Friday, November 18, 2011

Decked for the weekend

Weekend stash:
-New Weekly (sorry, I'm addicted to tabloids, if the stars get $20million a movie, I want their privacy)
-Gossip Girl
-Grey's Anatomy (OMG OMG I LOVE, LOVE it!!!)

Gonna be a stay-in weekend!


Ling said...

hahah i know you love paparazzi :)
btw, do you shop online for shoes, bags and accessories? if yes, where do you usually go? i know you have recommended a few before but those are retail shop mainly with qirky find on vintage beads, pretty jewelleries..just wonder if you shop online too? thanks!

Tiffany said...

i think shopbop has a lot of nice designs for bags e.g. marc by marc jacobs for work and causal. i think it's cool to hunt for the unconventional designer brand, we have too much of LV, gucci, dior that isn't so special anymore.

B said...

Hi Ling, I kinda stopped buying stuff from local blogshops cos I don't like the quality of the stuff. Last time I did the blogshop post, I just started buying so I went a bit crazy but I go for quality these days so I shop at asos and shopbob mostly (tiffany you're spot on!) And sometimes net-a-porter when I'm richer.

For workout gym clothes, I wear only lululemon cos I love their stuff. Very pretty and excellent quality. Quite premium price but it's cheaper to order online than to get it at Pure Yoga. International shipping is a flat rate of 30 USD regardless of weight but make sure you don't exceed 400 sgd including shipping cos then you'll pay gst and it's very troublesome.

Shoes I almost never shop online except for Toms cos I know I wear size 5.5. I'll only buy online if I've already tried the actual piece before.

But a lot of time I just buy off the rack here cos I hate the hassle of sending the stuff back.

Bags I seldom buy online cos I want to choose the leather and pick. My friend once ordered her balenciaga bag online but the leather wasn't how she wanted it to. But if you want an online bag shop for luxury brands, try they're fabulous and run by my friend and they provide very good personalised service.

Ling said...

hi Bmuses
thanks so much for your shopping pointers. yes, true buying from premium or notable online shop is more secured than blogshop and their quality is much noted esp if you have tried their previous item and you know what to expect, for blogshop the color/texture/quality can vary quite vastly. oh, i heard of kepris, now u remind me but my colleague said it's a second hand shop is it? i just visited and need register an account in order to see their item. i will register now. thanks!

B said...

Hi again Ling, no no no! Kepris isn't second hand shop! They sell brand new stock! Just like Reebonz but they're smaller and the good thing is that because they are smaller, they hand pick their pieces to make sure they make the mark. Very personalised service and their pricing is definitely one of the lowest when it comes to luxury bags! Very good selection too :)

Ling said...

Wow, dear! thanks for the affirmation, luxury is best to come in first hand so i am so glad to hear the assurance :) will let you know what i bought from kepris soon, hehehe

Tiffany said...

i like to have a pair of tory burch shoe to pamper myself this christmas but theirs are mainly flat, ballerina shoe. i'm such a shortie so that is out..need a bit of height . what's your christmas shopping bag this christmas, bmuses?

B said...

@tiffany, yes tory burch is good for flats! I love flats even when I'm not tall cos heels kill my feet! Too painful and I'd rather be short than torture my feet and I'm horrified of developing ugly and painful bunions. Even the expensive shoes are painful! We can't escape!

I don't do christmas cos I never have the habit to so I don't make christmas list. Of course presents of any sort are always welcome haha! But I would really love a pair of Chloe ballet flats! They're so nice! Slurp!


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