Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Japanese Loot

When I said I didn't shop much in Japan, I meant it. Mostly because I didn't have the patience to go into every store and browse through racks after racks of clothes, and also because I'm more interested in sight-seeing than shopping really.

After failing to find a Issey Miyaki BaoBao Bag in a colour of my choice, I ended up hitting the drug stores and falling off the organic/non-toxic bandwagon cos the allure of the Japanese drug stores is simply too irresistible. Given that I was plagued by really bad cystic acnes (ok, there were only two but they were HUGE) while I was there, I thought I would give the organic/non-toxic options a rest until my skin recovers and stabilizes with products that have been tried and tested before.

So here's my drug-store loot. Not that crazy really....I was mostly stocking up on the Maquillage foundation and Anessa BB Sunscreen which are a hell lot more expensive in Singapore. These two are freaking amazeballs with great texture and performance. I'm really hoping the organic brands can quickly come up with products that can rival the Anessa BB Sunscreen as it has such great texture that's non sticky, wears so comfortably and acts perfectly well as make up base!

Then in Kyoto, I bought a trial skincare set from Yojiya which is a Japanese cult favorite from Japan's old capital. Rumour has it that they're also a favorite among many Geisha so that can't be bad! They're on the pricey side but I've been using it for close to a month now and so far so good. Will write more in another post.

Then below is my favorite loot from Kyoto. A famous stationery shop at the Teramachi Mall named Kyu Kyo Do that sells things like paper, incense, calligraphy supplies and many artsy stuff I so love! These are actually courtesy of my amazing bf cos the shop was closed by the time we get there (they close at 6pm) the day before we left Kyoto. So, the next day, while I was still sleeping, he ran to the shop early in the morning to get the stuff I wanted before we left Kyoto!

Anyway, I was thrilled when he came back with gorgeously wrapped up packages that I couldn't bear to open!

This Japanese prayer beads, or Juzu in Japanese, is my favorite item from the trip. It's so pretty and they have an array of pastel colour prayer beads especially for women.

Kyu Kyo Do also produces their own incense too and these ones are great when I want to bring back my Kyoto memory in my room. Always perfect for a tranquil night in reading a book curled up in bed.


Anonymous said...

hi miss b!

issey miyaki's baobao bags are available at isetan scotts club 21! ladies handbags dept (: there's a private sale for isetan cardmembers (if you're one) today until 10pm so if you have time after work today you might wanna check it out! love your blogposts hehe. glad you enjoyed Japan, and finally got to see a photo of you, you gorgeous woman.


B said...

Hey there, thanks! You're too kind!

Yes there is an Isetan sale cos I saw tons of people outside during lunch and there was like a first aid station even. So funny!

I know baobao is carried by Club21 but I was thinking there would be more choices and better pricing in Japan, only to realize there're only four colors in every single shop in Tokyo! I was expecting a rainbow selection of different colours but they only have white, black, blue/green and orange/red cos it's the current season stock ie that four miserable colours :(

Anyway, I'm not buying for now cos the urge is gone! Until I'm itching for it again and this time I'll just get my Club21 friend to get me a discount haha!

Anonymous said...

Ah i see. Hopefully they'll launch better colours next season then! Club21 stuff are super chic, but the prices make your wallet weep.

Looking forward to new posts! (:

B said...

Yes Club21 mark up is crazy. You're better off buying a lot of brands (eg Mulberry) online than from them cos the mark up is a few hundreds of bucks! Sometimes 400 or 500 bucks type of mark up which is ridiculous!

Tiffany said...

hey b jie,
hmm..on second thought, would it be the japanese skincare like the anessa sunscreen or maquillage foundie u used that caused the cystic acnes? but again, u might be just stocking them and haven't used them during the japan trip? i was talking to a colleague the other day and she told me most cystic acnes is caused by wrong product usage but i thought for ur case is climate changes?

i just thought it is great to know why it occur so cystic acnes is kept a bay!

B said...

It's definitely not my new loot from Japan cos I had the cystic acne before I went to Japan. Normally I don't get affected by climate change and also new products but this one is likely to be caused by hormonal issues according to both my TCM doctor and western doctor. Sucks!!


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