast).

Another thing not to miss is their clear soup (not shown here). It's fantastic with a savory broth of nori and bonito fish, some mushroom and a hint of yuzu for a refreshing twist, I simply couldn't get enough of that and I honestly can have that everyday cos it's just totally delicious!

Dessert was a must to finish up everything and Oedo's signature fresh fruit sorbet is a must try. They use whole fruits to make it by carving out all the flesh of the fruit, pureeing them into perfection and pouring it back into the fruit before freezing them. I had this oh-so pretty and yummy Fuji apple sorbet that was my favorite among the choices of Apple, Yuzu, Coconut and Pineapple.

My foodie of a cousin has been going to Oedo for the last decade or so and I'm rather peeved that she only took me there 2 trips ago. I guess now, it would be a regular thing every time I visit, and since I'm back to Singapore, there isn't a day (okay, maybe a week) that I don't think of Oedo. That's how much I love their food because you can never get Japanese food this quality in Singapore even in super high end places like Yoshida Sushi (where 5 slices of fish/beef costs you about 150 bucks SGD)! It's very much the closest thing to going to Japan for some good, authentic Japanese cuisine! So if you're itching for some Japanese Haute Gastronomy and you're in Hong Kong, Oedo is not to be missed! There, I warn you!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Notable Quotable

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."

--Miss Piggy

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zen Supplies....

Stress is carcinogenic. It's a well-known fact. With the increasing occurrence of manic days peppered with murderous thoughts of mincing up some specific people with a meat grinder, I'm bordering on needing some serious anger management courses. Dealing with stress needs mental capacity, but I have some little helpers which make dealing with stress a wee bit easier. Say hello to my stash of  Zen Supplies that keep me sane and prevent carnage in the office.
  1. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy - This homeopathic classic has been a main stay in my bag for more than a decade. It calms my nerves and is handy. Four drops on the tongue each time and I use it for my cat, Mr Bond, too when he gets pissed off after vet visit. Just add a few drops into your pet's drinking bowl. 
  2. Badger Headache Soother - Aromatherapy is definitely one of life's many little gifts and this organic olive oil based balm is infused with soothing lavender and peppermint. I take a deep inhalation when I need a mental break and rub it on my wrists and sniff it all the time. You can even use it to moisturize dry spots on your skin and I use it as hand balm all the time.
  3. Lemon Ginger Yogi Tea - I always say there's nothing a cup of nice ginger tea can't fix. This aromatic brew smells strangely of my zen yoga studio and it brings me the "Ahhh" factor every time I have a sip. Not to mention it's good for aiding digestion. 
  4. Aurora Alchemy Instant Happiness Oil - I love my oils and Aurora Alchemy does really lovely oils infused with a little bit of magick! Each bottle is hand blended with love and light and you'll see crystals in the bottles for added good vibration and healing. I'm a proud owner of seven different bottles for different occasions but I have Instant Happiness in the office (since work is usually my biggest source of stress and distress these days). When I'm grumpy or moody, I rub a drop on my wrist and inhale. It's refreshing citrus blend shifts your mood and energy to invoke a hint of cheerfulness for a much-needed perk-me-up. 
  5. Bach Flower Rescue Sleep - Now that I have the misfortune of getting insomnia, anything that helps with sleeping and unwinding at night is welcomed. A sidekick of the original Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower Rescue Sleep is my bedside companion to help calm the mind and encourage restful sleep. 
  6. Cute fluffy pom pom pen - Look, it helps. It makes everything looks more chirpy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sleepless in Singapore

This is not good. It really is happening! For the first time ever in my life, I'm plagued by the curse of Insomnia! What used to be something only my friends experience is now happening to me. Laying wide awake in my Egyptian cotton sheets at 4am can do crazy stuff to your head and I finally understand how it could drive someone to complete insanity. Finally, I believe the people whom I once felt were simply suicidal when they went to the A&E with an overdose of sleeping pills saying they OD "out of frustration" cos they "couldn't sleep". Not that I've OD on sleeping pills cos I haven't got any but I popped 3 tablets heavy melantonin consecutively in an hour (something that's not advisable), only to find myself still alert like an overprotective hawk guarding its nest of babies.

Work is to blame for my insomnia! For sure. Because I got it when I was due back at work today and last night, I was chanting the Green Tara Mantra nonstop for some zen effect till 4am hoping to fall asleep but the insomnia so dire that even Green Tara's divinity couldn't send me to lala land. A week ago, it was a totally different story with me sleeping sound like a baby while I was in Hong Kong on a break. So yes, it is work. No doubt about it.

