Wednesday, September 07, 2011

MORE Moleskine Madness

Hi, my name is B. I have a problem and I have been hooked on Moleskine since year 2000.

So the Moleskine madness struck yet again (see previous post) and I proudly own a relatively useless but classically beautiful Moleskine luggage tag. It serves no purpose other than satisfying the capitalistic hunger of possessing pretty things. My only excuse for this is my impending Bali trip which is happening in approximately 48 hours.

Black took precedence (it's also available in my favourite colour pink, purple, blue and green) because Moleskine should come in just black and red.

Time for Moleskine Rehab.


Anonymous said...

let me tell u something about luggage tags; i've lost a few simply by traveling...lesson: just the crappy ones SQ gives out. -hl, the original stalker.

B said...

Of course I will not put in on my check in luggage!! I lost a few cute ones including a Unicorn rainbow brite shit I super love. This is gonna be on my carry-on suitcase. That's why I said it serves NO PURPOSE and is purely for vanity's sake. Lame I know.

Tiffany said...

have a fun trip, b-muses! so you will take photo and show u right?

B said...

Hey Tiffy, thanks and I will take some pictures for sure haha! :)


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