Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ACV Your Face

Ages ago, I've blogged about the amazing wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar for health. It's always been on on-going health remedy I take on a "regularly on-and-off" basis. Meaning, I'll go through phases where I'll down it and then stop for a bit before going back on it.

Lately, due to a horrendous bouts of cystic acne that's thankfully clearing up, I've been super obsessed with cleaning out pores or any pore-unblocking remedies. Then, while I was de-cluttering my fridge, I was reminded of the amazing health benefits of ACV when I saw a bottle lying in the fridge. So I whipped out my ACV health book, got back on drinking it with honey and started using it on my face as it's supposed to be anti-acne with pore/oil unclogging properties on top of many goodness for some skin loving.

After using it for a week, I can totally attest to its skin loving properties and I have no problem running this somewhat smelly liquid on my face on a daily basis in the pursuit of better, healthier skin. And it's crazily simply. I mix one part of ACV to one part of filtered water, then apply and massage it onto the face in circular motion (not too rough please!) after cleansing every alternate night. You can rinse it off lightly with some water if you don't like the smell but I'll just leave it on for a bit before lightly patting some water over it to lighten the smell. It acts as a mild exfoliating agent while delivering the goodness of ACV directly to your skin. It also unclogs pores over time and helps surface impurities while maintaining a healthy skin pH (our skin thrives on a slighly acidic environment).

For a more nourishing treat, you can mix it with honey and some pounded oats for a DIY exfoliating mask that packs in the moisture too!

Yes, it's that simple and doesn't cost a bomb! Awesome natural skin and health remedies from mother nature!

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