Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Someone That I Used to Know

Song of the moment and I couldn't stop obsessing it cos it's such a major ear worm with awesome lyrics.

Don't we all have some douchebag ex who kinda fits the lyrics? I can think of a few myself...enjoy!


Ling said...

so you like country side track? you like also lounge, deep house music?

B said...

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I don't really listen to country. Hardly. But yes to lounge and deep house though :)

Ling said...

Hey Bmuses
i am reading your mid life crisis now..i believe once you are enlightened of changes, u are on a safe journey to self discovery and positive changes.

hahaha boo to ur douche bag of then boyfriend, u moved on for good.
oh, who/what is ur favorite lounge and deep house?

B said...

Hey Ling,

Haha...30s is the new 20s!
Oh douche bag ex was so damn long ago cos it was when I was still in college!

Lemon Jelly is my favorite lounge group. Two of my fave tracks from them is below but I have so many favorites from them though.

Deep House I haven't really listened to a lot lately but I love Fish Go Deep (below)

Ling said...

thanks, bmuses. I am checking out your link right now, like to listen to your favorite too :)

i knew from a colleague she listened to this online radio called Tunein , hope it useful for you:)


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