Sunday, July 10, 2011

MBS Weekend....

Just had an indulgent weekend at the MBS Hotel and it was awesome. (mostly because of the company and not so much the hotel)

Well, it didn't start off that awesome cos while checking in, the hotel staff lost my bag and I was freaking out cos it was nowhere to be seen. While I was anxiously twiddling my thumbs waiting for my bag to appear, I was thinking of ways to murder the hotel staff cos I had a pair of Louboutin and a Chanel bag in there!! Good thing there's no carnage at MBS cos the bag came back to me an hour later. Yeah, that bloody took a full hour!

Then it's all good from then on. Well, mostly. Thing is, the hotel wasn't as awesome as I imagined it to be. I'm not trying to be ungrateful but I'm merely stating the facts and observations which happened to be a consensus. There were throngs and throngs of loud PRC tourists from China, Indians and Indonesians, so it wasn't as exclusive as I pictured it to be. Then again, it can't be that exclusive if it's such a massive hotel anyway.

I was on the 39th floor with a pretty splendid view facing the CBD and the perk of staying there was the marvelous National Day Parade rehearsal fireworks right in front of my eyes. It's really a matter of being there at the right time on the right day. It's upclose and personal and it's the best fireworks experience as you could literally feel the vibration of it all. The room, on the other hand, is just basic and didn't quite warrant any pictures of its own.

The legendary hotel pool on the 57th floor, on the other hand, was awesome. Nice view! Although I can do with fewer was a wee bit crowded but the good thing is that they have a separate sections for adults only to ward off the peeing and screaming kids and the life guards there were really diligent to keeping the kids away from the adult-only pool

So I would really say that the MBS hotel is all about the infinity pool cos room and deco wise, The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton still top MBS. The thing I love most is that the MBS mall is just 3 minutes away and you've got everything there....almost. I was supposed to be in charge of choosing a dinner place but I screwed that up by not making reservations in advance and all the good fine dining places were booked up and left with rubbish time slots like 930pm. Seriously, who the hell eat at that kind of timing??

The whole culinary experience was therefore based on just ONE great meal at db Bistro Moderne. It's a French-American fair by the famous Daniel Boulud.

If you have a thing for burger, well, then you've just died and gone to burger heaven cos the burger here is to die for. So much that I forgot about my vegetarian diet for a day and indulge in the burger. I had the Frenchie Burger which is foie gras free (the signature db Burger has foie cruel!) and has arugula that I love....

It's ridiculously juicy and tasty. Not that huge really but it's oh-so satisfying. I would definitely suggest using your hands to eat the burger instead of the chi chi way with fork and knife. Forget about table manners cos you would want to press and cradle the burger while you oohhh and ahhh as you grandma used to always say that for things like burgers and chicken wings, it's tastier eating with bare hands....The fries were perfect too. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the's so bloody good...

Well, if you want more here....didn't wanna go too long winded with this post here...I just wish the MBS mall is a bit more accessible though cos it's a really nice mall and I love the whole mood of it. Reminds me of Chadstone in Melbourne which I adore!

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