Thursday, September 01, 2011

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011

Love Alber Elbaz...the Lanvin F/W collection is gorgeous (many not shown here)!! Love that there's a dash of coral, mustard and greige on the dresses. Of course, Alber is super cute with a good sense of humour. My all time favourite designer.

P.S. is the awkward dances part of the appeal though?


Tiffany said...

cute video , the dance is awkwardly cute though

author chuck palahniuk reminds me of you for that sense of wittiness and humor. some of his quotes are:


B said...

Haha the last bit where Elbaz came out pushing the models aside is super cute.

Oh I love Chuck Palahniuk! His books are awesome. Dark humor! I love! Thanks for sharing!


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