Monday, September 26, 2011

I left my heart in Bali

The island of gods

padi fields.....nice breezes....infinity ayam........pristine beaches........Potato Head....Frangipani....offerings to gods....

I left my heart in Bali


Anonymous said...

Are those your photographs? They're relaly really good. How long have you been taking photos, and when did you start?? And how did you get good? heh

B said...

Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I shot all of them and itt's made my day to know you enjoyed the photos :)

I've always been interested in photography but I only started taking photo more seriously since my Uni days cos I was taking some photojournalism classes and my dad's love for photography kinda rubs off on me too. When I was younger, I used to get those plastic disposable camera as a kid and then my dad got me my first film Nikon camera (though I've since switched camp and go for Canon now). These days, I shoot on and off but I shoot A LOT when I travel.

I'm definitely in no place to dish out photography advice but in my humble opinion, I think taking good photos is more of WHAT you shoot than how you shoot it. I mean, these days, DSLRs are aplenty and auto mode means foolproof shooting. And there's nothing a bit of photoshopping can't fix when it comes to exposure and lighting issues. So I would say finding interesting subjects to shoot is half the challenge. Then it's also about capturing that right moment too cos sometimes, blink and you'll miss it, especially when it comes to shooting people or moving stuff.

I would also watch out for interesting shapes, lights and colours too. I think in short, for me, it's all about finding what makes a photo interesting.

I'm anything but good, but to get better, keep shooting. Don't think so much, just shoot first. Then you review your shots and see what you like and then do more of that. With anything visual, looking and viewing nice photos will give you inspirations too.

Hope this helps :)

Diego from the UK said...

Splendid photos. I shoot ads for a living and I would say you have a very good eye for capturing things. Did you shoot with an olympus pen?

I read your other Bali posts and would defo check out the Potato Head with my mates. Do you happen to have the name of the street into the organic cafe you mentioned? Your blog came up while I was doing my research on Bali

B said...

Wow thank you so much for the compliment. It's actually the first time I got compliments for my photos :)

And YES, I was shooting with the Olympus PEN. You must be so pro that you can tell which camera I use!

The Sari Organic Cafe is in ubud. There's no exact address cos it's 800 meter down the Abangan/Water Way. It's near to Jalan Bisma. The walk there is very very beautiful (many of the photos were snapped there) and the food was simply glorious and very fresh. It's one of the best meal and it beat the "fine dining" I had in Bali which cost 5 times the price or so.

I found a thread in Trip Advisor here. Hope this helps


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