Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kitty Lab!!!! Kawaiiiiiii

So I went to the Kitty Lab!! Yes, I shamelessly love Hello Kitty. I know a lot of people hate her but I don't care. It's a big part of my childhood and it's here to stay. At least I'm not one of those freaks who's got the whole apartment full of Hello Kitty everything!

But before I even got there, my right shoe LITERALLY fell apart. Not just broken, but it FELL APART. Split into parts. Destroyed. Yes, it's that dramatic and my cousin who happened to be selling Mac Book at Hall 6 witnessed the shoe crisis. I haven't worn this pair of glam diamond skull flats for a looong time and the glue has peeled and there, it split apart while the moment I reached Singapore Expo and it looked like THIS:

I LITERALLY could NOT walk cos all my toes were jutting out and the damn thing LITERALLY came apart. Yes, LITERALLY. And the fact that Expo was so freaking crowded didn't help cos you constantly need to dodge people. John Little was having some crazy sale and the IT fair was a nutcase. So I had to go buy new shoes and luckily there's some branded shoe sales and I had to buy a pair of Adidas sneakers that I don't really fancy for $70. I'd rather spend it on food cos I don't need another pair of sneakers...bwahhh...

 Check out the cool booth. The kitty is Dr. Kitty, Kuromi & My Melody are her minions. Kitty's hair's curly cos there was an explosion in the lab and her hair got fried

Okay then off to Kitty Lab Pei Jun & I go and there's no photography. Supposedly. But we obviously didn't give a damn. If they made us pay $38 to get in, I'm taking pictures....

This bit still allowed photography but anything else after, they had staff in hello kitty lab coat telling you "Sorry, no photography please, thank you!"

Oooohhh, Chanel inspired Kitty 2.55. There's no way I wouldn't take a picture of this!


The central clock tower and yes, as usual, picture taken secretively. The one on the right's the kitty lab map


It's the Kitty Cafe!!! Only that it's not a real cafe and the cakes in there are all fake...all the booths are for games really. I was hoping that it's for real...

The candy-colored Kitty Boutique, again, it's for games, not for real.....

Wanted: Kuromi's tricycle gang members (left)   Doggy statue outside the "Police Station"

And some random shots along the "streets" in Kitty Lab

Honestly, the exhibition/lab wasn't as big as I expected. It's rather small and we probably just spent 40 minutes there. It's a bit pricey for the tickets ($38 bucks) cos we only got a hello kitty lanyard, a card and a pin as souvenir. We were a bit peeved cos photography wasn't even allowed.....It's more suitable for younger kids really but then we strangely saw grown men, yes, two grown men, happily playing all the kiddy games in there and totally amused and they don't look gay to me. It's kinda cool. Despite feeling a bit ripped off, it's still okay...well, it's a childhood thing after all....




hl said...

wish they have a full fledged theme park with cafe and all! that will be worth $38!

aya_leng said...

OMG! I finally caught a glimspse of yr FRINGE! Actually, it's quite nice lah.

It happened to me before. The shoes, I mean. I was walking from citilink to Suntec, den my shoes gave way!!!! Shit! Best part is... so early, nobody open shop yet. Somemore happened 3 times to expensive pairs of shoes. Anyways, at least the adidas matches yr clothes lah.

Hmm...$38. Meaning almost $1 per minute in the exhibition loh? Expensive... Watch movie oso nt as ex lah. Woa lao!!


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