Monday, April 04, 2011

April Muse

Reading: Monocle...I've given Monocle a break and I'm back on it. I dunno why but it seems like these days, men's magazines have got more things to read up on in terms of culture and the arts compared to women's magazine. I'm totally not loving most women's mags these days cos it's always revisiting the same old themes like men cheating or how to give good blow job. It's getting these days, I love Nat Geo, Monocle, UK Harpers Bazaar and Nylon....they're my staples now.

Listening to: Mayer Hawthorne...Love his sound! A Strange Arrangement is his debut and I love it. Shared his song, Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, awhile back on my blog and that's my favorite track. Love his retro breezy easy tune that's super upbeat. Lots of falsetto singing but his way of singing is actually nice and snappy unlike those annoying one like Justin Timberlake or something...and when he drops his falsetto, he can sing double yay!...Recently, he's done a couple of nice collaboration with people like Snoop Dog too that's got a really nice beat to it (check it out)...Puts me in a good mood.

Wearing: Mango Silk Green Blouse and retro blue pleat skirt...okay, not at the same time but couple of weeks ago, I went shopping with Joanie and I bought stuff from Mango. It must have been years since I bought something from them but when I got the Silk Blouse, I totally love it cos it's so comfy and I love it's relax chic when paired with roll-up skinny jeans and nude heels. I wear it tucked out (shown tucked in in the picture) with jeans, but tuck out only if you are wearing slim cut pants or it'll look too slouchy. I pair it with skirts too but tuck it in. Love the color jade peridot color that's a nice twist from the usual nude and black....The blue pleat skirt is another favorite cos it's so cute. It's shown here with a coral top but I wear mine with a red cardigan and white camisole on the inside, and I'll throw in my metallic blue Chanel 2.55 reissue. Viola! Perfect!

Sage Machado Citrine perfume oil...I'm revisiting an old love. It's lovely! It's a very feminine yet refreshing blend of citrus scent that reminds me of a lovely spring garden in the warm sunshine. It's got an accent of grapefruit, bergamot and sweet cassis built around a delicate white flower to give it a great balance. It smells divine and it lasts super long too. You just need a dab or two and it'll last for the entire day. I don't think it's available in Singapore anymore cos they used to sell it in Apothecary but it's closed down since. Gotta buy online from now. 

Also wearing the Clarins limted edition Rouge Hydra lipstick in 02 Nude Coral. Clarins came up with a very sheer and glossy nude that's so comfortable to wear! It's so moisturizing that it's really like wearing a lip balm and I love it. It smells and tastes a bit like vanilla ice cream too so I have to consciously try not to eat my lipstick.

Using: Ole Henriksen's 3 Little Wonders. Truth Serum Collagen Booster, Invigorating Night Gel and Sheer Transformation Cream. They're the 3 basic products from Ole Henriksen that promise to deliver great result by boosting collagen, refining skin, evening out skin tone and shrinking pores. It's my current night regime. You're supposed to use it day and night but I have a different regime in the morning. I would say this works pretty well. My skin feels clearer but the results are quite progressive so don't expect it to work overnight. I've been using it for a month plus now and it seems to have refined my skin a bit. Not miraculous but it's good enough as long as there's improvement right? It's worth a try and I bought them during the Christmas special at Sephora so it's totally worth it cos the 3 items cost only $125 then.

Loving: Filthy Farm Girl Filthy Pussy soap....omg! Filthy Farm Girl does the best soap EVER and the Filthy Pussy is a super divine Minty Rose flavor! It's soooo nice and smells so good I can't wait to shower everyday and inhale the wonderful aroma! It's sulphate free and parabens free and made of mostly organic ingredients! I've got a couple of other flavors too! And I love their risque and naughty copy writing and beautiful designs...If I have the money, I'll buy ALL OF THEM to display at home...I've really never been a soap person until now!!

I LOVE Aurora Alchemist Goddess Oil!!!! I've recently found these wonderful oils that I can't live without now! Owner Yvette rediscovered her spiritual path and she started making goddess oils and channeling the magical energy of different goddesses into her oils after learning the ancient art of alchemy in Egypt. Her oils are infused with natural ingredients of the highest quality and crystals to give them the healing properties. It's excellent in working through physical and emotional blockages and when I heard about the oil, I was a bit skeptical and I bought a bottle for myself. Now I have 4 (Virgin Mary, Aphrodite, Lakshmi and Fairies) and the collection is definitely growing cos I'll be getting the Kwan Yin, Green Tara and Queen of the Night oils too. It works for me definitely. And I use it everyday now to align myself on a vibrational level. It gives me a really good sense of well more here...The oils are available at A Curious Teepee at Scape.


Tiffany said...

a suggestion, since you are poem poem type, maybe for your monthly muses, can add in "quotes of the month" wahhahaha

B said...

That can be arranged! Hehe....


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