Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Aubrey Moisturizing Face Mask

So here's one of the very few things I bought while I was in NYC for work. My dry skin had some kind of skincare emergency that required a moisture intensive mask and I picked up the Aubrey Moisturizing Face Mask with Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber at The Whole Food.

It does what it says by providing some pretty good hydration. Ten minutes and you get pretty well hydrated skin. The only drawback is that the texture isn't as luxurious as I would want it to be. I like my face mask thick and gooey but this one is thin on the consistency with a food-like natural smell, making it feels like a homemade formula. I know it doesn't bug that many people but for me, the ritual of face masking means I want it to feel nice too. To make it wear better upon application, I keep it in the fridge to impart a cooling sensation to tantalize the skin a little. That makes it a bit more enjoyable. 

Also, it has a slight buttery after feel that could potentially turn off some people. My dry skin doesn't mind it but it's obviously an issue with my mom who prefers a squeaky clean feeling. But at less than $10 USD, this organic mask is quite some bang for your bucks if a basic no nonsense basic face mask is what you're after. It's definitely worth trying cos for all you know, it could be a perfect match for your skin.

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