Monday, April 23, 2012

Sophyto Anti-aging Antioxidant Serum

I've been getting some success with finishing up my skincare and toiletries before buying new ones. When my iS Clinical Active Serum ran out awhile ago, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and tried out new face serum. Organic of course, and it's always good to switch skincare around a little so your skin doesn't get too used to the same products anyway.

This time, I try out Sophyto Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum and I'm glad to say that it is quite a lovely product! This award-winning (The Elle Green Stars Award 2009 and many more) is brimming with high percentage of polyphenols derived from fermented apple and tea for its great anti-aging and skin repairing properties. The amber colored serum has a very light fluid texture that's very much watery as it's free from any artificial fillers (unlike yucky stuff like Lancome Vissionaire that has mineral oils and silicone as fillers!). With a herbal aroma, it's instantly absorbed into your skin to leave a clean non sticky feel which I love. It's definitely great for people with oily skin because of its light texture.

I've been using this close to a month now (once a day only at night, before doubling up with Burt's Bees Radiance Serum) and I can feel that my skin is more radiant and healthier looking so I can say this is quite a great product especially if you're looking for a light weight serum. It's not some miracle product as the improvement isn't as dramatic as say iS Clinical serum but this would be a good maintenance item for sure, or when you need something to alternate your regular stuff with. I'm pretty happy with this and I'm likely to buy this again.

The downside is that it's retailing at $89 at Bud Cosmetics which is a bit steep considering when it's supposed to be only $49 USD, which is about $61SGD. So if you have friends in the US, you'll save about 30 bucks if you get them to send it over!

Next up, I'm gonna try the Suki Skincare Bio C 10% Formula Face Serum cos my Burt's Bees Radiance Serum is running out. I can't wait! Watch this space for review soon!


Tiffany said...

i'm surprised the 3rd ingredient is "*alcohol denat" did u notice it's drying?

you mentioned more radiant and healthier, does it brightened your overall skin tone?

i think "Suki Skincare Bio C 10% Formula Face Serum" is a stronger brightener agent right? sigh..these days i realize my skin tone turns duller and in need of better whitening product. i am in between shiseido whitening serum but with adhoc results, some days i woke with fairer skin the other day, like duller?! how funny!!

Tiffany said...

hi bmuses

remember sometimes back, u highly recommended a movie with the title "paris or something"...i vaguely recall, is it called "midnight in paris" to be exact? i thought of renting that stuff in the video shop..thanks, please let me know :)

B said...

It doesn't dry out cos it's denatured alcohol. So it's okay.

Yes, my skin is a bit brighter and even-toned but it's subtle effect as this is an antioxidant serum.

Suki Bio C is more of an antioxidant than brightening cos they actually have another serum specifically for brightening. But Shiseido has the best whitening/brightening products in the market. The White Lucent range is pretty awesome with great texture. Dullness could be due to many things and has nothing to do with how fair you are. If I don't sleep well, my skin gets duller haha...

B said...

Oh yes, it's Midnight in Paris :)

Tiffany said...

hey bmuses
thanks for getting back :)
poor me, i am going for a wisdom tooth op this sat so need to rent some video and watch at home. it's going to be painful..i actually have 4 freaking wisdom tooth but i can only start with the painful one which is the lower teeth. so thanks for confirming the title ya!!

B said...

Good luck for your op! I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time under GA. Best decision ever cos it wasn't even as painful as I imagined it to be. And I guess having a really good dental surgeon helped too.

I ate baby food for days after hahaha and I totally enjoyed the MC!

Tiffany said...

wow terrific! which dental surgeon u went to and how much u paid? i supposed all costs is mediasave friendly

my mum friend son went for wisdom tooth op too and he paid $600 , some
$700 . so costs varied.

my mine is at lucky plaza medical floor . he charged me $1K for 1 tooth, fully mediasave reimbursement. i chose him because my parent teeth implants are done by him and i guess his central location did jack up the costs a lot but since i can pay via mediasave i can close one eye for now hahaha. he said if i am brave enough, he will give me $2.5k+ for 4 at one go but i thought that's too risky since it's only 1 that is acting up painful. the rest are "quiet" bastards hhahaha so in the end, i opt 1 first and see how it goes under general sedation.

he said general sedation is sufficient, i am not GA but i guess if one goes through 4 at one time, GA is certainly needed.

B said...

I got my done by Dr Asher Lim at Alexandra Hospital. He's really one of the best and I didn't bleed so much or hurt too much. My cousin who's in the dental industry also told me that he's one of the best with wisdom teeth extraction. It cost about 2K but it's full covered by my work insurance anyway.

Sedation varies for people. For my friend, he told me he didn't feel much and there's no difference from an LA and he regretted not going for GA.

I think GA was the best for me cos I don't feel anything, didn't hear my teeth getting cracked and didn't feel all that yanking. Best decision ever!

Tiffany said...

thanks for getting back, bmuses. noted, glad you are in great hands who comfort the pain so well :)

Anonymous said...

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