Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Are we meeting today?

How often do you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/partners/other half?

In the past, I used to average twice or 3 times a week but currently with BB, I see him everyday cos we pretty much live in the same place. I remember once upon a time, my gorgeous work neighbour Chris told me that she meets her boyfriend (, fiance! Congrats!) everyday and they would spend time everyday. I was a bit freaked out cos yes I do know that there're some couples who meet daily but I always think that maybe they're a bit obsessive. But then now that I'm in that arrangement, I'm actually quite comfortable with it and actually like it.

A reader once told me that she likes living together with her boyfriend cos it means there's no more "Are we meeting today or what?" questions and one too many girlfriends of mine have once expressed that they find the whole "when should I meet my boyfriend" bit a little hard to figure out. I used to have the same problem in the past especially with people whom I just started dating...I'd feel deterred to even ask the person to meet up cos I hate rejection and I also worry if the person's meeting out of obligation (okay, I have issues asking for things in general but that's a totally different issue altogether). A lot of my girlfriends said they don't wanna impose or infringe on the other person's space and a couple of them also once said that they're worried that meeting the guy more would mean the guy will get sick of them faster and then the guy would be complacent and start doing less for the flowers would disappear, the loving texts and sms will dwindle, the affection will lessen, the sparkle will lose its luster, the honeymoon will be over sooner....Well, I guess that's a valid fear and I have the same fear too, don't we all?

So when I asked Chris (by now you should figure that I regard Chris and her man as the ideal model couple) if she or her man gets bored meeting everyday and if it means they'll gets too comfortable with each other....Chris the wise said "Well, it doesn't mean everyday has to be exciting, sometimes it's about spending time doing things together and the companionship is important. Come on, if you can't even face the person everyday now, how do you expect to face the person for a life time?"

Wow....I've never thought of it that way. I guess it's quite a motto..."If you can't even face the person everyday now, how do you expect to face the person for a life time?" Chris' quote is so true! Now that I think of it, I actually have couple friends who get totally maladjusted after they get married cos all of a sudden, they have to face each other everyday and live together and they get a whole different set of problems with it. Looks like Chris' quote is something I'm gonna live by now!

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