Thursday, July 28, 2005

Things that I'm sick of

I'm sick of people killing each other in the name of religion.
I'm sick of terrorists bombing and destroying in the name of religion.
I'm sick of suicide bombers thinking that they're doing good and their death and hundreds more are for a better cause.
I'm sick of seeing 6-month-old babies and young children getting raped by their parents and other paedophilic monsters.
I'm sick of children getting sold and traded into prostitution.
I'm sick of the US army humiliating and abusing prisoners and robbed them of their dignity.
I'm sick of the rich nations not doing much and paying lip services to help the third world while jacking up the third world debts.
I'm sick of rich nations exploiting the third world with unfair trading and exploitations.
I'm sick of domestic violence where women get beaten into pieces.
I'm sick of women getting sold and conned into brothels.
I'm sick of animal abuse and the human exploitation of animals.
I'm sick of the lack of respect for our environment and excessive use and disposal of plastic bags.
I'm sick of the marginalization of minority groups by most governments (especially the Chinese government).
I'm sick of the misuse of world funds to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
I'm sick of people's lack of awareness of what's going on to other parts of the world and other human beings.
I'm sick of people's apathy towards those who needs help and aids.
I'm sick of people's compassion fatigue and diffusion of responsibility.
I'm sick of power struggle of country authorities that in turn suffer the mass public.
I'm sick of the human sexual perversity.
I'm sick of the slow and gradual acceptance of sexual perversity being the mainstream "normal" stuff. (how else do you explain that the sickos get so bored by every single sexual perversity that they have to rape their own kids for thrill and sexual gratification?)
I'm sick of people wasting food and living in excess luxury while millions of others are starving.
I'm sick of spousal infidelity that results in emotional scars and damage.
I'm sick of seeing extreme poverty that's been ignored.

I'm sick of the brutality human beings are capable of.

Reading Newspaper Sucks!

If it's not to relief boredom at work while I slack off and count down to my last day at work, I wouldn't even laid hands on the newspaper! I've always hated reading the newspaper and today, after mulling over today's paper for a good one hour, it's just reconfirmed my disgust for newspaper.

Honestly, it's not so much about the concept of newspaper that puts me but the kind of sick, disturbing shit inside that sickens me. Maybe the title for this entry would more appropriately be named "This World Sucks!" cos everytime I'm done with reading the news, I would go into a mini depression episode for the fact that so many sick and disgusting stuff happened everyday.

Today's worst headlines:
Dogs used to threaten Abu Ghraib inmates
Long Jail terms meted out in French child sex trial

Seriously, stuff like the above challenges the morality of the entire human race and simply reinforces my belief that the fucking human race is the worst living specie on this planet. It upsets me so much everytime I turn the pages to read on the kind of brutality happened everywhere, all caused by us, the human race. What has happened to our conscience? The one thing that supposedly set up apart from animals and thus, making us supposedly the best in the animal kingdom. I'm seriously sick of getting all these grim and cold news. Is there a day where I'm gonna wake up to good news all over the pages?

Well, I guess we all know what the answer is..........

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's official!! I have permenant post-holiday disorder!

Oh no...I'm kinda doomed cos I still catch myself reminiscing my UK+Spain holiday and it's been two weeks since I've got back to boring Durian land but I'm still thinking very fondly of the land of fish'n'chips and seafood paella! It's official! I probably have permenant post-holiday disorder cos it's been two weeks since I got back from my long break but I'm still not functioning well! (obviously having a "fuck-care" attitude while counting down to my last day at my lousy and pathetic company really doesn't help!)

Thing is, with a daily view that looked something like this while I'm there:

Image hosted by

Or goofing around, laughing and striking silly spastic poses while exploring new place like this:

Image hosted by formentera dip

How is it possible for anyone to recover from the post holidays blue?? It really sucks! Peril of having too much of a good time! Somebody please help me cos I've tasted heaven and now I'm stuck in demi-hell (to say that it's total hell would be utterly ingrateful on my part cos yes, I know I have a living situation much much better than most)! Now I can't think of anything but my next trip...again, nevermind the bloody piling credit card debts! Argh!

Now here're what I want on my Christmas list: 24 months bonus and one year sabatical leave!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Separation Anxiety

I'm feeling rather moody. Not just because I'm having the post-holiday blues following my 17-day trip to London and Spain but also largely because I'm having a bit of separation anxiety now.

Image hosted by

The trip was great not just because the places I went too was fantastic but the people that I was with were awesome. I totally enjoy basking into the company of people. I went on this holiday with my boyfriend and his cousins and they're absolutely fun and fantastic people to hang out with. Quite an excellent change from my current isolated work environment and living arrangement. I simply thrive on the company of good people.

Image hosted by

Now I'm back to my usual arrangement and I feel totally isolated. I miss having someone around and not being alone. I'm okay on my own and definitely not one of those whiny chicks who say they don't dare to sleep alone with nobody around cos I've been by myself since I was 15. It's just that I love having company cos I'm more of a social organism than lone ranger.

This makes me rather family-sick (well, I try to refrain from using the term "homesick" cos I don't have a very good sense of what home is anyway). I miss my family. I miss the days where I go home to my parents and doting grandma. I miss having home-cooked meals and tv time with my parents. I miss going to the supermarket for grocery shopping with my dad. I miss driving out for sunday lunch with my folks. I miss going for a good slurpy bowl of side-street wonton noodle with my parents. In short, I simply miss everything family cos I'm sick and tired of living alone away from my family.

Argh...I should stop complaining really....I should go for retail therapy...nevermind the hefty credit card debt...whatever!!!


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