Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Candle light!

I've recently made a great discovery of some really awesome ambience light one lazy weekend afternoon at the Home Fix Store (obviously I was there cos BB needed to get some paint). It's the kickass Philips LED Candle Lights! Taa-daaa!

Now much as I've always loved candles, I'm also very aware of the fact that candles actually reduces the air quality in your room with its smoke (especially when you put it off), not to mention it being a potential fire hazard and you can't really light a candle and go to sleep in peace without worrying that it might catch something and burn the whole house down. And because I have a cat, I worry if Mr Bond would go play with it and get his tail burnt or something. Now, say goodbye to fire hazard worry and hello Philips LED Candle Lights!!!

They're awesome cos they're rechargeable and they give a very real candle light effects and the light in there is actually programmed to flicker to mimick the real candle! It sets the room with a romantic and soothing ambience that's great for some good old luuuurving! *wink* It comes in a box set of 3 candles with white frosted glass and a 3-pod charger and the cool thing is that you turn the candles on and off by just tilting it to the side with one swift movement! And you can also buy more candles cos they sell it individually too. It's really cool and BB was nice enough to get me my own set...muahahaha! We saw in the instruction booklet that there're other colors like pink and blue but it's nowhere to be seen in Singapore yet.....but then again, I quite like the white ones cos they look the most versatile. And last night, I fell asleep with it till the morning and it really does save the hassle of getting out of bed to put the candles off and have the room smell a bit burnt from the smoke.....Now if only Philips makes some candle lights with scent or aromatherapy! I'm waiting!!

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