Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Serum

With a name like Super Serum, you would have big expectations and given the avalanche of face products out there promising the world, the name "Super Serum" would normally be a hype; only that for the iS Clinical Super Serum Advance+, I've come to conclude that it is somewhat of a fact.

Say hello to my favourite serum du jour, the iS Clinical Super Serum Advance+! It has successfully knocked my previous favourite, the Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum, off its reigning throne as Miss B's must-have serum.

Created by innovative clinical skincare brand iS Clinical, the Super Serum Advance+ is brimming with antioxidants that promise to reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, lighten hyper pigmentation and promote scar healing. It's apparently a favourite among many aesthetic doctors and dermatologists. Having been using it for the last one month, I can absolutely see why.

Though I can't speak for wrinkles reduction as I haven't got much (yet), I can vouch for its skin-healing properties. My occasional breakout zit actually healed at an amazingly quick pace. What would have normally taken a week to 10 days to heal was quickly improved within 4 days and I'm truly impressed. The unsightly zit mark faded off quite fast within 2 weeks or so. I can imagine this to be quite a god-sent for those suffering from acne scars.

My skin clarity was given a big boost as well after a mere 2 weeks of usage. On me, it has a pore refining property and my skin tone has evened out quite a bit as well. It has also tamed the crazy freckles from the Bali sun too with its anti pigmentation properties.

The only thing that requires a bit of getting used to is the texture. It absorbs very well but the watery texture makes it a little hard to apply and you'll have to be careful not to overuse the tiny 15ml bottle. Well, it doesn't grow on tree so you wouldn't wanna splash your whole face with it. It takes about 5 drops to spread out on my face each time. A month into using it, I still have about half a bottle left, so it's really not that bad.

Other than that, it's probably the best $140 dollars I've spent on a single skin care product and this is definitely gonna be a in my repertoire of skincare for the long haul. This little bottle is the bee's knees that really packs in some powerful punch. No doubt about it.


Tiffany said...

Hi Bmuses

oh! i heard of this super serum before and do you know if it contains preservative like parabens?

somehow this super serum make me think they are in the league of VIO, that's sold in salon . i think fann wong is using V10, during a what is in your bag feature in Female or her world magazine

by the way, bmuses, have you experienced any kind of ear ringing before? now, i got migraine added to that. my whole family joke i am worst than a old granny, when this part solve, another part came lol never ending. last time remember is breast issue and you referred me Dr Lau/NUH remember? was dismissed as hormonal and i am well now. for the past 3 weeks, i experienced a ear ringing problem which is pretty persistent. i went for a ear scopy and ENT doctor said there is a piece of funny wax stuck right at the ear lobe. the doctor cleared and said that should do the trick. however, the ringing didn't stop completely, the level just got reduced only. so it looks like it's triggered from other part of body, i read online it's called "tinnitus" and if ear problem x, insects are ruled out then it's other health problem like poor blood circulation, high blood pressure etc causing the ring. the ear ringing is one of the more complex situation where it could arise due to other various, wide health problem making it harder to identify the cause, sigh i am going to find out more as it's affecting my life quality. just yesterday i looked up my family GP and he said might be "sinus infection sometimes we sneezed and unknowingly one nerve got blocked and i hope this works. so he got me 1 week medicine to try. its really irritating as if some bee are hissing, ringing non stop at ur ear and u can't find out why. i am so scared if it's brain cancer? but my GP said most probably not..i will see if the medicine works before i go for further scan.

B said...

Hmmm I'm not sure if it's parabens free actually. I gotta look at the box but I might have thrown it away. But I think this is so good that I don't care even if it has parabens!! The bad outweighs the good. Vanity trumps!

I was looking at the V10 Plus stuff but then it's all individual serums, like it's ceramide, then placenta etc and they don't have one with everything right? So I have to apply a few different ones if I want a combination of good stuff it seems?

I haven't got tinnitus before. Which ENT did you go to? I guess there could possibly an infection cos if the ear wax is gone, it should ease up. Are you on a course of antibiotics now? If yes, finish it up and see if it goes away, if not, maybe go see another ENT.

You can try Dr Ralph Stanley at Glen E. He's good. He's not the most cuddly and warm type of person but he has great experiences and excellent track record.

Hope you feel better soon!

Tiffany said...

Hi bmuses, i knew about Dr Ralph Stanley at Glen E but he isn't free at the time i can meet it, in the end, i visited another specialist at gleneagle. the one i saw is dr leong, at level 10, he did an ear scope for whopping $260, consultation $130 and an audio test $90+. total bill came up to $570+. later my family GP the one i visited yesterday told me he is charging $40 for the scope only, i was like...!!!! sigh, never mind la. what happened has happened. the problem is my ear ringing didn't resolve so yes i am taking some medicine, hope it clears up in 1 week time.

by the way, yes the v10 caters to various skin conditions. what happened is my gal friend went to her salon (hmm, i really don't know which one, think is the salon near her work place in raffles place) and the girl first gave her a questionnaire where you tick on the concerns best describes your conditions and problem, then the row with the highest score with the corresponding serum can best address your concern. think it's about $130 for each serum thereabout.

Audrey said...

I'm interested to try! :)
can i know where do you buy it from? i saw the link you sent but they didn't say where in singapore we can buy it lei..

so you just apply this serum and nothing else after that or u put on a moisturizer? thanks

B said...

@ Tiffany, the scope they do at GP clinic is a little different from the one you get from ENT specialist so thus the price difference. But meanwhile I hope the ringing clears up pronto cos it can be so annoying! Take care!

@Audrey, it's available at The Sloane Clinic. I think the most centralized outlet is at Ion Orchard. They have an online store too.

prices are in USD, so take note!

B said...

Oh I forgot. Yes, you use it before your moisturizer but after toner. The texture really is like water, so it's very very light. Use sparingly!


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