Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yet another great product alert....this time it's the L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture's simply wonderful....
Uncle Josh gave me this some couple of months back from his press stash and he totally missed out a great product. I kinda waited for awhile to use it cos I have so many jars and bottles of cream left but then I couldn't resist anymore and just awhile ago, I opened it and I feel the need to praise and wax lyrical about the cream!!! First up, the smell is lovely! It's a citrusy scent with a hint of beautiful orange blossom and how I LOVE the smell! Then the texture! It's light yet rich and it gets absorbed super quickly to leave my skin velvety smooth!! The whole experience of applying the cream was so damn delightful that I can't wait to apply it again cos the aroma of the cream is simply heavenly and the cream just melts into your skin. The skin is soft and despite the fact that it gets quickly and completely absorbed, it's very moisture rich too and it's great for my dry skin.

Other than having brightening property, the cream is also an anti-aging cream to fight wrinkles and help firm the skin. I know I've just applied it and I dunno if it delivers all the promises but then the fact that it's oh so delightful to use has totally won me over and I don't really care if it fully delivers all the promises or not cos the great scent and wonderful wonderful texture are great enough reasons for me to be totally hooked and devoted to this cream! It's a winner! And I really didn't expect such great texture from L'Occitane cos I've always thought that they're better known for their aromatic body products. Who would have thought that their face skin products are so great! I think I'm gonna try some of their other stuff!

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