Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reading Newspaper Sucks!

If it's not to relief boredom at work while I slack off and count down to my last day at work, I wouldn't even laid hands on the newspaper! I've always hated reading the newspaper and today, after mulling over today's paper for a good one hour, it's just reconfirmed my disgust for newspaper.

Honestly, it's not so much about the concept of newspaper that puts me but the kind of sick, disturbing shit inside that sickens me. Maybe the title for this entry would more appropriately be named "This World Sucks!" cos everytime I'm done with reading the news, I would go into a mini depression episode for the fact that so many sick and disgusting stuff happened everyday.

Today's worst headlines:
Dogs used to threaten Abu Ghraib inmates
Long Jail terms meted out in French child sex trial

Seriously, stuff like the above challenges the morality of the entire human race and simply reinforces my belief that the fucking human race is the worst living specie on this planet. It upsets me so much everytime I turn the pages to read on the kind of brutality happened everywhere, all caused by us, the human race. What has happened to our conscience? The one thing that supposedly set up apart from animals and thus, making us supposedly the best in the animal kingdom. I'm seriously sick of getting all these grim and cold news. Is there a day where I'm gonna wake up to good news all over the pages?

Well, I guess we all know what the answer is..........

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beracahvalley said...

that s why i say human nature is corrupted-love become lust or worse, taking care of the child but end up having child abuse... ... but at the same time not all evil ( we feel bad when we lie......etc ). this is why we need a guide to reflect on what we do and so on like a mirror. to me, it will be the bible.


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