Thursday, April 28, 2011

Loot of the Day

Okay, it's actually loot of yesterday. Been buying stuff but being on a tight budget, I'm buying sparingly now. No binge shopping...I don't wanna have an overweight suitcase a la my last trip where I donated $160 for excess baggage. But a small carry-on suitcase I need though! I just bagged a Mac Book Pro and I was told that Hong Kong is the cheapest place to get Mac Book...can't remember why but the IT dude told me so, so it gotta be real...yay, new mac book!

Anyway, went to my "hood" in Causeway Bay and Central yesterday. Didn't bleed the wallet but it's still good....

  • I wanted to buy a Holga camera but then I didn't see the color I want. But I saw leather casing for my Diana F+!!! And I have a full size and one mini Diana F+ so they both need a sleek cool casing! I got a white one for my mini and black for my full size (perfect cos it's shocking pink body for my Diana F+)
  • A key chain of a Diana F+....super cute...
  • A "Le Petit Prince" Moleskine notebook....OMG, when I saw it, I grabbed it and I got a small one for my sister's major LOVE!!!
  • New bikini from H&M in teal color. I went to H&M and there's nothing to buy!!! Most of the size 34 and 32 are gone and only the big sizes left! It's like a fatso paradise there! Didn't see anything there! (hehehe...but I might have a 3.1 Phillip Lim black dress coming...waiting now)
  • A bunch of beaded bracelets from H&M
Not too bad right? But let me show you the finer details of some of the stuff...

How gorgeous is this??? Little Prince is my favorite book...and now this is my favorite Moleskine

See the mini DianaF+!!! So cute! The details are awesome

The DianaF+ cover for the mini...I popped my Diana in cool. Expensive though...ouch

Gorgeous! Now my Diana looks pretty!

That's all for now! More to come for sure! Sparingly it will be though!!!

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