Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Must Haves

No no...this isn't a post about the latest things to buy but it's about the stuff or things you absolutely NEED to pop into your bag when you're going out or say, came about when I remember how my sister Becks had this oh-so-precious baby bolster that she MUST have with her when she was young. I remember we went for a family holiday to Thailand when she was still little and it was a package tour. One of the days, my mom and my sister realized that they've left the little smelly bolster in the hotel room and we were already in the tour bus and it had already left the hotel and on the way to the next stop. It was all hell broke loose cos my sister cried like as if someone she loved had died and that forced the entire bus load of tourists to turn back to the hotel to retrieve the precious smelly bolster.

I just got back to Hong Kong to see my dad some days ago and I got started thinking about some of the items I must have with me for comfort my equivalent of the little stinky bolster (only it's more than just a bolster)...some daily, some when I'm traveling....Here they pillar of strengths in the material world...
  • My crystals...I use crystals for healing and energy and specific purposes (like to calm down, to focus, to charge up etc). On a daily basis, I normally pick 1 or 2 with me for good vibration. When I travel, I'll normally bring four to five with me.
  • Aurora Alchemy Goddess Oils....again, this is the spiritual side. I use anointing oils for its spiritual and magical helps balance emotions, space clearing and brings in the good ones. On a daily basis, I bring 1 or 2 with me, depending on my mood and what I need. When I travel, I pick 4. 
  • My Moleskine leather notebook. Me and Moleskine have started our long relationship back when I started my first job years ago. It holds record of my inspirations, my rants, my thoughts, my hard-earned life lessons, and beautiful words my little head thinks of. It's always been a source of comfort.
  • is memory triggers and mood shifter...very powerful. Nuff said...oh gotta have my Audio Technica headphones too...I hate ear buds cos the sound quality sucks...But I'm really lusting after a Bowers & Wilkins headphones. Triple the price of my current one though...okok, soon....maybe....well at least it's not the $6000 type that Mr Bear told me about...
  • National Geographic (when I travel). I don't know why but Nat Geo has this amazing comforting power on me...cos I think it helps me switch my mind off and focus on something else
  • 1 or 2 good books when I travel. I can't deal with not having good books with me....As seen here, it's Nabokov's Lolita and Camus' The Adulterous Woman
  • My DianaF+ Mini lomo camera....I need an analogue camera to capture special moments. I love shooting on film and no digital camera can take that old school charm away
  • A favorite fragrance....seen here is Chloe by Chloe....sometimes it could be Annick Goutal's Petite Cherie...I feel naked without fragrance....
  • A comfort dolly. I'm bringing "Sprout Ninja" here and she's given to me by Mr Bear....sometimes I bring a little cat dolly to remind me of Mr Bond when I travel....
  • Unicorn cards....I travel with my deck of unicorn gives me a sense of spiritual comfort...

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