Friday, November 27, 2009

How to get a loooonger shampoo head massage from your hair dresser

Okay, so I went to cut my hair yesterday and the hair guy cut my fringe too short....horror cos now I have to wait for 2 weeks before I'll get what I originally wanted. I dunno which part of "long choppy grown out fringe" did he not understand....BUT yes, there's a but. BUT, the hair wash was super orgasmic!!!! And after numerous trips to the salon, I now know the knack of making your hair guy give you a loooonger, better hair wash sud massage! And here's how:

  • It always helps to choose the opposite sex (depending on your sexual orientation of course) when it comes to the hair wash person. A little flirting goes a long way
  • When the sud massage starts, say "oh, head massage is so nice, that's my favorite part of salon visit!'. Now this makes the hair person feel a bit more obliged to give you a better one
  • Next, every now and then, say "oh this is so nice" make the hair person feel even more obliged
  • Then, you say "Hey, you're quite good at this, you know not everyone gives good hair wash massage?" this praises the person and makes the person feel good and pride will prevent him/her from giving you a shit massage
  • To really make it work, you recount how you got a shit one another time at some other salon. You say something along the line of "The other time I had such a bad one, the person's got such long nails and it scratched my scalp. It was painful and I wanted it to stop asap! Today's my lucky day cos you're good!" more doses of pride and the competitive edge in everyone will wanna outdo the crappy hair wash you describe
  • When it's done, compliment! So the next time when you're back, you'll get a good one again!
Now try this cos this really works. My hair wash yesterday was almost 25 minutes!!!! And I've never gotten anything less than 15 so there you go! Try it and let me know how it goes!


jolyn said...

haha. i love head wash too! i'd close my eyes and they'd just feel obliged to wash longer.

aya_leng said...

Well, I am pretty much like Jolyn lah. Yr method is smart, bt hor, all the talk will distract me from enjoying the massage leh.

Maybe he understood you in another way. You want "long choppy grown out fringe" mah. So he cut it short to make sure it will grow out long and choppy loh. Hahahaha...


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