The ordeal started about a month ago when work was insane. The whole new job with better package thing. But well there's no free lunch with more responsibility being part of the package. Long hours means I go home late, void of any mental space and time to wind down before I hit the sack and voila! I joined the dreadful Insomnia Club.

At its worst, I had work jargon flying all around my head the moment I closed my eyes. I would wanna slap anyone who asked me to "Just relaxxxx!" because if I could switch off my mind, I wouldn't be in this mess. The mind simply couldn't switched off even with crazy yoga session that exhausted the body in the hope of some decent shut eye. I turned into a miserable grumpy sod who's angry with every single damn shit. You know the type of grumpy old hag with a couple of plastic bags in hand, messy hair and blotchy make up on the bus yelling at everyone and angry at the world? That was me, the sleep deprived me.Yes, that bad because I felt like slapping every crying baby I see, cute or otherwise, and scratching out the eyes of whoever came and tell me he/she was so busy and overworked. 

Now that I'm back in Singapore after an amazing time with my family and a week of sleeping like the dead despite the bad pillows, the freaking Insom-fucking-nia is back. I blame it on being homesick and dreading to go back to work. But ultimately, it boils down to work still. It got me wondering how it would be if I had an easier job with less responsibility. Say, being a secretary who works strictly 9 to 6 Monday to Friday, or a sales girl in some chi-chi boutique at Palais Renaissance that closes at 7pm and Sunday. Something along that line.

During one of my many sleepless nights and loathing sessions of my new responsibility at work, I thought of my one-time foot reflexologist with a bald head at this new foot rub place. He was good and gave some pretty decent foot rub, but the second time I went back, he wasn't there anymore. Apparently, he comes and goes because he'll go off when he makes enough money and comes back when he needs to make some more money. My initial response in my head was "Oh so he's one of those slackers who doesn't work enough".

Funny how a perception can change in weeks, if not days. After my struggle with insomnia and a crazy job that leaves me with an inhumanely tiny amount of personal time, I'm starting to think that my baldie foot reflexologist might be on to something good. Quality of life over quantity in the bank account or material possessions. That could very well be the new zen to a happy existence. BUT, can I do what he does? Well, that would require another night of insomnia to think through, but at this moment, I'm guessing no.

So here I am, the living testament to the theory that after your happiness index plummets when you get a pay raise and hit a certain pay. Double screw it as I wasn't even there yet! I merely got a better package, not some ridiculously fantastic one, and already, my happiness index went down the gutter. It really got me wondering if it's really all worth it. I'd better find a way to deal with insomnia sans Valium. Meanwhile, perhaps it's time for me to make a cup of sleeping aid herbal tea and visit the foot reflexologist to get some zen tips for a restful night. Well, wish me luck!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Mia!

I wish I had bought the Clarisonic Mia earlier! Now that I'm a proud owner of the Clarisonic Mia (like finally), I totally understand all the raves about this amazing sonic face cleansing brush. It's absolutely awesome and I don't think a skincare regime could be complete without it.

I picked the Mia instead of the Classic or Plus for the simple reason that I'm really gonna use it solely for my face. The Classic has two speed of low and normal while Clarisonic Plus has the option of a body brush as well as different speeds. I honestly just want something fuss free so Mia is just perfect cos it's just one button and that's it.

I'm not even one week into using this and I already notice some difference! Two days into using the Mia, I find that my skin is a lot softer and clearer and the little bit of break outs on my forehead (thanks to all the good but slightly unhealthy food in Hong Kong!) seemed to smoothen out considerably. My mom was so impressed she went to buy one immediately and couldn't stop raving about it. So I can safely say that this really is no gimmick at all because it WORKS!

For a mere one minute a day, the Mia uses sonic power to cleanse and massage the skin to give you soft glowing skin. It cleanses 6 times better than using your hands alone and if you want good skin, cleansing is the most important step. Over time, it'll also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine line so it's definitely an anti-aging tool. It's super convenient and works wonderfully. Definitely a must-have if you want beautiful skin and I can't recommend it enough!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hong Kong Omnomnom Vol 1: The Broken Hearted Hot & Sour Noodle

It's a first to me. Coming to Hong Kong and not shopping too much. Instead, this anomaly is replaced by a gastronomical substitute cos I've been eating up a storm. Thanks to the fact that my dad had been taking Mr Bear everywhere for some good grub and now I've eaten so much I have to do some foodie posts.

