Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sushi Land Diary Part 1: Tokyo

Two weeks ago, I came back from a totally amazing trip from Japan and it took me this long to download and select the photos. I wanted to slowly relish the process when I was in a good mood to relive my Japanese journey. Also because I have taken a ridiculous amount of photos and going through them took me awhile.

So here you go, first part of my Sushi Land Diary in Tokyo. Downloaded finally a couple of nights ago in the nice ambiance of my own cocoon of a room scented by incense from Kyoto. Not much words (as otherwise it'd be too lengthy), just photos (a fraction of what I took), a summary in my "Monthly Muses" style and a promise that Part 2 and 3 in Karuizawa and Kyoto are heaps better.

Staying at: Tokyo Park Hotel at Shiodome. (Won't go back cos the service staff wasn't helpful)
Eating: World famous (and way too pricey!) Tempura at Ten-ichi. Super delicious Ochazuke at a random shop at Tokyo Station. Amazing kaiseki-like omakaze menu at Maru at Aoyama (as recommended by The Wallpaper). Cheap but extremely good Japanese Hamburger Steak at Manhattan Deli at Roppongi (their Mentaiko mash potato is a must try!). Curry rice with Kani cream croquette from a random shop near our hotel.
Drinking: Fuji Apple Juice. Like tons of it cos I love my Japanese apple juice. Also drinking tons of macha of course!
Visiting: Yoyo-gi Park. Possibly my favourite spot in Tokyo as it offers wide open spaces with tons of youths, couples and family alike relaxing in the sun, doing different activities from running, dancing to playing musical instruments. Asakusa is another hotspot I enjoyed with its rich heritage feel that offers a different fair from the shopping belt in Ginza.
Shopping at: Every Japanese drug store that came my way. My obsession with toiletries meant going crazy in drug stores.
Loving: Clean Japanese toilets with 39439483 different functions and bidet options! Super clean and why hasn't the rest of the world caught up with that yet??? Even the toilets at random subway station is very clean! Now that's something!


Audrey said...

oh no, still no up close and personal photo of our princess here :x !

B said...

Haha I'm very camera shy and I hate having my own photos taken that's why!! Maybe in the later posts or something perhaps!


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