Friday, October 07, 2011

Dr Lipp

It's a case of nips for the lips with Dr Lipp The Original Nipple Balm for the Lips. And it's a good one. What started off as a balm for sore nipples for breast-feeding mother has become one of the best lip balms I've tried.

It's 100% Organic Medical Grade Lanolin that is an excellent long lasting lip balm that is free of paraben, sodium laurel sulphates, petrochemical derivatives, fragrance and colourings. This balm multitasks too, and you can use it for dry skin, nappy rash and even to sooth an itchy mozzie bite though it works best as a lip balm. A little dab keeps my lips moisturized overnight in the arctic aircon condition of my room (the only way I can sleep soundly) and I wake up to soft moist lips every morning. I've definitely got myself a keeper here.

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