Monday, March 29, 2010

A crab-by weekend

It's sadly Monday and I started mine waking up at 630am to get to work at 730am....bwahh...what a way to start the week but thank god it's a loooong weekend with Good Friday around the corner!
Anyway, weekend was good despite the fact that I was very hormonal and grumpy and the highlight of the weekend was the Hokkaido Crab Dinner at Chikuyo-teh at Takashimaya Level 5. We didn't intend to go Chikuyo-teh cos our original plan was Akashi at Paragon but BB didn't want to wait for half an hour for our table and off to Chikuyo-teh we went. And there was no queue and it was seats and tables aplenty. Why? Cos the food there is so overpriced! I ordered some sashimi and tempura set and it's $35 bucks and it's not exactly THAT fantastic. They're charging hotel prices similar to Keyaki at Pan Pacific Hotel (Which is fantastic by the way)! It's not crappy but definitely not worth the $35 bucks cos there were only 2 Ebi Tempura which is kinda stingy! It would have cost about $25 bucks for the same stuff at other Jap restaurants...and this is my over-priced but otherwise decent set...

Then BB wanted to have crab and they serve Hokkaido crabs and we ordered a combination of Snow Crab, King Crab and Hairy Crab at $50 bucks. It's yummy though....they just steamed it and it's got Japanese vinegar and ginger to go with it.

It's really good though I'm a bit scared of the hairy crab cos it's kinda scary looking...the hair ewwww...BB said the funny thing about Hairy Crab is that they can get "crabs" (aka pubic lice) cos they're hairy...okay, bad joke but we were watching some BBC Knowledge on tv and they were talking about, not the one we eat...but the one that grows in the nether regions and the ones you don't want in your pubs...... Anyway, I dunno if it's over-priced cos I dunno what's the market rate like though...but this is awesome....Ohhh I suddenly have an idea!! I think I'm gonna bring BB to the Singapura Restaurant to eat Teo Chew cold crab with special chilli! Cos I think the cold crab's better than this one! Woot!

Ohhh and I had a really nice surprise from my sister Becks...

The box came crushed but the inside is awesome!!!

I've got face mask, some skin cleaning spongy thing which I dunno how to use, my favorite Japanese strawberry milk candy and a Hello Kitty candy with a cute case! Thanks Becks! Muacks!

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Beracahvalley said...

Blueberry the one I drawn says: "How can they crush the box! The box! The box! Ahya!"

Hehe hope you like it.


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