Monday, October 11, 2010

Soap & Glory Galore!

I'm back from a short solo trip in Bangkok and I trawled back a big bunch of my favorite Soap&Glory products at Boots. I went nuts....buying all the bath and body stuff and cosmetics's my loot

The Soap&Glory Laundry List:

1. Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
2. Clean Almighty Shower Gel
3. The Righteous Butter Body Lotion
4. Off My Face Cleansing sheets
5. Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss
6. Trick & Treatment Eye Concealer
7. Glow Lotion
8. Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme Plump
9. Endless Gloves

Yes I know...I bought most of their products and would buy the WHOLE range if I could cos I totally love Soap&Glory. I think it's coming to Singapore or is it here already?? Not sure...but I LOVE their stuff! They don't test on animals, have brilliant and eye-grabbing packaging and excellent products. And the person who started Soap&Glory also started the Bliss Spa chain and she started Soap&Glory to bring affordable and great beauty products so "you won't spend an arm and a leg trying to moisturize one". Cool! And you know what? The products kick ass....I've tried all and I love them all. Every single product but perhaps with the exception of the Glow Lotion cos the scent is a bit too strong cos it'll definitely interfere with your perfume...but everything else is excellent.

I LOVE The Righteous Butter Body Lotion cos it's so light, smells nice and from all the body lotions I've tried and tested (including really expensive ones by the way), this one leave my skin the most's so soft and smooth I can't stop stroking my arms and thighs cos the skin just gets real smooth. The shower gels are god-sent too and Clean On Me has got a very nice girlie scent with very great creamy texture that leaves a film of moisture after shower. Clean Almighty on the other hand has got a nice soothing Zen feel and I use them according to my moods...

And Endless Gloves is the BEST overnight handcream I've tried and again, I've tried really expensive ones that cost more than $50 bucks and this one seriously leaves your hands very very soft and hydrated the next day. It's meant to be like a cream and "mask" in one...and yes, this stuff works wonder

Now the cosmetics...Sexy Mother Pucker not only sounds super smart, it's really great and it really does plump the lips...expect some strong tingling of the lips like most plumping lippy. And again, I've tried quite a few including the more expensive Lip Venom and stuff...and this, again works better than the rest of the brands...The Trick & Treatment is good but not the best I've tried though. The Off My Face Cleansing Sheets are great  much that I bought a few more packs in there you go....Soap&Glory totally ROCKS!!!!!!

Now click here to check out their website...lovely girlie pinky website...what's not to love? The next time I go BKK, I'll buy the whole shelf back!


citrella said...

I have heard raves about Soap & Glory from a friend too. Wow... seems like I must really try it for myself.

B said...

yes you must! It's really awesome! Especially the body lotion. It's a must! I'm gonna stock it by the truck load next time...


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