Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leave Aishwarya Rai Alone!

So apparently, it seems like the Asian entertainment media's activity-du-jour is to bash Bollywood actress and one time Miss World Aishwarya Rai for not losing her baby weight after she gave birth. Read more here

"The Indian media, though, latched onto the fact that she looked like a 38-year-old woman who had recently given birth."

Last check, Aishwarya Rai IS indeed a 38-year-old woman who had recently given birth! So I have no idea why her fans and the media alike can't just let her be the 38-year-old who had just given birth recently, and is now nursing her baby! Any medical doctor would attest to the fact that a nursing mom needs proper nutrition to breast feed her baby, so there is nothing wrong if there's some weight on the body to properly raise the child! It's basic human rights to care for and nurture the smallest member of our society. 

What outrage me most is that when it comes to post-baby body, a woman in the public eye can do no right, thanks to both the media and public. If you lose too much weight too soon ala the Hollywood celebrity way like Heidi Klum (she was back on the runway modeling for Victoria Secret a mere six weeks after she gave birth), Miranda Kerr and the supermodel gang, you're blamed for creating unrealistic expectation for new mothers who are pressurized conform to that standard. Some slagged them off for not caring for their baby by breast feeding with proper nutrition. Evil mother they said. 

Now, we have a Bollywood actress who chooses the health and welfare of her newborn over conforming to that skinny post-baby standard, and still she got shamed for not up-keeping her role as the most beautiful Bollywood actress. Not just by the horrendous and despicable media, but by her so-called fans and supporters. 

What is the world coming to when the most basic human right of motherhood is being scrutinized and criticized? This is pure insanity. 

So, leave Aishwarya Rai alone already!!!

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