To start the Omnomnom, I'll have to muse about what I ate today cos it's AMAZEBALLS! It's got a funny name called 伤心酸辣粉 aka "Broken Hearted Noodle" because it's "酸到流口水,辣到流眼泪", meaning it's "so sour that your mouth will water and so spicy your eyes will tear". Thus it's called the Broken Hearted Noodle cos you'll look like you're crying.

I was crying, indeed. Of joy no less because the noodle is so freaking delish! It's an authentic Chong Qing cuisine famed for everything hot and spicy.

Here's the iconic hot and sour noodle. It's got a clear chili broth with some peanuts, salted vegetable and a wee bit of minced pork with an option of spiciness. I picked the least amount called "BB Spicy" cos it's for baby. It's really just nice for me cos any spicier, I wouldn't be able to taste anything. My mom did the "low" spice level and even she felt that it was really hot despite her high tolerance for chili.

The super flavorsome broth aside, the amazing bit is really the noodle cos it's a special noodle. It's a chewy, soft, translucent noodle that's similar to vermicelli but it's much thicker and it soaks up all the yummy broth to make it crazy delicious!

There's a lot of Chong Qing dishes available too and our special set came with spicy cucumber (my favorite), spicy pig stomach (mehh...I don't eat organs) and spicy chicken. They're all super delicious! And the best part? It's freaking cheap! A set meal for two comes with all the side dishes above, two bowls of noodles and two drinks and it costs only $86 HKD, which is less than $15 SGD!!! I'm absolutely gonna go back for more before I fly back!

Currently, there are about eight outlets in Hong Kong, they don't have a website but I took a snap shot of the addresses here:

Unfortunately I can't really translate the address but they outlets in Shum Shui Po, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Hong Hum, Yuen Long, Koon Tong, Chun Wan and Jordan. That much I know. Just take this snap shot and ask around if you're interested!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Notable Quotable

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  

-- Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why you should not eat processed food!

More youtube video! But this time, this one shows you why you should avoid processed food like instant noodles and Gatorade! Good thing I don't stock instant noodle at home! Most processed food can't be properly digested by our body. I have only organic brown rice noodle and natural real food! Go for the real stuff!

Click here to read the full article. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying all the awesome food in Hong Kong! Woohoo!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Say NO to the Belo Monte Monster Dam!

Oh no! Damn the damn dam indeed! The new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff has given the approval to build the world's third largest damn at the expense of ruining 400,000 hectares of forest. As if that's not horrible enough, 40,000 indigenous Indians will lose their homeland and have no place to live.

Help stop this atrocity to our forest and the indigenous Indian by signing the petition here!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Getting Juiced

Vanity has got me worried about available options in organic make up when I did the switch to safe, organic products. There's a sea of organic toiletries out there but I can't say the same for organic make up products. Take a visit to any organic shop and you'll see there's only a small section of organic colours. I guess the good thing about not having that many options is that it makes choosing what to use/try easier. The first organic make up items I got are base products since they cover bigger skin surface and after some research and shopping around, I got Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer and Refining Finishing Powder to try.

A search on the Skin Deep database shows that Juice Beauty fairs pretty well in terms of safety so that's a good start. I've been using this duo for about a month and I'm generally okay with it. I'm happy with the performance of the tinted moisturizer though not being entirely thrilled by its texture. Its thick texture is similar to that of any BB cream so it's on the heavy side and it leaves a sticky after feel which I don't fancy. You'll definitely need to have a finishing dust of loose powder to set it cos there's no way you can walk out in the tropical heat without having your face turned into a complete oil slick. However, the good thing about this is that it is quite moisturizing for my dry skin. With other brands of tinted moisturizer, my face would feel a tad tight after dusting some powder, but I get a comfortable feel with this one and I guess it makes the slight sticky after feel okay. Don't expect major coverage too but it works fine for me since I don't want anything that masks the skin.

I was expecting my skin to have some major oiling up but that didn't quite happen despite the heavy texture. My skin is actually liking it with better hydration level these days. So it's fair to say that my skin texture improved with this tinted moisturizer over time. However, if you have oilier skin, I doubt it would work for you because of its heavy texture! But for my dry skin, I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

The Juice Beauty Refining Finishing Powder, on the other hand, is less stellar. It's not a bad product but I find that the powder isn't as fine as I would want it to. So when I apply it over concealer, especially the under-eye areas, it tends to get a bit blotchy. It's slight but it bugs me cos base make up is supposed to smoothen you up. If what you want a powder to simply set the tinted moisturizer, then this does the job okay but if, like me, you need concealer for survival, then it could be a bit problematic as it tends to be a bit blotchy when you layer it over concealer.

