Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Pill Popper's Anonymous

Hi, I'm Miss B and I'm a pill popper.

Yes, it's been established that health supplements are my favorite candy and I've just added one more pill to my repertoire of daily pills (on top of multivitamins, calcium, evening primrose oil and gingko biloba). And yes, it might be a bit much but with a shitty family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung and colon cancer, you can never be too careful.

I've added the amazing Aged Garlic Extract (or AGE for short) pill to my daily stash of supplement. I'm taking the Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Formula 102 Candida Cleanse & Digestion....ok, it means it's got AGE and stuff that's good for stomach in short...

Garlic definitely warrants its own shrine for all the health and medicinal benefits thanks to this thing called the Allicin. That's the active ingredients you get when you crush and pound the garlic. Yup, you need to crush and physically abuse the garlic to activate the Allicin and whole garlic doesn't release Allicin. So if you want to have your garlic intake by swallowing cloves of garlic, it won't work. You need to chew it but let's keep to taking the tablets and pills and not repel vampires and human alike.

Then you'll probably ask why not normal garlic but aged garlic. The difference between normal garlic and aged garlic is that aged garlic doesn't have that pungent smell as it's aged in oil for 20 months before making them into pills. The Allicin in raw garlic is super unstable and it gets denatured and loses its beneficial quality quickly. So when you age the garlic, the process not only eliminate the socially repelling stench, it also transforms the unstable, harsh and potentially irritating compounds in raw garlic to stable, mild and beneficial compounds that's easier to be absorbed by the body.

Anyway, to keep this short and sweet, here are the benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial. It's a super powerful natural antibiotics and soldiers in WWII used it to treat infections and stuff like gangrene even! It'll help with infections like sore throat, flu and even prevent food poisoning
  • Anti-fungal. If you want natural remedy for yeast and fungal related problems, Garlic is your weapon. Externally, if you have unfortunate things like ringworm or athlete foot, garlic would help and you can even apply chopped garlic directly. And if like many women, you are prone to yeast infection, then garlic would definitely help prevent it
  • Anti-viral
  • Rich in anti-oxidant
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases 
  • Lowers your bad cholesterol 
  • Caner prevention. Clinical studies show that it prevents breast, lung, colon, liver, stomach and bladder cancer
  • Boost the immune system
Okay, these are just the main ones and there're more but I think that's good enough for anyone to take garlic supplement regularly and that, too, explains why I bought 3 bottles at one go last night....


Tiffany said...

hey bmuses dear,
i am sold, you make such a good salesperson with your description hehe. i think the garlic company should endorse you , you know :P
may i know when is the best time to take this supplement? irrc, different supplement is best consumed at different part of the day e.g. multivitamin in the day and mineral at night (mineral as in evening primrose oil, fish oil, zinc, magnesium for example i can think) for the best absorption

where can we get this too?
do you take this with other supplement or has to take by itself?


B said...

For the garlic pills, you take it twice a day with a meal and either 1 or 2 tablets. That's according to the instruction. So I take it during lunch and dinner and I take 2 each time cos I'm kinda kiasu. But if you've got flu or sore throat, then take more, maybe 3 or 4 each time.

You can definitely take it with other supplement. Not a problem.

The Kyolic one is available at Nature's Farm. The big bottle of 200 tablets is about 50 bucks and the small one about 29.

I've read up on which is the best to get the whole day yesterday and whether to take the raw normal one or the aged ones. So confusing! And after much research, I've concluded that aged garlic extract is the best and Kyolic is a very reputable brand. I've taken it loooong time ago and it's really not bad. I remember at that time (was still in Uni), I hardly fell sick and I didn't even get yeast infection (I'm super prone to it especially when I take antibiotics) at all. So I'm back on it for the long haul this time...Not that young anymore, better take precautions...can die but cannot fall sick!!

Tiffany said...

hahah you are so funny :) ok thanks noted on the intake suggestion. oh yes, garlic is much overlooked but it's a great antioxidant health supplement and remember the year when Sars took storm, my family has to tour korea at that time (since tickets are all booked ) the tour guide told us not to worry as in korea, the people take kimchi as staple food and kimchi use a lot of garlic and sars and such flu is unheard in korea hence the people there is protected and have good immunity with daily intake of garlic. and really in korea, i saw no body wear mask and they look so strong :)

another top tonic for health is lingzhi. one of chinese most loved tonic. it also share the same benefit as garlic :)


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