Wednesday, April 06, 2011

To do List....

Aurally pleased by Marina & the Diamonds. Chemically calmed. Vibrationally balanced with Green Flourine. Spiritually anointed by Unicorn Oil. In a somewhat fabricated bliss, I think of my "To do" list.

Remember things that matters. Spend time with my cat more. Choose the good things. Let go of bad vibes. Remove toxic people. Stick with people with good vibes. Mix with good genuine peeps who sincerely have your best interest at heart. Be even more self sufficient. Stop complaining. Count my blessing. Give gratitude to small things.Be understanding. Appreciate people Eat healthy. Stay vegetarian.Meditate more. Do good. Send out good vibes. Take my daily vitamins and supplements. Apply body butter more diligently. Stop rubbing eyes. Think positive. Show compassion. See the beauty in things. Be generous with compliments but genuine. De-clutter wardrobe. Simplify. No whining in journal. Stop buying unnecessary stuff. Breathe deeply. Workout more. Wake up early. Catch the bus. Call mom more. Text sister more and send her things. Write to young cousins. Ignore buffoons at backstabbers at work. Do charity. Donate money. Sleep early. Walk with lightness in my steps. Be chirpy as much as I can. Know what's good for me. Don't bite off more than I can chew. Look for inspiration. Follow the good role models. Never bend backwards. Show kindness. Stand up for my own rights. Not apologise for my opinions and beliefs.When fighting dirty people, make sure I'm dirtier, otherwise, don't wrestle with pigs. But don't get bullied. Keep calm. Carry on.

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