Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eating Tree Bark

You've heard eating tree bark as a survival tactic for fighting starvation. According to my dad and a couple of history books, back in the days of China's Cultural Revolution, it was a common sight that villages were filled with trees that were robbed of tree bark. The tree bark was feasted upon by the famine sufferers in creative ways like cooking it in sauce or eating it neat for the even more unfortunate ones.

Decades later, scientists in another part of the world are stripping tree bark for a totally different reason. The French Pine Bark, to be precise, is now a much sought-after ingredient for one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Otherwise known as Pycnogenol (pronounced as pig-no-gene-nall), it has been hailed miracle supplement by many.

My friend, Princess, happily skipped to my desk one day proclaiming that he has jumped onto the Pycnogenol bandwagon and will soon be young and gorgeous again with the health and beauty promises it's supposed to deliver. Hope in a tablet it seems! Then suddenly, I found myself at the GNC check out, dishing out hundreds of dollars for a year's worth of Masquelier's French Pine Bark supply.

It seems like there are a big selection of Pycnogenol and I guess when in doubt, always get the original one. The Masquelier's French Pine Bark is the original formula founded by Professor Jack Masquelier who is the pioneer researcher for Pycnogenol.

Here's why I'm paying hundreds of bucks for tree bark:
  • improves overall health with powerful antioxidants. It is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C as an antioxidant
  • helps strengthen capillary walls
  • reduces the appearance of unsightly veins
  • healthy veins support nutritional support for the heart, legs, eyes and all vital organ by assisting circulation
  • protection against the breakdown of skin collagen 
  • reduces wrinkles
  • improves skin suppleness
  • improves skin tone
  • assists vision
  • increases energy and vitality
It does sound like miracle in a pill doesn't it? It's been more than a month of French Pine Bark popping and though I don't think I see major improvement in the beauty front compared to say Imedeen, I do see and feel some result healthwise. Yes, see, because I bruise less from my pole dancing class despite I'm doing more classes more frequently. And no, it's not because my legs get used to bruising cos there will always be bruises anyway. Since I've started the French Pine Bark, I bruise less significantly and the bruises go away quicker. It's probably got to do with the blood vessels strengthening effects I think.

I also get a wee bit more energy I THINK. I'm just as tired as usual but then I do feel that I have say 20% more energy, considering that I haven't exactly been sleeping well at all the last couple of weeks.

Princess, on the other hand, said he feels less tired too and French Pine Bark ups his alcohol limit and he didn't get drunk as easily. A search on google confirmed there's such an effect apparently.I don't see his eye bags receding but then I'm sure health wise, we have both benefited from it.

Verdict? Go for it for better health and leave beauty benefits to Imedeen, botox and good creams. I'll probably take it long term anyway. Well, I did buy a year's worth after all. 

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