Also, it doesn't come with a powder puff or brush in the packaging and that's a bit of a minus point for me. The saving grace for this, however, is its ability to keep your skin matt even with a heavy tinited moisturizer underneath. I'll rate it 2.75 stars out of 5. Yes, 2.75 is a strange number I know but I think 2.5 seems a bit harsh cos it's not really that shitty a product and for all you know, it might just work for you. But looks like I won't be buying this one again after I finish it up.

Overall, I think my first foray into organic base has been satisfactory though not entirely life changing. I've kinda set sight on the next couple of base products to try when this duo runs out. I think my only complain about organic make up is the lack of pretty packaging. I don't need fancy boxes cos those would go into the trash anyway, but how about some cute sexy looking bottles or designs? Yes, it's all first world pains but well, I'm just saying...

Monday, February 06, 2012

Notable Quotable

‎" There are certain emotions in your body that not even your best friend can sympathize with , but you will find the right film or the right book , and it will understand you . "


Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Wicked Weekend

AMAZEBALLS! That's all I can say about my weekend of Wicked The Musical at the Marina Bay Sands! If you haven't caught it yet, do it now! Like NOW really! It's officially my favorite musical of all time and successfully replaced The Producer (I watched that in London) to be my #1 musical. Magnificent set, great songs, hilarious scripts and amazing performance! There's everything to love, especially when I can totally identify myself as Elphaba the green witch! I seriously won't even try to review it as it would be blasphemous and the only way to do it justice is really to watch it at the theatre. All I can say is that, it's AMAZING!

What I would talk about, however, is my pre-show noms at Mozza Osteria at MBS. Like the musical, I have nothing but praise for Mozza cos their food is delish and the ambiance lovely! I only wished that I was really hungry at that time cos we had an early dinner at about 6pm before the musical and I was still full from my previous awesome lunch (at Herbivore at Fortune Center, will talk about it another time).

With hardly any appetite, Mr Bear and I ordered little (very unlike us), with grilled artichoke (yum!), cheese and pesto on burrista to start. Delish! Though the artichoke could have been grilled to be a bit more tender.

Then I ordered a Tortellini with Brodo in Primi size as I wasn't hungry. It's a non-vegetarian (indulgent day hello!) with a bit of parma ham and cheese in the tortellini served in a full flavored chicken broth cooked with parma ham. The broth came in a little tea pot and was poured in for me and after the first taste of it, I regretted not ordering the bigger secondi portion cos it was amazeballs! The broth is totally aromatic and it's similar to those flavorsome double-boiled cantonese soup.

Mr Bear ordered some gnocchi with wild mushroom and butter sauce which was one of Mozza's signature dish. It was yummy but I still think my tortellini was better.

Then I didn't managed to take a picture of the dessert. We ordered the "Nonna's cake" and it was too yummy to slow down for a photo op. I'll have to go back to Mozza Osteria when I'm hungry one day and have a full blown Italian meal.

A wicked weekend indeed with awesome musical and gastro-rgasm! And I can't wait for the next weekend to come cos I'll be in dim sum land with Mr Bear for a much-needed breather! Some serious count down starts now!

Friday, February 03, 2012

February Muse

Reading: The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard Following the youtube on The Story of Stuff, I'm so amused and inspired by the information that I bought the book to read up more. If I have to choose one book to read this year, this potentially could be the one as it's an eye opener to how our stuff is made and disposed, as well as all the precious insight into consumerism. I'm more determined to reform my ways when consumerism is concerned and so far, I think I'm doing pretty well as I'm not recklessly buying shit anymore.

Watching: Wicked! Finally! Going for the musical this Saturday and I can't wait when I got the tickets in January. I've got some pretty decent seats and it's definitely something to look forward to this weekend!

Wearing: Keeping it real with Gap neon pink stripes tee shirt. I love stripes and this neon pink stripes tee gives the boring black, white and navy ones I have a break. The slouchy fit is perfect for casual look and layering.

Using: 100% Pure Sheer Cheek Colour in Strawberry. I love 100% Pure! Its safe and organic range of make up products are toxin free and made from fruit pigments. This cheek colour gives a perfect flush for a natural, healthy look and the light texture makes it easy to blend. You can increase the intensity by dabbing more layers. Perfect for everyday use. Available at Bud Cosmetics.

My old Chanel 2.55 Reissue Accordion in metallic blue with gold chain strap. Haven't  used this baby for awhile but I think the Accordion trumps the classic 2.55 flap cos the classic shape is so common these days that everyone, from socialites to skanks, is using it. Accordion is rare and when I saw the blue with gold, I knew I wanted it cos it's different. It's definitely one of my heirloom pieces.

