Wednesday, January 04, 2006


MacDonald's total shit. Not becos of the fat laden, 5-year-old frozen meat patty that they use and the lousy food they churn out and neither is it that they use child labour but for the fact that they're such unethical copy cat.

Of late, good ole Mac came out with a rice burger and that shits me cos they copy Mos Burger. What's totally despicable of MacDonald is that they took away Mos Burger unique selling point ie. the Japanese rice burger! It's a case of big fish swallowing the small fish, big brother bullying the small boy.

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MacDonaldlisation is what they're trying to do. Wiping out smaller players and what's so horrible of MacDonald is that Mos burger's not even a threat to them cos they have less than half the number of outlets compared to MacDonald. Why can't McFucker fucking leave Mos burger alone and come out with something original? What a fucking copy cat! Shame on them!

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