Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The art of decorating

For years, my mom has forbidden me to decorate the apartment where I live alone here. Mama said she decorated the place first and the ownership belongs to her and my dad (on paper), so living here rent-free strips me of any decorating rights.

Only that, mama forgot she's decorated the place more than a freaking decade ago and everything looks dated, and I have to live in a place that reeks of the early 90s. Since she lives thousands of miles away, I'm taking matters in my own hand to give my place a makeover. Limited funds means it'll be a slow process and it'll be a-section-at-a-time upgrade.

While hatching my evil plan, here's my decorating almanac - Domino, The Book of Decorating. It's the most awesome interior decorating book with lovely inspirations, practical tips and advice to help you design the home that makes you happy. The beautiful cover scores extra points too. A must-read for anyone planning for some home improvement.


Tiffany said...

your twitter rants is downright funny and humorous, it's like reading it don't make one feel angry but yet ur anger or frustration is channeled wisely to humor..this is wisdom!! :)

i almost puked my drink to my PC screen when i read the latest twit on "black bag" what happened dear?

Tiffany said...

and btw, the "masked" lady in the twitter background is not u right? wahahaha

B said...

Hey Tiffy, it's NOT ME LAH!! Just a nice stock picture!

Haha...the bag issue was silly cos I ordered a bag online. Friend's shop and the blue I wanted wasn't posted on the shop but because I know that particular brand, I know the blue they have cos they only have ONE standard blue color. So I ordered it. And it came in BLACK but the lady said it's Navy Blue and it's dark blue in natural light. But NO! IT IS BLACK!!!

She said there's blue in it. I wanted to tell her, black colour is made up of red blue and yellow, how about you call that bag dark red or dark yellow? So I'm getting it changed.

Moral of the story. Don't buy from colour blind seller. It'll save you a lot of trouble...faint...

Tiffany said...

yes, haha the seller seems to refuse to be humble over the mistake and that's make it more infuriating but sure as buyer, we have all the right to exercise exchange since black is black and no way around it to become navy blue..if she still refuse to exchange, let us know here, we "jie mei men" will all raid her store with our barang barang! "zhong arrrr!!!" :P

B said...

Haha, she's gonna do an exchange despite the T&C said no exchange or refund but it's cos it's a friend's friend. Lol


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