Monday, December 26, 2011

Active Serum

I'm experiencing a skin crisis!

Following the major disappointment and chin zits outbreak from the evil Lancome Visionnaire, I have to retract my previous review where I said the Visionnaire is an alright product. It is NOT. The Lancome Visionnaire is total rubbish! It is supposed to create beautiful skin blah blah blah but it did the exact opposite! It has caused major breakout and I've never had so much zit on my face even when I was in my teens. We're talking about serious zits, those deep embedded acne type where they don't go away and wouldn't pop and heal.

After reading Visionaire's ingredient list, I suspect its mineral oil, a big no no in skin care, is the cause of my break out. Google its review and you'll see there are some women who experienced break out too. My chin is now marred with some serious zits and my forehead has got a couple. It's tragic.

Cue iS Clinical Active Serum to the rescue!! With the amazing result of the iS Clinical Advance+ Serum, I've gone back to using iS Clinical products. To save my messed up skin thanks to the bloody lousy shit of Lancome Visionnaire, I'm trying the iS Clinical Active Serum this time instead because anti-acne is one of its three main properties.

Other than fixing acne, the Active Serum delivers anti-aging and brightening benefits. It supposed to reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and acne while refining the skin texture. Its potent mix of ingredients include sugar cane, bilberry, white willow bark, arbutin, and Kojic acid. Sounds pretty promising, and according to my aesthetic doctor friend, the Active Serum has an exfoliating effect and it's perfect for applying after toning and before other skincare products as it would prep the skin for proper absorption.

Again, iS Clinical product has proven to be the bee's knees and the Active Serum delivers exactly what it's supposed to! I've used it for less than 2 weeks and the results are rapid like it promises. First up, my zits heal really quickly. Small zits went away pretty swiftly and it tackles those deeply embedded ones too. It would normally take more than a month for those deep acne to go away cos they'll usually go stagnant and not budge. With the Active Serum, it went down remarkably overnight. They didn't disappear of course but they were a lot less swollen the next day and the healing process was at least twice as fast! What I do is, on top of applying about 6 drops all over the face, I massage a tiny amount onto the zit itself and that does the trick.

I can't speak for its anti-wrinkle properties since I haven't got much wrinkles, but I can vouch for its anti-acne result which has been stellar. My pores also got more refined too and it's simply brilliant! I'm now a 100% iS Clinical products convert and I can't wait to try the rest of the range! I might just use the remaining Lancome on my feet. Thank god I didn't buy the big bottle of that cow dung!


Tiffany said...

hi Bmuses
i know how it feels dear. it shit big time to use and got lousy results from top brand, how disappointing! i must say Bmuses, you are not the only one, there are loads of many hopful ladies facing this same crisis like you, my dear so take heart :) now on this topic, i like to give a "warning" here, don't ever say the blardy SISLEY brand, it gave me bullshit 101 on my face too. though some bloggers oversea said this is great blah blah blah it also gave me scars and took me years to heal. so avoid at all costs, my darling!

Tiffany said...

btw i am so sold after rereading your review on ur loved iS Clinical Active Serum, what do you apply this with? u mentioned after toner put this on, so what do u put on after this Active serum lei?

please let me know the product name for toner and moisturizer u use as well hehe :) then brand it a "set" ma

i think they should call u in for endorsement !! :)))

Anonymous said...

hi can i know where do you watch Midnight in Paris? thanks

B said...

@Tiffany,haha, I won't use Sisley cos I think it's quite rich in texture. I think it works better in colder countries though. I do know it's 'supposedly good for mature skin, so we're too young for that haha...

For the Active Serum, yes, I use it after toner. Just about 6 drops would be enough. For moisturizer, I use The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Cream and also The Lifting Eye cream from The Organic Pharmacy (just bought these two actually). And I finish with Decleor face oil.

@anon 11:36, I downloaded it online :) it's a really good movie!

Anonymous said...

hi thanks. online is which site can i know please? i am really interested to watch this movie too.

Tiffany said...

wow, bmuses dear look at the quotes of this movie, looks like a must watch movie!

yes, dear can also let me know where to download from? i can google to find out but i am just afraid those sites are not reliable so best to check with you . thank you!! muack mega!

B said...

It's a torrent download so just go to a bit torrent site to download would do. You can try n search :) Or get the dvd from HMV. Not sure if it's out. But it's a really good movie!

Tiffany said...

thanks got it, bmuses :)


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