Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jurlique Love Balm

I can't think of a reason not to love the Jurlique Love Balm Rose (limited edition). It's a different scent to the original Love Balm which has a citrus scent and I love this one sooooo much better! It smells divine and it's got such a nice soothing rose scent that I absolutely LOVE.

This multi-purpose balm has Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Soybean oil and Safflower Seed. You can use it anywhere really. Lips, cuticles, hands, elbows etc. It's very much a little tin of TLC for the skin on the go and I pop it in my bag all the time. I use it as a lip balm and hand balm cos I hate lugging a tube of hand cream with me and this one is just great cos it's all in one. I love smelling it too and I sometimes just open it up to take a deep breath in! So nice! Not to mention it does the job of providing TLC very well to your skin! Two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

i told you about it a couple of months ago and you said you didn't want to get it coz of your chinese jew regime or whatever! -hl

B said...

Yes, I gave in after smelling it. Awesome for the hands!

Tiffany said...

how do you get rid of the uninvited PRC guests? :P

you are so funny! LOL. i also hate to have uninvited guest esp i have the whole apartments to myself! hurray!!

B said...

Well I told my grannies I have friends coming from UK to visit and they're staying with me. Done.

Seriously, 9 of them and sending 3 to me!! I'm horrified cos I have no issues if it's peeps I know, like the nice indonesian relatives but these people I don't even know them and have never met them!! I don't want creepy china peeps sticking used sanitary pads on my toilet wall!!


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