Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To be happier....

1. Count your blessings  2. Give thanks, even to the small things  3. Be zen and don't sweat over small things  4. Forgive. Don't hold on to anger  5. Exercise! Endorphins = Happy Hormones  6. Be charitable. Do good, feel good. Give more, expect less  7. Sleep more  8. Focus on what you have, not what you lack  9. Live simply. Discover the joy of less  10. Choose the good people in life. Real Friends 1: Frenemies 0. Cut out toxic people  11. Make peace with your past/bad experiences/issues. Let them be your perfect teacher. Look forward   12. Be in the moment. BE HERE NOW  13. Be kind to YOURSELF (many people aren't)  14. See the +ve in things, situations and people. Don't be a Negative Nelly   15. Eat healthy. You are what you eat. Bad food=bad health=miserable  16. SMILE and breathe deeply. Exhale bad vibes  17. Don't harp on the bad things. Let them go  18. Be in healthy relationships. If you're in a toxic one, you'll know. Acknowledge it. Thank it. Get out of it  19. Be self-sufficient  20. Spend enough ME TIME with yourself. Solitude can be therapeutic  21. Be debt free. Debt=Financial stress  22. Love yourself. Remember that nobody is perfect. Accept your flaws, highlight your strengths, enjoy being you  23. Detox. Detox your body, detox your space (aka de-clutter), detox your people  24. Reflect often. Remember the things that matter  25. Choose Happiness. Happiness isn't an outcome or good luck. Happiness is a choice. Guard yours with all your might!

Image from The Minimalists


Tiffany said...

Hey bmuses
thank you dear.

do you know i use your "remember list" the 4 pointers as my work wallpaper too? :)

i love it so much and everytime it never fail to reinforce me the importance of these points:
whoever comes are the right people
what ever happens is the only thing that could have
whenever it starts, it's the right time
when it's over, it's over
so apt for a uncertain working life :)

you are my Confucius liao hahaha :)

B said...

Hi Tiffany,

Good to know you liked it.

You should read Pema Chodron. She's truly inspiring.


I think you'll like it too.

Tiffany said...

Hi Bmuses, got it, will get in touch with your gift very soon :)

the Pemachidron reminds me of Pravs world , daily inspiration dose of enlightment in picture and short story


in facebook, there are 2 feeds pretty engaging e.g.
The secret to humor is surprise

hope you enjoy!

B said...

Thanks tiffany, I'll check it out later :)


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