Eating: At Real Food at Central Mall (it's very much the only attraction there in my opinion) . It's one of my favourite haunts for a good healthy grub and I'm glad Mr Bear loves it too and we're there at least once a week these days and I'm not getting sick of it. I love their Dry Brown Rice Noodle with Mushroom and Miso Soup with Barley and Veggies...I can never get enough of it! Omnomnomnom......

Drinking: This is starting to sound like "Tea of the month" but yes, I'm so loving herbal tea and my poison this month is the Lemon & Ginger tea from Yogi Tea. I've never really liked ginger anything but somehow this blend is sooo very soothing without being overpowering and it makes me goes "Ahhhh" every time I smell and drink it. Such a treat and it makes me feel like there's nothing a cup of nice herbal tea can't solve. It's calmness in a cup.

Loving: Scotch Naturals!!! I can't stop gushing about the awesomeness of Scotch Naturals (see previous post on review) cos it's pretty much the best nail polish out there. It's water-base, toxins free, doesn't smell, paints well, dries fast and glossy, and comes in so many gorgeous colours! What's not to love? I've now amassed a total of 6 delish colours. Can't wait for more!

Lusting after: This is by far the most mumsy lust item, but when I saw the tv advertisement of the Philip Air Fryer during the boring Chinese New Year time at my grandpa's place, I want one! I'm a foodie at heart who once said that if there's no health repercussion of eating deep fried food, I would eat it everyday cos it's so tasty. So this gadget supposedly uses "air" to deep fry your food for a healthy alternative. How it works I have no idea and neither do I give a damn as long as it produces healthy fried food (what an oxymoron!)! One of these days, I would go down to Tangs and be all domestic about it to see the demonstration and try out the food to see if it tastes as good. But at about $400 a pop, it's ouch to the wallet!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Awesome Club 21

I have to give it to Club 21 when it comes to customer services cos it's excellent. To make up for a wasted trip I took on Monday to pick up my membership redemption vouchers, they sent me a Super Nature (my favorite shop!) hamper of organic Duchy goodies together with my vouchers right to my office.

The customer service manager also called me personally to apologize and make the delivery arrangement the very next day. I'm impressed, considering they have a big membership base and that I'm definitely not their top spenders. Now, all is forgiven and they have redeemed themselves. That's what I call good customer service!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream

There are a couple of reasons why a product review takes forever to write. One is because it's a very complicated product and time is required to digest its technology or formula fully, and two is when the product is kinda underwhelming and I'm not quite feeling it. Sadly, in the case of the The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream, it's mostly because of the latter.

I've been using this closing to two months now but I simply couldn't get my act together to write about it sooner. I believe it's partly because I'm still waiting for some magic to show where I wake up one morning to magically transformed skin or something. That hasn't quite happened and I'm now resigning to fate that it might not happen after all. It is not a bad product since it does what it says by moisturizing the face, but with The Organic Pharmacy brand being so hyped up by the media with its supposed legion of celebrity fans and die hard users, I was expecting a bit more from this face cream. It's retailing at $98 a pop and I got mine at Bud Cosmetics.

The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream is apparently the best-selling moisturizer from the brand with a concoction of anti-aging vitamins, herbs, ginseng, oats and horsetail extracts just to name a few. A little goes a long way and it's best applied to damp skin so I'll mist my face before massaging it in. It's got a light and fluid texture that is well absorbed into skin in general, however, I do find that it leaves a slightly sticky feel to the skin despite its light texture. My skin would actually oil up quite a bit when I wake up in the morning compared to other moisturizers.

Close to two months into using this, I don't feel a lot of difference and I'm not sure if it's actually doing much to my skin other than keeping it hydrated. I guess if providing hydration is what you're after in a moisturizer, then it does an okay job albeit not an exceptional one. I would like to think that it's also feeding my skin with good nutrients and that I just don't feel it yet. To be fair, there are only a handful of products that actually gave visible improvements to my skin as my skin is generally okay and this honestly isn't the best face cream I've used. Thus far, from the truckload of different creams I've used, Kenzoki Cosmic Cosmetic Cream is really the best I've ever tried and it even beats the super luxe and expensive La Mer and Cle de Peau Beaute's La Creme hands down. However, Kenzoki isn't a completely safe brand so that's gotta go.

Meanwhile, I'll stick to The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Cream and finish it up but it isn't a product I would buy again. I just hope that it'll finish up quickly but then it actually looks like this tub is gonna last me at least the next six months. Till then, I'll hunt for a good organic, non toxic face cream again!


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