Monday, September 13, 2010

Real Phone Conversation....

This is hilarious...and courtesy of HL who told me about this....3 different wrong number calls and the real conversations that followed...

Caller: Hello Mr Chua?
Me: Wrong number
Caller: Hey, you are not Mr Chua
Me: Is it that obvious? ...
Caller: Aiyoh, then why you holding his phone?


auntie: hello.... 是黎明吗?
me: 不是
auntie: 你不是黎明?为什么?
me: 因为我是舒淇,黎明在冲凉.


Weird caller: "Hello, are you kumar kumar?"
Me: "No, this is the Singapore Casket."

There're lots of weird people around........

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tiffany said...

hahaha this is so hilarious :)
once i met a ex school mate in a shopping mall outside the toilet waiting area ma, so as we caught sight of each other , we felt "compelled" to at least say something like hi, hello etc. (i'm sure there are acquitance in ur life who we don't really interested in embarking long talks and are hi bye friends right..yes like wise the same here)

ok so at a lost of word, i stupidly blurted "oh, so u are here!"

he shooted back with a sly smile "no, i am there" ahhahaha

ok very stupid but ya..hahahaha

anyway, i love all these "wu li tou" joke and share with you all my favorite cranky, humorous site

and also

hope you find new humor in it! always my lunch time website :))


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