Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vichy Essentielles

Vichy has some new stuff in Watsons aka my shrine and it's the Essentielles range and I "accidentally" bought the Body Cream-Milk..mostly cos it's got some nice bright pink and white packaging but also cos it's kinda affordable at $14.90. So why not right? Always good to have moisturizer for my super dry skin....

So what do I say? Hmmm...okay, it's good in terms of texture cos it's smooth and creamy but not too sticky BUT...yes, the Buts here...BUT I have some issue with the scent. Thing is, when you just sniff it, it's got a nice light floral scent but the dry down has got this dodgy musky after-smell (is that even a proper word? I mean aftertaste is a proper yeah)'s the typical musky after that that's very common among French products and I don't like that lingering musky scent......It's just kinda okay for the French cos my French friends never thought it's an issue but it kinda bugs I'm a bit disappointed at the scent cos I'm mostly about the scent! But then for the texture, it's good for my very dry skin but I would imagine it to be a bit rich for the not-so-dry skin. My skin drink up the moisture quite well and it's quite lasting too cos normally, when I slap on body lotion, they get sucked in so fast and they just disappear without a trace and my skin looks and feels dry again...but this one is lingering so it kinda gets my thumbs up...but the scent!!! Okay, I won't complain that much but I'm gonna keep it at work cos I won't use it at home for the simple reason that when I'm home after a long day's work, every single product of mine will have to be perfect in terms of texture, scent and it's good to be kept in the office...I would recommend this to someone who's got very dry skin and isn't too fuss about smell...then it would be perfect :) But will I buy it again? Erm....maybe's the smell issue.....Maybe I should try out their other product in the same range...we'll see....actually, I bought another Vichy product other than this...but that'll be for another time, after some lengthy testing first....till then!

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