Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poupée de cire, poupée de son

One of my favourites old French songs....

And 2 more days before the "Emancipation of Miss B" and then back home to see my folks...woohoo...

Happy Public Holiday people!


Tiffany said...

oh no, bmuses..u locked ur twitter. i love reading ur twitter!!

i have one twitter years back, never really doing anything about it, can i add u to mine?

B said...

Hey Tiffy! Sure you can add! I will approve. Cos want to be a bit more private hehehe....

Hope you're well! How's the ear? Better I hope?

Tiffany said...

Hi Bmuses

sigh, my ear still have the hissing sounds, in the beginning, it's ringing now it kinda downgraded to "hissing" and it's still there, frequently, imagine a snake hissing near ur's how depressive. last time, i shared my GP can't really identify the cause, so he gave me the sinus, thinking it's sinus blockage around the ear but apparently no. and i was really reading up a lot on this e.g. tinnitus and found ear ringing /sound is not a condition by itself, it's a symptom of other health issue and the causes can be wide and abroad. i went to see my chinese sinseh, she also found me it's hard to identify but she said according to TCM, it's the result of kidney deficiency, heartiness of several organs or poor blood circulation and she said will take a long time to "tune up". so currently i am also taking gingko and some woman supplement to regulate the hormone as well ..and somehow i just felt this world is so unfair, i take good care of my body, i don't smoke, don't drink but yet i got all sort of health nonsense since i got my baby 21 months ago from pelvic injury, backpain, gastritis (went through a tough time with endoscopy, ultrasound to find the real cause), then breast pain etc, all these trials i have passed and triumphed and while i thought i can spend good time with my loved ones this year end, now came a "hard to identify" ear hissing. i don't know, maybe it's god test for me.

Tiffany said...

hi Bmuses
ok just added :)
my twitter is really gathering dust, i am surprised i can even find the username/password back lol

the 2 - 3 contact in it is just the remnant of the past, lol as most of my friends mostly connected in facebook.

love to get in touch with your life, i think you are really a nice lady just that got intoxicated by bad colleague. i am intoxicated by own health , to each is it own. just now my ear hissing got reduced over time..

maybe u can consider getting ur facebook so we can "like"? :) but of course i understand writing can be a mere satisfaction of our own inner feeling not necessarily to get followers or admirers since what really matters is our own feeling, sometimes a good blog will invoke jealousy from immature followers too.

PS: my request is sent out from "Jarene79", my real name is is just the ring i love, lol

B said...

Hey there, added you too! Well sorry to hear that the ear problem is still there.

I think TCM is the way to go cos it fixes the roots of the problems. But I guess you'll have to be patient.

Yeah it sucks to have health woes. What's your diet like? Cos a lot of times it's the food we eat that causes the problem as well.

Meanwhile, don't get to down over this. Count your blessings too! I do that everyday before I go to sleep and I think it helps me get into perspective and I'm more thankful for things I have. Stay positive okay? :)

Unknown said...

Hi Bmuses

Thanks dear :)

now i rather hope to hear my mum nag 100x times near my ear than this stupid hissing sound, lol. yeah, u are so right, it pays to be positive, research have shown people with health woes recover faster with a positive outlook :)

for me, maybe the crux is i seldom eat vegetable or not enough. okok, now u remind me, i confess *palm guilt face* the only vege i eat is just "chai xin" and plus my mum can't possibly make chai xin everyday so ya i think i am lacking in the "vege" department nutrition despite i am faithfully taking my supplement e.g. phytoestrin (it has black cohesh that helps with the hissing sound), proflavanol , fish oil and also gingko (for health + circulation).

lately i have also started taking a "cell nutrition" drink which my mum bought from her friends.

are you still taking the garlic supplement? i remember u mentioned "Pycnogenol" before, are u taking that too ? i think this is an excellent source of antioxidant too.

these days, i found myself finding more info on health products than beauty/makeup stuff, funny a person interest can steer to new topic after health woe strike. so health is really the most important, i was just telling my husband yesterday "no health will get hell" hahahaha true .

happy hongkong trip! i miss hongkong esp the most authentic and can't live without milk tea!!

B said...

Ahhh you ought to have a more balanced diet! I suppose you're on a meat heavy diet? Problem with meat these days is that it's full of growth hormones and factory farming is the culprit.

Not asking you to go vegetarian but cutting down on that might actually be a good idea and then loading up on veggies, organic preferred! So our mama is right when they asked us to eat our greens!

Yes, I'm still taking pycnogenol. I'm not sure if it does any obvious wonders but I take it cos it's supposed to be really good. I'm a supplement junkie you see!

Yeah you're smart to invest more in health than beauty cos you can't be beautiful if you're unhealthy! So good call! But hey, read more on nutrition and diet cos sometimes it might just be your diet that's causing health problem? Not sure. But possible!

Tiffany said...

hey bmuses

nice to hear from you again from hongkong, i am more of a fish/noodle and some fried stuff type of eater, not so much on meat as in red meat, pork etc ..oh, i hear you loud, i need more vege. yes, outer appearance does speaks a lot of our inner health too, toast to good health in 2012! :)


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