Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MC Culture

So recently there has been a little talk from the "Führer" about the whole Medical Certificate or MC issue. The Führer said we the minions should be a bit more "conscious" about how we take our sick leave.What the Führer meant was: Don't fucking take so many sick leave you slaves!

The Führer has noticed a spike in the minions throwing in MC for sick leave. The Führer isn't too pleased and said that the spike in MC either means the morale is really low or that staff are overworked. Possibly both, but then how about the staff REALLY falling sick? The Führer also said minions must go see a doctor if we call in sick instead of using our annual leave cos if we do that, it means we're essentially take urgent leave and not sick leave and that is despicable since it's like cheating. 

Now here's my issue with MC: What's up with that whole obsession with MC????? I think it's only in Singapore (okay and Japan...or maybe a few other Asian countries perhaps but I'm not sure) that the HR peeps and bosses are obsessed with the whole MC situation. You can't just rest at home, you MUST get to the doctor to get a sickie. What's up with that? What if you're having a real bad migraine (which I get sometimes and I'm not feigning sick), and you already have the migraine painkiller at home? Do you still go to the doctor for the sake of it? And let's say if you have a migraine and you're in so much pain that the best option is really to pop the painkiller, stay home and sleep it off? Do you still go to the doctor even when the pain is gone simply for the sake of that stupid piece of paper? Oh according to the Führer, it is yes. Never mind the fact that going to the GP means the company paying money for your medical benefits. 

In one of my previous companies, it's even more ridiculous. The HR peeps ONLY accept MC from the company doctor and if you go to other GPs, they don't recognize your MC and guess where the fucking company doctor is? It's in the same building as the office. How stupid is that? If you can make it to the company doctor, it means you can make it to the office and it means you're perhaps not sick enough. 

Then what about the time when the GP only give you 1 day sick leave but you didn't recover within a day and you still have your medications for day 2 onward? Now, do you, again, go back to the GP to fucking beg for another day of MC?

And what's with MC really? I've seen so many people fake a sickie! There's this funny incident where a guy picked up the stomach flu meds (I overheard the pharmacist saying "This is for your stomach pain, this one is for the diarrhea" etc) and then when I walked out of the clinic, I saw him eating a MacSpicy at the MacDonald next to the GP clinic. So if the rationale of getting an official sickie is to deter people from skiving, then honestly, it makes no difference when MCs are so damn easy to get. Easy, go in, look pale, feign migraine, cos they can't check if you really are having one. Or fake a stomach ache and just say it hurts...Bam, you get an MC. 

So I really do not understand what's the big fucking deal with the whole you-must-get-an-official-mc thing. Are the local HR peeps and bosses such slave drivers that it's NOT okay to just call in sick cos you're simply too tired or unwell? Sucks to be minions! 


Tiffany said...

relax, dear. i know office woe is easy to get upset since we spent our ass most of the time in the office chair. i read before 80% of the employees who took MC are due to work, people stress.some company are just very tight up over MC and if u are sick and have to take MC, they use an tinted eye to see you instead of being emphatic; that's why sometimes when i got no choice but to take 2 days MC due to my back pain after giving birth, i took my leave instead. no choice, i don't feel i have owed u anything.

dear, a good news! i found this garlic in watson/guardian since u are into garlic hahaha.


have u tried this before? i think it looks good!

B said...

Oh I TOTALLY know the whole dirty look thing when people take MC. I get that too sometimes and it sucks cos I really get migraine quite often and you know migraine is like the easiest excuse to get MC from GP. Then apparently if you're given 2 days of MC, you'll be seen lazy if you really take 2 days. Like the other time I had an eye infection and my left eye was all red, swollen and crusty. I was given 2 days MC cos I could hardly open it and it's contagious. I felt so uncomfortable taking the MC that I took a snap shot of my eye and sent it to everyone at work just to prove that I really have a red eye.

I hate it when you actually have to worry about how people look at you if you take an MC. Sucks really.

Oh I saw the black garlic thing before but I haven't tried it. I still think the Aged Garlic works best though. And I didn't get Tonsillitis from my bf despite him in major pain now from it. I credit it to the garlic pills cos Tonsillitis is contagious and we were hanging out a hell lot and he got it and I didn't...well, I was taking garlic and he wasn't...maybe that explains why...kekeke

Tiffany said...

i see, no matter, i am always here to support you bmuses :)

you are a woman of integrity and actually there is no need of you to send a screenshot of your blood shot eyes, but i Do Really Understand why you need to do so, sometimes in the working work, we are under undue stress and to prove our worth we have to show them in a way to shoe their gossiping, in order to work harmoniously so called but on a stronger side of us, we felt we shouldn't need to even prove since those who understand or trust us will not bother with a screenshot. they just trust and believe. how contradicting! :(

Tiffany said...

have u read about the "anti inflammation" diet developed by Dr Weil? i think it's pretty interesting, i briefly heard from my colleague during lunch time. can google if you are interested, thought that can cheers you up since you are into health and that's right! :)

B said...

I know of the Dr Weil thing but I think it's more or less the food pyramid thing if I'm not wrong. Which I think a lot of us are follow. Oh, at least TRY to follow haha...

Oh did I tell you the "Fuhrer" called in sick the day after the whole "MC Talk"? How ironic...pfff....


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