Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The best way to spend Monday

So I'm back home for some much needed R&R and I just had a grrrreat Monday. Yes, so Grrrreat you gotta make sure your tongue roll the "r"s in the word "Great" just to emphasis how awesome it was....

It started with me waking up at noon (sleeping in ROCKS!) to munch on my mom's homemade curry fishball and then off to the Harbour City Mall we went! And I got a bunch of stuff!! Just a dress but three pairs of shoes....ta daaaaa

Exhibit A: D&G Spring Summer 11 Black Lace Dress...super yum! You can wear it with simply some nice lingerie underneath for a night out, or with either black/nude slip underneath for a more subdued look

Exhibit B to D (left to right): Louboutin Netted Bow sling back, Louboutin Yolanda Black Slingback, Louboutin Bianca Nude.....OMG, I'm in LOVE!!!!

Perfect Monday continued to the next morning cos after shopping and dinner, my Fairy God Cousin Grace decided she wanted to have pedicure and manicure at 1030pm and where the hell can you get that? Oh no no, yes, you can!...We grabbed our passport and zipped off to Shenzhen, China, for some spa session. Apparently they have 24/7 service there and it's so lush cos you get plonked into a nice plush seat (think first class Singapore Airline seat with your own tv, sound system and butler) and I had one person giving me a shoulder rub while another massaging my feet and giving me a pedicure. It's decadent to say the least. I walked out at 6am after a massive pampering session and just as I shrugged my shoulder and thought it's probably some dodgy place in Shenzhen, I walked out in day light to realize the spa place is located next to LV, Prada, Bvlgari and Hermes....ohhh...I really didn't know China is this happening these days.....

Anyway, now that's how not to get Monday blues!


Anonymous said...

i hate you and your shoes. -hl

B said...

Don't hate me!!! I get luxury once in a while only!! And I live alone with nobody to take care of me ok!


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