Monday, May 07, 2012

May Muses

Konichiwa! I'm back from an amazing long holiday in Japan and thus the delayed Monthly Muses! Currently having some serious Japan withdrawal and you can totally see the Japanese inspiration from this month's muses!

 Reading: Geisha, A Life by Mineko Iwasaki. I'm going through a phase where I'm obsessed with geisha. I read Memoir of a Geisha by Arthur Golden before the movie came out and remember being so fascinated by the whole concept of geisha and its mystique. My visit to Kyoto has reignited my obsession and I'm reading the biography of Mineko Iwasaki, one of the most famous geisha around.

Watching: Delicacy. I'm in when it comes to any French movie with Audrey Tautou and I recently caught this rom-com in the cinema about two weeks ago. Audrey played a widow who found love again with an unlikely candidate. I love it!

Using: Perfect Multi Compact by Maquillage. You gotta be wondering why I'm back to non-organic products with toxins. I gave in! Japan's selection of skincare and makeup was way too big a temptation and my really bad cystic acne breakout (okay, actually it was only 2 but they were very prominent) while I was in Japan got me buying the non-organics again because I want the flawless skin of a Japanese woman without any breakouts! So yes, I'm gonna temporarily go back to non-organics for a bit until further notice while staying organic on non-face products. This foundation by Maquillage is so awesome I stocked up while I was in Japan. It gives a flawless finish with 3 different shades of powder to let you sculpt your face for a 3-D effect. Smooth finishing that lasts pretty well!

Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion. I've finished my bottle of SukiVelvet Moisturizing Cream and I'm off to trying a new body lotion. I love Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion! It's organic and has a lovely rose scent with light texture that's easily absorbed for soft hydrated skin.

Drinking: Sokenbi Cha. I randomly bought a bottle of Sokenbi Cha from one of the 3984739874938 vending machines in Japan only to realize it tastes so aromatic and amazing! Thank god they sell it at Japanese supermarket in Singapore! I'm stocking up despite the slightly higher price!

Shopping at: So here's an awesome online site that sells all sorts of health supplements at an amazingly good rate. It's cheap and good with a huge selection of products and brands. My friend introduced me to it saying that I would probably kiss my GNC Gold Membership goodbye after I discover how amazing iHerb is. He is right. The prices are so much cheaper and they ship so freaking fast that my loot always arrives within 5 days.

Yojiya from Kyoto. This skincare house from Kyoto was founded in 1904 is famous for its oil blotting paper that's responsible for the flawless smooth geisha skin as well as a host of other skincare products. It's such a cult brand in Japan that their shops are forever crowded with throngs of "pilgrims". That many Japanese women can't be wrong and I bought myself some stuff which I would blog about soon.

Lusting after: An Issey Miyaki Bao Bao bag in bring bold color! While in Tokyo, I hunted down a few Issey Miyaki stores hoping to find a huge selection of Bao Bao bags. Turned out that they only have 4 colours available. Black, white, blue/green and orange/red. None of them appealed to me and I left feeling disappointed as I was expecting them to carry a huge rainbow selection with every colors imaginable. So now, I'm lusting after one...might have to go back to Club21 for one after all.

Loving: Kyoto! I left my heart in Kyoto! I'm definitely a 100% Kyoto girl cos I love the rich cultural heritage of Japan's old capital where Geisha and Maikos roam the city. The hipsters can be Harajuku girls but I'm a Kyoto Girl without a doubt!


Tiffany said...

welcome back, bertha ! hey, show us your shopping loots and photos of japan! :)

B said...

Will show soon once I get the time to!! I didn't buy too much really. Mostly small things, skincare and cosmetics. Haha


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