Friday, July 01, 2011

July Muse 2011

Reading: British Vogue....Honestly, I prefer British magazines to American ones anytime because British mags are simply better in terms of contents and style. They're just heaps better...I've been getting the British Vogue after giving in to the exorbitant prices. Annoying that it costs about $19 here when it's just less than 5 quids in UK. But well, what to do?? It's a good read....

Listening to: Shock Value by Timbaland.....Not new obviously but I've always loved Timbaland and he makes great snappy music. Now I'm listening to him cos my pole dance class is choreographed to his song "The way I are"....

Wearing: Cool Down Crop by Lululemon. Lululemon's been my favorite sportswear brand since I shelled out quite a bit of money to get my first pair (okay, first 3 pairs since I bought 3 at one go then) years ago. Eight years down the road, they're still in pretty good condition. So yes, all Lululemon's stuff is worth the premium price and this Cool Down Crop is super comfy and lightweight. Perfect for me to wear it after my pole dance class. I'll probably be wearing it a lot over the weekends. And I've bought quite a few of their sports bra...super comfy....the only complain is that I need to order online and pay $30USD every time for shipping...mehhh

Essie nail color in Haute as's a great coral color perfect for the "summer"...not that there's any other seasons in Singapore but it's a nice chirpy hue

Carrying: Balenciaga Part Time in Pink....okay, you see, I'm now saving money and it's not about buying new bags but it's revisiting what I already have and haven't used for a bit. This pink Part Time is my first Balenciaga and I love it still. I've been recently using my new one in purple and have neglected the pink one. Fret not, it's out again, and just nice for the chirpy "Summer" hue...

Using: Balance Me Super Oil....Omg, this award-winning oil is...well SUPER! I've been a Balance Me fan and the Super Oil is my favorite product. Balance Me does really awesome natural products that's no-nasty and free of Paraben, Sulphate, mineral oil, artificial fragrance and all the lousy stuff that's bad for the skin. It's all heavenly scented with natural aromatherapy skin loving essential oils. I use this super oil in place of a body moisturizer now and it's a dry oil that gets absorbed quickly. It's got all the goodness of Bergamot, Juniper, Geranium, lavender and good fatty acid from Jojoba, Macadamia, Sweet Almond and Wheat Germ. Super awesome. My skin gets very hydrated and super soft. It's also supposed to boost blood circulation too and if you dry brush your skin before applying, it'll help with cellulite too. What's there to not like? It's available at Super Nature by Club 21 in Orchard Boulevard.

Waiting for: Moroccan Oil....I've just ordered the oil from US and this is Argan Oil which is also known as Moroccan Oil. It's all the rage for being awesome to the hair and has received raving reviews, so I can't wait to receive it as it's still "in transit" somewhere in the US. Will write more about it when I finally get my hands on it.

Loving: Peony Lim.....probably one of the best-dressed 23-year-olds, this UK lass runs her own blog on fashion and is one-third of the PRP aka the Photographing Real People blog on street style and fashion. She causes major wardrobe envy. Definitely not the typical beauty of mixed parentage (Chinese & British...actually she looks a bit odd if you ask me...a wee bit like the Devon Aoki type) but she definitely has that x-factor with impeccable style. Thing is, I wonder if she's super loaded cos how does she afford all the Chanel, Hermes et al??? At age 23? Now it's a love hate thing no?

Lusting after: Fuji X100's so freaking's built to have a retro look but apparently it's a great camera too. And despite the single lens which you can't change, I WANT!! But the cool $1500 price tag means I probably will not be getting it....not to mention I'm still very happy with my Olympus Pen but well, you can never have enough cameras (or not?)

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